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Grim Prairie Trails

by John Goff

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Field Reports of Prof. Lyncher78

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18 June 1881

Mr. Abernathy,

As requested, in this package please find our report

compiling Prof. Connolly’s correspondence and photog
from his springtime travels. You will no doubt note
missing reports, which we attribute to the difficu
lties of
cross-continental mail transport and the unreliabilit
y of the
telegraph system.

We have no experience in dealing with private invest

firms, but yours comes highly recomm ended to us throug
h the
Denver lodge of our society, so we hold forth great
hope for
your success in locating Connolly. Should you have
questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are pledged
to help in any way possible.

The dispatch from Tucson marked Prof. Connolly’s

contact with us. Although we are not schooled in
the art of
investigation, our board believes this may be a
likely area
in which to begin your search for him. You are the
however, so we bow to your experience and expert
ise in this

As stated in our initial discussion, we must reques

t a full
accounting and receipts for all expenses incurred
above and
beyond your agreed-upon fee.


Stephen Hutchens
Stephen Hutchens
Chairm an
Explorer’s Society, Charleston S.C. Lodge

The explorer’s society
Charleston, S.C. Lodge Vigilantia, Scientia, Vindictas!

somewhere westward along the track.

Field Report #1
For the passengers’ safety, the railroad
New Varney Flats, Kansas
decided to halt its trains temporarily.
21 March 1881
At first, I supposed I could be in
Let me begin by once again worse surroundings. After all, the
thanking the members of our lodge original Varney Flats is the source
for sponsoring my expedition through of a well-known legend back in the
the western regions of the continent. It tearoom of the Society’s Charleston
is with a heavy heart that I make this lodge. The tale claims the settlement
journey alone, but I understand that all but vanished in a single, blood-
finance is as active a stressor in our soaked night.
lives as any force of nature. I hope that
I hoped to follow up on the tale’s
my endeavors will reflect well upon
origins, but found none of the current
not only the Charleston lodge, but the
residents actually were present. No
Explorer’s Society as a whole!
one could point me to an eyewitness
I am currently two days behind to the supposed event, leaving me
the travel schedule I presented to the to wonder if the outlandish claims
Society. While I find the delay in New of blood-sucking revenants weren’t
Varney Flats frustrating, I know all too simply exaggerations to hide the
well from experience that an alteration depredations of border raiders, or
in itinerary of a mere few days while possibly even a bloody-minded war
traversing the continent is hardly party sallying forth from the nearby
cause for outrage. Only a year or two Coyote Confederation.
ago, I’d have counted myself lucky to
I did happen across several posters
have completed the journey without
advertising a passing carnival by
at least sighting an armed gang in the
the name of “Nightlinger’s Traveling
employ of another railroad, if not an
Exhibition of the Extraordinary,”
outright assault on the train!
which claimed to have on display—
Asking around, I determined the among other things—the mummified
problem arose not from a skirmish in cadaver of an Aztec king. Sadly, the
the so-called “Great Rail Wars,” which flyers were left over from the previous
the papers in Charleston would have week, leaving me unable to verify
us believe are concluded. I can safely the accuracy of said claims with any
say—if the presence of well-armed immediacy.
guards onboard my train is any
On a side note, one of the residents
indication—the owner of the Black
told me that the owner of the carnival,
River Railroad Co. considers the matter
Jebediah Nightlinger, had expressed
far from settled. No, instead it seems
an undue amount of interest in the
there was a brief flare-up of partisan
stories revolving around the original
violence between supporters of the
Varney Flats. Nightlinger even closed
Union and those of the Confederacy
the carnival for a day to visit the ghost
Field reports of prof. connolly
Charleston, S.C. Lodge Vigilantia, Scientia, Vindictas!

town. No doubt the huckster was for fresh beasts, and, after glimpsing
collecting further outlandish tales for a few of the residents, I remained
future performances! inside the passenger compartment.
Hopefully, my next update will find Certainly, the local citizens were
me in the western metropolis of Dodge a rough-looking lot. This is to be
City. expected in the so-called “Disputed
Professor Kevin Connolly Territories.” But mere surliness would
have been unlikely to dissuade me
Field Report #2 from stretching my legs after the
Dodge City, Kansas thrashing the past few hours in the
stage had inflicted upon me.
26 March 1881
I lost patience with the delay
in New Varney Flats after the
second day and purchased
passage aboard a stagecoach,
hoping to leapfrog the delay
and catch another westbound
train in Dodge City. It seems
ill-luck is fated to plague me
on this journey, as less than
three hours after departing
the town, I saw the train
pass us from the window
of the bouncing and dusty
coach. If there is a more
uncomfortable manner
to travel the rutted trails
of the West, I’ve yet to
experience it, and would
add I hope I never do in
the future!
Furthermore, the
unnecessary detour took
me directly through the
town of Afton Valley,
the very site of the
conflict that stalled my
journey. We stopped
only briefly, just long
enough to trade the
coach’s team of horses
The explorer’s society
Charleston, S.C. Lodge Vigilantia, Scientia, Vindictas!

Rather, nearly everyone I observed about are cowboys fresh off the trail
in Afton Valley appeared to be with pockets full of cash and bellies
suffering from some infectious overfull with liquor. Thankfully, the
malady, exhibiting hacking coughs, latter is not contagious, and sadly,
red, swollen eyes, or both. Fearing an neither is the former!
outbreak of typhus, yellow fever, or I have purchased a ticket on a Union
possibly malaria, I opted to remain Blue train departing tomorrow. If all
within the coach and kept my kerchief goes well, I will send the scheduled
close to my face at all times. update from Denver, prior to boarding
A shame really, given that on the the Denver-Pacific for the final leg to
outskirts of the hamlet I witnessed California.
a striking spread of whitish flowers Professor Connolly
with red-tipped petals. I’ve heard
tell of these flowers, often found Field Report #4
near battlefields Back East, but know Salt Lake City, Deseret
them only by their vulgar name, 31 March 1881
“blood roses.” I would have liked to
The ride over the Rockies passed
have obtained a specimen or two for
without incident, and I had the
comparison purposes to see if the
pleasure of spending it in the company
species is indeed the same as those
of one Elmer Vawter, formerly of the
east of the Mississippi, but discretion
Union state of New Jersey. Mr. Vawter
advised against any further exposure
proved an endless repository of tall
than necessary to the apparent
tales from the Northeast. I was taken,
in particular, by the legend of the
After avoiding contact with the so-called “Jersey Devil.”
potentially infectious disease in Afton
If Mr. Vawter’s stories are to be
Valley, the rest of the journey to Dodge
believed, the devil is a singular creature
City was uneventful, if bumpy and
of chimeric nature, combining aspects
hot. In Dodge, all I have to worry
of stag, bird, and possibly a wolf or

Field Repor t #3
29 Ma rch 1881

Field reports of prof. connolly
Charleston, S.C. Lodge Vigilantia, Scientia, Vindictas!

other predator. Further stretching and devices are almost the norm! I
credulity, he claims sightings of the should have liked to have more time to
animal date to the first half of the last wander the streets cataloguing unique
century! According to the popular contraptions, but alas, my train was
myth, the creature has made its home scheduled for only a brief layover in
in a rather desolate area of the state the city.
known as the Pine Barrens, and was C.
either born to or summoned from
the depths of Hell itself by a woman Field Report #6
known as “Mother Leeds.” Shan Fan, California
I find most of the tale highly dubious, 3 April 1881
beginning with the supposed demonic After a brief sojourn in Virginia
origin and ending with the assertion City, I have reached the Denver-Pacific
that the beast has survived nearly 150 line’s terminus at Shan Fan. I hope
years. However, as we have found, our esteemed members have had time
most outlandish myths have some to discuss what I discovered while in
basis in fact. Witness the
discovery of the Troglodytus
gorilla by Dr. Savage only
three decades ago. Until that
time, most Western explorers
laughed at the indigenous
peoples’ tales of brutish
bush men. An expedition to
the Pine Barrens might be
warranted, if not by our own
lodge, then perhaps by one
native to the Union.
Salt Lake City, or the
“City of Gloom” as it’s
often called by visitors, has
proven an education in
itself. Never have I seen so
many examples of the New
Science on ready display. In
the farmlands of Dixie, it’s
certainly not uncommon
to encounter a tinkerer
selling his own version of
clockwork demoler, but
here complex mechanisms
The explorer’s society
Charleston, S.C. Lodge Vigilantia, Scientia, Vindictas!

Nevada. I remain at a loss to explain

Field Report #7
via current scientific principles
Shannonsburg, California
the existence of that phenomenon.
Personally, I must confess I’d had 5 April 1881
my own doubts of the authenticity I intend to hire a boat to take me to a
of “ghost rock fever,” but now I can few of the Great Maze’s mining camps.
find no other likely explanation. The Iron Dragon train on which I
Furthermore, having witnessed the traveled from Shan Fan had decidedly
anomaly the miners referred to as a fewer creature comforts than the
“fever phantom” firsthand, I find logic Denver-Pacific. I should have expected
fails me. such given that, by and large, the other
Simply put, what I saw appears to passengers on the line are miners, boat
fly in the face of the very foundations crew, and other laboring types who
of science as I understand them! likely have no desire to waste their
However, I trust my previous—and salaries on a finer bench or dining car.
far more detailed—missive contained The more earthy accommodations
more than enough data to formulate have allowed me freer access to
your own theories. I did succeed in several immigrant workers recently
obtaining the remains of a victim arrived from the Orient. Mastery
of the fever: a small lump of ghost of the Mandarin tongue is not my
rock. What implication this carries, foremost linguistic accomplishment,
I can only hypothesize. Due to the but I can, nonetheless, manage enough
uncertainties of mail transport, I will of basic dialogue to carry on simple
keep the mineral in my possession for conversation. I learned that most of
the remainder of this journey. these people arrived under contracts
I did have opportunity to visit briefly of indentured servitude, although I
with our sister lodge here. I must suspect many of us would consider
say, I was quite impressed by their them little more than voluntary slaves.
facilities and their hospitality. After I was able to gather a few of their
dispensing with the usual membership culture’s myths through our discourse,
verification, Captain Pennington- but I fear the details may have surpassed
Smythe allowed me unfettered my own skill with their native tongue.
access. I daresay the lodge rivals our Giant humanoids—or ogres, if you
own for comfort and appointment! I will—seem to make up a large portion
encourage any members who follow of their crytozoological tales. These
my explorations in this area to pay the beasts seem to share characteristics of
Shan Fan lodge a visit. biological and spiritual entities, and to
C. my own coarse ear, their origin might
better be classified as demonic rather
than terrestrial.
Field reports of prof. connolly
Charleston, S.C. Lodge Vigilantia, Scientia, Vindictas!

