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Product information

Print and Digital.

Managing Both Sides
of the Same Coin.
vjoon K4 is the ideal Cross-Media Publishing Platform
for creative and editorial teams to collaborate efficiently.
Process-driven and highly automated.

Financial Reports

Corporate Publishing




Mi, 8. 10. 2008

Deutschland 2,20
sterreich 2,40
Schweiz SFR 4,30


Wie gut ist

unser Sex
berraschende Antworten
und Einblicke von Frauen,
die es wissen mssen

Die neuen

Entspannter leben mit dem



Spannend, bewegend,
Unsere 30 Bcher
fr den Herbst


Entdeckt: Die heilende

Kraft tropischer Frchte

Kreativ wohnen

Mode, die
schlank macht!

Dekorieren mit
traumhaften Stoffen

Auf 25 Seiten: Die besten Stylings fr eine richtig tolle Figur


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Seit 1895 das Magazin der Credit Suisse

Schweizer Ausgabe / Deutsch

April /Mai


0 9 |44,1387

14 . 43%
, 2008 . 2008
( 132 ,
2007 ), 329 , 602 , 41 ,
4 , 40 - 26
21,8 .
, , 2009
640 , ,
11001200 .
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2009- 10%. ,

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, GM, Toyota,
Nissan, Ford Hyundai, , -




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Audi Volkswagen

VW Passat, Jetta, Touareg,
Skoda . 2007
, 2008

90 . TEU. 2009 1700 .

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Nummer 1

Alles eine Frage des Zeithorizonts

Branchenhandbuch Kurzarbeit bewhrt sich in der Krise / Nouriel Roubini Der US -Starkonom im exklusiven Leader-Interview
Dossier Immobilienanlagen Nachhaltiges Bauen ist auch in der Schweiz das Gebot der Stunde


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Find more customers:


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In the know. All the time and everywhere.

Economical. Secure. Scalable. For professional publishing.
Delivering stories that fit. Print. Digital. Multimedia.
Magazines and journals
Corporate publishing
Financial reports
Books, catalogs and the like
Print, tablet, Web or mobile: optimum collaboration.
Publishing workflow overview
Everything under control. All the time. Everywhere.
Administer workflows and projects online.
vjoon K4 at a glance. Features. Modules.
Quality delivered right on time: Just-in-sequence content (UPP)
Enduring partnerships. Global excellence.


In the know.
All the time and everywhere.

11 am
7 am

9 am

Modern media. Ubiquitous and diverse.

In the know.
All the time and everywhere.
A term has been coined to describe the wave of change rolling in on publishing houses
and corporate publishers media diversity. The transition from print to digital publications
is on and the momentum is picking up fast, as readers changing media habits and statistics
on advertising spending attest.


7 pm
5 pm

Readers want to be in the know, all the

time and everywhere. They follow news
on various devices, soaking up stories at
different depths as the situation merits.
The typical reader usually finds time to
give a printed newspaper a quick onceover during breakfast. He skims breaking
headlines on his smartphone on the way to
work. At the office, he briefly browses the
web. Back at home on the couch with tablet in hand, he digs deeper into the background story and then surfs to a web shop
to see whats on offer. And he does all
this while watching his favorite TV show time-shifted, of course, because the days
when programming directors dictated the
evenings entertainment are numbered.
As he spends the remains of his day almost
entirely in the digital realm, he finds it easy
to share that fascinating news article with
his best friends. Its a new media world
where the consumer has the power to say
I like.
As usage habits change, publishing houses and corporate publishers have two
tough nuts to crack:
For one, how can they tame the complexity that comes with publishing for so many
different media?

9 pm

For the other, what business model will

foster sustainable returns from both print
and digital offerings?

lishing in with the companys promotional

push. Content marketing is just one way of
doing this.

Companies are still experimenting with

different formulas. One size will hardly fit
all. However, some patterns are clearly discernible. One is that readers value quality
content and creative offerings, especially
in tablet editions as countless surveys and
analyses confirm. And the same goes for
advertising if it makes the most of the
mediums possibilities rather than merely
rehashing printed ads.

Other than that, publishing houses and

corporate publishers face the same problems. More media channels means more
complex publishing flows and greater time
and cost pressures. Every company pursues a unique strategy and uses content
in different ways depending on the brand
core. But the root problem of how to tame
complexity can only be tackled with the
right publishing platform. Does it have
what it takes to put my brand strategy
into action? Will this platform allow me to
streamline processes and boost productivity? Is it flexible and powerful enough to
provide plenty of creative leeway?

Other strategies focus largely on cutting

costs and quantity. Some companies are
merging the various editing departments,
pooling contents for all publications to
access, and buying images from stock archives. Paywalls are no longer taboo these
days. On the contrary, more and more established media are putting up toll booths
to charge for access to their digital offerings. Corporate publishers are not confronted with this issue as their business
models pursue gains other than subscription and advertising revenue. The larger
issue here is how to gauge the efficacy of
media offerings and ensure contents promote the given product or service more effectively. The idea is to tie corporate pub-

Our customers found the right answers to

these questions in vjoon K4. Perhaps you
will too.


Economical. Secure. Scalable.

For professional publishing.

The cooperation between editors and layout

designers has never been so close, effective, and
especially productive. With the system-driven
forwarding of texts through the entities to the final
editor, BASF was able to minimize mistakes and
spend up to 20 percent less time correcting and

The control over the publishing process for

financial statements has improved massively with
the introduction of vjoon K4. The integrated IT
environment has freed up resources that we can
devote to content.

