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UD Genuine Parts

Going the extra mile

UD Genuine Parts
– specially designed and tested for UD Trucks

When you use UD Genuine Parts, you are adding value by purchasing parts
of a guaranteed quality which increase the uptime and productivity of your
vehicle throughout its life cycle. UD Genuine parts are specifically engineered
and developed for UD Trucks and have undergone a process of rigorous testing
to ensure the highest possible level of reliability and durability. With our global
supply network, you can rely on the support you need to keep your business
running. For any UD Genuine Part the promise from UD Trucks is that they:
• Meet UD Trucks specifications
• Deliver high reliability and durability
• Fit perfectly and work right the first time
• Ensure that your vehicle remains, as originally built, a UD Truck
• Part warranty
• Parts availability

Engine/Drive line Lubricants/Chemicals

UD Genuine Parts 1
Oil Filters���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������4
Air Filters��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������4
Fuel Filters����������������������������������������������������������������������������������5
Engine Oil�������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 11
Gear Oil�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 11
Long Life Coolant������������������������������������������������������12
Total peace of mind for your business 4 Cylinder Liner Kit������������������������������������������������������������6 12 Brake Fluid�����������������������������������������������������������������������������12
5 Gasket Kit�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������6
UD Trucks believes that there is a peace of mind that comes from using 6 Clutches�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������8
UD Genuine Parts. We offer a wide range of superior-quality UD Genuine Parts, 7 Fan Belts����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������8
each one backed by extensive testing and analysis, and provided through our 8 Thermostats����������������������������������������������������������������������������9
global parts supply network.

This booklet introduces the parts that, used with the correct inspections and parts
replacement, will help to improve your vehicle uptime.

Brake/Suspension Cab/Electric
13 Brake Drums���������������������������������������������������������������������� 14 22 Windscreens���������������������������������������������������������������������� 20
14 Brake Linings�������������������������������������������������������������������� 14 23 Wiper Blades�������������������������������������������������������������������� 20
15 Brake Chambers��������������������������������������������������������� 16 24 Fuses����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 20
16 Expanders������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 16 25 Batteries������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 23
17 Wheel Cylinders���������������������������������������������������������� 16
18 Air Dryers������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 18
19 Leaf Springs������������������������������������������������������������������������ 18
20 Air Bellows��������������������������������������������������������������������������� 18
21 Torque Rod Bushings����������������������������������������� 19

2 3
Engine/Drive line
1 UD Genuine Oil Filters 3 UD Genuine Fuel Filters
UD Genuine Oil Filters reduce engine wear and extend engine life, uptime and periods Ensuring that impurities and moisture are removed from fuel, UD Genuine Fuel Filters
between maintenance. Perfectly matched to your vehicle, and using a superior-quali- have been designed with a special synthetic fibre-reinforced filter paper for superior,
ty, fine-grain fibre to effectively remove engine oil impurities. long-lasting filter performance.

Benefits: Benefits:
• Stable filtering performance, from cold engine starts to periods of high load; • Superior trapping of impurities to protect the fuel supply system;
• Effective removal of impurities, reducing damage to the engine. • Effective removal of moisture from diesel fuel;
• Durable, oil-resistant rubber seals are used to prevent fuel leakage.
UD Genuine Oil Filters effectively clean engine oil and deliver both excellent filtering
performance and the durability needed to withstand the sudden rises in pressure that Modern, high performance, electronically controlled diesel engines require optimised
occur during engine start. They use a filter paper made from special high quality fibres combustion efficiency to realise both power and fuel efficiency and make use of
for superior filtering performance over long periods. This long service life is directly carefully controlled electronic fuel injection systems. Fuel filters are used to prevent
related to reduced engine deterioration. potential problems, protecting the engine by removing impurities or moisture in fuel,
Note: We recommend replacing the filter with every engine oil change. as well as any dust present in the air during the air-fuel mixing process.

