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Make clear

выяснять; чётко дать понять (cognachennessy); чётко обозначать (Игорь Миг); ясно указать

1 without consent of без согласования с

defy authority

2 to ensure compliance (with) обеспечить соответствие (чему-л.)

to send up new report staff

to leave choices up to you

3 This meeting is adjourned. в работе собрания объявляется перерыв

To puff out your chest

4 To put sb in charge of
поручать (MargeWebley); ставить во главе; вверить (кому-либо что-либо

You are fired

Fan out
расходиться (~ по
(территории) Баян); прочёсывать (местность DC); разветвляться; поливать огнем из
оружия  (Arkan); болтать; обмахивать;

To observe

To notice any disturbing details

To be not permitted

To engage in casual conversation

5 To interfere with my duties

препятствовать (Lavrov); вступать в конфликт с (ART Vancouver); затрагивать (ART
Vancouver); вмешиваться в (pelipejchenko); создавать помехи для 

Thermospheric satellites malfunctioned over Afghanistan

To keep the incident discreet

With this people in the loop

To assume

6 To shut down satellites

прекращать работу (на предприятии); закрыть; закрывать;

To give a damn about the politics of it all "париться" (I don't give a damn - да меня не парит; да я не
парюсь; да мне насрать Mirabella76); переживать

To be заботиться о
Макаров. (smb., smth.) тревожиться о ком-л., о (чем-л.)

7 Doing a comprehensive systems check комплексная система 

8 To hand over damaged goods

висеть над головой; нависать; передавать другому; выдаваться; отдавать; отдаваться;
порченый товар (driven); ущербный (Burdujan); неполноценный (Burdujan); бракованный

To handle problem

To be under the hood

9 To depressurize the fuel intake

стравливать (давление, газ); сбрасывать давление (в сосуде, камере); быстро

No pride of ownership

Please stand clear of the doors

To replace the power converter

преобразование энергии, трансформатор, преобразователь мощности; преобразователь


Happy hour starts around 11.00 out here

Road is that way

To give a damn about

You think I am a weasel

Long as it is not you

Кіт шукає місце в холодильнику. Яйця випали з коробки, почали жаритися на асфальті, асфальт
тріскає, труби вискакують на верх. З-під землі вистрілює, вибухає лава, вогонь. Місто починає
руйнуватися, будівлі падають, завалюються. Температура повітря становить близько 80 градусів за

You are not exactly the reliable type

Not match the amount of time that has elapsed in your life

To have a mystery

So feel free to join me

It was abnormally hot before the pipes blew

Simultaneous catastrophic weather events triggered all over the globe

He is implying some kind of cover-up

Neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night

To grab sb*s laptop

схватывать; захватывать; присваивать; присвоить; хватать; пытаться схватить; попытка

To use solic waves to slow molecular movement causing cooling, but in that case freezing
броуновское движение

The logs were wiped clean by the malfunction протирать начисто

10 I am mildly intrigued
вести интриги; строить козни; организовывать тайные заговоры; иметь тайную любовную
связь (с кем-л.); заниматься происками; заниматься
махинациями; заинтересовать; интересовать;

It looks like vanilla line disruption, bad server relay or trunk failure

Someone wanted to block your access without you knowing it was intentional

To answer your ridiculous demand

It may not be accidental

11 To bail sb out
выручаться; выручиться; отливать; отливаться; отлить; отлиться; отчерпнуть;

To retrieve the logs from the hard drives

The accident created an electrical short and fried all the drives

It is toast

Possible corruption

Get stuck in the communicational tower

завязать; ввязаться (Игорь Миг); ввязываться (Игорь Миг); увязнуть в 

To have emergency de-rig ports

12 To cut off the fuel intake

выключать подачу топлива

His suit is malfunctioning

To eject the pack

He got the drive. He grabbed it when He freed the panel. But he smashed up a dozen comm links, TCAS

13 Back to square one

возврат к прошлому, повторение ситуации (Marein); с чистого листа (Игорь Миг); возврат
к старому (Игорь Миг); возврат к прошлому (Игорь Миг); не продвинуться ни на шаг (So
we're back to square one. То есть, мы не продвинулись ни на шаг. Игорь Миг); начинать все
заново (Игорь Миг); вернуться к самому началу 

The doors were not accidentally blown off. They were programmed to.

When we built Dutch Boy, we put it in a locked off library

To have access to those transmissions

14 To take an oath
дать клятву; давать клятву; принимать присягу 

To obtain files

You are soliciting a Secret Service agent to break into the White House server and illegally to obtain files

We need to play back the security cameras without alerting anyone

Makmoud was prepping diagnostics on the Afghan sat, while we launched a replacement.

