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Articulated Truck TA 230


Operating Weight: 23,300 kg

Engine Output: 270 kW / 367 HP
Dump Body Capacity: 19.0 m3
Payload: 30,000 kg

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Technical Data
Engine Tires
Liebherr Diesel Engine ������ D 936 L A6 Standard tires ������������������ 23.5R25
Design ���������������������������� 6-cylinder inline engine, water cooled, Design ���������������������������� earthmoving radial, tubeless
­turbo-charger, water cooled intercooler, Special tires ��������������������� 750/65R25
emission improved
Displacement ������������������� 10.5 l
Performance (ISO 3046) ���� 270 KW/367 HP at 1,900 rpm
Max. torque ��������������������� 1,800 Nm at 1,400 rpm Hydraulic System
Exhaust emissions ������������ according to guideline 97/68/EG stage IIIA
and EPA/CARB Tier 3 Hydraulic circuit ��������������� on-demand flow control, engine driven
Injection �������������������������� electronic direct injection axial piston pump, wheel driven piston
Air filter ���������������������������� dry air filter with precleaner, main and pump for emergency steering
­safety element Max. flow ������������������������� 344 l/min.
Cooling ��������������������������� fan hydrostatically driven and temperature Max. operating pressure ���� 25 MPa
regulated Operation
Operating voltage ������������� 24 V Dumping �������������������� dump body operating lever with automatic
Battery ����������������� 2 x 12 V/170 Ah engine rpm increase
Alternator ������������������������ 2 x 3-phase generator 28 V/80 A Retarder ��������������������� variably adjustable hand lever, retarder
Starter ����������������������������� 7.8 kW steps preselectable, gas pedal overrides
Transmission �������������� automatic mode, gear preselection, manual
shift possible
Drive Train Filtration �������������������������� return filter, 12 µm

Transmission �������������������� electronically controlled, automatic power­

shift transmission, torque converter with
lock-up clutch, 8 gears forward, 4 gears Operator’s Cab
reverse, integrated distributor gear with
powershift lateral differential Cab ��������������������������������� elastic suspension, closed pressure ventila-
Speeds ��������������������������� 57 km/h forward with reduced engine rpm tion, electro-hydraulically tiltable by 45° to
16 km/h backwards (electronically limited) the right, integrated ROPS/FOPS structure,
Drive train ������������������������ 6 x 6 standard drive train with powershift tinted safety glass, wiper/washing system
lateral differential between front axle and with interval operation for front window,
rear axles sound isolated, telescopic and horizontally
adjustable steering column, sliding window
left and right, fresh air filter with prefilter,
additional recirculated air filter, exterior
Axles ­mirror and front window heater
Operator’s seat ���������������� 6-way adjustable, cushioned operator’s
Front axle ������������������������ rocker arm axle with two hydro-pneumatic seat with automatic seat belt, adjustable to
cushioning cylinders, cushioning travel the weight of the operator, additional
± 75 mm, maintenance-free bearings, self- trainer’s seat
locking transverse differential, 45 % lock Ventilation ������������������������ heater and air conditioning, pressure venti-
value lation with fresh air intake and filtration,
Rear axles ����������������������� heavy duty axles with self-locking trans- variable fan
verse differentials, 40 % lock value Heating ��������������������������� warm water heater, defrost function for
Gear ratio ������������������������ planetary gears in the wheel hubs front and side windows

Brakes Filling Quantities

Operating brake ��������������� retarder function consisting of engine brake Fuel tank_________________________________________________________________________________ 400 l
and transmission retarder, variable adjust- Cooling system________________________________________________________________________ 120 l
ment, acting upon all wheels Engine oil (incl. filter)___________________________________________________________________ 34 l
Safety brake �������������������� 2 circuit, hydraulically operated, oil cooled Hydraulic tank__________________________________________________________________________ 250 l
wet disc brake acting on front and middle Cooling oil tank brake_________________________________________________________________ 64 l
axle Transmission______________________________________________________________________________ 55 l
Parking brake ������������������� spring applied disc brake acting upon the Wheel hub each________________________________________________________________________ 3.3 l
driveshaft of rear axles (hydraulically Axles_________________________________________________________________________________________ 33 l
releasable) Differential_________________________________________________________________________________ 18 l

