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Language Basics
1.1 Core Lesson 1
1.2 Core Lesson 3
1.3 Core Lesson 5
1.4 Core Lesson 7
1.5 Milestone 9

Greetings and Introductions

2.1 Core Lesson 10
2.2 Core Lesson 12
2.3 Core Lesson 14
2.4 Core Lesson 16
2.5 Milestone 18

Work and School

3.1 Core Lesson 19
3.2 Core Lesson 21
3.3 Core Lesson 23
3.4 Core Lesson 25
3.5 Milestone 27

4.1 Core Lesson 28
4.2 Core Lesson 30
4.3 Core Lesson 32
4.4 Core Lesson 34
4.5 Milestone 36

Alphabet 37
Index 38
1.1 Core Lesson

01 Hello. 12 The girl is reading.

Hello. The boy is reading.
The man is reading.
02 a girl The woman is reading.
a boy
a boy 13 The woman is running.
a girl The woman is reading.
The woman is drinking.
03 The girl is eating. The woman is eating.
The girl is drinking.
The boy is eating. 14 The boy is running.
The boy is drinking. The boy is eating.
The boy is drinking.
04 a girl The boy is reading.
a boy
15 The girl is drinking.
05 The girl is drinking. The girls are drinking.
The boy is drinking. The boy is eating.
The girl is eating. The boys are eating.
The boy is eating.
16 The girl is running.
06 a woman The girls are running.
a man The man is drinking.
a woman The men are drinking.
a man
17 The boy is reading.
07 a woman The boys are reading.
a man The woman is eating.
The women are eating.
08 The woman is drinking.
The man is eating. 18 The men are reading.
The woman is eating. The women are reading.
The man is drinking. The men are running.
The women are running.
09 The man is eating.
The woman is eating. 19 The girl is reading.
The girl is eating. The women are reading.
The boy is eating. The woman is reading.
The girls are reading.
10 The man is eating.
The girl is drinking. 20 boys
The man is drinking. girls
The girl is eating. men
11 The girl is running.
The boy is running. 21 The boys are eating.
The man is running. The girls are running.
The woman is running. The women are drinking.
The men are reading.

1.1 Continued

22 He is running. 33 She is reading.

He is eating. He is drinking.
She is drinking. She is writing.
She is reading. He is eating.
23 He is running. 34 She is drinking.
She is drinking. She is eating.
They are eating. He is drinking.
They are reading. He is eating.
24 He is running. 35 Goodbye.
She is running. Goodbye.
They are running.
25 He is cooking.
She is cooking.
They are cooking.
26 The boys are swimming.
The girl is swimming.
The man is swimming.
The women are swimming.
27 The man is cooking.
The men are cooking.
The man is eating.
The men are eating.
28 The woman is running.
The woman is swimming.
The women are running.
The women are swimming.
29 He is swimming.
He is running.
He is cooking.
He is eating.
30 She is writing.
He is writing.
They are writing.
31 They are eating.
They are cooking.
They are swimming.
They are writing.
32 The girls are reading.
The girl is reading.
The girls are writing.
The girl is writing.

1.2 Core Lesson

01 Hello. 10 a dog
Hello. a dog
a dog
02 a sandwich a cat
a sandwich a cat
a sandwich a horse
an egg
an egg 11 a car
an apple a car
a car
03 bread a newspaper
bread a newspaper
bread a bicycle
coffee 12 a dog
milk a cat
a horse
04 a sandwich a car
an egg a newspaper
an apple a bicycle
coffee 13 The man is driving a car.
milk The woman is driving a car.
The boy is walking.
05 a girl and a woman The girl is walking.
a boy and a man
a sandwich and milk 14 The man is running.
The woman is walking.
06 a man and a woman The girl is running.
rice and an apple The boy is walking.
bread and water
15 They are eating apples.
07 The boy is drinking milk. He is driving a car.
The woman is drinking coffee. They are reading a newspaper.
The boy and the man are drinking water. She is reading a book.
The girl is eating bread.
The man is eating an egg. 16 He has a cat.
The man and the woman are eating rice. She has a dog.
They have a newspaper.
08 She is eating an apple.
He is eating rice. 17 He has a car.
They are eating eggs. She has sandwiches.
They are eating sandwiches. They have a horse.
09 They are eating eggs. 18 He has books.
They are eating sandwiches. She has a fish.
He is eating rice. They have pens.
She is drinking water.
19 a book
a pen
a fish

1.2 Continued

20 He is sleeping. 30 The boy has milk.

She is sleeping. The boy does not have milk.
They are sleeping. The girls have bicycles.
The girls do not have bicycles.
21 The fish is swimming.
The cat is sleeping. 31 The dog is running.
The dog is eating. The dog is not running.
The horse is running. The boys have water.
The boys do not have water.
22 They are swimming.
They are reading. 32 What is this?
They are walking. This is an apple.
They are sleeping. What is this?
This is a newspaper.
23 The children are drinking.
The adults are eating. 33 What is this?
The children are swimming. This is a cat.
The adults are running. What is this?
This is a bicycle.
24 The child is running.
The children are running. 34 What is this?
The adult is reading. This is an egg.
The adults are reading. What is this?
This is a pen.
25 The man is driving. What is this?
The boy is not driving. This is a fish.
The woman is driving. What is this?
The girl is not driving. This is rice.
26 The adults are cooking. 35 Is he sleeping?
The adults are not cooking. Yes. He is sleeping.
The children are writing. Is she sleeping?
The children are not writing. No. She is not sleeping.
The woman is driving.
The woman is not driving. 36 Is the dog swimming?
27 They are swimming. Is the horse swimming?
They are not swimming. No.
He is sleeping.
He is not sleeping. 37 Is she reading a newspaper?
28 They are not cooking. They are eating. Is she reading a book?
They are cooking. They are not eating. Yes.
He is not walking. He is running.
He is walking. He is not running. 38 Is he eating an apple?
29 The women have rice. Is he eating an apple?
The women do not have rice. Yes.
The boy has a pen.
The boy does not have a pen. 39 Goodbye.

1.3 Core Lesson

01 Hello. 09 The fish is red.

Hello. The fish are red.
The bicycle is yellow.
02 white The bicycles are yellow.
white 10 It is red.
black It is blue.
black It is black.
red It is white.
It is green.
03 blue
blue 11 It is red.
blue They are white.
green It is yellow.
green They are green.
12 It is black and white.
04 blue They are red.
white They are white.
green It is blue and green.
red 13 The dog is black.
yellow The dog is white.
The cat is black.
05 The milk is white. The cat is white.
The rice is white.
The car is white. 14 The grass is green.
The car is green. The sky is blue.
The apple is green. The moon is white.
The bicycle is green. The sun is yellow.
The flower is red.
06 The eggs are red.
The bicycles are red. 15 The sun is yellow.
The apples are green. The apple is yellow.
The pens are green. The sky is blue.
The cars are white. The egg is blue.
The bicycles are white.
16 The moon is white.
07 The egg is blue. The car is white.
The eggs are blue. The grass is green.
The bicycle is yellow. The ball is green.
The bicycles are yellow.
The car is black. 17 The flower is small.
The cars are black. The egg is small.
The ball is red. The flowers are small.
The balls are red. The eggs are small.

08 The car is red. 18 The flowers are big.

The cars are red. The books are big.
The cat is black. The fish is big.
The cats are black. The egg is big.

1.3 Continued

19 The dog is big. 30 I am a teacher.

The dog is small. We are teachers.
The flowers are big. I am a girl.
The flowers are small. We are girls.
20 She is a doctor. 31 We are girls.
He is a teacher. We are boys.
They are police officers. We are police officers.
We are doctors.
21 He is a student.
She is a student. 32 I have a red bicycle.
They are students. We have green bicycles.
I have red apples.
22 He is a police officer. We have green apples.
She is a teacher.
He is a doctor. 33 I have red flowers.
They are students. You have red flowers.
He has red flowers.
23 I am a boy. She has red flowers.
I am a girl. We have red flowers.
I am a man. They have red flowers.
I am a woman.
34 What is the man doing?
24 I am a teacher. The man is cooking.
I am not a teacher. What is the woman doing?
I am a doctor. The woman is reading.
I am not a doctor. What is the boy doing?
I am a student. The boy is running.
I am not a student.
35 What is the doctor doing?
25 I have a green book. The doctor is writing.
I have a yellow book. What is the police officer doing?
I have a red book. The police officer is driving.
What is the girl doing?
26 You have a green book. The girl is walking.
You have a yellow book.
You have a red book. 36 What are you doing?
I am writing.
27 Are you a doctor? What are you doing?
Yes. I am a doctor. I am driving.
Are you a doctor?
No. I am not a doctor. 37 Goodbye.
28 What are you drinking?
I am drinking water.
What are you eating?
I am eating rice.
29 What do you have?
I have a sandwich.
What do you have?
I have a pen.

1.4 Core Lesson

01 Hello. 09 There is one cup.

Hello. There are four chairs.
There are two tables.
02 one car There are three phones.
one egg
two dogs 10 There is one ball.
two pens There are three chairs.
three bicycles There are two tables.
three cats There is one table.
03 four boys 11 How many fish are there?
four men There are three fish.
six girls How many keys are there?
five books There are four keys.
five newspapers How many police officers are there?
six apples There are two police officers.
How many apples are there?
04 one There is one apple.
three 12 How many chairs are there?
four There are six chairs.
five How many phones are there?
six There are five phones.
How many beds are there?
05 one, two, three There are two beds.
six, one, three, five, two
two, four, six 13 There are three eggs.
one, two, three, four, five There are five eggs.
There are four cups.
06 There is one fish. There are six cups.
There is one book.
There is one woman. 14 Three plates are white.
There is one egg. Two apples are green.
There is one child. One flower is red.
There is one cell phone. Four bowls are blue.
07 There are five fish. 15 How many tables are white?
There are three books. Two tables are white.
There are four women. How many balls are red?
There are six eggs. One ball is red.
There are two children. How many bowls are yellow?
There is one cell phone. Two bowls are yellow.
How many phones are black?
08 There are two cell phones. One phone is black.
There are three balls.
There is one bed. 16 shoes
There are four keys. shoes
a shirt
a shirt

1.4 Continued

17 a coat 26 He is buying one hat.

a coat She is buying two hats.
a coat He is buying three T-shirts.
a dress She is buying four T-shirts.
a dress
a skirt 27 The man is wearing a coat.
The man is buying a coat.
18 shoes The man is wearing a hat.
a shirt The man is buying a hat.
a coat 28 I am buying a skirt.
a dress I am wearing a skirt.
a skirt I am buying pants.
I am wearing pants.
19 a blue shirt
a red shirt 29 Who is eating?
a green T-shirt The police officer is eating.
a yellow T-shirt Who is reading?
The students are reading.
20 How many cups do you have? Who is drinking?
We have four cups. The women are drinking.
How many sandwiches do you have? Who is writing?
We have five sandwiches. The girl is writing.
21 How many bowls do you have? 30 Who has the hat?
I have three bowls. The woman has the hat.
How many plates do you have? Who has the ball?
I have two plates. The boy has the ball.
Who has the books?
22 I have yellow flowers. The girls have the books.
You have red flowers. Who has the newspaper?
We have white flowers. The doctor has the newspaper.
You have blue flowers.
31 Who is wearing shoes?
23 The girl is wearing a T-shirt. I am wearing shoes.
The boy is not wearing a T-shirt. Who is wearing a hat?
The woman is wearing shoes. We are wearing hats.
The man is not wearing shoes.
32 Who is walking?
24 The boy is wearing pants. We are walking.
The girl is not wearing pants. She is wearing Who is running?
a skirt. We are running.
The men are wearing hats.
Three women are wearing pants. One woman 33 How many trees are there?
is wearing a dress. There are three trees.
How many trees are there?
25 The woman is wearing a dress. There are four trees.
The woman is wearing a skirt. How many bowls are there?
The woman is wearing pants. There is one bowl.
The woman is wearing a hat. How many children are there?
There are six children.