UD Genuine Fuel Filters use synthetic fibre-reinforced filter paper to provide the strict
2 UD Genuine Air Filters filtering performance required by UD Trucks' high-performance diesel engines. The
An excellent air filter reduces internal engine damage and helps cut maintenance filters effectively and reliably trap impurities, while maintaining a smooth supply of
costs. UD Genuine Air Filters are specifically designed for your truck; providing excel- fuel to the engine.
lent, efficient filtration and long service life.

• High filtration performance prevents air intake and exhaust system wear;
• Durable, oil-resistant seals prevent dust leakage.

Dust drawn into an engine can accelerate the wear and deterioration of engine com-
ponents such as pistons or piston rings. UD Genuine Air Filters use a paper made of
special fibres that prevent clogging and promote efficient cleaning. The filters provide
excellent prevention of internal engine wear and maintain optimal engine perfor-
mance for a longer period.

4 5
Engine/Drive line
4 UD Genuine Cylinder Liner Kit
An accurate and speedy engine overhaul using the
UD Genuine Cylinder Liner Kit, brings an engine back
to near-original performance.

• All parts required for cylinder liner replacement are
• Precise manufacturing of the cylinder liners and the
use of highly-durable materials means performance
close to the original engine’s one.

The UD Genuine Cylinder Liner Kit contains a com-

plete set of cylinder liners, pistons and piston rings.
All parts have been designed and manufactured
using materials to conform to UD’s strict vehicle

Use UD Genuine Parts for an accurate, speedy engine overhaul.

5 UD Genuine Gasket Kits

UD Genuine Gasket Kits are specifically designed for UD Truck engine models, maintaining
engine performance with tight sealing and high durability.

• Kit contents are matched to specific engine models;
• Each kit contains all parts needed for reliable, trouble-free work.

Gaskets are installed between the mating surfaces of engine components to prevent the
leakage of oil, water or high-pressure combustion gas, and must function even in the pres-
ence of high vibration and temperatures. UD Genuine Gaskets provide a tight seal and high
The advantage of UD Genuine Parts
durability. UD Genuine Gasket Kits contain all the gaskets required for accurate and speedy UD Genuine Parts deliver a superior and long-lasting
maintenance. performance.

UD Genuine Parts retain maximum performance over the entire lifecycle—a major contribu-
tor to vehicle uptime. Only high quality parts, carefully selected through a process of rigorous
testing, are delivered to our customers under the UD Genuine Parts name.

Our consistent levels of quality will help keep your maintenance on schedule with designat-
ed maintenance intervals. UD Genuine Parts not only improve total lifecycle costs but help
prevent unexpected vehicle malfunctions and maintain long-term performance--all of which
improve the operating efficiency of your vehicle.

6 7
Engine/Drive line
8 UD Genuine Thermostats
6 UD Genuine Clutches UD Genuine Thermostats provide optimal engine temperature management, for
The clutch is critical for torque transmission and drive system protection; UD highly reliable performance in all conditions.
Genuine Clutches have been designed for your truck and made of top-quality
materials for reliable, long-life performance. Benefits:
• Superior strength and durability;
Benefits: • Shortened warm-up time contributes to fuel economy.
• Constructed from high quality materials for excellent durability and heat resis-
tant; Thermostats are used in controlling the supply of coolant to the radiator and in
• Optimal damper spring strength to minimise noise and vibration; maintaining appropriate engine temperature. UD Genuine Thermostats provide
• Designed specifically for vehicle type and engine power. accuracy under all conditions from cold starts to driving under high loads because
of the strong, durable valves, return springs and other components, and strict
In addition to engaging and disengaging rotational power from the engine to testing that simulate real driving conditions.
the transmission, clutches play an important role in alleviating changes in engine
speed or torque and protecting drive system components such as the transmission
against shock.

UD Genuine Clutches are specially designed to suit specific vehicle types and en-
gine power ratings. The clutch facings are manufactured using materials to match
a vehicle’s powertrain characteristics. This allows for a design with a larger friction
plate surface area to transmit high levels of power and provide excellent tempera-
ture characteristics and superior fade resistance.