Such a great diversity of variants can only be

mastered with vjoon K4. The Cross-Media Publishing Platform won us over with its user-friendliness,
stability, and cost-to-benefit ratio particularly
when a service provider has to integrate a complex
customer organization into such a system.

matthias gtzger
head of layout team
service center media and communication
basf se

tobias beljean
vice director
federal finance administration of

berthold drrich
managing director
kckritzdrrich gmbh
communications agency

Management Summary

Economical. Secure. Scalable.

For professional publishing.
Put a tool into the hands your staff that will help them make better decisions and get the job
done more efficiently in far less time. Opt for the vjoon K4 publishing platform and its reliable,
proven processes to capitalize on the same benefits as those enjoyed by companies large and
small around the world.


In this age of digital media, companies have

to adapt rapidly to emerging changes.
They must find ways to deliver contents
via different networks, channels and devices. And they need the means to monetize their offerings. vjoon K4 helps you
streamline and manage with exacting
control the supply chains that deliver your
content across different output channels.
With far less time given over to administrative chores, you will have far more time to
devote to creative pursuits, upping quality
to earn higher returns on your content.
More teamwork:
vjoon K4 brings internal and external employees together and provides powerful means to work efficiently as a team to
achieve a common goal. It optimizes communication and ensures all information
gets where it needs to go.
More transparency:
You have everything under control 24/7 complex processes, multimedia contents
and even licenses. Whats more, the entire
workflow is laid out for you to see so you
can intervene whenever necessary.
More flexibility:
The processes in vjoon K4 readily adapt
to your needs. The system is exceedingly
flexible and responsive, enabling you to
react quickly and easily to changes.
More efficiency:
Users can work in parallel to fast-track
workflows. Time is spent performing rather than coordinating tasks. And the many
manual chores take no time at all once
they are automated.
More security:
The process-driven method reduces individual errors and the overall risk inherent
in any publishing process. On top of that,
the system uses rights and roles to determine precisely who may edit or even view
a document and when they may do so.

vjoon K4 is one of the most widely used

and most successful publishing platforms
based on Adobe InDesign and InCopy.
A mainstay of publishing in many countries,
vjoon K4 keeps raising the performance
bar with the latest technologies, leadingedge software architectures, smart usability, and highly automated workflows. And
that has made it the benchmark platform.
Many modern-day publishing systems offer similar functions, the difference often
being a matter of details. What truly sets
these systems apart is the underlying
philosophy and strategy. All the leading
publishing systems offer automated tasks
and processes; none takes this concept to
the level of the Unified Publishing Process
(UPP; see also page 24), as the breadth
and depth of automation in vjoon K4
would attest. Rooted in industrial manufacturing practices and developed with
the principles of supply chain management in mind, this strategy takes a holistic
view of publishing.
The scope of conventional systems is
much narrower. They merely manage subprocesses; their mechanisms for controlling workflows are linear and inflexible.
But publishers today need the means to
factor contingencies into the publishing
equation; to manage the entire process; to
tie in all sub-processes, including those at
remote locations. Whats more all services
that support the publishing effort integration, training, process consulting, onsite management, hosting and managed
services, to mention just a few must be
attuned to the given technologies and processes. This means vjoon K4 is more than
merely the sum of its many functions and
modules. It is a comprehensive strategy
aimed to save you time and money made
manifest. And it frees you to focus on the
essentials maximizing quality to maximize success even when deadlines loom
large and the pressure is on.
vjoon K4 is a full-fledged, enterprise system, but even very small teams benefit
from its structured working methods.
Count on vjoon K4 the payoff will be well
worth your while.




(with vjoon K4)

Increased Performance

(without vjoon K4)


Delivering stories that fit.

Print. Digital. Multimedia.


EUR 4.00

AUstRALiA Open Range

MidLAnds Miners Heritage to be Listed
RALLyCRoss More Than a Sport

Magazines, Newspapers, Corporate Publishing, Financial Reports, Books and the like

Delivering stories that fit.

Print. Digital. Multimedia.
First comes the story, then the platform. After all, good stories, captivating headlines, striking
images, compelling videos and professional editorial design, and not the underlying technology, sell the publication well. Much the same can be said of print, the web, tablets and smartphones. Its the quality that makes the difference, and not the medium.


These days, it takes good storytelling

paired with innovations to boost magazine
and newspaper sales and achieve corporate publishers objectives. Yesterday stories were told in just one medium. Today
the aim is to let the story unfold on many
levels and across different media channels.
A teaser gets read on the smartphone. The
background story appears in print, with a
condensed version on the web. The app
version comes with a video and interactive
graphics detailing the situation. And they
all feature pictures. This allows the reader
to consume and research news and stories
on the medium of choice, anytime and

This diversity poses a daunting challenge

for many media companies and corporate
publishers. Revenue from digital offerings
may not be rising fast enough to compensate for dwindling returns on print products. Publishers may have to invest before
they can even begin to roll out digital offerings. Many have yet to integrate print
and online publishing systems and practices. Often separate teams are set up to
create tablet offerings. In many cases,
workflows have yet to be adapted to suit
these new tasks. Some companies are just
beginning to come around to vjoons way
of looking at publishing technology. Naysayers are reluctant to concede that the
process is not so different from industrial
manufacturing. Some are quick to predict
the demise of creativity. Others argue that

this approach lacks flexibility. However,

all these misgivings and reservations are
groundless. The truth is that in times of
rising costs, deadline pressure and complexity, there is simply no alternative to
this new holistic outlook championed by
The situation is clear: The familiar practices of the classic media business do not
translate one-to-one to the digital world.
Publishers are compelled to reexamine
and revamp their procedures and workflows. They have to acquire unfamiliar
editing and technical skills, for example,
audio and video expertise. They have to
develop innovative formats and tools. And
they will almost certainly have to come up
with new business models.


Delivering stories that fit.