1.5 Milestone

34 What is this? 05 Hello.

This is bread. Hello.
What is this?
This is a bed. 06 Do you have a dog?
What is this? Yes. I have a dog.
This is water.
What is this? 08 What are you doing?
This is a plate. I am reading.

35 What is this? 09 What is this?

This is a tree. This is coffee.
Is the grass green? 10 Do you have a cup?
Yes. The grass is green. Yes. I have a cup.
36 What is this? 13 What do you have?
This is a bicycle. I have bread.
How many bicycles are there?
There are three bicycles. 15 What do you have?
Who has a bicycle? We have apples.
She has a bicycle.
Does she have a bicycle? 20 What is he doing?
Yes. He is eating!
37 What is this?
This is a sandwich.
How many sandwiches are there?
There are two sandwiches.
Are you eating sandwiches?
38 How many keys are there?
There are four keys.
What are you doing?
We are writing.
Do you have fish?
Is the horse black?
No. The horse is not black.
39 Hello.

2.1 Core Lesson

01 a man and a dog 11 a mother and her baby

a woman and her dog a father and his children
a girl and a horse a husband and his wife
a police officer and his horse parents and their daughter
02 a woman and her car 12 The father and his sons are playing.
a woman and her cat The mother and her daughters are playing.
a man and his car The boy and his dog are playing.
a man and his cat The woman and her cat are playing.
03 They are eating their sandwich. 13 The son is not playing. His father is playing.
They are eating their sandwiches. The father is not reading. His daughter is
They are reading their newspaper. reading.
They are reading their newspapers. The children are not cooking. Their father is
They are reading their book. cooking.
They are eating their apples.
14 Who is playing?
04 They are reading their books. Who is sleeping?
She is reading her book. Who is eating?
He is reading his book. Who is drinking?
They are eating their apples.
She is eating her apple. 15 This is my mother.
He is eating his apple. This is my father.
This is my son.
05 a family This is my daughter.
a family This is my bicycle.
a family This is my bed.
06 a family 16 This is my family.
a woman and her daughter This is my brother.
a man and his son This is my mother.
This is my father.
07 a family This is my friend.
a boy and his father This is my friend.
a girl and her mother
17 The girls are sisters.
08 the mother The boys are brothers.
the daughter The boys are not brothers. They are friends.
the father The girls are not sisters. They are friends.
the son
18 This is my friend.
09 a baby These are my friends.
a woman and her husband This is my brother.
a girl and her parents These are my brothers.
two girls and their parents
19 This is my sister.
10 a man and his wife These are my sisters.
a woman and her children This is my mother.
a father and his daughter These are my parents.
parents and their sons

20 This is my baby. 28 She is one year old.
These are my children. She is two years old.
This is my mother. She is three years old.
These are my sons. She is four years old.
This is my sister. She is five years old.
These are my parents. She is six years old.
She is seven years old.
21 This is our son. She is eight years old.
This is my son.
This is our mother. 29 How old is he?
This is my mother. He is six years old.
These are our children. How old is she?
These are our parents. She is seven years old.
22 His bicycle is big. 30 How old are you?
Her bicycle is small. I am five years old.
Their bicycle is green. How old are you?
My bicycle is blue. I am four years old.
Our bicycle is black. How old are you?
I am ten years old.
23 We have two sons.
We have four daughters. 31 How old is he?
We have one son and three daughters. He is twelve years old.
How old are you?
24 seven pens I am five years old.
seven babies How old is she?
eight eggs She is nine years old.
eight chairs How old are you?
nine hats I am nine years old.
nine apples
32 You are my friend.
25 ten plates You are my doctor.
ten cups You are my wife.
eleven bowls You are my teacher.
eleven flowers
twelve balls 33 Are you sleeping?
twelve keys No.
What are you doing?
26 six I am reading.
eight 34 Are you eating?
nine No.
ten What are you doing?
eleven I am writing.
27 three, two, one, zero
six, seven, eight, nine, ten
six, eight, ten, twelve
eleven, zero, nine, five

2.2 Core Lesson

01 an apartment 09 a living room

an apartment a living room
an apartment a living room
a house a kitchen
a house a kitchen
a door a bathroom
02 a television 10 a living room
a television a bathroom
a television a kitchen
a radio a window
a radio a toilet
computers a sink
03 a desktop computer 11 The apples are in the bowl.
a desktop computer The bowl is on the table.
a desktop computer The table is in the kitchen.
a laptop The kitchen is in the house.
a laptop
computers 12 The boy is in the house.
The girl is in the apartment.
04 an apartment The family is in the house.
a door The woman is in the apartment.
a house
a computer 13 This door is big.
a television This door is small.
a radio This window is big.
This window is small.
05 The computer is on the table.
The radio is on the chair. 14 The man is in the dining room.
The cat is on the television. The cat is in the bedroom.
The apple is on the computer. The family is in the dining room.
The computer is in the bedroom.
06 The computer is in the car.
The keys are in the shoe. 15 The kitchen is green.
The cat is in the hat. The bedroom is green.
The bathroom is green.
07 The man is in the car. The living room is green.
The man is on the car. The dining room is green.
The cat is in the house. The house is green.
The cat is on the house.
16 The girl and her grandmother are in the
08 a window dining room.
a window The boy and his grandfather are in the
a window bathroom.
a toilet The girl and her grandfather are playing.
a toilet The boy and his grandmother are cooking.
a sink

17 The father is hugging his son. 28 The man is standing.
The mother is hugging her daughter. The boy is sitting.
The husband is kissing his wife. The woman is standing.
The sister is kissing her brother. The girl is sitting.
18 She is hugging her grandmother. 29 The mother is sitting in the kitchen.
He is kissing his son. The daughter is sitting in the living room.
We are hugging. The son is standing in the living room.
She is kissing her husband. The father is standing in the kitchen.
19 I love my mother. 30 The man is standing.
I love my brother. The man is sitting.
I love my sister. The woman is standing.
I love my grandfather. The woman is sitting.
20 The wife loves her husband. 31 Is this your book?
The parents love their children. Yes. This is my book.
The boy loves his grandfather. Is this your hat?
The girl loves her dog. No. This is not my hat.
21 The girls are hugging. 32 Is she your sister?
The man and the woman are kissing. Yes. She is my sister.
The children love their mother. Is this your ball?
I love my baby. Yes. This is my ball.
22 The cat is under the table. 33 Where are my keys?
The dog is under the shirt. Your keys are in the car.
The boys are under the bed. Where is my coat?
Your coat is on the chair.
23 The cat is on the table.
The cat is under the table. 34 Where are my books?
I am on the bed. Your books are on the chair.
I am under the bed. Where is my cup?
Your cup is in the sink.
24 The man is on the car.
The man is in the car. 35 Is he your brother?
The man is under the car. Yes. He is my brother.
Where is my newspaper?
25 The girl is on the bed. Your newspaper is on the table.
The girl is under the bed.
The man is on the car. 36 Where are the shoes?
The man is under the car. The shoes are under the bed.
Where is the newspaper?
26 The boys are watching television. The newspaper is on the bed.
The child is listening.
The cat is watching the fish. 37 Where are the cups?
The parents are listening. The cups are in the sink.
Where are the plates?
27 The man is listening to the radio. The plates are in the sink.
The girl is listening to the radio.
The parents are watching their children.
The boy and girl are watching the fish.

2.3 Core Lesson

01 I live in an apartment. 09 a country

I live in a house. a city
We live in an apartment. a street
We live in a house. a park
a bridge
02 I live in a house.
She lives in an apartment. 10 The girl is sitting on the bridge.
They live in a house. The man is standing in the street.
We live in an apartment. The girls are standing on the bridge.
The woman is sitting in the park.
03 Rome
Rome 11 This street is in Paris.
Rome This city is in France.
Paris This bridge is in New York.
Paris This city is in the United States.
Moscow 12 They are from France.
04 Where do you live? He is from France.
I live in Apartment Eight. She is from France.
Where do you live? They are from the United States.
I live in Apartment Two. He is from the United States.
She is from the United States.
05 Where do you live? 13 We are from the United States.
I live in Moscow. I am from the United States.
Where do you live? He is from the United States.
I live in Paris. You are from the United States.
06 Where do you live? 14 China
We live in Rome. China
Where do you live? China
We live in Moscow. Russia
Where do you live? Russia
We live in Paris. Egypt
07 a country 15 Where are you from?
a country I am from the United States.
a country Where are you from?
a city I am from Egypt.
a city Where are you from?
a bridge We are from France.
Where are you from?
08 a park We are from China.
a park
a park 16 The boy is near the house.
a street The girl is far from the house.
a street The dog is near the house.
a bridge The horse is far from the house.
17 My house is near the street.
My house is far from the street.
The chair is near the door.
The chair is far from the door.
18 I am near the tree. 27 What is your name?
I am far from the tree. My name is Mike Smith.
I am near the bridge. Nice to meet you.
I am far from the bridge. What is your name?
My name is Mrs. Jones.
19 Brazil Nice to meet you.
Brazil 28 Goodbye.
Japan Goodbye.
Japan Goodbye.
Italy Goodbye.
20 The name of this country is Italy. 29 Hello.
The name of this country is Japan. Hi. What is your name?
The name of this country is Egypt. My name is Bobby Jones.
The name of this country is Russia. Nice to meet you.
21 Japan is near China.
Japan is far from Brazil. 30 Hello. My name is Viktor.
Italy is near France. Hello. My name is Lin.
Italy is far from Brazil. Hello. My name is Isabella.
Hello. My name is Pierre.
22 I am a doctor.
My name is Nancy Wilson. 31 I live in Moscow, Russia.
I am a police officer. I live in Beijing, China.
My name is John Clark. I live in Rome, Italy.
I am a teacher. I live in Paris, France.
My name is Sue Simpson.
I am from Russia. 32 This is my bedroom.
My name is Viktor Popov. This is my kitchen.
This is my bedroom.
23 This is my mother. Her name is Anne Smith. This is my kitchen.
This is my father. His name is Mike Smith.
This is my brother. His name is John Smith. 33 This is my mother. Her name is Mei. She is
My name is Sarah Smith. cooking in the kitchen.
This is my brother. His name is Vladimir. He
24 My name is Miss Smith. I am a student. is sleeping in the bedroom.
My name is Ms. Wilson. I am a doctor. This is my father. His name is Bertrand. He is
My name is Mrs. Simpson. I am a teacher. eating in the dining room.
My name is Ms. Jones. I am a police officer. This is my sister. Her name is Giulia. She is
playing in the park.
25 Hi. What is your name?
My name is Sarah.
Nice to meet you.
Hello. What is your name?
My name is Mr. Jones.
Nice to meet you.
26 What is your name?
My name is Bobby.
Nice to meet you.