7 UD Genuine Fan Belts

Designed with the precise dimensions for your truck, tough, flexible UD Genu-
ine Fan Belts can transfer high torque and provide cost effectiveness over a long
service life.

• Designed according to the optimum length and shape for each particular en-
gine type;
• Superior flexibility for top torque transmission and excellent wear resistance.

Fan belts play an important role in transmitting engine torque to drive auxiliary
equipment. UD Genuine Fan Belts are made from carefully-selected, high quality
materials. The belt shape has been optimised to increase frictional force and to
keep belt wear to a minimum, allowing for long service life.

8 9
9 UD Genuine Engine Oil
UD Genuine Engine Oil provides superior cooling and
lubricating performance, as well as longer intervals
between oil changes. The lubricant of an engine is an im-
portant, daily-check item: Rigorously tested and verified
in UD engines.

• Optimises engine conditions and reduces the risk of
• The use of multi-grade oil can contribute to better fuel
• Reduced lifecycle cost through longer oil change cycles.*
*With the use of UD Genuine Oil Filters.

In addition to providing the cooling needed to protect against excess temperatures and
the lubrication required for smooth engine operation, UD Genuine Engine oil is also use-
ful for cleaning and sealing parts for rust prevention. It plays an essential role in provid-
ing and maintaining engine performance.

We created an engine oil that fulfils the requirements for the high-performance diesel
engines used in UD Trucks. It is perfect for optimising engine condition and reducing the
risk of breakdowns. The use of multi-grade oil can contribute to better fuel efficiency
and guarantees an improvement in total engine performance.

10 UD Genuine Gear Oil

Your truck has to work in tough conditions: UD Genuine
Gear Oil provides the superior protection and lubrication
of gears needed for extreme environments, reducing
gear wear and extending lifetime.

• Reduces gear wear and extends the product lifetime;
• Contains extreme-pressure additives, effectively
absorbs impact, and ensures thorough coating of all
• Provides superior durability and foam-prevention
properties, and maintains stable, high-level performance.

Power from the diesel engine is transmitted via the transmission to the wheels. Inside
the transmission is a harsh environment in which the surfaces of the constantly rotating
gears are exposed to high pressure, heat and shock as they mesh.

To assist proper gear movement, it is important to have a gear oil that forms a layer of
lubrication on gear surfaces, which relieves pressure and shock, and can prevent wear
and burn-out. UD Genuine Gear Oil contains extreme-pressure additives to endure high
contact pressures. It has superior oxidation stability and the foam-resistance needed to
thoroughly protect gears operating in a harsh environment.

10 11
The Danger of Vapor Lock
11 UD Genuine Long Life Coolant
UD Genuine Long Life Coolant prevents freezing and corrosion while providing Brake fluid deterioration can be dangerous.
excellent cooling performance and longer intervals between changes. Specifically
formulated for the metals in your UD Truck’s engine. Due to the high water absorbency of brake fluid, small amounts of moisture are
absorbed whenever the fluid is exposed to air in the reservoir tank. When brake
Benefits: fluid is used for extended periods of time, it may also absorb a small amount of
• Long-lasting anti-corrosion protection for long operational life; sulphur from dissolved rubber parts.
• Reduces damage to cooling system parts, cutting maintenance costs
When brake fluid start to contain these impurities, the boiling point will gradually
Coolant is circulated within a truck’s liquid-cooled engine to absorb heat, with the be lowered, making the fluid more susceptible to boiling. When this happens,
heat released by the radiator. Using pure water as a coolant can cause a variety long periods of continuous braking may cause the brake fluid to boil and vaporise,
of damage, including freezing ruptures, rusting and corrosion inside the engine. causing a loss of pressure within the brake line known as vapour lock-and poten-
Long life coolants (LLCs) containing anti-freeze and anti-corrosion agents are used tial brake failure.
to avoid these problems. Correct concentration levels must be maintained.