Print. Digital. Multimedia.

vjoon K4 is the perfect system for our cross-media

newspaper publishing. It is easy to use and helps us
serve our metropolitan audience with quality crossmedia content.

We knew that vjoon was not some flash in the pan,

but a long-term partner to us.

Cond Nast started migrating to vjoon K4 version

6 in 2011 and only one year later 14 magazines
published on it. Getting used to the new workflow
concept was a challenging task for our team but in
the overall experience has been good. We had to be
thoughtful and a little courageous but it paid off, and
were cooking now.

alexander cheksin
vechernyaya moskva

jrg brkle
head of publishing solutions
burda digital systems

alex mcdonald
director, editorial & production systems
cond nast publications


devote to delivering quality content. And

quality is what sets brand-name products

Enhanced monetization:
Pipe precisely the content readers want
into digital channels to reach more
people faster with the latest news.
Create as many layout and text variants
as you see fit for national, regional and
local pages.

Newspapers have already undergone

Many have done what vjoon customer
Vechernyaya Moskva, a popular Moscow
evening newspaper with a rich heritage,
did: They merged their and print and
online editing teams to create a unified
newsroom. Daily papers, especially, have
to make fast decisions as to which story
will appear on the web first and in print
second. For one, the web article can be
updated in the course of the day.
For the other, not all news items featured
on the web find their way into the printed
edition. Times have changed, and social
media components and hyper-local content have become the daily bread of many
newspapers like Der Freitag published by
Jakob Augstein.
Deadline pressure is the norm at newspapers, so publishing systems must be
able to lighten staffs workload. The more
routine tasks the system is able to perform
automatically, the more time editors can

The sheer scope of information available

on the Internet is overwhelming. Strong
media brands provide the orientation
people need to find authoritative information. Media brands with a rich heritage
and a first-rate reputation such as the
Hamburg-based weekly DIE ZEIT leverage their brand to put their business on
a broader base and build a unique brand
world around their various products and
When you opt for vjoon K4, you are electing to go with a powerful publishing platform that enables you to deliver precisely
the information your readers are seeking,
thereby creating a fertile environment for
advertising customers.
Quality first:
Automate routine activities and give
staff more time to research and write
good stories.

Media neutral:
Afford all your editors, local newsrooms, freelancers and photographers
worldwide secure access to the system
and enable them to address any output
Flexible brand management:
Modify layouts, realize new ideas for
magazines, and create appealing tablet
editions quickly in a single, professional
editing workflow.


We were impressed with how well the deployment

of vjoon K4 went and the ease in getting all of our
magazines up and running. As a company, we are
excited about capturing information sooner in the
production process and being able to provide structured content upstream to facilitate future reuse.

With vjoon K4, Olympia-Verlag has a stable and

scalable publishing system that caters to all the
prevailing channels. Of course, the integration
of Adobe DPS plays an important role as the
automated processes save time and money when
producing tablet apps.

sandie roberts
director, publishing systems
rodale inc.

dieter steinhauer
art director

Magazines and journals

Addressing multiple platforms not only

increases reach, it also serves to address a new, younger target audience.
Appealing to multiple generations has
never been easy, but it can be done with
a coordinated, cross-media approach
that targets every age group. The idea
is to afford each generation and individual the opportunity to access the
offering on the preferred or currently
available medium.

Digital versions of magazines and specialized journals are the norm rather than the
exception. Yesterday the question was
whether or not digital platforms will succeed. Today the big issue is how to transform greater reach into higher returns.
Magazines are like newspapers in that the
quality of content and brand power matter very much indeed. Modern publishing
houses exploit different channels to embed their brands into their readers day-today lives. This is why publishers would do
well to establish their offering on as many
media channels as possible and generate
contents with added value or of general
Many have tried and succeeded. Cond
Nast did it with Wired and Vogue. Hubert
Burda Media can point to Focus and freundin. Rodale made it happen with Mens
Health. Most of these publishing houses
embrace innovations, so it comes as no
surprise that Wired was available very early on the iPad. The digital version remains
very successful.

Another viable strategy is to leverage the

brand experience to establish an e-commerce offering that echoes the magazines
themes. Products that once featured
prominently on a DVD supplement can
now be offered in the magazines own
web shop. Anything goes, from utensils
with local branding such as the given citys
coat of arms to gardening merchandise,
fashionable accessories and clothing.
But whatever your strategy may entail, rest
assured that vjoon K4 provides precisely
the tools you need to make the business
model of your choice work.

Multichannel publishing:
Plan and generate all content on a central platform with pinpoint precision,
and deliver it to the right channels.
Trigger automated routines to process
tablet contents and load them directly
to the Adobe DPS. Enable and disable
contents for the web.
Media asset management:
Access directly all data of relevance
to publishing. Exploit smart search
algorithms. Preview different layouts
and individual pages in InDesign and
browser clients. Customize image
workflows and automate image processing and enhancement.
Editorial planning:
Access personal and team research
pools and fully integrated, leading
planning systems such as dataplans


Delivering stories that fit.

Print. Digital. Multimedia.

We produce with vjoon K4 because it offers us

the greatest flexibility to interact between the Web
and print.

vjoon K4 is perfect for distributed setups where

customers, picture editors, proofreaders, and
graphic artists work at remote locations.

For publishing tablet apps a genuine process

management is required. You need automated processes and an absolutely efficient production. With
vjoonK4 and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite we feel
excellently prepared.

jakob augstein
publisher & managing director
der freitag

marc terstal
head of production
time gmbh

urs arnold
managing director
arnold. kircherburkhardt ag

Corporate publishing

symphony. App media such as customer

magazines can be delivered to the target
group far more easily than other formats.
Whereas printed copies have to be sent,
the latest app editions go out around the
world at the touch of a button, arriving just
in time. The Red Bulletin from Red Bull
and Credit Suisses bulletin are two particularly successful examples. Apps already
offer many new e-commerce opportunities. In future, they will be able to provide
even more support for marketing efforts.
And good content is a far better driver for
social media, where classic advertising is
frowned upon.