2.4 Core Lesson

01 a sweater 10 I have brown hair.

a sweater He has brown hair.
a sweater We have blond hair.
jeans They have blond hair.
a belt 11 I have red hair.
You have red hair.
02 a suit He has gray hair.
a suit We have gray hair.
a suit
socks 12 I am tall.
socks I have brown hair.
a tie I am short.
I have red hair.
03 a sweater
a tie 13 She has black hair.
a suit She has gray hair.
socks He has red hair.
a belt She has brown hair.
jeans He has blond hair.
04 Her socks are gray. He has white hair.
His socks are purple. 14 What color is his sweater?
Her sweater is purple. His sweater is blue.
His sweater is gray. What color is your suit?
05 The tall man is wearing a tie. My suit is gray.
The short man is wearing a sweater. What color is his hair?
The tall woman is wearing jeans. His hair is brown.
The short woman is wearing a T-shirt.
15 What color is her hair?
06 The tall man is wearing a black suit. Her hair is blond.
The short man is wearing a black suit. What color is their hair?
The tall woman is wearing a gray suit. Their hair is black.
The short woman is wearing a gray suit. What color is your hair?
My hair is red.
07 My dress is pink.
My shoes are brown. 16 My hat is blue.
My belt is pink. My tie is orange.
My tie is brown. My belt is brown.
08 Her pants are blue. My sweater is purple.
Her T-shirt is orange.
17 The belt is pink.
Her coat is blue.
The house is brown.
Her dress is orange.
The house is pink.
09 gray The belt is brown.
pink 18 The girl is cold.
brown The boy is hot.
orange The man is cold.
blue The woman is hot.
19 The man is hungry. 26 Im sick.
The boy is thirsty. Im tired.
The woman is hungry. Im cold.
The girl is thirsty. Im hungry.
20 I am hungry. 27 Are you sick?
I am thirsty. No. Im fine.
I am hot. Are you tired?
I am cold. No. Im fine.
21 I am hungry. 28 How are you?
Im hungry. Im sick.
I am thirsty. How are you?
Im thirsty. Im fine.
I am hot.
Im hot. 29 How are you?
I am cold. Im tired.
Im cold. How are you?
Im fine.
22 Are you thirsty?
Yes. Im thirsty. 30 Hi.
Are you cold? How are you?
No. We are not cold. Im fine.
Are you hungry?
No. Im not hungry. 31 Hello.
Are you hot? How are you?
Yes. We are hot. Im fine.

23 Are you cold? 32 Hello, Sarah. How are you?

Yes. Im cold. Im fine.
Are you thirsty? How are you, Mr. Jones?
No. We are not thirsty. Im fine.
Are you hot? 33 Hello, Mrs. Jones. How are you?
No. Im not hot. Im fine.
Are you hungry? Goodbye.
Yes. We are hungry. Hello, Sarah. How are you?
24 We are cold. Im fine.
Were cold. Goodbye.
We are not thirsty. 34 This is my mother.
Were not thirsty. This is my father.
We are hungry. This is my grandmother.
Were hungry. This is my grandfather.
25 The boy is tired. 35 Hi, Mom.
The girl is sick. Hi, Dad.
The man is sick. Hi, Grandma.
The woman is tired. Hi, Grandpa.

2.4 Continued 2.5 Milestone

36 Goodbye, Mom. 05 Hi.

Goodbye, Dad. Hi.
Goodbye, Grandma.
Goodbye, Grandpa. 06 Hello.
37 Hi, Dad.
Hi, Amy. 07 What is your name?
How are you? My name is Paulo Lima.
Im fine.
08 What is your name?
38 Hi, Grandma. My name is Pei-chi Yu.
Hi, Amy.
How are you? 09 Nice to meet you.
Im fine. Nice to meet you.
How are you? 12 Is this your brother?
Im fine. Yes. This is my brother.
39 Hi, Grandpa. 13 What is your name?
Hi, Amy. My name is Pei-li.
Are you hungry?
Yes, Im hungry. 14 How old are you?
Im nine years old.
15 Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
16 Where are you from?
Were from China.
17 Where are you from?
Im from Brazil.
20 Are you hungry?
No. Im not hungry.
21 Are you hungry?
Yes. Im hungry.
25 Goodbye.
29 Is this your book?
Yes. This is my book.
32 Is this your family?
Yes. This is my family.
33 Where do they live?
They live in a city near Beijing.
36 Are you thirsty?
Yes. Im thirsty.

3.1 Core Lesson

01 The women are working. 10 The family is eating breakfast inside.

The boys are playing. The family is eating breakfast outside.
The man is working. She is eating lunch inside.
The girl is playing. She is eating lunch outside.
02 a school 11 Were eating breakfast inside.
a hospital Were eating dinner outside.
a restaurant Were eating breakfast outside.
a park Were eating dinner inside.
03 The doctor works at the hospital. 12 He works in the morning.
The men work at the park. He works at night.
The women work at the restaurant. They play in the afternoon.
The teacher works at the school. She watches television in the evening.
04 Im playing at the park. 13 Where do you work?
Im playing at the school. I work at a park.
I work at the hospital. I work at a hospital.
I work at the school. I work at a school.
I work at a restaurant.
05 The family is eating inside.
The man and the woman are eating outside. 14 When do you work?
He is running inside. I work in the morning.
She is running outside. When do you work?
I work in the afternoon.
06 This man works inside. When do you work?
These men work outside. I work at night.
These women work inside.
This woman works outside. 15 He is wearing shoes and socks.
He is wearing shoes, but he is not wearing
07 morning socks.
afternoon Im wearing a suit and a tie.
evening Im wearing a suit, but Im not wearing a tie.
morning 16 He has an egg, and he is eating it.
afternoon He has an egg, but he is not eating it.
evening The girl has a book, and she is reading it.
night The girl has a book, but she is not reading it.
08 It is morning. 17 Do you have socks and shoes?
It is afternoon. I have socks, but I do not have shoes.
It is evening. Do you have brothers and sisters?
It is night. Yes. I have two brothers and two sisters.
Do you have a coat and a hat?
09 It is morning. The children are eating I have a coat, but I do not have a hat.
It is afternoon. The men are eating lunch. 18 I do not have a coat.
It is evening. The family is eating dinner. I dont have a coat.
We do not have shoes.
We dont have shoes.
They do not have socks.
They dont have socks.
3.1 Continued

19 He does not have a hat. 28 How old are you?

He doesnt have a hat. Im fourteen years old.
She does not have a coat. How old are you?
She doesnt have a coat. Im nineteen years old.
20 Where do you drink coffee? 29 Good morning.
I drink coffee in the cafe. Good afternoon.
When do you drink coffee? Good evening.
I drink coffee in the morning. Good night.
When do you drink coffee?
I drink coffee in the evening. 30 Good morning, how are you?
Im fine.
21 He reads before he sleeps. Good afternoon, how are you?
She reads after lunch. Were fine.
He drinks coffee before he works.
They drink coffee after dinner. 31 Good evening.
Good evening.
22 When do you eat breakfast? How are you?
I eat breakfast before I work. Im fine. How are you?
When do you eat dinner? Im cold.
I eat dinner after I work. Good night.
Good night.
23 thirteen eggs
fourteen cups 32 Good morning.
fifteen ties I am Dan Parker.
sixteen belts This is Jane Taylor.
This is her book.
24 seventeen plates Hello, Ms. Taylor. How are you?
eighteen balls Im fine.
nineteen flowers
twenty books 33 When do you write?
I write in the morning and in the evening.
25 thirteen What do you do in the afternoon?
fourteen My son and I play.
sixteen 34 Where do you write?
seventeen In the morning, I write at the park.
eighteen In the evening, I write in my living room.
26 Fourteen comes after thirteen.
Fifteen comes after fourteen.
Nineteen comes before twenty.
27 Fifteen comes before sixteen.
Seventeen comes after sixteen.
Seventeen comes before eighteen.
Fourteen comes after thirteen.

3.2 Core Lesson

01 seven days 11 Im playing a game.

This baby is one day old. Were playing a game.
two days The girls are playing a game.
This cat is twenty days old. The boys are playing a game.
02 There are seven days in a week. 12 They are playing a game with their children.
There are four weeks in a month. The girl is eating with her friends.
There are twelve months in a year. The girl is reading with her grandfather.
The boy is swimming with his friends.
03 a day
a week 13 Who are you eating lunch with?
a month Im eating lunch with my sister.
a year Who are you eating dinner with?
Im eating dinner with my husband.
04 He is eighteen days old.
He is eighteen weeks old. 14 The boy is visiting his grandmother at her
He is eighteen months old. house.
He is eighteen years old. The girl is visiting her friend.
The woman is visiting Paris.
05 This day is Friday. The man is visiting Moscow.
This day is Saturday.
This day is Sunday. 15 What are you doing?
Im playing a game with my sister.
06 Today is Friday. Im working. What are you doing?
Today is Saturday. Im running. Im visiting my grandmother at the hospital.
Today is Sunday. Im watching television.
16 Im visiting my friends.
07 Today is Sunday. They are walking in the The family is visiting Rome.
park. The husband and wife are visiting Beijing.
Today is Monday. Were eating lunch. The boy is visiting his grandfather.
Today is Tuesday. Im buying fish.
17 This is my family.
08 Today is Wednesday. Im reading. This is our house.
Today is Thursday. Im listening to the radio. These are our guests.
Today is Friday. They are playing. This is my family.
Today is Saturday. He is swimming. This is our house.
These are our guests.
09 Monday
Tuesday 18 They are guests.
Wednesday Im working. Im not a guest.
Thursday He is a guest.
Saturday 19 Our guests are at the door.
Sunday Our guests are sitting in the living room.
Were eating dinner with our guests.
10 Monday Were playing a game with our guests.
Wednesday 20 Welcome to our house!
Thursday Welcome to our hotel!
Friday Welcome to our restaurant!
Saturday Welcome to the United States!
3.2 Continued

21 Welcome to our hotel. 31 His foot is in the grass.

Thank you. Her toes are in the water.
Welcome to our house. Her hands are on the window.
Thank you. His fingers are on the table.
22 Our guests are at the door. 32 a house in the winter
Hello! a park in the spring
Welcome to our house! a city in the summer
Thank you. a tree in the fall
23 The woman is smelling the coffee. 33 spring
The man is smelling the flower. summer
The woman is tasting the rice. fall
They are tasting the bread. winter
24 The bread tastes good. 34 This is a tree in the winter.
The milk tastes bad. This is a tree in the spring.
The flowers smell good. This is a tree in the summer.
The socks smell bad. This is a tree in the fall.
25 The woman is tasting the bread. 35 This is my hat in the winter.
The apple tastes good. This is my house in the summer.
The coffee tastes bad. This is my house in the winter.
The man is smelling the milk. This is my hat in the summer.
The flower smells good.
The fish smells bad. 36 Hello.
26 The man is smelling the milk. Where are you from?
The milk smells bad. Im from Russia.
They are tasting the rice. Welcome to the United States!
The rice tastes good. Thank you.
27 They are tasting the bread. 37 Good afternoon. My name is David Brown.
Theyre tasting the bread. What is your name?
They are drinking coffee. My name is Michael Levy.
Theyre drinking coffee. Nice to meet you.
28 This smells bad. 38 Where do you live?
This smells good. I live in the red house.
This tastes bad. Where do you work?
This tastes good. I work in a restaurant.
When do you work?
29 four fingers I work on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.
three hands
ten toes 39 Good morning.
one foot Good morning.
How old is your baby?
30 a hand My baby is nine weeks old.
fingers How old is your son?
a foot My son is eighteen months old.