UD Genuine Coolant is LLC-formulated specifically for the characteristics of

the metals used in UD Trucks engines, providing stable, long-term cooling and
protection from freezing and corrosion. A special blend of additives suppresses
cavitation impact damage caused by the bursting of bubbles that occur during
changes in coolant pressure, a major source of engine trouble. An anti-corrosion
additive with excellent thermal and oxidative stability delivers a strong anti-corro-
sion effect over a longer period of time.

12 UD Genuine Brake Fluid

Reliable transmission of braking force, thanks to a carefully
selected and tested fluid: UD Genuine Brake Fluid is ideally
suited for use in UD vehicles.

• Maintains a high boiling point over long periods of time;
• Specially formulated with ingredients to ensure the correct
viscosity and to work well with rubber components

Brake fluid has the important job of reliably transmitting the

force of the driver’s foot on the brake pedal to the wheel
cylinders and brake callipers. UD Genuine Brake Fluid has
been tested and verified to maintain a high boiling point
over extended usage periods.

12 13
Brake/Suspension The Importance of Periodic Replacement
13 UD Genuine Brake Drums 14 UD Genuine Brake Linings Following specified replacement cycles is an important part of safe driving.
UD Genuine Brake Drums provide exceptional braking force Specially designed for specific UD vehicles and their intended
and high durability, guaranteeing safe driving by ensuring uses, UD Genuine Brake Linings are reliable and durable, Many parts require periodic maintenance but it can be difficult to clearly deter-
reliable stopping. providing reliable operation even in the harshest of condi- mine the amount of deterioration of some parts simply by visual inspection. It is
tions. for that reason that some parts are designated as periodic replacement parts and
Benefits: should be replaced regularly in accordance with a maintenance schedule, which
• Made from metals with superior durability and energy Benefits: is determined by time or total distance travelled. For your safety, it is strongly
absorption characteristics; • Provide stable braking force over an extended lifecycle; recommend that you always follow the designated parts replacement schedule.
• High heat-dissipation performance increases service life • Optimised drum wear and friction characteristics.
and protects against brake fade.
Truck brakes operate when the brake lining is pressed Brake Chambers
Designed to work in harmony with existing equipment, UD against the rapidly-rotating brake drum within the wheel. Why replacement is necessary
Genuine Brake Drums have excellent durability and maintain UD Genuine Brake Linings are specially designed for each UD Over time, diaphragms, seals, boots, elbows and other internal rubber parts will
a superior level of performance over a long service life. The Trucks model and work in harmony with UD Genuine Brake degrade, with increasing friction causing even further deterioration. Any foreign
advanced design ensures that uniform clearance is accurately Drums. They deliver reliable stopping power and superior objects that work their way into the chamber can also cause brake chamber
maintained between the drum and brake lining, while supe- durability even under harsh operating conditions. deterioration.
rior heat dissipation minimises the risk of brake fade.
If it is not replaced…
Air leaks can cause malfunctions and brake drag. Brake drag can cause the drum
to overheat which can be extremely dangerous. The brake chamber piggyback
contains an extremely strong spring and disassembly can be dangerous.

Why replacement is necessary
Expanders incorporate parts including rubber boots, grease, and springs - parts
that deteriorate over time. Wedges in particular have a high usage frequency and
are subject to high levels of friction, which can cause deterioration.

If it is not replaced…
Deterioration of grease can lead to internal expander wear or rust. If the part is
not replaced on schedule, smooth operation of the automatic gap adjustment or
wedge mechanisms can be hindered leading in some cases to the brakes pulling
to one side, brake dragging or inadequate braking force.

Air Dryers
Why replacement is necessary
Oil impurities in the air from air compressors and other sources can collect on
the surface of the drying agent, reducing drying performance. The drying agent
is also used up over time, as friction wears it into a powder that is gradually

If it is not replaced…
If the drying agent deteriorates and no longer provides sufficient drying perfor-
mance, water can build up inside the air tank or air system, leading to rust inside
the air pipes. This rust can flake off and become lodged inside parts such as the
brake valves, which may lead to air leaks or other malfunctions.

