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EIA/TIA-562 serial interface распиновка и описание @ pinouts.ru https://pinouts.ru/SerialPorts/eia-562.


Распиновка EIA/TIA-562 serial interface последовательный интерфейс

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TIA/EIA-562 is a very similar to TIA/EIA-232-F

with data rates up to 64 kbps supported. Статус распиновки:
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TIA/EIA-562 is an electrical only standard. It"s

not complete standard and intended to be
referenced by complete standards, such as
TIA/EIA-561. No pinout available. TIA/EIA-562
standard defines an unbalanced, unidirectional,
point-to-point interface, with support of inter-
operability with TIA/EIA-232-F devices.

Driver Loaded Output Voltage (Min. Level) ≥ |

3.3V |
Driver Open Circuit Output Voltage ≤ | 13.2V |
Driver Loaded Output Voltage (3 kΩ) ≥ | 3.7V
Driver Short Circuit Current ≤ | 60 mA |
Driver Transition Time Controlled
Maximum Driver Slew Rate ≤ 30 V/μs
Driver Output Resistance (Power Off) ≥ 300Ω
Receiver Input Resistance 3 kΩ to 7 kΩ
Maximum Receiver Input Voltage ?25V
Receiver Thresholds ?3V

Источник(и) этой и дополнительной информации: "Summary of Well Known Interface standards" by

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EIA/TIA-562 serial interface распиновка и описание @ pinouts.ru https://pinouts.ru/SerialPorts/eia-562.shtml

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