3.3 Core Lesson

01 He is writing. 11 People from Egypt speak Arabic.

She is reading. People from China speak Chinese.
He is speaking. People from the United States speak English.
She is speaking. People from Australia speak English.
02 The man is reading Chinese. 12 This woman is from China. She speaks
The woman is reading English. Chinese.
The boy is writing Arabic. This animal is from China. It does not speak
The girl is writing Russian. Chinese.
This man is from Australia. He speaks
03 He is writing Arabic. English.
He is reading Arabic. This animal is from Australia. It does not
He is speaking Arabic. speak English.
She is writing Chinese.
She is reading Chinese. 13 This person speaks Chinese.
She is speaking Chinese. This person speaks Arabic.
This person speaks English.
04 He is reading Russian. This person speaks Russian.
Hes reading Russian.
Hes speaking Russian. 14 I speak Chinese.
She is speaking English. I speak Arabic.
Shes speaking English. I speak English.
Shes reading English. I speak Russian.
05 The girl is speaking Russian. 15 Do you speak Arabic?
The boy is speaking English. Yes. I speak Arabic.
The man is speaking English. Do you speak Chinese?
The woman is speaking Russian. No. I dont speak Chinese.
06 Hes writing English. 16 Excuse me, do you speak Chinese?
Hes reading English. No. I dont speak Chinese.
Hes speaking English. Excuse me, do you speak Chinese?
Yes. I speak Chinese.
07 Im reading Chinese.
Im writing Chinese. 17 Excuse me.
Im reading English. Do you speak English?
Im writing English. Yes. I speak English.
Excuse me.
08 This man is from Australia. Do you speak Russian?
This woman is from Russia. Yes. I speak Russian.
This girl is from Japan.
This boy is from the United States. 18 ten belts
twenty cups
09 Dogs, cats, and horses are animals. thirty balls
Men, women, girls, and boys are people. forty plates
fifty ties
10 This is an animal. sixty hats
This is a person.
These are animals.
These are people.

3.3 Continued

19 ten 26 How many plates do we have?

twenty We have twenty-four.
thirty How many bowls do we have?
forty We have forty-five.
fifty How many guests are there?
sixty There are thirty.
20 twenty cups 27 Im teaching English.
twenty-one cups Hes teaching Arabic.
twenty-two cups Shes teaching Chinese.
twenty-three plates Are you teaching English?
twenty-four plates
twenty-five plates 28 Hes teaching the boys Arabic.
Hes teaching the boys English.
21 thirty-four bowls Shes teaching the girls Chinese.
thirty-five bowls Hes teaching the girls English.
thirty-six bowls
thirty-seven plates 29 Im studying Chinese.
thirty-eight plates Hes studying Arabic.
thirty-nine plates Theyre studying English.
Were studying Russian.
22 forty-four
forty-five 30 Im teaching English.
forty-six Youre studying English.
forty-seven Youre teaching Arabic.
forty-eight Were studying Arabic.
31 You are teaching English.
23 forty Youre teaching English.
forty-one You are teaching Russian.
forty-two Youre teaching Russian.
forty-four 32 Who is your teacher?
forty-five Mrs. Li is my teacher.
forty-six Who is your teacher?
forty-seven Mr. Haddad is my teacher.
forty-eight 33 Im teaching Chinese.
forty-nine Were studying Chinese.
24 ten Im teaching English.
twenty Im studying English.
thirty 34 My name is Reem.
forty I speak Arabic, but Im studying English
fifty This is my teacher. His name is Mr. Haddad.
35 My name is Lin.
25 How old are you? My parents are from China.
Im forty-five years old. We live in New York.
How old is he? My parents dont speak English.
Hes thirty years old. I speak English.
How old are you? Im studying Chinese and Russian.
Im thirty-five years old.
3.4 Core Lesson

01 The boy is waking up. 12 Why are you washing your hands?
The husband is waking up his wife. Im washing my hands because theyre dirty.
The man is waking up his friend. Why are you wearing a sweater?
The girl is waking up. Im wearing a sweater because Im cold.
02 The woman is waking up the girl. 13 Why is Dad in the kitchen?
The woman is waking up. Dad is in the kitchen because hes cooking.
The man is waking up. Why is Mom washing the dog?
The man is waking up the boy. Mom is washing the dog because its dirty.
Why are you drinking water?
03 Hes washing the pants. Im drinking water because Im thirsty.
Shes washing the sweater.
Im washing the shirt. 14 Why are you in the bathroom?
Hes washing the car. Im in the bathroom because Im washing my
04 Im washing my socks Why are you washing your hands?
Theyre washing their car. Im washing my hands because theyre dirty.
Shes washing her skirt.
Hes washing his T-shirt 15 a toothbrush
a toothbrush
05 The girl is washing her face. a toothbrush
The woman is washing her face. toothpaste
Their faces are purple and yellow. toothpaste
06 The ball is on his foot.
The ball is on his finger. 16 a brush
The ball is on his face. a brush
a brush
07 The street is wet. soap
The T-shirts are dry. soap
The dogs are wet. a towel
The cat is dry.
17 a toothbrush
08 The horses are wet. toothpaste
The horses are dry. teeth
Her hair is wet. a brush
Her hair is dry. soap
09 The socks are dirty. a towel
The shirt is clean. 18 The woman is brushing her hair.
Her face is dirty. The man is brushing his teeth.
His face is clean. The girls are brushing their hair.
10 The shirt is dirty. The boys are brushing their teeth.
The shirt is wet. 19 Im brushing my teeth.
The shirt is clean and dry. Shes brushing her hair.
11 Where is Mom? Theyre washing their hands.
Shes in the bathroom. Hes brushing his teeth.
Where is Dad?
Hes in the kitchen.

3.4 Continued

20 Shes washing her hair. 30 The parents are reading in the living room.
Hes brushing his teeth. The woman is sleeping in the bedroom.
Hes washing his hair. The girl is reading in the bedroom.
Shes brushing her hair. The boy is sleeping in the living room.
21 Shes brushing the horse with a brush. 31 What are you buying?
Theyre washing their hands with soap. Im buying flowers.
Im brushing my teeth with a toothbrush. How many flowers are you buying?
Im buying nine flowers.
22 The mother is waking up her daughter. Why are you buying flowers?
The daughter is brushing her hair. Im buying flowers because Im visiting my
Her brother is brushing his teeth. grandmother this afternoon.
The father is washing his face. Where does your grandmother live?
She lives in New York.
23 I wash my hands before lunch.
I brush my teeth after breakfast.
I drink coffee after dinner.
24 a pillow
a pillow
a pillow
a sheet
a sheet
a blanket
25 a sheet
a pillow
a blanket
a towel
26 Im under the blanket.
The sheet is on the bed.
The cat is on the pillow.
The towel is in the bathroom.
27 The pink sheet is clean.
The pink pillow is clean.
The pink blanket is clean.
The pink towel is clean.
28 Why does the dog smell bad?
Because it is dirty and wet.
Why do the sheets smell good?
Because theyre clean.
29 Why are the people in the dining room?
Because theyre eating dinner.
Why are the people in the kitchen?
Because theyre washing their plates.
Why are the people in the living room?
Because theyre watching television.

3.5 Milestone

02 Hi, Jane. 32 Goodbye.

Hi. Goodbye.
05 How many bowls do you have? 33 Good afternoon.
I have two bowls. Good afternoon.
06 Are we eating outside? 35 Where are you?
No. Were eating inside. Im in the kitchen.
07 Does it smell good? 36 What are you doing?
Yes. It smells good. Im washing the plates.
09 Does it taste good? 37 Why are you washing the plates?
Yes. It tastes good! Im washing the plates because Im your
10 What is this?
This is rice.
14 Hi!
16 Hello!
17 How are you?
Im fine.
18 This is my friend Anna.
Shes visiting from Russia.
19 Do you speak English?
Yes. I speak English.
20 Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
21 Where do you work?
I work at a school.
22 Where do you work?
I work at a hospital.
27 Do you play?
Yes. I play.
28 Do you play?
Yes. I play.
29 When do you play?
I play in the evening after work.
30 Where do you play?
I play in the park.

4.1 Core Lesson

01 The women have umbrellas. 10 meat

He has a ticket. vegetables
She has sunglasses. fruit
The men have a ladder. toys
02 an umbrella jewelry
a ticket
sunglasses 11 Theyre buying meat.
a ladder Hes buying clothes.
Shes buying toys.
03 He needs a ladder. Theyre buying vegetables.
He needs a towel.
She needs soap. 12 The white house is old.
She needs sunglasses. The green car is new.
The red house is new.
04 She needs money. The blue car is old.
He has money.
The money is on the table. 13 an old television
a new television
05 He needs money. an old phone
She has money. a new phone
He needs an umbrella.
She has an umbrella. 14 He sells fruit.
He sells cars.
06 I have sunglasses. She sells vegetables.
I need sunglasses. She sells flowers.
You have a ticket.
You need a ticket. 15 Shes selling an old hat.
Shes selling an old car.
07 Do you need the keys? Im selling a new umbrella.
Yes. I need the keys. Im selling a new car.
Do you need money?
Yes. I need money. 16 Hes buying an old hat.
Hes buying an old car.
08 jewelry Im buying a new umbrella.
jewelry Im buying a new car.
clothes 17 This store sells old jewelry.
clothes This store sells new jewelry.
toys This store sells old books.
This store sells new books.
09 fruit
fruit 18 a grocery store
fruit a grocery store
vegetables a grocery store
vegetables a hardware store
meat a hardware store
a jewelry store
19 a grocery store
a hardware store
a jewelry store
20 Theyre shopping at a grocery store. 30 She needs a coat.
Shes shopping at a hardware store. She wants a purple coat.
Hes shopping at a jewelry store. He needs glasses.
He wants red glasses.
21 Im shopping at a hardware store.
Im shopping at a jewelry store. 31 Excuse me. Where is the grocery store?
Were shopping at a grocery store. The grocery store is near the bridge.
Excuse me. Where is the bakery?
22 Im reading a book. The bakery is on Pine Street.
Hes buying medicine.
Theyre eating chocolate. 32 Excuse me. I need medicine. Where is the
Shes selling a cake. pharmacy?
The pharmacy is near the hospital.
23 Theyre buying vegetables at the grocery Excuse me. I want a book. Where is the
store. bookstore?
Shes buying medicine at the pharmacy. The bookstore is near the park.
Youre buying a cake at the bakery.
Shes buying books at the bookstore. 33 She wants jewelry, but she doesnt need it.
He wants cake, but he doesnt need it.
24 Theyre shopping at the bookstore. She needs glasses, but she doesnt want
Im shopping at the pharmacy. them.
Were shopping at the bakery. He needs medicine, but he doesnt want it.
25 Hes buying a book at the bookstore. 34 I need a new television.
Im buying a ladder at the hardware store. Why do you need a new television?
Were selling jewelry at the jewelry store. Because my old television is broken.
Shes selling medicine at the pharmacy. I need a new umbrella.
Why do you need a new umbrella?
26 chocolate Because my old umbrella is broken.
a cake
medicine 35 What are you buying?
a pharmacy Im buying fruit and chocolate.
a bookstore What are you buying?
a bakery Im buying meat and vegetables.
27 a broken television 36 Excuse me, is this the pharmacy?
a broken toy No. This is the bookstore. The pharmacy is on
a broken radio Elm Street.
a broken phone Excuse me, is this the bakery?
No. This is the grocery store. The bakery is
28 My television is broken. near the park.
My toy is broken.
My ladder is not broken. 37 Where is the hardware store?
My glasses are not broken. The hardware store is near the bookstore.
What do you need?
29 The girl wants chocolate. I need a new ladder.
The boy wants a toy. Why do you need a new ladder?
The woman wants jewelry. Because my old ladder is broken.
The dog wants meat.