Log ic
After my aside, many of the Orientals with
experiences in Nevada, I’m less inclined whom I spoke maintained not only
to dismiss these claims outright, but that such creatures existed, but that
note that some seem less credible that certain of their countrymen were
others. I can accept the possibility of capable of controlling these oddities
massive hominids, but I find others less through arcane rituals, using them
likely founded in reality. In particular, as particularly horrific henchmen. In
the t’ao t’ieh (which I roughly translate fact, one insisted that the individual
as “gluttonous ogre”) would appear to holding his contract of indenture
be an exaggeration at best. According employed exactly such a beast to
to travelers with whom I spoke, the compel obedience among his workers.
creature is possessed by a hunger so Any worker who displeased the man
extreme it will consume itself if denied was fed to the creature!
another source of nourishment! These encounters have renewed
Such behavior in an individual my enthusiasm for my journey. It is
might be explained as a manifestation against exactly this sort of dangerous
of lunacy, but to accept that an ignorance that we in the Society must
entire species is capable of self- forever toil. Only through scientific
cannibalization seems to fly in the face understanding of our world may we
of Professor Darwin’s accepted theory free our fellow man from the bonds of
of natural selection. Furthermore, the unenlightenment—and other men.
damage such consumption would C.
cause far outweighs any minor
nutritional gains.
The explorer’s society
Charleston, S.C. Lodge Vigilantia, Scientia, Vindictas!

Never fear—I promise to provide

Field Report #9
a full verbal report of the experience
Lynchburg, California
upon my arrival back home.
14 April 1881
I spent the past week in and around
I strongly suspect my last report did a rather wild mining town called
not reach you, as I learned the Maze Lynchburg. Were it not for the titanic
runner carrying the mail was sunk by mesa upon which it sits, surrounded
one of the large water serpents known by the crashing waves of the Pacific,
hereabouts as Maze dragons. Ironic, one might be hard-pressed to
considering the report largely dealt differentiate it from boomtowns in
with my observations of just such the Rocky Mountains or Black Hills—
an animal while traveling outbound excepting the decidedly Oriental
from Shannonsburg! The sights of influence, of course. Saloons and
the Great Maze continue to astound bawdy houses abound, packed with
me, and utterly defeat any attempts at miners looking to purchase a moment’s
capturing them within the confines of respite with hard-earned scrip.
the written word.
Though the Maze itself is
worthy of a lifetime’s study, my
sojourn here is limited to little
more than a week. I have been
fortunate enough to observe
numerous oddities firsthand,
not the least of which I
found within the confines of
Lynchburg itself.
One of my dinner
companions, a somewhat
boisterous boat captain,
invited me to join him for
an evening at the “fights.”
I found out upon my
arrival that said bouts are
not held according to the
Marquess of Queensbury
rule. Instead, combatants
descend into a steep-sided
pit in one of the local
saloons where they bare-
knuckle brawl until one is
rendered unconscious. As
I’m sure you’ve guessed,
Field reports of prof. connolly
Charleston, S.C. Lodge Vigilantia, Scientia, Vindictas!

wagering provides a large part of the a horrific tale, I inquired whether

entertainment. anyone ever requested such a match,
The evening’s final match involved to which he responded, “Only once.”
a pair of vicious mongrel dogs Nightlinger himself had proposed a
versus what I thought was a grossly bout between his strongman and one
obese man. Further observation of the creatures when his show passed
revealed it was, in fact, a revenant of through here about a year ago.
the sort discussed in Dr. Frederick On that occasion, the proprietor
Sutherland’s 1877 treatise. However, agreed and all watched as
this specimen appeared to have spent Nightlinger’s muscled man dispatched
some time submerged in water after its the monstrosity with alacrity. It took
initial demise, and the exposure had another four months before the fight
drastically affected its biology. promoters were able to secure a
The creature’s flesh had taken on replacement bloat…
a soggy, soap-like consistency and C.
it emitted a foul odor reminiscent of
rotted cheese. Its waterlogged nature Field Report #10
no doubt contributed to its swollen Perdition, California
appearance. 25 April 1881
The abomination made rather quick I have decided to remain here for a
work of the dogs, using only its hands few days to survey local mesa towns,
and teeth. It seemed impervious to before continuing overland via the
physical pain, and my companion colorfully named “Ghost Trail.”
informed me that such creatures, With the Wasatch rail line’s terminus
known among the miners as “bloats” nearby, I believe this is an excellent
for somewhat obvious reasons, are location from which to mail my next
virtually immune to firearms and bundle of correspondence. (I opted
pikes. Apparently the piercing nature against visiting Lost Angels, as I
of the weapons is wholly ineffective, have come to understand the good
passing harmlessly through the paste- Reverend Grimme’s faithful tend
like flesh. (Based on the biology of the toward mercurial behavior.)
undead, I would imagine, though, that Rather than traversing the Maze
alcohol might react negatively with its overland, I booked passage on a small
altered state.) freighter. I’d heard numerous tales
As a side note, I seem to have over the past days of the dangers posed
crossed paths with Mr. Nightlinger by southern California’s factions, from
once again. My companion made the self-styled “Emperor” Norton to
certain to highlight that human the Rattlesnake Clan, and decided
participants were no longer allowed to to take my chances with whirlpools
face a bloat in the pit, as that would be and sea serpents instead. Besides,
“uncivilized.” Taken aback and fearing waterborne travel would allow me to
The explorer’s society
Charleston, S.C. Lodge Vigilantia, Scientia, Vindictas!

visit more of the unique mesa towns, with silken fibers, similar in some
as well as a chance to document more respects to a spider’s webbing, but
of the Maze’s indigenous marine life. considerably thicker. Were I to hazard
Most towns in the Maze proper a guess based on the webs, I would
are located atop towering pillars of estimate that any spider creating them
rock and reachable only via the large would have to be at least the size of a
elevators that soar from ramshackle, large man.
sea-level piers to the summits above. Our disquiet grew as we began to
Maintenance on said contraptions is find desiccated corpses secreted in
disturbingly intermittent, making an the deepest corners of many of said
already disconcerting trip a gamble structures, further fueling speculation
with one’s life! As a result, I won’t deny that some enormous arachnid was
feeling a modicum of relief when, at loose in the area. Needless to say, the
our second port of call, we found the crew desired as quick a departure
elevator apparently out of service. from the mesa as possible, lest we
Further investigation—primarily encounter the creature that spun the
conducted by crewmen yelling to the webs. Our captain insisted his men
top of the cliff face—determined that set fire to the ill-fated town before we
the town, or at least the operator’s returned to the boat.
station, was abandoned. The captain During this interlude, I was able
of our vessel, a man of an ethical fiber to pace the perimeter of the mesa
seldom encountered among Maze quickly, it being only about a quarter-
traders, expressed his concern at mile across. At the edge of the mesa
this development. He told me he had farthest from the abandoned town,
visited the settlement only a week ago I discovered a long strand of the
and noted at that time the residents same webbing stretching to a nearby
seemed to be acting “queerly.” plateau. Whether this marked a route
The captain sent a crewman to of ingress or egress I was unable to
scale the cliff wall and lower the determine, as the captain recalled us
elevator. Interested to see what had to the boat shortly thereafter.
evoked the otherwise stalwart man’s I have heard stories of unusually
unease, I chose to brave the device large tarantulas along the border
with the landing party. On reaching with Mexico, but in my experience
the settlement—which appeared to that species does not create webs, and
have been home to several dozen certainly not to the extent I witnessed.
permanent residents—we found it I believe this may be the first evidence
completely deserted and devoid of any of a new species of arachnid. Although
life: human, dog, cattle, or otherwise. I was understandably uncomfortable
We set about exploring the buildings at the time, in retrospect I am
and made a worrisome discovery. disappointed I was unable to make a
Several of the buildings were filled visual study of the animal. Imagine the
Field reports of prof. connolly
Charleston, S.C. Lodge Vigilantia, Scientia, Vindictas!

accolades our lodge would enjoy if we beneath the very ground, he stated we
were able to produce incontrovertible were unlikely to see either—at least
evidence of a heretofore unknown until we were about to be consumed by
species! one. With that knowledge, my longing
C. for firsthand encounters was muted.
Even moreso after we encountered
Field Report #12 the West’s version of wild pigs!
Yuma, Arizona Traveling through an area that
6 May 1881 Mr. Clevinger referred to as the
I ended my stay in Perdition after Colorado desert (presumably after the
only a few days. The town proved a bit nearby river), the sound of a guttural
raucous for my Southern sensibilities. I grunting and squealing reached
was able to find departing for Arizona my ears. My companion grew quite
a trader by the name of Clevinger, nervous, peering anxiously into the
who graciously allowed me surrounding arroyos and
to travel with him at least
as far as Yuma. Although
Bayou Vermilion’s line
ends far closer at the once
mobile but now stationary
town of Railhead, I opted
to avoid rail travel, at least
for a while, in hopes of
better sampling the local
flora and fauna.
I anticipated observing
such rumored creatures
as the inscrutably
named “desert thing,” or
perhaps even a Mojave
rattler. After a couple of
uneventful days with
no sightings, I inquired
about such with my
traveling companion.
Mr. Clevinger
informed me that
both animals were
quite real. However,
as both ambushed
their prey from
The explorer’s society
Charleston, S.C. Lodge Vigilantia, Scientia, Vindictas!

draws. I asked him the cause of his once the beasts had stripped the flesh
alarm, and he responded with a single from their fallen packmates, they
word, “Javeranhas.” I was unfamiliar would again be on the hunt. I would
with the appellation and inquired have liked an opportunity to perform
further. a closer study on the anatomy of the
His explanation was cut short as a carnivorous swine. From my limited
horde of nearly 100 bristling peccaries observation, I believe the “javerahnas”
erupted from a nearby culvert, rushing possessed slightly exaggerated tusks,
toward us. Clevinger fired off a volley but that could be simply the artifact
of shots from his carbine and dropped of my startled response upon my
a few of the lead pigs. The other memory.
animals fell upon their comrades in C.
a feeding frenzy so fevered that I still
shudder at the thought.
The trader made haste in leaving
the area, saying that
Field reports of prof. connolly
Charleston, S.C. Lodge Vigilantia, Scientia, Vindictas!