14 15
15 UD Genuine Brake Chambers
When replacing this key component of your brake system, choose UD Genuine
Brake Chambers-designed and built specifically for your truck from superior mate-
rials, for safe, trouble-free driving.

• High output level eliminates worries about braking force;
• Superior reliability helps avoid unexpected trouble on the road.

The high reliability of UD Genuine Brake Chambers ensures safe driving and
avoids unexpected trouble on the road. Brake chambers are essential parts in the
reliable transfer of braking force to the brakes. Designed specifically for your UD
vehicle and built using the highest quality materials, UD Genuine Brake Cham-
bers consistently deliver high output performance. Their superior reliability helps
prevent braking system trouble.

16 UD Genuine Expanders
With designs optimised and tailored to each UD Truck model, UD Genuine Ex-
panders deliver worry-free braking performance.

• Stable performance and long service life;
• Optimised designs tailored to each vehicle model deliver worry-free braking

Expanders are part of the wedge brake system. Full air brakes, which consists of
the traditional S-cam mechanism, is replaced with a simple wedge mechanism.
UD Genuine Expanders are specially designed to suit each particular vehicle mod-
el, delivering superior braking performance over a long service life.

17 UD Genuine Wheel Cylinders

With excellent compatibility with other UD Genuine products and superior reli-
ability, UD Genuine Wheel Cylinders provide solid braking performance over long
periods of time. Parts Distribution Network
Benefits: The right parts for your UD Truck, there when you need
• Stable braking performance is maintained over long periods of time; them
• Excellent fit with other brake-system parts, preventing brake malfunctions.
Our investment in and commitment to parts availability is second to none. UD Genuine Parts
Wheel cylinders are most often installed in vehicles equipped with AOH are distributed to markets by UD Trucks Southern Africa’s regional dealer network. You get
(air-over-hydraulic) brakes. For optimal performance, UD Genuine Wheel Cylinders the UD Genuine Parts you need, created specifically to work with the existing parts on your
have been designed to meet the special characteristics of the brake system. vehicle, when you need them.

We help you to keep your wheels turning. The UD Trucks parts distribution network is your
guarantee of UD Genuine Parts availability. It’s a service that extends to emergency parts
ordering, constantly updated parts supply, and the provision of information and catalogues
on the latest UD parts for your vehicle.

16 17
21 UD Genuine Torque Rod Bushings
Constructed using high-quality materials guaranteeing dura-
18 UD Genuine Air Dryers bility and drivability. A special rubber blend ensures long
UD Genuine Air Dryers prevent trouble and ensure service life.
smooth operation by removing moisture and oil impuri-
ties from compressed air. Designed, tested, verified and Benefits:
built specifically for your UD truck. • Durable, providing reliable performance even in harsh
Benefits: • Provides smooth rotation by preventing foreign matter
• Superior drying performance, reducing the degrada- from entering the rods..
tion of pneumatic components;
• High drying capacity means long service life. Torque rod bushings are installed at both ends of the torque rods to absorb vibrations
transmitted from the axle. Because torque rod bushings in large trucks are constantly ex-
UD Genuine Air Dryers, built, tested and verified for UD vehicles, contain drying agents posed to vibrations from the road surface, the quality of the bushings greatly influences
that efficiently collect the oil impurities and moisture present in compressed air, prevent- driving comfort and handling stability. UD Genuine Torque Rod Bushings enable smooth
ing the damage that these can cause. Realise the excellent cost performance of your air operations and withstand high loads.
dryer by using tested and verified UD Genuine Drying Agent replacement kits.

19 UD Genuine Leaf Springs

UD Genuine Leaf Springs provide superior driving
stability and minimised cargo damage.

• Constructed from special, extra-tough steel, sur-
face-treated and coated for added durability;
• Specially designed for comfortable driving and
minimal damage to cargo.

UD Genuine Leaf Springs are specifically designed for each vehicle model, for optimal
performance in all applications. Although other leaf springs may look more or less the
same, they do not offer the level of performance-ease of operation, durability, and cargo
protection that only UD Genuine Leaf Springs can provide.