4.2 Core Lesson

01 a play 10 The women are playing golf.

a play The women are playing soccer.
a play The women are playing tennis.
a concert
a concert 11 The girl doesnt like to play soccer.
a movie The man likes to play soccer.
The boy doesnt like to play tennis.
02 Theyre watching a movie. The woman likes to play tennis.
Theyre watching a play.
Theyre listening to a concert. 12 She likes to run.
Theyre listening to the radio. She likes to read.
He likes to cook.
03 soccer He likes to swim.
soccer 13 What do you like to do?
golf I like to play soccer.
golf What do you like to do?
tennis I like to read.

04 a concert 14 What do you like to do?

a play I like to listen to the radio.
a movie What do you like to do?
soccer I like to cook.
golf 15 The boy has more juice than his mother.
The girl has more oranges than her mother.
05 oranges The teacher has more books than the student.
juice The girl has more cake than her father.
carrots 16 The man has less tea than his wife.
The girl has less bread than her friend.
06 The girl is drinking juice. The woman has less juice than her son.
The man and the woman are drinking tea. The man has less cake than his son.
The man is eating a carrot.
The woman is eating an orange. 17 The man has more bread than his wife.
The man has less bread than his wife.
07 The boy likes soccer. The woman has more money than her
The boy does not like carrots. husband.
The girl likes horses. The woman has less money than her
The girl does not like juice. husband.

08 The man likes golf. 18 Which animal is big?

The boy doesnt like tennis. This animal is big.
The women like tea. Which animal is small?
The girl doesnt like red shoes. This animal is small.
Which fruit is red?
09 He likes this concert. This fruit is red.
He doesnt like this concert. Which fruit is green?
He likes oranges. This fruit is green.
He doesnt like oranges.

19 Which toy is big? 28 How much do the carrots cost?
The blue toy is big. The carrots cost three dollars.
Which toy is small? How much does the tea cost?
The yellow toy is small. The tea costs two euros.
Which shirt is brown? How much does a movie ticket cost?
The big shirt is brown. A movie ticket costs nine pounds.
Which shirt is pink?
The small shirt is pink. 29 How much does a concert ticket cost?
It costs forty euros.
20 Who is wearing a blue T-shirt? How much does the sandwich cost?
Which T-shirt is red? It costs three pounds.
Who is playing golf? How much does the orange juice cost?
Which ball is white? It costs one dollar.
Who is wearing sunglasses?
Which sunglasses are pink? 30 The television costs more than the
21 I like tennis more than soccer. The hat costs less than the coat.
I like apples more than oranges. The concert ticket costs more than the movie
I like milk more than juice. ticket.
I like tea more than coffee. The newspaper costs less than the book.
22 Which shoes do you like more? 31 The blue pants cost more than the green
I like the blue shoes more than the green pants.
shoes. The purple bicycle costs less than the yellow
Which shirt do you like more? bicycle.
I like the black shirt more than the blue shirt. The black phone costs more than the white
23 Which bicycle do you like more? The black glasses cost less than the red
I like the green bicycle more than the pink glasses.
Which dress do you like more? 32 Which skirt do you like more?
I like the red dress more than the white dress. I like the blue skirt more than the white skirt.
How much does the blue shirt cost?
24 Which house do you like more? It costs seven euros.
I like the new house more than the old house.
Which car do you like more? 33 Which sweater do you like more?
I like the old car more than the new car. I like the gray sweater more than the purple
25 five dollars How much does the gray sweater cost?
ten euros It costs twenty-nine dollars.
fifteen pounds
34 What do you like to do?
26 one dollar I like to play soccer.
five dollars Which shoes do you like?
ten dollars I like the black shoes.
How much do they cost?
27 The shirt costs twelve pounds. They cost sixty euros.
The book costs fifteen dollars.
The sunglasses cost twenty euros.

4.3 Core Lesson

01 metal 10 Do you want to pay with a check?

metal No. I want to pay with cash.
metal Do you want to pay with a credit card?
wood No. I want to pay with a check.
wood Do you want to pay with cash?
paper No. I want to pay with a credit card.
02 plastic 11 How much does the wooden chair cost?
plastic The wooden chair costs sixty pounds.
plastic How much does the plastic chair cost?
paper The plastic chair costs four pounds.
wood 12 The wooden chair is expensive.
The plastic chair is inexpensive.
03 wood The metal bowl is expensive.
paper The paper bowls are inexpensive.
plastic 13 This jewelry is expensive.
This jewelry is inexpensive.
04 This table is made of wood. This camera is expensive.
This chair is made of plastic. This camera is inexpensive.
This ticket is made of paper.
This ladder is made of metal. 14 This car is inexpensive.
This car is expensive.
05 a wooden bowl This dress is inexpensive.
a plastic plate This dress is expensive.
a plastic bowl
a wooden plate 15 This television is heavy.
This table is heavy.
06 I have a plastic cup. This coin is light.
I have a paper cup. This sheet is light.
I have a wooden table.
I have a metal table. 16 This chair is light.
This computer is light.
07 This is made of wood. This bed is heavy.
This is made of plastic. This television is heavy.
This is made of paper.
This is made of metal. 17 These are fast.
These are slow.
08 Coins are made of metal. It is fast.
Credit cards are made of plastic. It is slow.
Checks are made of paper.
18 It is dirty.
09 Theyre paying with coins. Its dirty.
Shes paying with a check. It is clean.
Hes paying with a credit card. Its clean.
Im paying with cash.
19 This car is fast.
This animal is slow.
The brown horse is fast.

20 This is fast. 30 This wooden bowl is inexpensive.
This is light. This plastic bowl is more inexpensive.
This is heavy. This paper bowl is the most inexpensive.
This is slow.
31 This jewelry is expensive.
21 This animal is fast. This jewelry is more expensive.
This animal is faster. This jewelry is the most expensive.
This animal is slow.
This animal is slower. 32 The man has some cake.
The woman has more cake.
22 My books are heavy. The girl has the most cake.
His books are heavier.
A plastic bowl is light. 33 He has some apples.
A paper bowl is lighter. He has more apples.
He has the most apples.
23 This camera is small.
This camera is smaller. 34 She has some books.
This camera is the smallest. She has more books.
This house is big. She has the most books.
This house is bigger. He has some pens.
This house is the biggest. He has more pens.
He has the most pens.
24 The old man has gray hair.
The old woman has white hair. 35 I need some plates.
The young woman has black hair. We sell metal, paper, and wooden plates.
The young man has blue hair. Which plates do you need?
I need light plates because my family is
25 The old man is a teacher. eating lunch in the park today.
The old woman is a doctor. The wooden plates are lighter than the metal
The young woman is a teacher. plates, but the paper plates are the lightest.
The young man is a doctor.
36 How much do ten paper plates cost?
26 My grandfather is old. Ten paper plates cost one dollar. How many
My daughter is young. plates do you want?
My doctor is old. I want ten plates.
My doctor is young. Do you want to pay with cash?
No. I want to pay with a credit card.
27 My daughter is young.
My daughter is younger.
My daughter is the youngest.
My father is old.
My father is older.
My father is the oldest.
28 My house is big.
My house is bigger than your house.
My computer is small.
My computer is smaller than your computer.
29 This camera is expensive.
This television is more expensive.
This computer is the most expensive.
4.4 Core Lesson

01 He has some money. 10 These sunglasses are too big.

She has less money. This coat is too small.
She has some bread. This shoe fits.
He has less bread.
11 These jeans are too big.
02 The man has some rice. These jeans are too small.
She has less rice. These jeans fit.
She has the least rice.
The girl has some cake. 12 Which shoes are too big?
The woman has less cake. Which shoes are too small?
The man has the least cake. Which shoes fit?

03 The woman has some fruit. 13 Does the dress fit?

The boy has the most fruit. Yes. It fits.
The girl has less fruit than the man. Does the shirt fit?
The girl has more fruit than the boy. No. Its too big.

04 These pens are the same. 14 Does the dress fit?

These chairs are different. Yes. It fits.
These toys are the same. Do the glasses fit?
These cups are different. No. Theyre too small.
Does the hat fit?
05 These ties are the same. No. Its too big.
These ties are different.
These coins are the same. 15 My hat is too big.
These coins are different. My glasses are too small.
My glasses are too big.
06 These cups are the same size. My hat is too small.
These cups are different sizes.
These hats are the same size. 16 Do you want this T-shirt?
These hats are different sizes. No. I dont want this T-shirt.
Why not?
07 These hats are the same color. Because its too big.
These hats are different colors.
These cups are the same color. 17 Does the coat fit?
These cups are different colors. No. Its too small.
This coat is bigger.
08 These cell phones are the same size, but
different colors. 18 Some of the balls are yellow.
These phones are the same color, but None of the balls are yellow.
different sizes. All of the balls are yellow.
These towels are the same size, but different
colors. 19 Some of the plates are plastic.
These towels are the same color, but different None of the cups are paper.
sizes. All of the toys are metal.
All of the toys are wooden.
09 This chair is too small.
This bicycle is too expensive. 20 Some of the children are sitting.
Youre too big. All of the children are sitting.
Im too short. None of the children are sitting.

21 None of the flowers are plastic. 30 Excuse me. Is the grocery store open?
Some of the flowers are plastic. Yes. The grocery store is open.
All of the flowers are paper. Thank you.
Some of the flowers are paper. Youre welcome.
22 These coins are the same color, but different 31 Thank you.
sizes. Youre welcome.
These coins are the same size, but different Thank you.
colors. Youre welcome.
Our shirts are all the same color, but theyre
all different sizes. 32 Today Im four years old. I want a cake.
Our shirts are all the same size, but theyre What color cake do you want?
all different colors. I want a blue cake.
What size cake do you want?
23 Which dress do you like more? I want the biggest cake.
I like the red dress more than the blue dress.
Which dress do you like the most? 33 Today my son is four years old. I need a cake.
I like the black dress the most. What color cake do you need?
I need a blue cake.
24 Which cats do you like? What size cake do you need?
I like all of the cats. I need the biggest cake.
Which toys do you like?
I like all of the toys. 34 This is the biggest blue cake.
How much does it cost?
25 The window is open. It costs twenty-five dollars.
The door is closed. Thank you.
The book is open. Youre welcome.
The book is closed.
26 The door is open.
The door is closed.
The window is open.
The window is closed.
27 The jewelry store is open.
The bookstore is open.
The pharmacy is closed.
The toy store is closed.
28 The grocery store is open.
The grocery store is closed.
The bakery is open.
The bakery is closed.
29 Do you want some cake?
Thank you.
Youre welcome.

4.5 Milestone

04 Hello. 34 Does it fit?

Hello. Yes. It fits.
05 Are all the flowers the same color? 38 Thank you.
No. The flowers are not all the same color. Youre welcome.
06 What color flowers do you want? 41 Is the restaurant open?
I want red flowers. Yes. The restaurant is open.
07 How many do you want?
I want thirty-five.
08 Thank you.
Youre welcome.
12 Good morning.
Good morning.
13 Do you sell eggs?
Yes. I sell eggs.
14 How many eggs do you need?
I need forty-eight eggs.
16 Thank you.
Youre welcome.
21 Hello.
22 How much does this chair cost?
This chair costs fifty dollars.
23 How do you want to pay?
I want to pay with a credit card.
25 Thank you.
Youre welcome.
29 Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
30 Which color suits do you like?
I like the black suits.
31 Is the suit too big?
Yes. The suit is too big.
32 Do you have a smaller suit?
Yes. I have a smaller suit.