Saving time:
Use automated workflows for frequently recurring, time-consuming
tasks (such as reformatting print pages
for tablets), for external processes
(such as translating texts via translation
memory), and for uploading data to
Adobe Folio Producer.

While quality content has always been

at a premium, lately corporate publishers have been thinking about other c
words such as cross media, communities,
commerce and conversion. Enterprises
are increasingly leveraging the corporate
publishing (CP) value chain to generate
leads and boost sales. Its still all about
content, but with a new twist that goes by
the name of content marketing, custom
content or various other terms, depending
on what continent you happen to be on.
Rather than focusing on individual channels, today brand-name enterprises and
CP service providers are striving to win
and retain customers across multiple channels. The relevance of content is decisive
to the success of these efforts. After all,
the whole idea of corporate publishing is
to trigger a response; to call the target audience to action. This is where advertising
and CP come together in a symbiotic relationship. CP content and ad campaigns
harmonize and intensify the effect on potentials and legacy customers. The tablet
can be a powerful instrument in this digital

Relevant content adds value. To create

this content, enterprises and CP service
providers need state-of-the-art publishing
platforms to save time that can be put to
better use for other pursuits, for example,
to come up with creative ideas and generate quality content. And of course these
systems have to offer as many automated
routines as possible, as well as the means
to tie nonnative applications into these
routines. vjoon K4 offers tremendous
benefits to companies that publish business collateral:

Connecting sites and contributors:

Integrate freelance journalists, printing
service providers and external staff via
browser clients, VPN, or application delivery solutions such as Citrix, and connect different locations via K4DES to
provide fast access to layouts.
Enabling language variants and
regional editions:
vjoon K4 supports any number of
language and layout variants, even
with different pictures and dedicated
workflows for each variant.

Thanks to the K4 Web Editor, catalogues and

packaging production processes have become
much smoother. Being all productive and winning
so much time with it, vjoonK4 is definitely a major
asset to help us win new customers against our

vjoon K4 and the connected systems are the

linchpin of our virtual newsroom to produce our
corporate publishing publications. This combination enables us to create successful publications
translated into different languages in a quick and
economic way.

vjoonK4 has improved our speed to market and

given us greater editorial control of our content.

roland donzelle
managing director
square, agence de production graphique

rainer burkhardt
managing director
kircherburkhardt gmbh

christopher rousseau
vice president publishing initiatives
mcgraw-hill education

Financial reports
Nowadays financial reports are much more
than merely glorified spreadsheets. They
have become a company showcase and a
standard-bearer for the corporate image.
This is why it is so important to have a unifying theme, a common thread that ties together the reports many sections. Equally
important are premium-quality editorial
design and vivid images that underpin this
In this digital age, even financial reports
can be enriched with multimedia. And the
scope of such corporate publications continues to expand with additions such as
sustainability reports.
Designing, compiling and publishing such
reports is a complex undertaking. Many
people tasked with very different responsibilities work at remote locations on these
periodic publications. Deadline pressure
is tremendous, demanding utmost efficiency. And the challenge of delivering
flawless results and highest-quality visuals
and content is daunting.

vjoon K4 offers tremendous benefits to

companies that publish financial statements:
Integrated Office documents:
Handle and manage Microsoft Word
and Excel with utmost convenience via
vjoon K4, and format tables in Adobe
InDesign while the figures are updated
in real-time from Excel.
Access from remote locations:
Bring executives, controllers, and
outside graphical artists on board via
browser clients, VPN, or application
delivery solutions such as Citrix, and
connect different locations via K4
DES to provide fast access to layouts.
Total reliability and security:
Control access via a sophisticated
rights and roles system. Track, compare and revert back to any previous
revision using the versioning audit
trail. Monitor progress centrally via the
browser. Configure emergency notifications for critical situations.

Books, catalogs and the like

The digital revolution has spilled over to
the book trade. E-books and audio books
have not only found their way into homes,
they are also widely used in academic and
educational pursuits. And any application
where contents require frequent updating
or elaborate customizing stands to benefit
from the advantages of a process-driven
publishing platform.
A powerful platform can serve many other
publishing applications, including catalogs
for premium-quality brands, product information and packaging. With a reliable
audit trail to fall back on, you will always
know when and which information was
last updated. Designs can be modified
and adapted with remarkable ease. The
accomplishments of the French agency
Square, whose accounts include Danone
Bledina and Adidas, provide an impressive
example of what such a platform can do.


Print, tablet, Web or mobile:

Optimum collaboration.

top K4 Query Panel: Layout view


Apps with vjoon K4 and Adobe DPS:


Planning and researching topics. Creating layouts and articles.

Print, tablet, Web or mobile:

Optimum collaboration.
vjoon K4 enables every team member to work with familiar tools. Your staff can draw on
Creative Suites entire toolbox as well as Office products such as Word and Excel. And
browser clients afford you secure access to the system on the go and from remote locations.