to my hails, peeked inside. There I

Field Report #13
found the poor soul murdered before
Tucson, Arizona
his mirror, with numerous slashes
13 May 1881 about his neck.
I have little of interest in the way As the closest thing to a witness, I
of zoological observations to provide was interviewed by the town marshal.
in this report. My time in Tucson has The experience was quite beyond my
been uneventful, with a single notable ken, but it gave me opportunity to
exception which I feel compelled to gather insight into the investigative
share, as it was certainly unsettling for procedures of law enforcement. I was
me. able to learn that, although the murder
A few days ago, I attended a was particularly brutal and seemingly
vaudevillian show at a local theater. evidence of a personal vendetta,
I was most taken by a ventriloquist the marshal believed that theft was
act that served as a lead-in to the the primary motivation. After all,
main attraction, a somewhat clumsy the criminal had stolen the man’s
rendition of Goethe’s Faust. What undoubtedly very valuable puppet.
struck me as so engrossing about the I also discovered that the young
ventriloquist was the quality and ventriloquist arrived in Tucson in
workmanship of his mannequin. the company of none other than
Seated near the front row, I could not Nightlinger’s Traveling Exhibition
help but note the degree of detail on only a week ago! If you’ll excuse
the puppet, which appeared fashioned my excitement at a mere sideshow’s
from high-quality porcelain if not passing, the number of times I’ve
actual china. crossed paths with this attraction have
The young man himself was quite left me somewhat fixated on it. Given
entertaining, being gifted not only the opportunity, I would feel reticent
with an impeccable sense of timing in my duties if I failed to examine the
for his jokes, but also a surprising proprietor’s claims for his show.
acting ability. His feigned surprise at Inquiries have led me to believe the
his own dummy’s actions was quite carnival may visit nearby Tombstone
convincing and even more amusing presently. As soon as I can secure
for its seeming genuineness. Why, had safe passage, or at least a traveling
I not known better, I’d have believed companion, I shall depart. My journeys
the dummy moved of its own volition! thus far throughout the “weird” West
After the show, I went backstage have taught me the folly of braving
to congratulate the young performer this expanse alone.
and more closely examine his puppet. C.
I found the door to his room slightly
ajar, and upon receiving no response
G rim P rai rie T rails


The world’s become a dark place, where the boogeyman isn’t just
a story parents tell misbehaving children. And it’s getting darker,
with fresh—or not so fresh—horrors being spawned from the depths of
Hell with frightening regularity. And just in case your cowpokes are
getting jaded by gunning down walkin’ dead or plugging the occasional
jackalope, we’ve rounded up a small herd of these critters for use
in tormenting your heroes anew.

In the following pages, you’ll find a public believes it to be nothing more than
passel of new abominations to throw a social organization for the wealthy and
at your saddletramps just to keep their eccentric. Its primary function seems to
spurs a-spinning. You’ll find a few more be little more than a gathering place for
(or less) human foes as well, from a very those who hunt critters that most people
extended family of inbred malcontents don’t even believe exist. And for the most
to a mad scientist who puts a whole new part, the public is right.
meaning to the term “mastermind!” The membership does hunt strange
Each of these abominations also comes creatures, whether for trophies or, like
with a short Savage Tale that showcases Professor Connolly, merely to study
the creature in question, just to make them. Most of the members are rich and
it as easy as we can for you to get to even a little on the kooky side. After
tormenting your poor sodbusters as all, they do chase after prey that most
quickly as possible! folks are convinced don’t exist, at least
Throughout Grim Prairie Trails, Wild outside of fairy tales—or the pages of the
Cards are marked with a marshal’s Tombstone Epitaph.
badge, just like this one: The Explorer’s Society is an
international organization, maintaining
But before we get to the varmints and chapters in many of the larger cities
critters, let’s tie up a few loose ends from around the world. Due to the many
Professor Connolly’s tale… exotic and thus far undiscovered
creatures appearing in the American
West, there are a proportionately larger
The Explorer’s number of outposts springing up there
than elsewhere. Members traditionally
Society wear a signet ring bearing a crossed
sword and torch to identify themselves
The Society is generally known as
to each other.
something of a “gentleman’s club.” The

G rim P rai rie T rails
is best served by remaining ignorant of
the existence of monsters, although the
The Professor’s Legion is nowhere near as ruthless in

Fate pursuing this end as those governmental

organizations are.
As you’ve probably guessed, Nonetheless, many in both the
Professor Connolly never reached Agency and Rangers are aware of the
Tombstone. Ironically, after chasing Legion’s goals and are, depending on the
after all manner of Hell-spawned circumstances, willing to at least look
abominations during his brief the other way where its members are
sojourn in the Weird West, it wasn’t
concerned. While Agents and Rangers
some outlandish critter that did him
are apt to recognize the Explorer’s
in. You see, the professor had the
bad luck to hire Redcap Morris (see Society signet ring and grant its wearer
page 95) as his guide while he was some consideration, local lawmen aren’t
in Tucson. Once they were in the likely to do so. In other words, it’s not a
desert, Redcap decided he fancied get-out-of-bank-robbing-free card!
the professor’s hair more than he did
the professor’s company. Joining Up
Professor Connolly’s corpse lies
Rank and file associates of the
baking in the Arizona sun about
a little over a day’s ride southwest Explorer’s Society gain admittance the
of Tucson, near the base of the old fashioned way: Their family buys
Huachuca Mountains. Minus his it. These high-falutin’ members rarely
scalp, of course… suspect the Society has any agenda other
than simply stocking its trophy rooms.
Adventuring types may be inducted
into the Society if they possess abilities or
resources the Legion finds useful. Even
so, these inductees are seldom aware
The Twilight Legion of the existence of the Twilight Legion
The Explorer’s Society is actually unless it suits the secretive group’s goals.
just the public face for a much older More often, the Legion simply works
organization known as the Twilight behind the scenes to ensure the right
Legion. Few outside the Legion even folks are in the right place at the right
know of its existence. Over the years, time.
it has had many names, both public
Only when a member has proven
and secret, like the Sons of Solomon,
both her usefulness to the Legion and
the Rippers, and the Msaka Dubwana.
her trustworthiness might the inner
Its roots are so shrouded in mystery,
circle reveal its existence and goals. The
even its own members don’t know the
Twilight Legion can serve as a powerful
Legion’s complete history.
ally for characters in your campaign,
The Twilight Legion is one of the few Marshal, operating from the shadows
organizations aware of the Reckoning. It to point the posse in the right direction.
battles the forces of the Reckoners, much As the heroes become more experienced
like the Texas Rangers or the Agency, and capable, the group may come to
only without any regard for political entrust them with its secrets.
borders. Like those two organizations,
the Legion believes the common man

Agatha Leeds

Agatha, or “Mother,” Leeds’s exact age is uncertain, but she’s been

alive since at least the 17th century. A distant cousin of the infamous
Whateley family, she’s a skilled black magician, more than a little on
the crazy side, and a whole lot on the evil one.

Given that she was into black magic unnatural life indefinitely. But she never
up to her elbows, Agatha wasn’t exactly could completely defeat that pesky
looking forward to a trip fellow Death, at least when it comes to a
to the Great Hereafter. violent one—especially since having ties
Long ago, she mastered to the Whateleys means violent death is
enough of the dark always on the menu.
arts to prolong her Eventually, Agatha conjured up a
dozen soulless bodies. Some folks say
she stole the corpses, others that she
magicked them up out of thin air, and
a few that she “spawned” them through
some unholy rites. However she obtained
them, she spread her soul out over all
of the vessels and turned them into
carbon copies of herself in the process.
In addition to giving her a ready-made
coven of witches, she also ensured that
as long as any of her “children” was
alive, her soul would remain tied to
this world.
Still not satisfied with that
solution, she continued to summon
otherworldly entities in an attempt
to find a permanent home for her
twisted spirit. When one of these
abominations got loose to plague
a wooded stretch of New Jersey, her
cousins the Whateleys took offense. Not
that she’d called up a devil from Hell,
but that she’d been clumsy enough to
let it get away. The Whateleys felt her
recklessness might draw attention to

G rim P rai rie T rails
their own nefarious activities and called • Coup (Spirit Curse): A deader gains
a blood hunt on her and her spawn. the curse power, activated by Spirit
Agatha and her creations split up and and costing no Power Points—plus the
have been lying low ever since, hiding Whateleys’ eternal enmity.
not just across the Weird West, but the
world itself. They’re still seeking the
secret to immortality through black Savage Tale: The
magic of all forms, regardless of the Devil You Know
cost…to others, when at all possible.
One of Agatha’s vessels has set up shop
in a small town called Caldwell. She’s
Agatha Leeds summoned another horror similar to the
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d12, Jersey Devil, determined to study the
Spirit d12, Strength d4, Vigor d8 creature more closely. She’s maintained
Skills: Fighting d6, Guts d12, better control of this attempt, but the
Knowledge (Occult) d12, Notice d8, beast still breaks free from time to time
Persuasion d10, Spellcasting d12+2 to plague the countryside, and rumors
Charisma: +2; Grit: 5; Pace: 6; Parry: 5; are starting to spread about the Caldwell
Toughness: 6 Devil.
Hindrances: Enemy (Major, Whateleys), Those rumors have finally reached the
Overconfident ears of the Whateleys, who didn’t take
Edges: Arcane Background (Black long to put two and two together. They’ve
Magic), Charismatic, Expert dispatched several family members to
(Spellcasting), New Powers, Power make good on their old pledge. And
Points, Rich, Soul Drain, Strong Willed, guess who should ride into to town just
Wizard as all Hell is about to break loose?
Powers: Beast friend, bolt, curse, deflection, This Savage Tale is ostensibly set in
detect/conceal arcana, dispel, fear, healing, the pine woods of east Texas, but can be
obscure, puppet, smite, speak language, stun, transplanted easily to any forested area.
telekinesis, zombie. Power Points: 30
Gear: Ritual dagger (Str+d6+2). The Caldwell
dagger is bound to Leeds. In anyone Fear Level: 3
else’s hand, it does Str+d4 damage. Caldwell is a small town located off
Special Abilities: the beaten path in the pine forests of
• Ageless: Agatha and her spawn can eastern Texas south of Nacogdoches—an
appear any age, from a young girl to overgrown region commonly called the
an old crone, as fits their purposes. Big Thicket. It grew up around Caldwell’s
Changing their apparent age requires General Store & Saloon (from which the
a day of magical rituals. town takes its name, and not vice versa),
an old trading post that still stands in
• Brood Mother: Agatha’s soul is
the center of a group of about half a
spread across all her remaining
dozen other poorly constructed shacks
spawn, who are effectively exact
and cabins. Though lumber is a growing
duplicates of her. Only by destroying
industry in the Big Thicket, Caldwell
them all can Leeds be permanently
is far from any current operations and
killed. Creating a replacement spawn
railroads. A few hardy folks scrape out
takes her at least a month.