A a
B b
C c
D d
E e
F f
G g
H h
I i
J j
K k
L l
M m
N n
O o
P p
Q q
R r
S s
T t
U u
V v
W w
X x
Y y
Z z
In this index, each word is followed by the Unit and Lesson in which
it occurs. The number of times that the word appears in the lesson is
enclosed in parentheses.

En este ndice, a cada palabra le sigue la Unidad y la Leccin en que

aparece. Entre parntesis se encuentra el nmero de veces que aparece la
palabra en cada leccin.

Dans cet index, chaque mot est suivi de la Partie et de la Leon

correspondantes. Le nombre de fois o le mot apparat dans chaque leon
est indiqu entre parenthses.

In diesem Index steht nach jedem Wort der Teil mit der Lektion, in der das
Wort vorkommt. In Klammern wird angegeben, wie oft ein Wort in einer
Lektion auftritt.

In questo indice, ogni parola seguita dallUnit e dalla Lezione

corrispondente. Il numero di volte che la parola appare in ogni lezione
indicato in parentesi.

Neste ndice, cada palavra encontra-se seguida pela Unidade e o Captulo

em que aparece. O nmero de vezes em que a palavra aparece em cada
captulo encontra-se em parnteses.

, ,
, .
, .


a 1.1(12), 1.2(49), 1.3(32), 1.4(38), bicycle 1.2(3), 1.3(4), 1.4(4), 2.1(6),
2.1(26), 2.2(36), 2.3(28), 2.4(19), 4.2(3), 4.4(1)
3.1(20), 3.2(27), 3.3(1), 3.4(24), bicycles 1.2(2), 1.3(5), 1.4(3)
4.1(52), 4.2(17), 4.3(21), 4.4(4) big 1.3(6), 2.1(1), 2.2(2), 4.2(5),
adult 1.2(1) 4.3(2), 4.4(9)
adults 1.2(5) bigger 4.3(2), 4.4(1)
after 3.1(7), 3.4(2) biggest 4.3(1), 4.4(3)
afternoon 3.1(9), 3.2(1), 3.4(1) black 1.3(11), 1.4(4), 2.1(1), 2.4(4),
all 4.4(9) 4.2(4), 4.3(1), 4.4(1)
am 1.3(18), 1.4(5), 2.1(7), 2.2(2), blanket 3.4(4)
2.3(15), 2.4(10), 3.1(1) blond 2.4(4)
Amy 2.4(3) blue 1.3(11), 1.4(3), 2.1(1), 2.4(5),
an 1.2(12), 2.2(4), 2.3(4), 3.1(2), 4.1(1), 4.2(7), 4.3(1), 4.4(4)
3.3(1), 4.1(9), 4.2(1) Bobby 2.3(2)
and 1.2(8), 1.3(2), 2.1(28), 2.2(6), book 1.2(3), 1.3(6), 1.4(1), 2.1(3),
3.1(11), 3.2(2), 3.3(3), 3.4(3), 2.2(2), 3.1(3), 4.1(3), 4.2(2),
4.1(2), 4.2(1), 4.3(1) 4.4(2)
animal 3.3(3), 4.2(4), 4.3(5) books 1.2(1), 1.3(1), 1.4(4), 2.1(1),
animals 3.3(2) 2.2(2), 3.1(1), 4.1(3), 4.2(1),
Anne 2.3(1) 4.3(5)
apartment 2.2(6), 2.3(4) bookstore 4.1(8), 4.4(1)
Apartment 2.3(2) bowl 1.4(1), 2.2(2), 4.3(8)
apple 1.2(7), 1.3(2), 1.4(1), 2.1(2), bowls 1.4(6), 2.1(1), 3.3(4), 4.3(1)
2.2(1), 3.2(1) boy 1.1(16), 1.2(10), 1.3(3), 1.4(3),
apples 1.2(1), 1.3(3), 1.4(3), 2.1(3), 2.1(2), 2.2(6), 2.3(1), 2.4(3),
2.2(1), 4.2(1), 4.3(3) 3.2(3), 3.3(3), 3.4(3), 4.1(1),
Arabic 3.3(15) 4.2(5), 4.4(2)
are 1.1(33), 1.2(27), 1.3(39), 1.4(62), boys 1.1(5), 1.2(2), 1.3(1), 1.4(1),
2.1(39), 2.2(24), 2.3(11), 2.4(35), 2.1(2), 2.2(2), 3.1(1), 3.2(1),
3.1(12), 3.2(27), 3.3(12), 3.4(20), 3.3(3), 3.4(1)
4.1(3), 4.2(5), 4.3(9), 4.4(45) Brazil 2.3(5)
at 3.1(15), 3.2(4), 4.1(17) bread 1.2(6), 1.4(1), 3.2(5), 4.2(3),
Australia 3.3(4) 4.4(2)
babies 2.1(1) breakfast 3.1(7), 3.4(1)
baby 2.1(3), 2.2(1), 3.2(3) bridge 2.3(8), 4.1(1)
bad 3.2(7), 3.4(1) broken 4.1(11)
bakery 4.1(7), 4.4(2) brother 2.1(2), 2.2(4), 2.3(2), 3.4(1)
ball 1.3(2), 1.4(4), 2.2(2), 3.4(3), brothers 2.1(3), 3.1(2)
4.2(1) brown 2.4(11), 4.2(2), 4.3(1)
balls 1.3(1), 1.4(2), 2.1(1), 3.1(1), Brown 3.2(1)
3.3(1), 4.4(3) brush 3.4(6)
bathroom 2.2(4), 3.4(4) brushing 3.4(13)
because 3.4(13), 4.1(3), 4.3(1), 4.4(1) but 3.1(6), 3.3(1), 4.1(4), 4.3(1),
bed 1.4(2), 2.1(1), 2.2(7), 3.4(1), 4.4(8)
4.3(1) buying 1.4(8), 3.2(1), 3.4(6), 4.1(19)
bedroom 2.2(3), 2.3(3), 3.4(2) cafe 3.1(1)
beds 1.4(2) cake 4.1(4), 4.2(2), 4.3(3), 4.4(15)
before 3.1(6), 3.4(1) camera 4.3(6)
Beijing 2.3(1), 3.2(1) car 1.2(8), 1.3(5), 1.4(1), 2.1(2),
belt 2.4(6) 2.2(9), 3.4(2), 4.1(6), 4.2(2),
belts 3.1(1), 3.3(1) 4.3(3)
Bertrand 2.3(1) card 4.3(4)

cards 4.3(1) day 3.2(5)
carrot 4.2(1) days 3.2(5)
carrots 4.2(4) desktop 2.2(3)
cars 1.3(3), 4.1(1) different 4.4(16)
cash 4.3(4) dining 2.2(4), 2.3(1), 3.4(1)
cat 1.2(6), 1.3(3), 2.1(3), 2.2(9), dinner 3.1(6), 3.2(3), 3.4(2)
3.2(1), 3.4(2) dirty 3.4(7), 4.3(2)
cats 1.3(1), 1.4(1), 3.3(1), 4.4(2) do 1.2(3), 1.3(2), 1.4(5), 2.3(7),
cell 1.4(3), 4.4(1) 3.1(20), 3.2(3), 3.3(8), 3.4(1),
chair 2.2(3), 2.3(2), 4.3(8), 4.4(1) 4.1(6), 4.2(16), 4.3(7), 4.4(11)
chairs 1.4(4), 2.1(1), 4.4(1) doctor 1.3(10), 1.4(1), 2.1(1), 2.3(2),
check 4.3(3) 3.1(1), 4.3(4)
checks 4.3(1) doctors 1.3(1)
child 1.2(1), 1.4(1), 2.2(1) does 1.2(2), 1.4(1), 3.1(2), 3.3(2),
children 1.2(5), 1.4(3), 2.1(5), 2.2(3), 3.4(2), 4.2(9), 4.3(2), 4.4(6)
3.1(1), 3.2(1), 4.4(3) doesnt 3.1(2), 4.1(4), 4.2(6)
China 2.3(6), 3.3(4) dog 1.2(9), 1.3(4), 2.1(3), 2.2(2),
Chinese 3.3(23) 2.3(1), 3.4(3), 4.1(1)
chocolate 4.1(4) dogs 1.4(1), 3.3(1), 3.4(1)
city 2.3(5), 3.2(1) doing 1.3(8), 1.4(1), 2.1(2), 3.2(2)
Clark 2.3(1) dollar 4.2(2), 4.3(1)
clean 3.4(8), 4.3(2) dollars 4.2(6), 4.4(1)
closed 4.4(8) dont 3.1(3), 3.3(3), 4.4(1)
clothes 4.1(4) door 2.2(4), 2.3(2), 3.2(2), 4.4(3)
coat 1.4(6), 2.2(2), 2.4(1), 3.1(6), dress 1.4(5), 2.4(2), 4.2(2), 4.3(2),
4.1(2), 4.2(1), 4.4(3) 4.4(6)
coffee 1.2(4), 3.1(8), 3.2(4), 3.4(1), drink 3.1(7), 3.4(1)
4.2(1) drinking 1.1(20), 1.2(5), 1.3(2), 1.4(2),
coin 4.3(1) 2.1(1), 3.2(2), 3.4(2), 4.2(2)
coins 4.3(2), 4.4(4) drinks 3.1(1)
cold 2.4(12), 3.1(1), 3.4(1) driving 1.2(9), 1.3(2)
color 2.4(6), 4.4(8) dry 3.4(5)
colors 4.4(6) eat 3.1(4)
comes 3.1(7) eating 1.1(28), 1.2(17), 1.3(2), 1.4(3),
computer 2.2(8), 4.3(4) 2.1(8), 2.3(1), 3.1(15), 3.2(7),
computers 2.2(2) 3.4(1), 4.1(1), 4.2(2), 4.3(1)
concert 4.2(8) egg 1.2(5), 1.3(4), 1.4(2), 3.1(2)
cook 4.2(2) eggs 1.2(2), 1.3(3), 1.4(3), 2.1(1),
cooking 1.1(7), 1.2(4), 1.3(1), 2.1(1), 3.1(1)
2.2(1), 2.3(1), 3.4(1) Egypt 2.3(3), 3.3(1)
cost 4.2(14), 4.3(4), 4.4(1) eight 2.1(6), 3.3(3)
costs 4.2(15), 4.3(2), 4.4(1) Eight 2.3(1)
country 2.3(8) eighteen 3.1(3), 3.2(5)
credit 4.3(5) eleven 2.1(4)
cup 1.4(1), 2.2(2), 4.3(2) Elm 4.1(1)
cups 1.4(4), 2.1(1), 2.2(2), 3.1(1), English 3.3(33)
3.3(4), 4.4(6) euros 4.2(6)
Dad 2.4(3), 3.4(3) evening 3.1(11)
Dan 3.1(1) excuse 3.3(4), 4.1(6), 4.4(1)
daughter 2.1(6), 2.2(2), 3.4(2), 4.3(4) expensive 4.3(12), 4.4(1)
daughters 2.1(3) face 3.4(6)
David 3.2(1) faces 3.4(1)