Top left K4 Query Panel: List view

Top right K4 Sticky Notes
Left K4 Query Panel: Thumbnail view

Plan & collect

You can integrate page planning systems
such as dataplans JournalDesigner and
then view the latest version of the entire
projected issue directly in vjoon K4, while
changes to the layout or article are indicated immediately in the page planning
system. Layout designers and editors use
K4 Collections to plan and research their
layouts and articles. They can then work
in the familiar surroundings of Adobe
InDesign, InCopy, or the K4 Web Portal
to prepare topics, collect suitable pictures,
videos, texts, graphics and links for background research, and begin copywriting.
You can access the data for the current
publication as well as data sourced from
integrated asset management systems.
A quick click is all it takes to switch between thumbnail, layout and list views in
InDesign, InCopy and the browser client
so you can see all the collected information at a glance while you are researching.
Create & edit
All object types may be accessed simultaneously when you work with vjoon K4
that is, your team can work in parallel on
the same object. For example, you can edit
metadata while a colleague is proofing text
or changing the layout. Another advan-

tage is that authors and editors can work

simultaneously on every single frame of an
article. For instance, one editor can work
on headlines while the author is busy inserting captions. K4 Captions & Credits,
with its ability to automatically generate
captions and credits based on metadata,
comes in very handy for this task.
Office documents such as Microsoft
Word and Excel may also be embedded.
The given user is automatically notified
when these objects are edited. An update
changes only the values in Excel tables
embedded and formatted in InDesign; the
InDesign table styles remain intact.
K4 Sticky Notes can be posted on layouts and articles to comment and suggest
corrections in real time just like in a chat.
Text revisions are documented and may
be tracked by saving any desired number
of versions.
vjoon K4 preps content for tablet editions using automated workflows that
streamline and speed up what would otherwise be labor-intensive routine chores
such as adapting page formats (e.g. 4:3,
16:9), styles (e.g. font sizes) and units
of measure (millimeters or pixels). With
vjoonK4, handling horizontal and vertical
formats, adjusting resolutions, and manag-

ing different language versions and different layouts for each variant is an exercise
in convenience.
You can capture and edit content for Web
CMS directly in K4 Web Editor HTML,
upload it to the Web CMS, update it later
and delete it from the website whenever
you wish.
Provide & deliver
Content delivery for print, Web and tablet editions is highly automated and precisely controlled. You can trigger delivery
in vjoon K4 manually at any time or fully
automatically at a predetermined point in
the publishing process.
See page 18 to learn more about how
vjoon K4 helps you manage the entire
publishing process.


Publishing with vjoon K4 at a glance.

Content just in sequence.

Integrated Publishing Environment

Publishing is seen as a unified process at vjoon.
This is why outsourced tasks and processes as
well as subordinate workflows are synchronized,
and whenever possible, automated. Standard
solutions for page and ad planning, digital asset management (DAM), product information
management (PIM), translation memory, image
enhancement, and edition management for print,
tablet, Web, smartphone, etc. can be integrated
into vjoon K4 to whatever depth necessary to get
the job done.


plan & collect


System integration, training & support, workflow strategy, individual software development, ASP,


A Powerful Platform
vjoon K4 structures workflows, thereby affording your organization utmost creative leeway.
It enables small teams and large business units
with thousands of users to conveniently plan and
implement sophisticated publications featuring
multimedia content for delivery to diverse end
devices and in printed format. All production tasks
are performed at exactly the right time. Contents
are tailored to the format with the same exactitude
and delivered precisely when it is ready and
needs to go.

Flexible Production Management

With vjoon K4, editors-in-chief, administrators
and project managers can always keep on top of
the current status of both the publishing effort and
licenses in use. They can even see how Adobe
InDesign Servers are deployed. All processes may
be configured individually, in detail and depth.
And the entire team benefits from the systems
phenomenal flexibility and the remarkable measure of reliability it brings to the publishing process.

create & edit

provide & deliver

and other

hosting, managed services, on site management, digital production, creative services, and much more


Everything under control.

All the time. Everywhere.

Production Management

Everything under control.

All the time. Everywhere.
When it comes to managing the production effort, youre on the safe side with vjoon K4.
For one, the entire workflow is presented to you in your browser so you can react immediately
if you need to intervene. For the other, vjoon K4 is deeply integrated with Adobe DPS so you
benefit from the very convenient handling of folio files in Adobe Folio Producer.


Left page top

K4 Overview Advanced
Thumbnails with details and K4 Cost Tags
left page down
K4 Overview Advanced
Spread view
Right page top
K4 Overview Advanced
DPS article view (tablet production)
Right page down
Adobe Folio Producer: Organizer
Adobe Folio Producer: Editor

Upload individual DPS Articles:

Upload individual ads provided by
agencies in the required format and deliver the entire layout of the magazine.

K4 Overview lets you preview pages in

various viewing modes and provides status information. K4 Overview Advanced is
an extended version of the module offering further features such as:

Determine costs per page:

K4 Cost Tags enable you to calculate
and display the costs of a page based
on the number of characters and per
embedded object.

Accept tasks directly:

Client users with Adobe InDesign or
InCopy can accept tasks for layouts,
articles and text objects directly via
page views.

Tablet publishing management

Push notification:
The user determines when subscribers
are apprised of a new issue.

The platform is integrated with Adobe

DPS, thereby providing a direct connection between vjoon K4 and Adobe Folio
Producer. This makes it so much easier to
handle folio files and meta data especially when it comes to large tablet productions. Users also enjoy the benefits of
Adobe Folio Producers full functionality.

Sharing via Twitter, Facebook

or email:
Pinpoint precisely which contents of
the published edition readers may
share with friends and business partners via Web Viewer.

K4 Sticky Notes let you post comments
on a layout page and communicate
with other users in real time.
Prediction Mode:
The powerful Prediction Mode displays
layout pages updated with the most
current object and article versions they
contrain, even if the layout designer
has not updated the layout yet.

Upload the entire issue:

Send all content to Adobe Folio Producer, directly and automatically at the
touch of a button.