He pulled smth off the sat

There are no cameras allowed in the locker rooms

Lower your gun

15 To disguise a crime
открывать; замаскировывать 

We can shut down Dutch Boy temporarily. The reboot will flush out the system, kill the virus and revert
back to the fail-safe OS.

Are you insane?

To be insane

To chart a new course

On collision course

To recruite sb for this position

Station self-destruct sequence initiated.

You can not undo the past. All you can do is face what is ahead

As long as we remember that we share one future, we will survive

In 2019, following many catastrophic natural disasters, an international coalition commissions a
system of climate-controlling satellites called "Dutch Boy", named after the story of Hans Brinker.
After Dutch Boy neutralizes a typhoon in Shanghai, a Senate sub-committee reprimands chief
architect Jake Lawson, because he brought "Dutch Boy" online (without authorization) and replaces
him with his brother Max, who works under Secretary of State Leonard Dekkom.
Three years later, a UN team stationed in the Registan Desert comes across a frozen village.
Makmoud Habib, an Indian engineer working on the International Climate Space Station (ICSS),
copies data from the Afghanistan satellite onto a hard drive before he is killed in a supposed
accident. After convincing President Andrew Palma to conduct an investigation, Max persuades
Jake to go to the ICSS to investigate. Another satellite increases temperatures in Hong Kong,
causing gas explosions that nearly kill Max's college friend Cheng Long, the head of Dutch Boy's
Hong Kong department.
Jake arrives at ICSS to examine the malfunctioning satellites (which are damaged afterwards and
their data erased) with station commander Ute Fassbinder and her crew, consisting of engineer Eni
Adisa, systems specialist Duncan Taylor, technician Al Hernandez, and security officer Ray
Dussette. They recover the hard drive, but hide it from the crew, suspecting a traitor, and examine
the data, discovering that a virus has wiped out everyone's login access to the satellite and is
causing the malfunctions. Suspecting Palma is using Dutch Boy as a weapon, Jake tells Max he
needs to reboot the system to eliminate the virus which requires the kill code held by Palma. The
ICSS staff neutralize malfunctioning satellites by deliberately knocking them offline via collisions
with replacement satellites.
Back on Earth, Cheng discovers he and Max have lost login access and warns Max of a global
cataclysm known as a "Geostorm" if the malfunction continues. Cheng is pursued to Washington,
D.C. by a team of rogue government agents, who ultimately cause his death in a traffic incident, but
not before he says "Zeus". Discovering Project Zeus simulates extreme weather patterns to create a
Geostorm, Max enlists his girlfriend, Secret Service agent Sarah Wilson, to acquire the code.
During this time, the ICSS team loses control of all operations as the virus initiates the self-destruct
During the Democratic National Convention (DNC) at Orlando's Moxley Arena, Max discovers
Orlando is next to be targeted after a massive hailstorm hits Tokyo and part of Rio de
Janeiro freezes over. Max requests Dekkom's help, but Dekkom instead tries unsuccessfully to kill
Max, unveiling himself as the saboteur; Max immediately informs Sarah. The two kidnap Palma to
protect him from Dekkom's agents and secure the kill code, which is Palma's biometrics. As they
escape from the DNC stadium before a lightning storm destroys it, Max reveals their activities and
Dekkom's treachery to Palma. After outsmarting Dekkom's mercenaries, the three arrest and
confront Dekkom about his intentions: to decimate the other elected officials in America's line of
succession, giving him the chance to dominate the world while eliminating America's enemies at
the same time. Max and Sarah escort Palma to the Kennedy Space Center, where they transmit the
code but learn that the self-destruct sequence cannot be stopped.
Meanwhile, in space, as more disasters strike around the world (including tornadoes in Mumbai,
a heatwave in Moscow and a megatsunami in Dubai), Jake realizes Taylor is the traitor, and
masterminded Habib's death and the storms on Dekkom's orders. In the ensuing confrontation,
Taylor accidentally ejects himself into space while Jake escapes. As the crew evacuates, Jake and
Ute stay behind to ensure the system's reboot, eliminating the virus and transferring satellite control
to NASA, preventing the Geostorm at the last second, before they are rescued by a shuttle heralded
by Hernandez.
The two take shelter in a replacement satellite as the self-destruct sequence completes and use its
thrusters as a beacon. A nearby shuttle piloted by crew member Hernandez picks them up. Six
months later, Jake works as the head engineer for Dutch Boy once more, which is now administered
by an international committee.