Steering Dump Body Capacity

Design ���������������������������� hydraulic, 2 dual acting cylinders, com- Volume
bined articulated and oscillating joint with swept ������������������������ 14.2 m3
Liebherr ball bearing ring stacked 2:1 ���������������� 18.0 m3 according to ISO 6483
Steering angle ������������������ ± 45° with flap swept ������������ 14.8 m3
Steering wheel turns from with flap stacked 2:1 ����� 19.0 m3 according to ISO 6483
stop to stop ��������������������� 4.5 Payload ��������������������������� 30,000 kg
Dumping time ������������������ 12 s
Lowering time ������������������ 8 s
Dump angle ��������������������� 70°

2 TA 230 Litronic


Y2 Y1 H





 mm  mm
A 10,225 N 2,845
C 4,350 O 2,645
D 1,210 RS1 4,260
E 1,700 RS2 8,385
F 2,650 Y1 465
G 1,525 Y2 615
H 670
J 1,985 a1 24°
K 2,815 a2 45°
L 6,775 a3 70°
M 5,725

 TA 230 Litronic 3



Transport Dimensions
Incl. option for dump body flap and including special tires




 mm  mm
B 2,885 V1 2,960
Q 3,395 V2 2,980
R 2,885 W1 3,395
T 10,325 Y3 410
U 2,960

4 TA 230 Litronic
Vehicle Operator’s Cab
Steps (all) on front carriage in visual range of operator • Storage bins •
Tires 750/65 R25 earthmover radial, tubeless + Analog instruments for speed, rpm, fuel tank, coolant temperature •
Refueling from the ground • Working floodlights on cabine back +
Cabine tiltable electro-hydraulically to the right • Working floodlights front •
Low temperature equipment + Ashtray •
Articulating lock • Ventilation system pressure cabine for special applications +
Wet disk brakes • On-board computer with multifunctional display •
Liebherr particle filter + Document pocket •
Air filter maintenance reduced, due to maintenance-free precleaner + Operator’s seat with automatic seat belt, 6-way adjustable, air
Engine hood opening electro-hydraulically • suspended •
Engine preheating + Vehicle operating data transfer via GSM-GPRS-network +
Dump body heating + Vehicle position determination via GSM- or GPRS-network +
Dump body flap + Fire extinguisher •
Dump body safety support • CB system +
Oil filling – Liebherr-Hydraulic-Plus • Floor mat removable •
Transverse differentials self-locking • Bottle holder small and large •
Retarder function highly effective, consisting of a combination of Rear window protective grid +
engine brake and transmission retarder • Interior light •
Retarder function variably adjustable, overridable by the gas pedal • Coat hook •
Additional back-up light on the rear carriage (dump body) + Air conditioner •
Additional back-up light on the front carriage + Electrical cooler +
Back-up alarm acoustic • Radio system +
Rear-view mirrors electrically adjustable and heatable • Radio preparation •
Rear-view mirror standard and wide angle • ROPS and FOPS structure integrated •
Standard 6 x 6 drive train with powershiftable lateral differential Rear view camera •
between front axle and rear axle • Single beacon +
Custom paint + Double beacon +
Wear protection for dump body (therefore reduced payload) + Window heater front window •
Maintenance reduced • Sliding window front left and right •
Immobilizer electronic • Seat heater +
Two-circuit brake system • Sun blind front window •
Auxiliary heater +
Additional power socket 12 V •
Additional power socket 24 V •
Rock guard roof +
Trainer seat with automatic seat belt •
Cigarette lighter •

  = Standard, + = Option

Options and/or special attachments, supplied by vendors other than Liebherr, are only to be installed with the
knowledge and approval of Liebherr to retain warranty.
All illustrations and data may differ from standard equipment. Subject to change without notice.

 TA 230 Litronic 5
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