Administer workflows and

projects online.

top K4 Admin, configure indvividual buttons and sets of button bars

Administration and workflows

Administer workflows
and projects online
K4 Admin puts you in the virtual pilot seat of your publication or project. This is where you
administer your publications, data bases, Adobe InDesign Server, K4 DES, Directory Services,
manage all production sequences and define workflows for your various media output.


left K4 Admin
Graphical workflow editor with mixed
task-based workflows

Admin roles & Wizards

More than one user can use the admin interface, and you can assign specific administrative tasks to each user for instance,
one person can be in charge of creating
new issues. For this purpose, the system
offers a number of templates to simplify
data entry.

You can create any number of workflows

for each object type and output or generate dependencies between individual production steps. All workflows can be freely
configured. This also applies to access
rights and the unlimited number of available meta data fields.
Supported workflow models
(mixed applicable):
Task based-workflow:
Workflow model for complex productions, with parallel processes,
dependencies, rewinds and emergency
Simplified task-based workflow:
Workflow model for simplified processes and with less functionality.
Server administration
K4 Server Admin is a powerful management application extending the management capabilities in vjoon K4. This central
entity administers all assigned publications, databases, Adobe InDesign Server,
and K4 DES (Distributed Enterprise System). Users can access several different

databases (Oracle 11g Standard/Enterprise, Microsoft SQL Standard/Enterprise,

MySQL) simultaneously from a single
K4 server, migrate data from database
to database, and distribute publications,
as the situation requires. This speeds up
many processes, particularly backup and
archiving. Publications may even be duplicated in a variety of ways, for instance,
entirely with all contents or with only the
structure remaining intact.
K4 Server Admin also allows many tasks to
be executed on the fly. For example, further K4 LDS (local data storages) may be
connected to the K4 DES at short notice.
Additional Adobe InDesign servers may
be temporarily added while the system
is up and running. Furthermore, the configuration for K4 DSI (Directory Services
Integration/LDAP) is performed centrally
using K4 Server Admin. This function enables agencies and service providers to
manage several customers and publications in their vjoon K4 system using dedicated K4 DSI configurations for each.

We have also implemented several wizards that guide the administrator through
necessary setup processes. This includes
error messages highlighting missing data.
For example, while creating a new user
profile, the wizard would notify the administrator if no section was selected for the
user. vjoon K4 will always ask the user to
enter the correct data, which immensely
improves the organizational security.
Graphical workflow editor
Unique to vjoon K4 is its easy-to-use,
Web-based graphical workflow editor.
This innovative tool allows administrators
to rapidly set up, edit and duplicate simple
or extremely complex parallel cross-media
workflows, and to print out the workflow
chart for communication and reference.
The new K4 Admin tool also allows a single
login for multiple publications, offers the
ability to duplicate publications and user
setups, and incorporates many easy-touse wizards and help systems that speed
up configuration of users, meta data, queries and publication settings.


vjoon K4 at a glance.
Features. Modules.

State-of-the-art concepts and technology

vjoon K4 at a glance.
Features. Modules.
vjoon K4 is the ideal cross-media publishing platform. It allows publishers to organize and
structure the workflow for all connected users. vjoon K4 also makes it easy to control the
production process for any number of different objects, such as layouts, articles, text files,
photos, spreadsheets and videos, and for any number of different output channels, such as
print, Web, tablets and mobile.

vjoon K4 is a multi-tier architectural solution, with an application server layer running under Apache Tomcat, a client access
layer and a database abstraction layer using JPA/Hibernate.

integrated with other production or content-management systems. All serverbased components of the system are Java
applications, which are configured to run
on a standard Apache Tomcat server.

algorithms. Preview different layouts and

individual pages in InDesign and browser
clients. Customize image workflows and
automate image processing and enhancement.

Powerful standard software:

Databases & Adobe Creative Suite

Automated processes

Editorial planning

vjoon K4 also allows predefined automations, such as import with K4 Drop Folders, export with the K4 XML Exporter,
automated PDF output via MadeToPrint,
reconfiguring page formats for tablet editions, uploading folio files to Adobe Foilo
Producer, or the execution of custom
scripts running as an automated task on
Adobe InDesign Server.

Access personal and team research pools.

In vjoon K4, object rules are used to match
data from external sources e.g. page planning systems. Upon saving layouts, they
can define the page structure of layouts as
well as the placement of objects (pictures,
advertisements, and audio/video objects),
and they can constrain the right to select issue, section, status, or assignment.
Fully integrated with leading planning systems such as dataplans JournalDesigner.

vjoon K4 is compatible with Adobe Creative Suite. It supports three database

platforms: MySQL Enterprise Server, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. All object
files that are managed by K4 now including images, ads and multimedia content are stored in the database as Binary
Large Objects (BLOBs) with full versioning. When a user accesses an object file,
the file is copied to the users workstation
and opened in the files native application,
such as InDesign, InCopy, Photoshop or
Extensions via Web services
A vjoon K4 system can be modified and
extended using Web services (Java, C++,
PHP, etc.). Additionally, a set of client APIs
offers flexible and comprehensive access
to the application server and K4 business
logic, allowing the system to be easily

Multichannel publishing
Plan and generate all content on a central
platform with pinpoint precision, and deliver it to the right channels. Trigger automated routines to process tablet contents
and load them directly to the Adobe DPS.
Enable and disable contents for the Web.
Media asset management
Access directly all data of relevance
to publishing and exploit smart search


K4 Admin

K4 External Task Dispatcher

System administration, workflow management and server admnistration via browser. See pages 20-21

K4 External Task Dispatcher submits K4

objects to connected third-party systems
for further processing, and retrieves the
results fully automatically. This is a tremendous time-saver when tasking external applications such as translation memory systems to provide text or image processing
tools to analyze or edit pictures.

K4 Captions & Credits

Automated creation of caption and credit
via template. See Media asset management.