A gatha L eeds
a living raising cattle nearby, but most of If any of the cowpokes makes a
Caldwell’s business comes from trappers Streetwise roll, the bartender motions
passing through, either selling their her over and says,
hides or resupplying. “If you folks are interested in the
The posse may be drawn to the Devil, I’d suggest you visit with Floyd
town by rumors of a strange creature Jenkins. He runs a small herd out on the
prowling the woods around the isolated edge o’ the pines, and the critter seems to
settlement, preying on cattle—and have taken a likin’ for his cows.”
occasionally, if the stories are to be A raise on the roll reveals a band
believed, lone travelers. You can tack a of suspicious characters showed up
modest bounty onto the stories if your recently, also asking about the Devil.
saddletramps are more mercenary than They say they’re members of a family
curious. Alternately, the heroes may by the name of “Whateley” from Back
simply come across the town in the East and share an unpleasant family
course of their travels. resemblance. Folks in Caldwell steer
clear of them, saying only that something
The Devil, You Say!
feels “off” about them.
As the only place in town to purchase
either supplies or whiskey, Caldwell’s The Whateley Inquisition
always has a few customers visiting. The At some point in their investigations,
trading post has all the class one would the posse is approached by am unsettling
expect from an establishment where you group of men and women. They all share
can buy watered-down liquor across the an odd resemblance to each other.
same counter where the owner barters for Their leader is tall, thin, and
not-so-fresh otter pelts. It’s not long after unnaturally pale. He asks in a Back East
entering that the party begins to pick up accent if the posse knows of a woman in
snippets of conversation pertaining to the area by the name of Leeds, or possibly
the beast haunting the woods. One of the Curwen, claiming she is a distant family
patrons tells the aging bartender, relation. Oddly, he’s unable to provide
“I’m tellin’ you, ol’ Jenkins lost two o’ any accurate description of her.
his Longhorns to it in the last week.” The encounter should convey a sense
Another says, of menace, but no overt threat—like
“Cows, Hell—I heard tell it snatched spotting a copperhead sunning itself in
a circuit rider right off his horse about a the middle of the trail. The Whateleys
month ago!” aren’t looking for a fight and if the posse
Should the heroes ask any of the becomes agitated, they withdraw.
saloon’s customers about the creature, A Streetwise roll reveals a woman by
they find no shortage of folks with tales the name of Curwen lived somewhere
about “the Caldwell Devil.” The locals out in the Thicket many years ago, but
generally agree it first appeared a few no one has seen or heard from her in
months ago. They describe a creature over a decade.
sharing the worst characteristics of a • Whateley Cousins (4): Use Cultist stats
bat, a stag, and a crocodile. Supposedly in the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook.
it hunts after dark, gliding through the Armed with Colt Army revolvers
night sky seeking lone victims. (Range 12/24/48, Damage 2d6+1, RoF
1, Shots 6, AP 1), Springfield rifles

G rim P rai rie T rails
(Range 24/48/96, 2d10, RoF 1, Shots 1, type of poisonous snake found north of
AP 2, reload 2), and 20 rounds for each. Mexico. A posse wandering willy-nilly
Shadrach Whateley: Use Huckster through the woods is asking for trouble.
stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s If heroes decide to traipse off into the
Handbook. Add the Whateley Blood Thicket on their own, feel free to have
Edge and the Mean Hindrance. them encounter one of the area’s resident
Into the Thicket Jenkins’ Farm
The Big Thicket’s name is apt. The Fortunately, a well-heeled trail leads
woods are densely populated with pine to the Jenkins’ homestead. The farm sits
trees and hardwoods, and brambles on the edge of a rare piece of meadow
and other undergrowth clog the spaces stretching several acres into the forest.
between. Although the land is nearly The property is fenced, mostly by wire
uniformly level, meandering creeks strung between trees, and a small herd
and muddy sloughs pockmark the area. of cattle grazes near one edge of the
Worse, with no definitive geographical clearing. The farmer’s one-room cabin is
landmarks, getting lost in the thick the only structure on the property.
brush is almost a certainty for outsiders. Floyd Jenkins is as wrinkled and
Critters of all sorts prowl the Big Thicket. tough as old boot leather, dressed in an
Black bears, wild boars, alligators, and old pair of overalls and a battered hat.
even a rare cougar or two all hunt the He tells the group,
wilderness. The area also hosts every

A gatha L eeds
“I’ve not actually seen a Devil, nor This requires a Guts roll for everyone
nothin’ like it. But over the past week or who hears it. Read the following:
so I’ve lost two o’ my herd to it. Most Multiple, rapid gunshots ring out
recent a bull two nights ago—and he was in the distance. Soon they dwindle to
a good ’un, too. just a few. Then only a single gun fires
“I found the first cow’s carcass without intermittently. It too falls silent. It’s
no trouble, all tore up. A big ol’ trail o’ impossible to tell from where the gunfire
dried blood in the pasture led off into the originated.
trees. Which says to me the other beeve The rest of the night passes peacefully.
didn’t just wander off into the thicket all Regardless of whether the posse is
by its lonesome.” at Jenkins’ farm, back in Caldwell, or
A Tracking roll turns up some strange elsewhere in the vicinity, they hear the
hoofed prints in addition to those of shots.
the bull. If searchers already found
the tracks at Agatha’s cabin, these are Through the Woods
remarkably similar. However, the prints
are only in the area of the attack; there’s No matter where the heroes are early
no sign of them entering or leaving the the next morning, a bloodied and gravely
meadow. A raise on the roll picks up a wounded man stumbles up to them. It’s
faint trail of dried blood leading out of one of the Whateley thugs.
the meadow—but no tracks. As soon as he arrives, he falls over
Make a Notice roll for any hero who dead. His body bears horrific wounds,
thinks to look up. With success, an eagle similar to those the posse may have
eye spots the torn and half-eaten carcass found on the dead bull.
of the bull caught about 30 feet above the Other than his injuries, there is little
ground, in the branches of a pine tree else enlightening on the man. Even his
not far from the pasture’s edge. holster is empty. However, his dragging
• Floyd Jenkins: Use Townsfolk stats walk—and large number of bleeding
in the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook. wounds—make following his backtrail
He’s armed with Matilda, his trusty fairly easy.
shotgun (Range 12/24/48, Damage Tables Turned
1–3d6, RoF 1, Shots 1, +2 Shooting), and
A simple Tracking roll leads the posse
4 extra shells.
to a small clearing in the woods a couple
Stakeout of miles away. There, the Whateleys
The posse may decide Jenkins’ herd had obviously once made camp, but the
is a good spot to set up a guard to catch site now has more in common with a
the devil. If so, the farmer is more than slaughterhouse than a woodland glade.
happy to have armed guards protecting Dead bodies and parts of bodies lie
his cattle, especially if he’s not paying for scattered across the ground and even
them. in the surrounding trees. A Tracking
roll uncovers several odd, hoofed tracks
The first night nothing of note occurs,
similar to those at Jenkins’ farm.
but around midnight on the second,
allow a Notice roll for any characters After the party has had a moment to
on watch. With a success, they hear a take in the carnage, one of the bodies
strange howl somewhere in the distance. stirs with a moan. Shadrach Whateley

G rim P rai rie T rails

Mother’s Den
Adventure Link Fear Level: 4
Shadrach provides the heroes with a
If the posse searches Agatha’s
crude map to the Curwen cabin. He is
cabin, a Notice roll uncovers a
damp and smeared letter. All that obviously too badly injured to make the
can be made out is “…Leadtown… trip and, even if he could, he would be
summoning requires sacrifice.” more of a hindrance than a help. Also,
This is a reference to another of Shadrach is enamored with the idea of
her spawn’s attempt to summon a letting someone else do his family’s
terrormental (see Sacrifical Lamb, dirty work without further risk to his
page 119). own hide!
Agatha Leeds’ cabin lies in the
depths of the Thicket. Even with the
map, between fighting underbrush and
navigating around creeks and swamps,
traveling there takes an entire day.
The shack sits atop a small hummock
managed to survive the assault, but only in the middle of a shallow slough. It
barely. appears to be several decades old and
Whateley has three wounds and time has worn heavily on it.
temporarily has the Lame Hindrance During daylight hours, Agatha spends
from a broken and lacerated leg. He’s most of her time in the surrounding
more than willing to tell the heroes what swamps gathering herbs and other
happened, if they ask. ingredients for spells and the like,
He starts by providing a short history leaving shortly after dawn and returning
of Agatha Leeds to the posse, glossing just before nightfall.
over his own family’s role in any of her If the heroes approach during the day,
evils. Similarities between the Caldwell they find the cabin empty. Roots, drying
Devil rumors and those of Agatha’s leaves, and animal carcasses hang from
original abomination drew them to the the low rafters and a rank smell of rot
area, hoping to find Agatha (or one of fills the cabin. With success on a Tracking
her spawn). Shadrach had discovered roll, a hero discovers more of the strange
a general location for her cabin and the hoofprints outside the cabin.
Whateleys were preparing to head out Cowpokes visiting the cabin after dark
this morning. Unfortunately, the Devil encounter Agatha—or rather one of her
found them first, and made short work spawn. She appears as an attractive,
of them last night. if not pretty, middle-aged woman. At
The huckster is certain the devil is first, she plays innocent, claiming to be a
another of Agatha’s conjurations. He victim of some twisted Whateley scheme.
assures the posse that killing the witch She does not allow anyone to enter her
will also banish the monster. And unless home, though, her excuse being she’s not
they succeed, he points out, the Jersey comfortable with strangers when her
Devil that has plagued the Pine Barrens son is away.
for over a century will also keep on Agatha’s an accomplished liar and
doing so. (He’s lying on both counts.) quick to pick up on folks’ weaknesses,

