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Задание № 1
Определите, к какому типу соответствий (полному фразеологическому эквиваленту,
частичному фразеологическому эквиваленту, фразеологическому аналогу) можно отнести
следующие устойчивые выражения. Выделите также те из них, которые не имеют
идиоматических соответствий в русском языке:
8. fish begins to stink at the head — рыба тухнет с головы
9. to have money to burn — денег — куры не клюют
10. with fire and sword — огнем и мечом
11. to feel like a fish out of water — чувствовать себя как рыба, вытащенная из воды
12. hell and high water — тяжелые испытания
13. a fly in the ointment — ложка дегтя в бочке меда
14. new broom sweeps clean — новая метла чисто метет
15. there is no bottom to it — этому конца не видно
16. at the bottom of one's heart — в глубине души
17. if the mountain will not come to Mohammed, Mohammed must go to the mountain — если гора не
идет к Магомету, то Магомет идет к горе
18. to make a mountain out of a molehill — делать из мухи слона
19. straight from the horse's mouth — из надежного источника
20. to be at the end of one's rope — быть в безвыходном положении
21. the face is the index of the heart (mind) — лицо —: зеркало души
Задание № 2
А. Переведите устно следующие предложения, воспользовавшись полными эквивалентами
для передачи фразеологических единиц:
1. They were armed to the teeth, ready for emergency.
2. He liked her at first sight.
3. He told lies about Lillian behind her back.
4. The report of a flood proved to be a false alarm.
5. Don't shed crocodile tears, I know you hated him when he was alive.
6. The authorities knew that the fifth column would aid the enemy.
7. He obtained the information first-hand from Mr. Wilson.
8. The thief was put behind bars for six months.
9. Don't bury your head in the sand. You must reduce prices and increase the volume of sales.
10. We can't wash our hands of the whole thing, can we?
Б. С помощью частичных фразеологических эквивалентов переведите устно
следующие предложения:
l.The disaster came like a bolt from the blue.
2.The brothers came to blows after a violent quarrel.
3.Drop me a line when you arrive in San Diego.
4. After a hot bath, the traveller felt like a new man.
5. What is the matter with Joseph? Did he get out on the wrong side of the bed?
6. We learned that Nancy was a grass widow.
7.He is head and shoulders above the other students.
8.A great ship asks deep waters.
9.Better a lean peace than a fat victory.
10.I can't go out in broad daylight wearing an evening gown.
В. Используя фразеологические аналоги, переведите письменно следующие предложения:
l.He tried to kill two birds with one stone.
2.Unfortunately — as he knows only too well — it never rains but it pours.
З.Не lies like a gas-meter. Don't believe him.
4.The little boys were swimming in their birthday suits.
5.1 want to talk cold turkey to you.
6.When Ted was hit on the head by the ball, he saw stars.
7 John said: "My father personally knows the President of the United States." Dick answered: "Tell it to
the marines."

Задание № 3

Переведите следующие предложения на русский язык, обращая особое внимание на

передачу модальности в переводе:
I. From where I left the horse I could see some white-painted fisherman's huts.
2. I could see the ghost of a contemptuous smile flittering around my father's lips.
3. Candidates shall remain in their seats until all the papers have been collected.
4 ."It is very disappointing," he said, "that Hugh should leave just when I counted on him to help me."
5. You must have been misled by an accidental resemblance.
6. "You must come and see us when you return to London," he said.
7. I'm sorry that you should have had a row with Patrick about it.
8. The sticks will be kindled two by two, the poor flame showing a pretence at heat.
9. And, motionless, old Jolyon stared at the wall; but for his open eyes, he might have been asleep.
10. The place might have been Crusoe's desert island, so still it was, so isolated from the rest of
the world.
11. The police, the fishmongers, boys going to school, dozens of people waved at him. I might
have been riding with royalty.
12. She quickly lowered her gaze lest he should look up suddenly and see her eyes.

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