K4 Integration with Adobe DPS

K4 Directory Services Integration
vjoon K4 supports the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) for
implementing access to information administered by directory services. This information is used for managing user accounts in vjoon K4, and can optionally be
used for user authentication. Basically, you
have two ways to configure directory services within your K4 system.
K4 Distributed Enterprise System
Companies that operate remote production sites achieve tremendous time savings when they use the K4 Distributed
Enterprise System (K4 DES). If a user
at a location far from headquarters wants
to work on a layout for example, the file is
provided by the on-site K4 Local Data Storage (K4 LDS) rather than the remote
K4 Server at the companys headquarter.
Layout files including all placed objects
(for example pictures, videos, etc.) or any
other file (e.g. Photoshop, Word or videos) open as quickly as the local network
can deliver them, which is far faster than
retrieving a file from the remote central
server. This benefit works both ways: The
edited file is first saved to the K4 LDS on
site and then forwarded automatically to
the central K4 Server without consuming
the local workplace computers resources. The central K4 Server automatically
updates and synchronizes all associated
files so that users at distributed locations
everywhere always access the same data.
K4 Drop Folders
Monitored hot-folder for dynamic job ticket processing.

Using vjoon K4 and the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS), you produce digital
editions of your publications for the iPad
and other tablet devices in a more efficient
way. This makes use of standard vjoonK4
functions and can be highly automated, allowing you to manage layouts and
meta data within the system, have multiple users work at layout content parallel,
and make use of Adobe InDesign Server
to render folios in the background. In addition to that uploading of single folios or
the entire issue to Adobe Folio Producer is
K4 Object Rules
In vjoon K4, object rules are used to match
data from these external sources. Upon
saving layouts, they can define the page
structure of layouts as well as the placement of objects (pictures, advertisements,
and audio/video objects), and they can
constrain the right to select issue, section,
status, or assignment.
K4 Overview/
K4 Overview Advanced
Production and project management via
browser. See pages 18-19
K4 Revision Manager
Compare different document versions.
K4 Web Portal
Serving as a central platform, the K4 Web
Portal facilitates your browser-based publishing efforts. It provides all the query
options you need, as well as notifications,
preview mode and versioning. Additionally, you can easily extend the K4 Web
Portal with more plug-ins as you see fit.
The K4Web Portal automatically launches

the appropriate plug-in according to the

selected task and preference settings. For
example, it launches the K4 Web Editor
ICML if you wish to work on InCopy documents from a browser and continue using
the same line numbers and line breaks.
K4Web Editor HTML lets you capture native content as HTML snippets for Web
publishing or you also can use it to work
on manuscripts or drafts that you can
convert to InCopy documents later. The
K4 File Manager plug-in provides even
more user-friendly support and lets you
handle any kind of data in vjoon K4.
K4 XML Exporter
K4 XML Exporter is a module for vjoon
K4, you can use to export any kind of
data from the content of the K4 database.
The export module can be triggered using an automated task from any workflow
you configure for your publication. You
can export XML data for Web use or archiving purposes, or you can extract meta
data information and tagged article texts.
In addition, this module is available as an
external Java application which allows you
to export with query mode executed via
vjoon Notes Manager
The vjoon Notes Manager plug-in will totally change the way you work with inline
notes in Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy. Editorial staff will communicate more
efficiently using notes, as displaying and
navigating notes is made easier and faster.
vjoon Overset Manager
The vjoon Overset Manager plug-in for
Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy gives
you complete control over text length and
text overset, enabling you to count, display, edit and print overset text. It increases production security by warning you if
the document contains overset when you
print or export a file. vjoon Overset Manager is the ideal tool for everybody dealing
with text-intensive files on a regular basis.

Quality delivered right on time:

Just-in-sequence content





Unified Publishing Process

Quality delivered right on time:

Just-in-sequence content
The key to taming complexity and upping productivity is to put best industry practices into
action. If you do this you will find that integrated process control and creative freedom are
no contradictions. In fact, having both will help you boost quality. And you can have it both
ways lower costs and higher quality content that is sure to delight readers and advertising
customers alike.
Readers and customers have grown accustomed to multimedia content. They
want to consume it whenever they wish
via whatever channel happens to be convenient. Publishing houses and corporate
publishers are under pressure to deliver
this content as quickly and as efficiently as
possible. On top of that, catering to different channels makes workflows very complicated.
Publishers have to manage and convert
content efficiently. They must bring innovations to market in time, on the mark,
and without undue effort and costs. And
quality still has to come first. This is why
publishers today must find ways to:
Plan and control publications across
different channels
Efficiently manage and convert all
Repurpose multimedia content
Integrate external and internal sources/

Conduct ad hoc tests to check new

print and/or digital projects
Practice quality assurance for both
content and the underlying technology
IT is the decisive enabler role. All these
complex processes cannot be controlled
without a sophisticated publishing system. This means that the creative process is evolving to become a value chain
within the enterprise, where the rewards
for productivity are significant. The more
efficient the publishing process, the more
time and costs can be saved at the various
links in the chain. These resources can be
devoted to other pursuits, for example, to
increase the quality of content or speed up
time to market.
The triad of publishing platform, working environment and IT services
All publishing systems today deliver content to any output channel and provide
workflows for any objects (text, pictures,

layouts, etc.). But if you want to start separating the wheat from the chaff, you need
only to look at their automation and process control capabilities. Most systems fall
short of the mark when it comes to automation. And that is a pity because so many
routine cross-media publishing chores are
done manually. If they were automated, it
would save the user a lot of time. Process
control can be a very powerful tool if it is
also able to address connected asset and
web content management systems and
planning applications. Services furnished
by providers and system integrators also
matter because they bridge the divide
between the publishing platform and the
working environment.
In the classic publishing workflow, the
various systems are largely autonomous,
operating without superordinate control
even if they are integrated. And many
are not. Scores of publishing systems
lack process-driven emergency response
mechanisms, where where the issue is forwarded, automatically and directly, to the