A gatha L eeds
so feel free to tailor her story to fit the besides the body of one of her spawn.
characters’ prejudices or Hindrances. Minutes after their deaths, both rapidly
decay and crumble into a moist ash,
Family Reunion leaving little trace of their existence.
Should the adventurers fall for Should the heroes bother to check,
Agatha’s tale, she sends them off to Shadrach is gone when they return to
capture Shadrach—and uses that time to the remains of the Whateley camp.
hightail it out of the area.
Agatha Leeds’ Spawn: Use the
If it becomes clear that the party isn’t Agatha Leeds stats on page 18.
buying Agatha’s lies, her demeanor
quickly becomes much less pleasant. She
glances momentarily at the night sky, The Caldwell Devil
then says, Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit
“Oh good. My son is home.” d12, Strength d12, Vigor d12+4
With that, the Caldwell Devil swoops Skills: Fighting d10, Guts d12, Notice
down from above. Allow a Notice roll for d8, Stealth d10, Tracking d8
each character, opposed by the devil’s Pace: 8; Parry: 7; Toughness: 14 (2)
Stealth. Those who fail are surprised Special Abilities:
the first round of its appearance. Make a
• Armor +2: Unnaturally tough hide.
Guts roll (–2) for everyone except Agatha
upon seeing it. • Bite/Claws: Str+d6.
The devil stands upright, nearly seven • Fear –2: Seeing the devil provokes a
feet tall. It has a head shaped like a horse, Guts roll at –2.
with a vaguely crocodilian and decidedly • Flight: 24”.
carnivorous mouth. Large, batlike wings • Improved Frenzy: The abomination
sprout from its back and the beast’s can make two Fighting attacks in a
muscular hind legs bend backward, like single round at no penalty.
a bird’s, but end in hooves. A pair of • Hardy: The monster does not suffer a
clawed forearms protrudes from its chest wound from being Shaken twice.
and a long, serpentine tail whips back • Howl: As a standard action, the devil
and forth behind it. With a bloodcurdling can let out an unholy, yet strangely
howl it rushes toward you! human-like howl. Make a Guts roll for
Time to deal out the Action Deck, everyone within earshot.
Marshal. The abomination wades into • Night Vision: The devil suffers no
combat with the largest group of heroes, penalties for lighting.
using either its bite/claw attack or tail
• Size +2: The devil is roughly the size
lash, depending on the circumstances.
of a horse.
Agatha uses fear and stun when it’s
• Tail Lash: The abomination can
possible to catch multiple heroes in the
sweep all opponents adjacent to
effect, and casts smite on her dagger
it with its tail. This is a standard
should any sodbuster close with her.
Fighting attack and damage is equal
Otherwise, she acts to support the devil
to the devil’s Strength –2.
with deflection or healing if possible.
Both fight to the death. The devil has
little choice in the matter and Agatha
doesn’t really have anything at risk

Not everyone dies on solid ground. Whether as a result of the War,
a shipwreck, or accident, a fair number of unfortunates end up in
watery graves where they lie without the solace of a tombstone
or other marker for a memorial. Manitous aren’t the particular sort
though, so even those who pass on the high seas are fair game for
undead shenanigans.

Once a cadaver has been underwater harmlessly through them. However,

for a month or more, its flesh begins to alcohol acts like an acid on the creatures,
be replaced by a substance scientists and dissolving them wherever it comes into
doctors call adipocere. Less book-learned contact.
sorts call it “corpse wax” or “grave wax,” These undead are usually found in the
which you have to admit are a lot more Maze, the bayous of the South, and large
colorful terms. When a manitou latches rivers, but can exist anywhere a body
onto one of these waterlogged corpses, may have been submerged in water for
the end result is a bit different from your a long period of time. Although they
run-of-the-mill walkin’ dead. Being frequently come ashore (or clamber onto
submerged in water for long periods of boats) to attack the living, they return to
time does all sorts of unpleasant things their watery graves sooner or later.
to a body.
Grave wax is lighter and bulkier than
the fat it replaces, lending a grotesque
and bloated appearance to the body, Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d4, Spirit
hence the common name of this type d4, Strength d6, Vigor d6
of walkin’ dead. It also slows down the Skills: Fighting d6, Intimidation d6,
decomposition process and turns the Notice d4, Swim d8
corpse a putrid grayish-white. Undead Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 8
of this sort have an odor distinctly Special Abilities:
different from old-fashioned zombies,
• Claws: Str+d4.
more similar to that of old cheese with a
hint of rancid sweetness. • Fear –1: Their distorted features make
bloats more frightening than other
Bloats, by the nature of their
walkin’ dead.
transformed flesh, are particularly
resistant to puncture wounds, including • Fearless: Bloats are immune to Fear
those caused by bullets. Arrows, bullets, and Intimidation.
and the like find little resistance in the • Puncture Resistant: Bloats take half
abominations’ wax bodies and pass damage from most firearms and

B loat
piercing weapons. Shotguns and in town with their own crew and laid
cutting or slashing weapons do full claim to the strike. Needless to say, Ward
damage to these abominations. is unhappy about this development.
• Reek: Grave wax has a much stronger Things are just coming to a boil as the
stench than normally associated with posse rides into town.
the dead, granting +2 to Notice rolls
to detect the monsters. Big Men in Town
• Undead: +2 Toughness. +2 to recover Constance has seen hard times since
from being Shaken. Called shots do the collapse of the Lonesome Heart
no extra damage (except to the head). Strike. Not only did a fair number of
• Weakness (Alcohol): Splashing its citizens die in the cave-in, but its
alcohol of any sort on a bloat inflicts primary source of income perished too.
2d6 damage. Enough prospectors remain in the area
to keep a general store and one saloon
open, but most of the other buildings in
Savage Tale: Mine town are deserted. It’s pretty obvious as
Your Own Business
Virgil Ward used to run a profitable
little silver mine called the Lonesome
Heart Strike, nestled in the Rocky
Mountains. In fact, the Lonesome Heart
was so successful Constance, a small
boomtown, sprang up around it.
As time went on, prospectors and
placer miners drifted into the area, but
Ward’s mine was the main source of
revenue and employment for most of
the town’s laborers. The mine was
so profitable, even after one of
the shafts broke through into
an underwater river Ward
could afford to install
pumps to keep the tunnels
relatively dry.
All that changed around
a year ago, when a freak explosion
collapsed the entrance to the mine and
trapped most of the workers inside.
Ward tried several times to organize
rescue operations, but with the most
experienced miners caught inside the
collapse, each attempt failed miserably.
The mine has sat dormant ever
since. Recently, representatives of the
Sweetrock Mining Company arrived

G rim P rai rie T rails
the heroes enter Constance that the Should any of your cowpokes have
place is about two steps and a hop from Knowledge (Law), Sinclair allows him
becoming a ghost town. to examine the documents. Included
are a set of foreclosure documents on
Legal Maneuvers Virgil’s loan for lack of payment, and
On arrival, a commotion at the far end a deed of trust transferring the mine
of town catches the posse’s attention. to Sweetrock. A Knowledge (Law)
A crowd is gathered near the foot of roll reveals everything is in order and
one of the mountains that surround Sinclair’s claim seems legitimate.
the dying town. And from the look and • Virgil Ward & Sons (3): Use Townsfolk
sound of things, a fight is on the verge of stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s
breaking out! Handbook. Armed with double barrel
Drawing closer to the hubbub, the shotguns (Range 12/24/48, Damage
adventurers see three men armed 1–3d6, RoF 1–2, Shots 2, +2 Shooting).
with shotguns standing in front of a • Oliver Sinclair: Use Townsfolk stats
boarded-up mine opening. These are in the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook.
Virgil Ward and his two sons. Opposite He wears spectacles and carries a
them is a man in a fancy suit holding briefcase full of legal documents.
a piece of paper. He is Oliver Sinclair, • Sweetrock Gunmen (4, plus one
duly appointed representative of the per hero): Use Gunman stats in the
Sweetrock Mining Company. Behind the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook. Armed
tinhorn are a passel of rough-looking with Colt Peacemakers (Range
customers carrying rifles and pistols. A 12/24/48, Damage 2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots
crowd stands off to one side, nervously 6, AP 1), Winchester ’76 rifles (Range
watching the proceedings. 24/48/96, 2d8, RoF 1, Shots 15, AP 2),
Ward shouts angrily, and 20 rounds of spare ammunition
“You got no right to take the Lonesome for each.
Heart! This here’s robbery!” • Marshal Blake: Use Gunman stats
Sinclair responds, in the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook.
“Now, Mr. Ward, you no longer have Armed with a Colt Army revolver
any legal claim to the mine. Sweetrock (Range 12/24/48, Damage 2d6+1, RoF
bought your note and I’ve been sent to 1, Shots 6, AP 1).
take possession of our legal property.
Step aside or suffer the consequences!” Something’s Fishy
Regardless of the outcome of the
If a hero chooses to intervene at this
standoff with Sinclair and his lackeys,
point, allow her to make a Persuasion
Virgil approaches the party at the scene
roll opposed by Sinclair’s Persuasion.
or later in the lone saloon left open in
Alternately, if the posse prefers the
Constance. If the characters intervened
less subtle route, they can attempt
on the Wards’ behalf, he thanks them
Intimidation versus Sinclair’s Guts.
for their help. In any case, he approaches
Failure on either roll leads to a lot of
them with a possible job offer.
dangerous posturing on the part of the
Sweetrock thugs, but before lead starts Ward begins with a quick history of
flying, the town’s sole law enforcement the cave-in at the mine and their hard
officer, Marshal Blake, arrives to settle times since, and then he makes his pitch.
things down (at least temporarily). “I got a look at them documents that
Back-East lawyer was flauntin’. Those

B loat
Sweetrock bigwigs bought our loan up admitting he is the current overseer for
all legal-like. But one thing’s never sat the operation. Should talk turn to the
right with me. We weren’t supposed to cave-in, his gruffness turns to outright
be blastin’ the day the mine caved in, offense and he tersely asks the posse to
and even if we was, none of our crew leave his property. Whether they do or
would have been riggin’ charges near the not, Nelson goes back inside, slamming
entrance. his front door behind him.
“I always had a suspicion someone The foreman refuses to speak to the
sabotaged us. Now that these carpet- characters any further (at least until the
baggin’ bankers show up with all sorts of events of All Hell Breaks Loose, below).
paper, I’m a-bettin’ I know who.” Should the adventurers approach him
Virgil tells the heroes his foreman, or his house again, they find a pair of
Clarence Nelson, just happened to be Sweetrock gunmen barring their way.
outside the mine when the explosion • Clarence Nelson: Use Townsfolk stats
occurred. Nelson usually oversaw the in the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook.
work directly, but Virgil found him near • Sweetrock Gunmen (2): Use
the entrance shortly after the collapse. Gunman stats in the Deadlands
Although they used to be friendly, since Marshal’s Handbook. Armed with
the cave-in Nelson has largely avoided Colt Peacemakers (Range 12/24/48,
him. Damage 2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots 6, AP 1),
Events since then led Ward to believe Winchester ’76 rifles (Range 24/48/96,
Nelson had a hand in the disaster. In Damage 2d8, RoF 1, Shots 15, AP 2),
spite of the town’s dire economic straits, and 20 rounds of spare ammunition
Nelson never seems to be short on funds. for each.
Furthermore, Sweetrock hired the man
to oversee the mine’s reopening. Word on the Street
Virgil asks the posse to get any The posse may poke about Constance
information they can out of Nelson. for dirt on Nelson or Sweetrock. A
He believes if he can prove the mining successful Streetwise roll reveals Virgil
conglomerate was responsible for the isn’t the only resident who thinks Nelson
accident, he can pressure them to turn had a hand in the collapse. A number of
over the deed. He offers the characters townsfolk turned down employment
$100 a head for evidence of Sweetrock’s with the Sweetrock outfit because they
involvement. believe Nelson either knew about the
collapse beforehand, or worse, actually
Talking to Nelson caused it himself. But no one has any
Virgil’s former foreman isn’t difficult hard evidence of his guilt.
to find. His house, unlike most in Make a Common Knowledge roll for
Constance, is well-maintained and even any investigator with a background
sports a fresh coat of paint. He greets in mining, the Rich or Filthy Rich
any visitors on his porch, dressed in Edges, or who might otherwise know
work clothing—very nicely tailored about Sweetrock. A success tells her
work clothing. that Sweetrock is based in Pittsburgh.
Nelson becomes gruff if he figures out The company took a big hit when its
the heroes are there on Virgil’s behalf. largest operation, the Gomorra mine
He has little to say about Sweetrock conglomerate, went under a few years
or the Lonesome Heart Strike, barely