fall 3.2(3) gray 2.4(9), 4.2(2), 4.3(1)
family 2.1(6), 2.2(2), 3.1(4), 3.2(3), green 1.3(18), 1.4(4), 2.1(1), 2.2(6),
4.3(1) 2.4(1), 4.1(1), 4.2(5)
far 2.3(8) grocery 4.1(10), 4.4(4)
fast 4.3(6) guest 3.2(2)
faster 4.3(1) guests 3.2(8), 3.3(1)
father 2.1(10), 2.2(2), 2.3(2), 2.4(1), haddad 3.3(2)
3.4(1), 4.2(1), 4.3(3) hair 2.4(24), 3.4(9), 4.3(4)
fifteen 3.1(4), 4.2(2) hand 3.2(1)
fifty 3.3(3) hands 3.2(2), 3.4(8)
fine 2.4(13), 3.1(4) hardware 4.1(8)
finger 3.4(1) has 1.2(8), 1.3(2), 1.4(9), 2.4(8),
fingers 3.2(3) 3.1(4), 4.1(5), 4.2(12), 4.3(16),
fish 1.2(4), 1.3(3), 1.4(5), 2.2(2), 4.4(14)
3.2(2) hat 1.4(7), 2.2(3), 2.4(1), 3.1(4),
fit 4.4(8) 3.2(2), 4.1(2), 4.2(1), 4.4(3)
fits 4.4(3) hats 1.4(3), 2.1(1), 3.3(1), 4.4(4)
five 1.4(9), 2.1(4), 3.3(7), 4.2(2), have 1.2(11), 1.3(18), 1.4(15), 2.1(3),
4.4(1) 2.4(8), 3.1(16), 3.3(4), 4.1(4),
flower 1.3(2), 1.4(1), 3.2(2) 4.3(4)
flowers 1.3(10), 1.4(4), 2.1(1), 3.1(1), he 1.1(14), 1.2(15), 1.3(5), 1.4(2),
3.2(1), 3.4(5), 4.1(1), 4.4(4) 2.1(6), 2.2(3), 2.3(5), 2.4(5),
foot 3.2(3), 3.4(1) 3.1(11), 3.2(6), 3.3(8), 4.1(12),
forty 3.3(21), 4.2(1) 4.2(6), 4.3(6), 4.4(2)
four 1.4(15), 2.1(3), 3.2(2), 3.3(5), hes 3.3(11), 3.4(8), 4.1(6), 4.3(1)
4.3(1), 4.4(2) heavier 4.3(1)
fourteen 3.1(6) heavy 4.3(6)
France 2.3(7) hello 1.1(2), 1.2(2), 1.3(2), 1.4(4),
Friday 3.2(5) 2.3(6), 2.4(4), 3.1(1), 3.2(3)
friend 2.1(4), 3.2(1), 3.4(1), 4.2(1) her 2.1(14), 2.2(8), 2.3(3), 2.4(8),
friends 2.1(3), 3.2(3) 3.1(1), 3.2(6), 3.4(13), 4.2(6)
from 2.3(27), 3.2(2), 3.3(13) hi 2.3(2), 2.4(11)
fruit 4.1(6), 4.2(4), 4.4(4) his 2.1(16), 2.2(6), 2.3(4), 2.4(6),
game 3.2(7) 3.2(5), 3.3(1), 3.4(13), 4.2(5),
girl 1.1(18), 1.2(5), 1.3(4), 1.4(3), 4.3(1)
2.1(3), 2.2(9), 2.3(2), 2.4(3), horse 1.2(5), 1.4(2), 2.1(2), 2.3(1),
3.1(3), 3.2(3), 3.3(3), 3.4(4), 3.4(1), 4.3(1)
4.1(1), 4.2(8), 4.3(1), 4.4(3) horses 3.3(1), 3.4(2), 4.2(1)
girls 1.1(7), 1.2(2), 1.3(2), 1.4(2), hospital 3.1(4), 3.2(1), 4.1(1)
2.1(3), 2.2(1), 2.3(1), 3.2(1), hot 2.4(9)
3.3(3), 3.4(1) hotel 3.2(2)
Giulia 2.3(1) house 2.2(9), 2.3(10), 2.4(2), 3.2(10),
glasses 4.1(4), 4.2(1), 4.4(3) 4.1(2), 4.2(2), 4.3(5)
golf 4.2(6) how 1.4(22), 2.1(9), 2.4(13), 3.1(7),
good 3.1(11), 3.2(10), 3.4(1) 3.2(2), 3.3(6), 3.4(1), 4.2(9),
goodbye 1.1(2), 1.2(2), 1.3(2), 1.4(2), 4.3(4), 4.4(1)
2.3(5), 2.4(6) hugging 2.2(5)
grandfather 2.2(4), 2.4(1), 3.2(2), 4.3(1) hungry 2.4(14)
Grandma 2.4(3) husband 2.1(2), 2.2(3), 3.2(2), 3.4(1),
grandmother 2.2(3), 2.4(1), 3.2(2), 3.4(2) 4.2(2)
Grandpa 2.4(3) I 1.3(26), 1.4(8), 2.1(7), 2.2(7),
grass 1.3(2), 1.4(2), 3.2(1) 2.3(26), 2.4(14), 3.1(24), 3.2(3),

3.3(12), 3.4(3), 4.1(9), 4.2(18), many 1.4(22), 3.3(3), 3.4(1), 4.3(1)
4.3(11), 4.4(11) me 3.3(4), 4.1(6), 4.4(1)
Im 2.4(28), 3.1(10), 3.2(14), 3.3(14), meat 4.1(5)
3.4(13), 4.1(11), 4.3(1), 4.4(2) medicine 4.1(6)
in 2.2(27), 2.3(29), 3.1(12), 3.2(21), meet 2.3(6), 3.2(1)
3.3(1), 3.4(15), 4.3(1) Mei 2.3(1)
inexpensive 4.3(9) men 1.1(7), 1.4(2), 3.1(3), 3.3(1),
inside 3.1(8) 4.1(1)
is 1.1(76), 1.2(64), 1.3(65), 1.4(63), metal 4.3(11), 4.4(1)
2.1(55), 2.2(83), 2.3(64), 2.4(52), Michael 3.2(1)
3.1(24), 3.2(54), 3.3(38), 3.4(46), Mike 2.3(2)
4.1(25), 4.2(24), 4.3(78), 4.4(26) milk 1.2(6), 1.3(1), 3.2(4), 4.2(1)
Isabella 2.3(1) Miss 2.3(1)
it 1.3(9), 3.1(11), 3.3(2), 3.4(1), Mom 2.4(2), 3.4(3)
4.1(3), 4.2(5), 4.3(4), 4.4(4) Monday 3.2(4)
its 3.4(1), 4.3(2), 4.4(4) money 4.1(7), 4.2(2), 4.4(2)
Italy 2.3(5) month 3.2(2)
Jane 3.1(1) months 3.2(3)
Japan 2.3(5), 3.3(1) moon 1.3(2)
jeans 2.4(4), 4.4(3) more 4.2(30), 4.3(7), 4.4(3)
jewelry 4.1(13), 4.3(5), 4.4(1) morning 3.1(12), 3.2(2)
John 2.3(2) Moscow 2.3(4), 3.2(1)
Jones 2.3(4), 2.4(2) most 4.3(7), 4.4(3)
juice 4.2(7) mother 2.1(10), 2.2(4), 2.3(2), 2.4(1),
keys 1.4(5), 2.1(1), 2.2(3), 4.1(2) 3.4(1), 4.2(2)
kissing 2.2(5) movie 4.2(6)
kitchen 2.2(8), 2.3(3), 3.4(4) Mr 2.3(1), 2.4(1), 3.3(2)
ladder 4.1(8), 4.3(1) Mrs 2.3(2), 2.4(1), 3.3(1)
laptop 2.2(2) Ms 2.3(2), 3.1(1)
least 4.4(2) much 4.2(9), 4.3(3), 4.4(1)
less 4.2(10), 4.4(5) my 2.1(33), 2.2(15), 2.3(32), 2.4(14),
Levy 3.2(1) 3.1(2), 3.2(15), 3.3(7), 3.4(9),
li 3.3(1) 4.1(7), 4.3(16), 4.4(5)
light 4.3(7) name 2.3(36), 3.2(2), 3.3(3)
lighter 4.3(2) Nancy 2.3(1)
lightest 4.3(1) near 2.3(8), 4.1(5)
like 4.2(41), 4.4(8) need 4.1(16), 4.3(3), 4.4(5)
likes 4.2(11) needs 4.1(11)
Lin 2.3(1), 3.3(1) new 4.1(16), 4.2(2)
listen 4.2(1) New York 2.3(1), 3.3(1), 3.4(1)
listening 2.2(4), 3.2(1), 4.2(2) newspaper 1.2(7), 1.4(2), 2.1(1), 2.2(4),
live 2.3(25), 3.2(2), 3.3(1), 3.4(1) 4.2(1)
lives 2.3(1), 3.4(1) newspapers 1.4(1), 2.1(1)
living 2.2(7), 3.1(1), 3.2(1), 3.4(3) nice 2.3(6), 3.2(1)
love 2.2(7) night 3.1(8)
loves 2.2(3) nine 2.1(7), 3.2(1), 3.3(3), 3.4(1),
lunch 3.1(4), 3.2(3), 3.4(1), 4.3(1) 4.2(2)
made 4.3(11) nineteen 3.1(4)
man 1.1(14), 1.2(8), 1.3(3), 1.4(5), no 1.2(4), 1.3(1), 1.4(1), 2.1(2),
2.1(5), 2.2(13), 2.3(1), 2.4(7), 2.2(1), 2.4(6), 3.3(2), 4.1(2),
3.1(3), 3.2(4), 3.3(4), 3.4(4), 4.3(4), 4.4(5)
4.2(8), 4.3(5), 4.4(3) none 4.4(4)