Creative tools
App publishing
Web content management systems
Asset management systems
Planning systems
ERP systems
Catalog systems
Translation memory systems
Image enhancement

Publishing management
(vjoon K4)

Basic services
- system integration
- training & support

person responsible in an emergency situation. Or they lack the means to define dependencies between objects, for example,
to check if the layouts for a tablet edition
in the respective horizontal and vertical
formats are ready to go before the issue
ships. Often workflows are purely linear so
that individual tasks cannot be sent back
to the entire team or a specific person to
be redone.
The holistic strategy:
Inspired by industrial manufacturing
Cross-media publishing poses major challenges. Fortunately, they can be tackled
today by a scalable platform that is able to
model complex processes. Unfortunately,
these processes are bound to become
even more complex tomorrow. It will take
an entirely new approach to tackle future
challenges - a unified, highly automated
workflow that encompasses all processes.
It will also take a holistic, big-picture outlook, especially if editing processes and
marketing processes are to be consolidated in offices, newsrooms and across the
divisions of enterprises.
Complex industrial manufacturing and
commercial supply chains face the same
sort of problem, as countless studies attest. The solution is no secret. Rigorous
supply chain management (SCM) has
proven its merits, demonstrating that the

Value added services

- workflow strategy
- individual development
- managed services
- ASP/hosting
- on site management
- creative services
- digital production

recipe for success calls for continuous

process control and automation wherever
it is productive. SCM is shorthand for the
planning and managing all supply and logistics tasks, from selecting suppliers to
procuring, manufacturing, and delivering
goods. One of its main objectives is to orchestrate the interaction between all the
players (suppliers, merchants, logistics
service providers, customers). SCM integrates management within the confines of
an enterprise and beyond its boundaries.
The Supply Chain Management Institute
(SMI) of the European Business School
(EBS), the management consulting firm
McKinsey & Company, and the Bundesvereinigung Logistik (BVL; the German federal logistics association) joined forces to
conduct a study called My Chain Delivers.
It investigated to what extent optimum
SCM contributes to a companys business
success. The rewards of such a holistic approach to optimization are
Up to 40 percent lower supply chain
Up to 20 percent higher service level
30 percent less inventory
And the positive effects are not limited to
the supply chain. Companies that persistently practice SCM can boost their overall


The new SCM-based approach to publishing has to unify and simplify the production of all contents for all media. To do this,
publishing IT must be able to:
Network and efficiently coordinate the
actions of all contributors
Provide unified, transparent and manageable processes
Enable highly automated routines
Be responsive and shorten turnaround
Mitigate risks and error sources
The Unified Publishing Process does all
this and more. It provides integrated management for the publishing platform, the
connected systems and supporting services, thereby serving to optimize processes
throughout the value chain. And vjoon
and its partners are able to put the Unified
Publishing Process into action very successfully with vjoon K4.


Enduring partnerships.
Global excellence.

Development Partner

Technology Partner

A publishing environment consists of diverse systems and modules.

Joining forces with our development partners, we unify all components to ensure they interoperate efficiently. Our aim is always to
make the most of highly automated, process-driven workflows to our
customers best benefit.

Our software builds on market-leading standard components. Adobe

Creative Suite, Digital Publishing Suite and Adobe InDesign Server are
deeply integrated with vjoon K4. Whats more, with ORACLE, MySQL
and Microsoft, our customers are free to choose among the best in
database components.

Enduring partnerships.
Global excellence.
vjoon K4 was born of a fascination with Adobe software and the vision of connecting an
efficient workflow system to these applications. vjoon has come a long way from its early days
as a start-up that integrated publishing solutions and localized software. In recent years, the
firm has grown to become one of the leading publishing system vendors with a global network
that serves customers around the world. 





Systems installed


Industry know-how

Customer loyalty

Concurrent seats


Certified partners

Integration Partner
We provide world-class system integration and support service to our
customers. To this end, we work with a worldwide network of more than
30 qualified partners. Our partners offer a wide range of services and
solutions from process consulting to system integration, support and
custom software development.

Today vjoon GmbH ranks among the most

experienced developers of workflow solutions based on Adobe Creative Suite. We
are a global reseller of the Adobe Digital
Publishing Suite. And our product, vjoon
K4, is one of the most innovative crossmedia publishing platforms on the market.
Our great advantage is our long-standing
and close alliance with Adobe. It enables
us to integrate the latest innovations in
Adobe products immediately into our solutions and focus our development efforts
fully on meeting the needs of the market.
Reputable customers around the world
benefit from around 500 installations of
this sophisticated solution in environments with 5 to 1,400 users.

We work with more than 30 qualified business partners to ensure our customers enjoy excellent system integration and support services.
Our partners implement vjoon K4 in America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa,
and provide on-site support at publishing houses, editorial offices and corporate
publishers locations. Selected specifically
for the respective markets, each partner
in this global network brings to the table a
deep understanding of the local situation
and an excellent IT skill set.
A steadily growing workforce of highly
qualified employees develops our innovative software at our headquarters in the

greater metropolitan region of Hamburg.

This is the home base from which we coordinate our partner network, training and
marketing efforts.

vjoon GmbH
Kieler Strae 103-107, Haus D
25474 Bnningstedt

phone +49 (0) 40 55 69 50-0

+49 (0) 40 55 69 50-50
email info@vjoon.com
web www.vjoon.com



Copyright 2012 vjoon GmbH; vjmkt-10/2012; Subject to modifications.

vjoon is a registered trademark and vjoon K4 (and other product names) are trademarks of vjoon GmbH or their respective owners, registered in Germany
and/or other countries.

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