20 UD Genuine Air Bellows The Value of Genuine Service

Make sure your vehicle’s suspension is protecting your
customers’ precious cargo, by using the UD Genuine UD Genuine Service helps keep our customers’ vehicle in top condition and provides
Air Bellows built just for your truck and the way you a major contribution to transport business efficiency. UD Trucks’ goal is to provide the
use it. kind of service that gives customers with true peace of mind.

Benefits: To achieve this, we are constantly working to improve the technical skills of our mainte-
• Key part of a suspension system providing both nance teams. Our technicians apply the advanced knowledge we provide at authorised
safety and handling stability; training workshops as they perform vehicle fault diagnoses using UD-original electronic
• Provide stable performance, regardless of the exter- control diagnostic units. They then undertake the correct maintenance procedures, using
nal environment specialised tools and UD Genuine Parts.

Filled with compressed air, air bellows are used to support the vehicle. UD Genuine Air To ensure that our customers’ transport businesses operate at the highest levels of ef-
Bellows have been optimally designed to suit specific models and uses, achieving a high ficiency, and to continue to build our own abilities, UD Trucks service is focused on main-
level of driving stability, comfort, and safety regardless of operating conditions including taining the original level of product performance to the highest degree possible, not on
temperature. simply fixing something when it breaks.

18 19
22 UD Genuine Windscreens
UD Genuine Windscreens are crystal-clear and provide a distortion-free field of
vision, essential for safe driving.

• Laminated glass construction strictly conforms to all safety standards;
• Designed for a perfect fit for your vehicle.

The windscreen has a major influence on the driver’s field of view. UD Genu-
ine Windscreens are specially designed to fit UD vehicles and provide a distor-
tion-free, clear field of view. Shard-free laminated glass protects the driver in case
of an accident.

23 UD Genuine Wiper Blades

Clear vision and long service life are musts for wiper blades; UD Genuine
Wiper Blades are therefore the perfect fit with UD Genuine Windscreens to
ensure safe driving even in the worst weather.

• Perfectly fit the curve of UD vehicle windscreens and give the best possible
view to the driver;
• Superior resistance against heat, ultraviolet rays, vibration and friction;
• Able to operate in a wide range of weather conditions including rain and

In rainy weather, clear vision is impossible without wiper blades that have
excellent windscreen contact and wiping performance. UD Genuine Wiper
Blades are designed to perfectly fit the curve of UD vehicle windscreens, with
the wide wiping coverage to ensure the driver has the best possible view.

24 UD Genuine Fuses
The accurate performance of UD Genuine Fuses means total protection of the
electrical system parts essential for vehicle control.

• Designed to blow reliably when voltages exceed rated values, protecting circuit-
ry and other electrical components;
• Prevent damage to the electrical system, and confine problems to a single area

Modern motor vehicles contain increasingly complex, diverse electronic control

systems. Fuses are used to protect these electric circuits from excess current. UD
Genuine Fuses blow reliably when voltages exceed rated values, helping to pre-
vent major trouble in the vehicle’s electrical system.

20 21
25 UD Genuine Batteries
Built strong for the environment in which your truck operates, UD Genuine Batter-
ies provide reliable power, long service life and major cost savings.

• Optimally designed to suit the operating environment and truck charge/dis-
charge cycles;
• Long service life reduces maintenance costs.

Batteries are vital for engine ignition and the supply of reliable power to electric
control systems. UD Genuine Batteries are optimised for performance in trucks,
where repeated deep charging and discharging is common. They provide reliable
operation, even under such harsh conditions as engine start-up in cold weather
conditions. Their durable construction using superior-quality materials resists leak-
age, helping to guarantee long battery life.

Other UD Genuine Parts

UD Trucks’ goal is to help our customers achieve this improved uptime, by providing an expansive parts line-up and network.

Alternator Clutch Cover Turbocharger

Unit Injector Shock Absorber Head Lamp

Starter Motor Steering Gearbox Air Compressor

22 23
24 25
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