not 1.2(18), 1.3(4), 1.4(4), 2.1(5), reading 1.1(20), 1.2(7), 1.3(1), 1.4(2),
2.2(1), 2.4(6), 3.1(11), 3.2(1), 2.1(8), 3.1(2), 3.2(2), 3.3(11),
3.3(2), 4.1(2), 4.2(2), 4.4(1) 3.4(2), 4.1(1)
of 2.3(4), 4.3(11), 4.4(16) reads 3.1(2)
old 2.1(26), 3.1(4), 3.2(10), 3.3(6), red 1.3(24), 1.4(5), 2.4(5), 3.2(1),
4.1(13), 4.2(2), 4.3(7), 4.4(2) 4.1(2), 4.2(6), 4.4(1)
older 4.3(1) Reem 3.3(1)
oldest 4.3(1) restaurant 3.1(3), 3.2(2)
on 2.2(16), 2.3(2), 3.2(3), 3.4(5), rice 1.2(7), 1.3(2), 3.2(3), 4.4(3)
4.1(3) Rome 2.3(5), 3.2(1)
one 1.4(24), 2.1(3), 3.2(2), 3.3(2), room 2.2(11), 2.3(1), 3.1(1), 3.2(1),
4.2(2), 4.3(1) 3.4(4)
open 4.4(10) run 4.2(1)
orange 2.4(4), 4.2(2) running 1.1(19), 1.2(10), 1.3(1), 1.4(2),
oranges 4.2(5) 3.1(2), 3.2(1)
our 2.1(5), 3.2(15), 4.4(2) Russia 2.3(5), 3.2(1), 3.3(1)
outside 3.1(8) Russian 3.3(14)
pants 1.4(8), 2.4(1), 3.4(1), 4.2(1) same 4.4(16)
paper 4.3(15), 4.4(3) sandwich 1.2(5), 1.3(1), 1.4(1), 2.1(1),
parents 2.1(7), 2.2(3), 3.3(2), 3.4(1) 4.2(1)
Paris 2.3(6), 3.2(1) sandwiches 1.2(3), 1.4(5), 2.1(1)
park 2.3(6), 3.1(5), 3.2(2), 4.1(2), Sarah 2.3(2), 2.4(2)
4.3(1) Saturday 3.2(5)
Parker 3.1(1) school 3.1(5)
pay 4.3(8) sell 4.3(1)
paying 4.3(4) selling 4.1(7)
pen 1.2(4), 1.3(1) sells 4.1(8)
pens 1.2(1), 1.3(1), 1.4(1), 2.1(1), seven 2.1(6), 3.2(2), 3.3(3), 4.2(1)
4.3(3), 4.4(1) seventeen 3.1(4)
people 3.3(6), 3.4(3) she 1.1(10), 1.2(11), 1.3(4), 1.4(5),
person 3.3(5) 2.1(14), 2.2(4), 2.3(5), 2.4(3),
pharmacy 4.1(8), 4.4(1) 3.1(9), 3.3(7), 3.4(1), 4.1(12),
phone 1.4(3), 4.1(3), 4.2(1) 4.2(2), 4.3(3), 4.4(4)
phones 1.4(5), 4.4(2) shes 3.3(4), 3.4(7), 4.1(8), 4.3(1)
Pierre 2.3(1) sheet 3.4(5), 4.3(1)
pillow 3.4(6) sheets 3.4(1)
Pine 4.1(1) shirt 1.4(5), 2.2(1), 3.4(5), 4.2(8),
pink 2.4(5), 3.4(4), 4.2(4) 4.4(1)
plastic 4.3(15), 4.4(3) shirts 4.4(2)
plate 1.4(1), 4.3(2) shoe 2.2(1), 4.4(1)
plates 1.4(3), 2.1(1), 2.2(2), 3.1(1), shoes 1.4(8), 2.2(2), 2.4(1), 3.1(6),
3.3(8), 3.4(1), 4.3(7), 4.4(1) 4.2(5), 4.4(3)
play 3.1(2), 4.2(11) shopping 4.1(9)
playing 2.1(6), 2.2(1), 2.3(1), 3.1(4), short 2.4(5), 4.4(1)
3.2(8), 4.2(4) sick 2.4(5)
police officer 1.3(3), 1.4(1), 2.1(1), 2.3(2) Simpson 2.3(2)
police officers 1.3(2), 1.4(2) sink 2.2(5)
Popov 2.3(1) sister 2.1(2), 2.2(4), 2.3(1), 3.2(2)
pounds 4.2(4), 4.3(2) sisters 2.1(3), 3.1(2)
purple 2.4(4), 3.4(1), 4.1(1), 4.2(2) sitting 2.2(6), 2.3(2), 3.2(1), 4.4(3)
radio 2.2(6), 3.2(1), 4.1(1), 4.2(2) six 1.4(9), 2.1(5), 3.3(3)
read 4.2(2) sixteen 3.1(4)

sixty 3.3(3), 4.2(1), 4.3(1) tasting 3.2(6)
size 4.4(8) taylor 3.1(1)
sizes 4.4(6) Taylor 3.1(1)
skirt 1.4(6), 3.4(1), 4.2(2) tea 4.2(7)
sky 1.3(2) teacher 1.3(5), 2.1(1), 2.3(2), 3.1(1),
sleeping 1.2(11), 2.1(2), 2.3(1), 3.4(2) 3.3(5), 4.2(1), 4.3(2)
sleeps 3.1(1) teachers 1.3(1)
slow 4.3(5) teaching 3.3(16)
slower 4.3(1) teeth 3.4(10)
small 1.3(6), 2.1(1), 2.2(2), 4.2(5), television 2.2(6), 3.1(1), 3.2(1), 3.4(1),
4.3(2), 4.4(8) 4.1(7), 4.2(1), 4.3(3)
smaller 4.3(2) ten 2.1(6), 3.2(1), 3.3(3), 4.2(2),
smallest 4.3(1) 4.3(3)
smell 3.2(2), 3.4(2) tennis 4.2(7)
smelling 3.2(4) than 4.2(32), 4.3(3), 4.4(3)
smells 3.2(5) thank 3.2(4), 4.4(5)
Smith 2.3(6) the 1.1(76), 1.2(50), 1.3(69), 1.4(31),
soap 3.4(4), 4.1(1) 2.1(15), 2.2(91), 2.3(33), 2.4(24),
soccer 4.2(11) 3.1(33), 3.2(57), 3.3(14), 3.4(61),
socks 2.4(5), 3.1(6), 3.2(1), 3.4(2) 4.1(38), 4.2(65), 4.3(32), 4.4(71)
some 4.3(5), 4.4(11) their 2.1(13), 2.2(3), 2.4(2), 3.2(1),
son 2.1(7), 2.2(3), 3.1(1), 3.2(2), 3.4(7)
4.2(2), 4.4(1) them 4.1(1)
sons 2.1(4) there 1.4(56), 3.2(3), 3.3(2)
speak 3.3(25) these 2.1(9), 3.1(2), 3.2(2), 3.3(2),
speaking 3.3(12) 4.3(2), 4.4(26)
speaks 3.3(6) they 1.1(9), 1.2(18), 1.3(8), 2.1(10),
spring 3.2(3) 2.3(3), 2.4(1), 3.1(4), 3.2(8),
standing 2.2(6), 2.3(2) 4.2(2)
store 4.1(27), 4.4(6) theyre 3.2(2), 3.3(1), 3.4(9), 4.1(6),
street 2.3(7), 3.4(1) 4.2(4), 4.3(1), 4.4(3)
Street 4.1(2) thirsty 2.4(11), 3.4(1)
student 1.3(4), 2.3(1), 4.2(1) thirteen 3.1(4)
students 1.3(2), 1.4(1) thirty 3.3(12)
studying 3.3(10) this 1.2(16), 1.4(14), 2.1(23), 2.2(10),
Sue 2.3(1) 2.3(19), 2.4(4), 3.1(4), 3.2(21),
suit 2.4(10), 3.1(2) 3.3(15), 3.4(1), 4.1(8), 4.2(6),
summer 3.2(5) 4.3(49), 4.4(8)
sun 1.3(2) three 1.4(18), 2.1(3), 3.2(1), 3.3(2),
Sunday 3.2(5) 4.2(2)
sunglasses 4.1(5), 4.2(4), 4.4(1) Thursday 3.2(4)
sweater 2.4(10), 3.4(3), 4.2(3) ticket 4.1(4), 4.2(4), 4.3(1)
swim 4.2(1) tie 2.4(5), 3.1(2)
swimming 1.1(8), 1.2(7), 3.2(2) ties 3.1(1), 3.3(1), 4.4(2)
T-shirt 1.4(4), 2.4(2), 3.4(1), 4.2(2), tired 2.4(5)
4.4(2) to 2.2(2), 2.3(6), 3.2(10), 4.2(20),
T-shirts 1.4(2), 3.4(1) 4.3(8)
table 1.4(1), 2.2(7), 3.2(1), 4.1(1), today 3.2(10), 4.3(1), 4.4(2)
4.3(4) toes 3.2(3)
tables 1.4(4) toilet 2.2(3)
tall 2.4(5) too 4.4(19)
tastes 3.2(7) toothbrush 3.4(5)

toothpaste 3.4(3) when 3.1(8), 3.2(1)
towel 3.4(5), 4.1(1) where 2.2(9), 2.3(11), 3.1(3), 3.2(3),
towels 4.4(2) 3.4(3), 4.1(5)
toy 4.1(3), 4.2(4), 4.4(1) which 4.2(20), 4.3(1), 4.4(7)
toys 4.1(3), 4.4(5) white 1.3(18), 1.4(4), 2.4(1), 4.1(1),
tree 1.4(1), 2.3(2), 3.2(5) 4.2(4), 4.3(1)
trees 1.4(4) who 1.4(13), 2.1(4), 3.2(2), 3.3(2),
Tuesday 3.2(4) 4.2(3)
twelve 2.1(5), 3.2(1), 4.2(1) why 3.4(13), 4.1(3), 4.4(1)
twenty 3.1(3), 3.2(1), 3.3(10), 4.2(2), wife 2.1(3), 2.2(2), 3.2(1), 3.4(1),
4.4(1) 4.2(3)
two 1.4(19), 2.1(4), 3.1(1), 3.2(1), Wilson 2.3(2)
3.3(2), 4.2(1) window 2.2(6), 3.2(1), 4.4(3)
Two 2.3(1) winter 3.2(5)
umbrella 4.1(8) with 3.2(11), 3.4(3), 4.3(12)
umbrellas 4.1(1) woman 1.1(16), 1.2(9), 1.3(3), 1.4(8),
under 2.2(9), 3.4(1) 2.1(7), 2.2(5), 2.3(1), 2.4(7),
United States 2.3(9), 3.2(2), 3.3(2) 3.1(2), 3.2(4), 3.3(4), 3.4(5),
up 3.4(9) 4.1(1), 4.2(6), 4.3(5), 4.4(2)
vegetables 4.1(7) women 1.1(9), 1.2(2), 1.4(3), 3.1(3),
Viktor 2.3(2) 3.3(1), 4.1(1), 4.2(4)
visiting 3.2(9), 3.4(1) wood 4.3(6)
Vladimir 2.3(1) wooden 4.3(9), 4.4(1)
waking 3.4(9) work 3.1(19), 3.2(4)
walking 1.2(7), 1.3(1), 1.4(2), 3.2(1) working 3.1(2), 3.2(2)
want 4.1(3), 4.3(10), 4.4(8) works 3.1(7)
wants 4.1(8) write 3.1(5)
wash 3.4(1) writing 1.1(7), 1.2(2), 1.3(2), 1.4(3),
washing 3.4(23) 2.1(1), 3.3(8)
watches 3.1(1) year 2.1(1), 3.2(2)
watching 2.2(4), 3.2(1), 3.4(1), 4.2(2) years 2.1(16), 3.1(2), 3.2(1), 3.3(3),
water 1.2(5), 1.3(1), 1.4(1), 3.2(1), 4.4(2)
3.4(2) yellow 1.3(12), 1.4(4), 2.4(1), 3.4(1),
we 1.3(9), 1.4(7), 2.1(3), 2.2(1), 4.2(2), 4.4(3)
2.3(9), 2.4(9), 3.1(2), 3.3(5), yes 1.2(4), 1.3(1), 1.4(4), 2.2(4),
4.3(1) 2.4(5), 3.1(1), 3.3(4), 4.1(2),
were 2.4(3), 3.1(5), 3.2(4), 3.3(3), 4.4(4)
4.1(3) you 1.3(12), 1.4(9), 2.1(13), 2.3(18),
wearing 1.4(20), 2.4(8), 3.1(4), 3.4(2), 2.4(25), 3.1(22), 3.2(13), 3.3(11),
4.2(2) 3.4(8), 4.1(10), 4.2(14), 4.3(6),
Wednesday 3.2(3) 4.4(15)
week 3.2(2) youre 3.3(4), 4.1(1), 4.4(6)
weeks 3.2(3) young 4.3(7)
welcome 3.2(8), 4.4(5) younger 4.3(1)
wet 3.4(6) youngest 4.3(1)
what 1.2(8), 1.3(12), 1.4(8), 2.1(2), your 2.2(10), 2.3(6), 2.4(2), 3.2(3),
2.3(6), 2.4(6), 3.1(1), 3.2(3), 3.3(2), 3.4(3), 4.3(2)
3.4(1), 4.1(3), 4.2(5), 4.4(4) zero 2.1(3)