G rim P rai rie T rails
ago. It has a reputation for aggressiveness rockfall in the mine. With a raise, he
and strongarm tactics. discovers some of the men quit the job
Sinclair’s goons aren’t completely after claiming they heard movement
blind to the posse’s activities. Once they from the other side of the collapse.
talk to Nelson, the Sweetrock gunmen
All Hell Breaks Loose
keep tabs on the heroes. If it becomes
obvious they’re stirring up trouble, the On the second day of operations,
characters might get a visit from a pair of Nelson’s workers break through the
hired guns. The thugs don’t push things collapsed portion of the Lonesome
to an outright gunfight, but they aren’t Heart. Unfortunately, they discover that
subtle in encouraging the group to mind the water levels in the mine have risen
its own business. considerably. Worse, the victims of the
Lonesome Heart collapse have been
• Sweetrock Gunmen (2): Use
waiting patiently for a chance to escape
Gunman stats in the Deadlands
and Sweetrock just provided it!
Marshal’s Handbook. Armed with
Colt Peacemakers (Range 12/24/48, When the mine caved in, it also
Damage 2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots 6, AP 1). destroyed the pumps that kept it from
flooding. In fact, many of the trapped
miners drowned in the cold, rising
Openin’ the Floodgates waters. Eventually, all the dead were
o’ Hell covered by the dark flood.
Sweetrock isn’t sitting still while the After months lying submerged, the
party goes about investigating Nelson’s dead rise again as bloats and swarm out
possible crimes. Armed with a stack of of the newly opened Lonesome Heart.
official-sounding documents and a slick Unless the posse is keeping an eye on
tongue, Sinclair convinces the town the mine directly, the first hint they get
marshal to give him and his men access that something is amiss is the sound
to the Lonesome Heart a day or so after of shouts and gunfire coming from the
the confrontation with Virgil. entrance. A few miners stumble out
Meanwhile, Nelson rounds up a in a rush, looking fearfully over their
skeleton crew of miners from the down- shoulders while the hired guns peer
and-out prospectors still drifting around inside in confusion.
Constance. Within less than a day of Moments later, a stinking gang of
receiving the go-ahead, the miners start former miners—now bloats—spills out,
excavating the entrance. attacking everyone near the entrance.
Since there’s no concern for anyone The Sweetrock gunmen find their
still alive inside, the Sweetrock crew is firearms nearly useless against the
fairly liberal in their use of explosives. abominations. Most of the thugs are
As a result, they make relatively quick quickly overcome by the undead, and
progress busting through the original the survivors flee in terror.
collapse. A contingent of Sinclair’s hired A shallow stream of water pours out of
guns stay near the work site at all times. the Lonesome Heart as the water inside
That night at the saloon, a cowpoke levels out. The impromptu river makes
who strikes up a conversation with one of wading on the town’s one street count
Nelson’s crew can make a Streetwise or as difficult terrain. Nelson, wading
Persuasion roll. With a success, he learns through the waters in a panic, screams
that there is water seeping through the to the posse for help!

B loat

If the posse has a hard time of things, 12/24/48, Damage 1–3d6, RoF 1–2,
Virgil, his sons, and the town marshal Shots 2, +2 Shooting).
can pitch in to help save Constance.
Nelson is useless in the fight, choosing
instead to save himself if he can. When the heroes have managed to
stem the tide of undead, Nelson, still in
Bloats (4, plus 2 per hero): See page a panic, confesses to planting explosives
24. that caused the cave-in. He admits
• Clarence Nelson: Use Townsfolk stats Sinclair paid him off to ruin the mine
in the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook. and promised him a job as the new
He has the Greedy (Major) and Yellow foreman.
Hindrances, and is armed with a Blake takes both men into custody.
Derringer (Range 5/10/20, Damage Virgil pays the posse $100 each and
2d6, RoF 1, Shots 2, AP 1). thanks them, although he also admits
• Marshal Blake: Use Gunman stats he’s not likely to find many folks willing
in the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook. to work in a mine with as cursed a
Armed with a Colt Army revolver history as the Lonesome Heart!
(Range 12/24/48, Damage 2d6+1, RoF
1, Shots 6, AP 1).
• Virgil Ward and Sons (3): Use
Townsfolk stats in the Deadlands
Marshal’s Handbook. Armed with
double barrel shotguns (Range

We’re not talking about the misguided invention designed to remove
beauty marks, warts, or other blemishes from a lady’s skin here. Most
folks remember how that particularly horrific disaster turned out. Nor
should it be confused with the ill-advised artifact of dentistry with a
somewhat similar name: the “clockwork de-molar.”

Instead, we’re referring to the palm-

sized mechanical pest exterminator
targeted at small subterranean mammals.
Certainly the device is intriguing in
and of itself. Utilizing a set of finely
manufactured gears, springs, and a
hardened rock grinder, the demoler
patrols a property beneath
the surface of the ground,
intercepting any gophers, moles,
rats or the like it encounters. The
device even incorporates either seismic
sensors or even a type of echolocation—
depending on the model—to guide it
to its prey autonomous of its owner’s
There are countless variations on this
contraption available to the discerning
agriculturalist, primarily because it
seems one out of every five inventors
has come up with his own version. This
has resulted in an astounding number of
legal battles, corporate espionage, and
even outright violence that some outside
observers refer to as the “Patent Wars.”
(Granted, those who do probably lead
rather sedate lives given that they have
made a pastime of monitoring patent

C lo ckwor k D emoler
Not surprisingly, modified versions demoler suffers –2 on all Fighting and
of the demoler have been seen in use by Notice rolls.
Wasatch troops, although Hellstromme
Industries denies any weaponized model
of the device exists. Survivors report that Savage Tale:
the miniature mechanisms are used as Playing Dirty
infiltrators to disrupt rear areas, and
skirmishers to break up advancing As they enter the outskirts of Spring
formations. The demolers’ ability to Valley, a small farming community,
close with an enemy from underground the adventurers encounter a mob of
provides unmistakable advantages on outraged citizens apparently about to
the battlefield, and grinders capable of lynch an eccentrically dressed traveling
crushing small stones aren’t likely to salesman.
have too much trouble with flesh or even The characters hear cries of “Infernal
bone! machines!” and “Devil’s playthings!”
rise from the crowd. The intended
Clockwork Demoler victim, spotting the posse, calls out to
Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d4, them to help him.
Spirit d4, Strength d4, Vigor d6 Very quickly, the salesman—whose
Skills: Fighting d8, Notice d6 name is Reginald Farnsworth, if the
placard on the side of his wagon is to be
Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 5 (2)
trusted—explains that he’s being falsely
Special Abilities: accused of manslaughter. He says,
• Armor +2: These machines are “These good folk are quite mistaken
protected by a hard steel shell. about my culpability in recent matters of
• Burrowing: 12”. The demoler is not an unfortunate nature. Could I prevail
capable of burrowing through solid upon you to intervene on my behalf?”
• Construct: +2 to recover from Shaken. Lynch Break
No additional damage from called If the heroes do step in on his behalf,
shots. Immune to disease and poison. they learn from the members of the
• Fearless: Clockwork demolers are angry crowd exactly what Farnsworth
immune to Fear and Intimidation. is accused of. It seems he has been
selling his own version of the ubiquitous
• Grinder: Str+d4, AP 2. What works on
“clockwork demoler.”
dirt and rock works surprisingly well
on flesh, too! But recently, two of his customers
were found dead on their farms. More
• Leap: These miniature machines
accurately, pieces of his former customers
can burst from the ground with
were found, alongside obvious signs
surprising force, bounding up to six
that whatever caused their demise had
feet in the air. If a demoler burrows at
attacked from beneath the ground.
least 6” before attacking, it adds +2 to
its damage roll that round. For the crowd, all of this adds up
to the unavoidable conclusion that
• Size –2: Clockwork demolers are
Farnsworth’s devices have gone
roughly the size of a man’s hand.
murderously haywire. And rather than
• Weakness (Loud Noises): When wait for legal justice, they’ve decided to
subjected to continuous loud noises, a

G rim P rai rie T rails
take the law—and a noose—into their tasked with discrediting the man and
own hands. his creation so that Farnsworth might be
Fortunately, whether or not the posse convinced to sell his “failed” patent to
decides to rescue Farnsworth, the town Hellstromme for a pittance.
marshal arrives before the things get Hellstromme’s agents are using a
completely out of hand. With a little device originally created to decoy rattlers
talk—and several gestures with a in the salt flats west of the City o’ Gloom.
double-barreled shotgun—Marshal Dan The contraption employs a spring-
scatters the crowd. However, he takes powered weight on a shaft to repeatedly
the traveling salesman into custody thump against the ground, drawing
pending trial in a week, when the circuit the attention of the abominations to its
judge arrives. location. They’ve correctly reasoned
As the marshal prepares to take him that their gizmo will cause Farnsworth’s
to jail, Farnsworth appeals once again to demolers to malfunction wildly.
the heroes for help. The salesman offers What they didn’t factor into their plan
the characters $150 to find evidence was the presence of a pack of actual baby
of his innocence—double that if he’s rattlers that had strayed into the area…
found innocent. Before they can further
question him the lawman hustles the Legwork
inventor off to the hoosegow, telling the
Assuming your hombres accept
cowpokes any more discussion can be
Farnsworth’s offer, there are several
held there.
avenues the investigation might take.
• Marshal Dan: Use Gunman stats in
the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook. Marshal’s Office
Armed with a Colt Peacemaker (Range The posse is likely to start by speaking
12/24/48, Damage 2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots with Farnsworth himself. Marshal Dan’s
6, AP 1). office is a small, single-room building
• Reginald Farnsworth: Use Townsfolk holding little more than the marshal’s
stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s desk. A small barred enclosure is nestled
Handbook. Add Persuasion d8 and the at the back, where the heroes’ prospective
Snakeoil Salesman Edge. employer is currently incarcerated.
• Townsfolk (10): See the Deadlands The marshal can provide the names
Marshal’s Handbook. of the dead farmers: Nick Bilson and
Andy Thomas. Marshal Dan explains
Powerful Enemies he hasn’t looked into the deaths himself
Farnsworth incorporated a unique because both occurred well outside the
design in his version of the clockwork town limits—the limit of his jurisdiction.
demoler. He recently filed a patent His plan is to turn it over to the county
application on his creation. It’s a minor circuit judge when he comes to Spring
technical point to all but mad scientists Valley in a week to let him sort it out. As
specializing in clockwork devices, but an afterthought, he adds that the circuit
Hellstromme Industries spies were judge has a reputation for hanging first
quick to pick up on it and see potential and asking questions later, at which
applications for other inventions. Farnsworth visibly pales.
A few “troubleshooters” were The salesman answers to the best
dispatched to acquire a working model of his ability any and all questions the
of the device. Simultaneously, they were

C lo ckwor k D emoler
heroes may have. The demolers are of his The gizmos are all currently inactive
own design. Although they’re similar and only Farnsworth knows the proper
in function to other inventions on the sequence to turn them on. If you’d like,
market, he is emphatic that his design you can allow a character with the
is unique and even currently patent- Arcane Background (Weird Science)
pending. Spring Valley was his first stop Edge to attempt to get one to function
on a journey he hoped would eventually with a Repair roll. Even if the mad
result in the creation of another Smith & scientist is successful, since there has
Robards or Hellstromme Industries. been no initial programming the tiny
He admits malfunctions are the nature machine immediately leaps into the dirt
of creations of the “New Science” and and burrows away for parts unknown.
that it’s not impossible that his machines Make a Notice roll for any posse
could injure someone in…certain member who examines the boxes.
circumstances. On the other hand, he With a success, the sharp-eyed
doesn’t believe there’s any way the saddletramp notes that there are six
devices caused the amount of damage empty compartments. If they’ve spoken
of which they’re accused. The demolers to Farnsworth, the heroes should know
simply aren’t large enough to rip a man that he’s only sold five. Following up
limb from limb. with the inventor on this reveals that he
Farnsworth has only been in town for has no idea where the missing demoler
a few days and made just three sales; may be.
one demoler each to the dead men, and Unbeknownst to the beleaguered
just this morning, three more to another Farnsworth, cunning representatives
farmer named Milton Hurley—his only of Hellstromme Industries have taken
multi-item sale. Marshal Dan provides advantage of his incarceration to grab a
the party with directions to Hurley’s working sample of his creation.
place if they ask.
Talking to the Locals
If the characters are feeling
extraordinarily mercenary, they can Spring Valley is a rather modest
try to squeeze more money out of settlement with a general store and a
Farnsworth. With success on an opposed small saloon/hotel serving as its only
Persuasion or Intimidation roll, he major gathering points. It doesn’t take
increases the amount by $50 each. That’s any particular people skills for an
all the money he has; most of his capital investigator to learn that most of the
was invested in the demolers. With a townsfolk are convinced Farnsworth is
raise on the roll, he agrees to provide the responsible for the deaths of Bilson and
initial payment upfront. Thomas. However, it is also apparent
that no one has any hard evidence of his
The Wagon guilt.
Picking over Farnsworth’s wagon Should the heroes visit the saloon,
provides little in the way of clues for they spot a pair of men at the short
the posse. Besides the usual tinkerer’s bar dressed differently than the other
assortment of tools and spare parts, patrons. Their clothing looks a little
the only other contents are several nicer and their boots a bit less worn
boxes, each sectioned off into smaller than those of the rest of Spring Valley’s
compartments. Each compartment holds citizens. More notably, both are armed
a single clockwork demoler. with Gatling pistols.

G rim P rai rie T rails
For any hero with expertise in either Scenes of the Crime
firearms or gizmos who asks about Visiting either or both of the Bilson
the Gatling pistols, make a Common and Thomas farms turns up the same
Knowledge roll. Success identifies the pieces of evidence. While the remains of
guns as being a model manufactured by the dead men already have been (mostly)
Hellstromme Industries. collected, dark crimson stains cover
Allow each of your cowpokes a Smarts large areas of the ground, making it
roll. All who succeed recall seeing abundantly clear the farmers both died
the men near the back of the mob at hard—and very messy—deaths.
Farnsworth’s wagon. If approached, the The main house and outbuildings at
two say they’re “passing through” and each farm are locked and look to have
refuse to answer any other questions. If been undisturbed. Inside, there is no
the posse becomes too pushy, the men evidence of robbery or violence.
retire to a room they’ve rented upstairs.
A Tracking roll turns up a few
A successful Streetwise roll unearths interesting bits of information. There are
that the men arrived in town a few days numerous footprints in the area, likely
ago. A raise reveals that a couple of folks belonging to the folks who cleaned up
recall seeing them ride out of town twice the mess. Numerous small, partially
since they arrived, but no one in Spring collapsed burrows, roughly the size of
Valley knows much more about them. what one would expect a clockwork

C lo ckwor k D emoler
demoler to make, dot the farm. However, attempting to slink off from behind
there are also a few spots of disturbed Farley’s barn. If the posse confronts the
dirt that appear considerably larger— men, they attack.
say, roughly the size of a dog. These • Milton Hurley: Use Townsfolk stats in
larger areas are all close to bloodstained the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook. He is
patches of dirt. armed with an axe (Str+d6).
A raise on the Tracking roll finds a • Clockwork Demolers (3): See page
strange circular depression about the 31.
width of a man’s hand behind one • Hellstromme Agents (2): Use Rail
of outbuildings. In the center of the Warrior stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s
depression is small hole about half a foot Handbook. Armed with Gatling pistols
in depth. (This is where the Hellstromme (Range 12/24/48, Damage 2d6+1, RoF
agents placed their “thumper.”) 2, Shots 12, AP 1) and bulletproof vests
(Armor +2).
The Hurley Place
The last surviving customer of The Real Threat
Farnsworth’s demolers is Milton Hurley, Five rounds after the Hellstromme
a homesteader who lives a few miles men activate the thumper, the actual
outside of Spring Valley. When the creatures responsible for the deaths
heroes arrive, he’s in the process of arrive: a group of rattler young ‘uns! A
clearing some trees from the edge of his few initially emerge near the thumper,
farm. but all are quickly drawn to live prey—in
other words, people! (If your posse is
Hurley tells the posse he purchased
particularly tough, you can substitute
a trio of demolers to deal with a rather
a full-grown rattler in this battle. Just
large company of moles that have been
make sure to change the relevant clues
tearing up his crops. He only released
at the other farms if you do.)
them an hour or so ago. So far, he hasn’t
seen any sign that there’s anything The rattlers fight to the death, but
wrong. Hellstromme’s agents surrender once
one or more is Incapacitated. The
Almost as if on cue, the heroes hear a
demolers continue to malfunction until
rhythmic thumping noise and feel the
the thumper is turned off—or simply
ground begin to quake weakly. Within
removed from the ground.
moments, the demolers—disoriented
by the seismic vibrations—spring to the Once the heroes present their
surface, leaping in and out of the dirt findings to Marshal Dan, he releases
like trout from a stream. Farnsworth—who gladly pays the
promised bonus!—and jails the
Deal Action Cards at this point.
Hellstromme agents.
However, each round there is only a 1 in
4 chance that a demoler attacks a hero (or • Rattler Young ’Uns (1, plus 1 per
Hurley). The tiny automatons are simply hero): See the Deadlands Marshal’s
malfunctioning—not actively trying to Handbook.
target the humans.
One round after the demolers go
haywire, have each of your hombres to
make a Notice roll. Those who succeed
spot the two men from the saloon

Death Cloud

Death clouds are sometimes created when victims die horrifically by

one of the most abominable weapons to emerge from the laboratories
in Fort 51 and Roswell: chlorine gas. Fortunately, with the cessation
of organized hostilities, these abominations are rare even Back East.
Still, occasionally a mad scientist’s latest experiment goes awry or a
Rail Baron gets his hands on a stock of war surplus chemicals, and
one of these horrors seeps out into the Weird West.

A death cloud’s gaseous nature makes

it nearly invulnerable to most attacks.
Death Cloud
Strong winds are devastating to the Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit
monster if it is caught in the open, so d10, Strength d4, Vigor d6
these abominations usually seek out Skills: Notice d8, Stealth d10
low ground, valleys, caves, or buildings. Pace: 10; Parry: 2; Toughness: 5
However, its vaporous composition Special Abilities:
makes its own attack hideously effective,
• Ethereal: These abominations can
and doubly hard for a victim to escape.
maneuver through any non-solid
In a neutral state, a death cloud surface. Only an airtight seal can stop
resembles a sphere of yellowish-green one.
mist about six feet in diameter. Other
• Fearless: Death clouds are immune to
than its unusual color, a cowpoke who
Fear and Intimidation.
makes a Notice roll catches a glimpse
of another hint something’s amiss: a set • Fear: Any character who recognizes a
of menacing eyes an unnatural, putrid death cloud for what it is must make a
shade of green faintly visible high in the Guts roll.
cloud. • Flight: A death cloud has a Flying
As the creature is a product of science Pace of 10” and a Climb of 10”.
gone awry rather than myth or legend, • Invulnerability: Their gaseous nature
any occult-based research on a death makes death clouds immune to all
cloud is doomed to fail. However, a normal damage. Even non-area effect
scientist (mad or otherwise) can deduce magical attacks (bolt, etc.) only do half
a weakness of a death cloud with each damage.
success and raise on a Knowledge • Poisoned Air: A death cloud attacks
(Science) roll. A character with the more by moving on top of its victims. At
specific Knowledge (Chemistry) gets a full expansion, it covers an area the
+2 on this roll. size of a Medium Burst Template.
Every hero inside must make a Vigor

D eath C loud

roll (–2) each round she is inside the

cloud. Failure means she suffers a Savage Tale:
Fatigue level; this can result in death. Bad Air
Fatigue levels are recovered at a rate
of one per minute spent breathing Not everyone was happy when the
fresh air. An airtight gas mask North and the South stopped shooting
completely negates the cloud’s attack. at each other on an official basis. Silas
• Weakness (Sunlight): A death cloud Corbitt, an aspiring inventor of new and
exposed to direct sunlight takes 2d6 unpleasant ways to kill folks, was pretty
damage per round. high up on the list of the disgruntled.
While peace breaking out was certainly
• Weakness (Electricity): Electricity-
inconvenient, Corbitt’s determination
based attacks and powers with
was equal to the task of finding ways to
electrical trappings do double normal
continue his research. Not legal ways,
damage to a death cloud.
mind you, but ways all the same.
• Weakness (Iron): Weapons made
The mad scientist decided the ideal
of pure iron (not steel) do normal
area for him to recruit “assistants” would
damage to the abomination.
be one populated by transients and poor
• Weakness (Weather): Strong winds, folk no one would miss—in other words,
whether natural or created by powers nearly any city or boomtown west of
such as windstorm, cause 3d6 damage the Mississippi. Not long ago, he began
per round the death cloud is exposed tinkering with poison gases. The gas
to them. proved deadly enough, making short

G rim P rai rie T rails
work of several test subjects, but the couple of chairs and an endtable or two,
experiments themselves were horrific the room is otherwise empty. An odor of
enough to spawn a death cloud. citrus and pepper lingers in the air.
Not surprisingly, safety procedures Any cowpoke looking closely at the
weren’t high priorities for Corbitt and the occupant must make Guts roll versus
abomination broke free, making quick nausea.
work of its insane creator. The gaseous The man’s face is contorted in a rictus
monstrosity has now begun ranging of fear and pain, his body curled into a
farther and farther from Corbitt’s lab, back-breaking arc. Tears are crusted
leaving a swath of dead bodies in its around his eyes. His fingers are clenched
wake. into clawlike hooks, as if he were trying
This adventure can be set in nearly to fend off an attacker. However, there
any boomtown or city in the Weird West. is no evidence of a fight and the room is
otherwise undisturbed.
The Locked Room Checking the lock, an investigator
Not long after entering a local saloon, finds the obstruction to be another key
the heroes hear a pounding from inserted into it from the inside. There is
upstairs, followed by a shouted, a window, but it is also locked from the
inside. Make a Notice roll for any hero
“Open the door!”
who looks closely at the window. On a
The commotion continues for a success, she observes the latch is rusted
minute or two before a saloon girl comes shut. Should any of the characters check
downstairs to speak to the bartender. the floor, a raise on a Tracking roll finds a
The conversation occurs within earshot patch of boards with similarly corroded
of the posse. Apparently, another patron nails in a path reaching from the window
of the establishment has locked himself to the corpse.
in his room for over a day and he hasn’t
A character who examines the victim
responded to knocks or requests in some
may make a Knowledge (Medicine) roll.
With a success, he finds burns inside the
The bartender’s face visibly pales in fear man’s mouth and nose. With a raise, he
and he hurries upstairs. He also pounds recognizes that these most likely were
briefly on the door, demanding to be let caused by an acid of some sort, but there
in. When there is no response, he tries is nothing that could have caused them
to unlock the door but cannot, because inside the room. Likewise, any acid
the lock is jammed. After throwing his that caustic would have also probably
shoulder ineffectually against the door, prevented the victim from locking the
he asks any party members present door from the inside.
for help. (If no heroes followed him, he
comes downstairs to look for them.) Sniffing Around
After taking a gander at the body, the
An Expired Tenant
bartender gasps,
Forcing the door requires a raise on a
“No, not in my place!”
Strength roll, but there’s enough room
for up to two characters, if they want to When a character asks him what he
make a Cooperative roll. means, he says,
Inside, the tenant lies on the floor “Folks have been talking about
beside the bed. With the exception of a something haunting the streets around

D eath C loud
here. Every now and then, a body turns the last year. A few battered pieces of
up in an alley like this, but I never furniture remain, mainly those too
figured it would get into my place. Ain’t large for scavengers to cart off easily.
nowhere safe!” A diligent hero who digs through the
A growing crowd of gawkers in the remaining debris may find a rusty
hall makes the barkeep reluctant to talk medical implement or other device, but
more about the deaths. However, there’s little else of interest.
no shortage of gossip among the other A barrel of flour, now maggot-ridden,
customers in the saloon. Guesses run still sits in the kitchen. Make a Notice
from a madman to a ghost to a “nose roll for any investigator who examines
ferret.” There’s even at least one or two the base of the barrel, at +2 if she’s read
patrons who suspect it’s all a plot by Corbitt’s journal (see below). With a
Northern (or Southern) sympathizers. success, she discovers a trap door that
A Streetwise roll turns up a little more leads to the cellar.
information from one of the saloon-
Experiments in Terror
On the second floor, Corbitt’s bedroom
“I reckon it all started ‘bout a year ago.
is identified by the presence of a moldy
Drunks and drifters gone missing ‘round
mattress on a broken-down frame. If the
here, mostly. Nobody paid it much mind
characters search the room, make Notice
at first. Well, at least until Doc Corbitt
rolls for them. Anyone who succeeds
vanished. But he was the last fella to
finds a water-soaked journal that has
disappear, so most folks conjured he’d
fallen between the mattress and frame.
just moved on.
Although many of the journal’s pages
“Last few months, though, people
are stuck together and unreadable,
started findin’ bodies like that one in
the first legible passage makes it clear
there—all hunched up, but no marks
the doctor wasn’t quite living up to his
on ‘em. Me, I reckon it’s been the same
Hippocratic oath:
thing all along. It’s just gettin’ braver,
that’s all.” I’ve found a location suitable for
my experiments. A high number of
If the posse follows up on Corbitt, the
transients makes it unlikely that any test
saloon-goer says the doctor set up shop a
subjects will be missed.
little over a year ago. He had an office in
his house near one of the poor sections Expanding the cellar provides not only
of town. No relatives ever showed up to ample space for a lab, but I should have
claim it and it’s sat empty ever since. room to inter any “leftovers”—safe from
prying eyes. Hiding the entrance under
the flour barrel was a stroke of genius, if
Something Rotten I do say so myself.
Dr. Corbitt’s house sits on the outskirts The next readable passage gives the
of the seedier side of town. A large dead posse a little more information on the
tree stands near the building and a few nature of Corbitt’s studies:
patches of brittle, brown grass dot the
The chlorine mixture functions better
yard. Most of the windows are broken
than I’d anticipated, although it is highly
and the locks on both the front and back
reactive with pure iron. Few survive more
doors have been forced.
than a minute’s exposure. I’m on the edge
The doctor’s house is largely empty, of a very profitable breakthrough!
stripped of anything of value over

G rim P rai rie T rails

The final legible section in Corbitt’s heroes enter. As a result, exploring

journal is the very last entry: the laboratory is more an exercise in
The gas continues to react in an providing enough illumination than
unexpected manner. It appears often to anything else.
move in direct conflict with prevailing Tables line the walls, covered with all
air patterns, but this may be an effect of manner of alchemical implements such
lack of sleep on my part. I even imagined as beakers, burners, and vials. Make a
eyes in the cloud, after all! Notice roll for any character who gives
I have one last test subject downstairs, the tables more than a passing glance.
so I’ll have to postpone my rest one more With a success, the cowpoke spots an
night, I suppose. odd device on one of the tables that
resembles a strange, rubber mask. Any
Don’t Look in the Basement! veteran of the later years of the Civil
Corbitt substantially expanded the War—or a character with a background
root cellar, extending it until it occupied in science—can make a Common
nearly the entire area beneath the house. Knowledge roll to identify the device as
The lab occupies the whole thing, making a gas mask.
the cellar and open space approximately The central feature in the lab, though,
50 feet square, punctuated every 10 feet sits appropriately enough in the center
or so by support pillars for the house of the cellar: two large glass chambers,
above. each over six feet tall and three feet wide.
Although there are numerous oil One of them is broken, and a desiccated
lamps positioned about the walls and corpse lies in the debris, halfway inside
on the pillars, none are lit when the the chamber. A pepper-and-citrus odor

D eath C loud
permeates the cellar, similar but much After the posse has had a little time to
stronger than the one the heroes may explore the lab and gather a few clues,
have caught wind of back at the saloon. allow a Notice roll for each adventurer.
A second corpse in a white lab coat lies Those who succeed catch sight of a
on the floor near the glass chambers. Its strange, yellowish gas beginning to pour
hands clutch at its neck, but otherwise into the broken glass chamber from the
it’s been dead too long to determine hosing at the top. Those who fail are
any cause. The body is remarkably surprised the first round of combat as the
untouched by scavengers; a Notice roll death cloud attacks the nearest cowpoke!
spots dozens of carcasses of rats and If the heroes damage the canister or
other such creatures scattered around hosing all by their lonesome, the death
the cellar. cloud emerges and attacks.
Make a Notice or Tracking roll if a The death cloud tries to position itself
hero explores the southern end of the to trap as many victims within its body
chamber. Success identifies a sizeable as possible. If the posse wises up and
area of ground that appears to have spreads out, it instead fixes its attacks
been disturbed, albeit possibly a year or on those who succumb to its initial
more in the past. Digging down more onslaught, trying to kill one victim
than a foot in this part of the cellar turns before moving on to the next. Should one
up several buried bodies of Corbitt’s hero prove particularly effective against
original test subjects, almost 20 in all. If the abomination, either through magic,
the posse found his hidden journal, no mad science, or plain old iron weaponry,
roll is necessary to find the mass grave. it focuses on her instead.
More important, near the grave An intrepid soul donning the gas mask
rests a large, iron pick axe that has finds it’s not quite a perfect fit. However,
not been corroded by the death cloud. it grants the wearer a +2 on any Vigor
While somewhat unwieldy, the unique roll to resist the abomination’s Poisoned
composition of the pick’s head allows it Air attack, canceling out the –2 normally
to hurt the death cloud. associated with it.
• Pick Axe: Str+d6, requires two hands, The death cloud fights until it is
–1 to Parry and Fighting. destroyed.
• Death Cloud: See page 36.
Foul Air
Close examination of the glass
chambers reveals each was designed to
be airtight, with rubber-sealed doors
allowing access to the interiors. The
doors have latches only on the outside,
rendering them impossible to escape
once inside. A piece of hosing runs
from the top of each chamber to a metal
canister that stands upright between
them. Although there is a valve at the
top of the canister, it appears to have
corroded in place and is immovable.


Sometimes, peculiar flowers resembling white roses stained red

near the tips are found growing on the sites of battles, both great
and small. Colloquially known as “blood roses,
” folklore claims that the
flower sprouts near the battlefields to mourn the dead. The truth is
far darker...

Blood roses only grow in ground upon gets stuck suffers a Fatigue level.
which a large amount of blood has been This effect cannot move a victim past
spilled in anger. To further spread their Fatigued, though, and is recovered after
species, they’ve a particularly disturbing one hour in any case. However, the
reproductive method: In effect, the blood poison makes a fellow more susceptible
rose sows the seeds of War. to the blood rose’s actual attack.
Each patch of blood rose, a six-foot- Once per hour, a 1”-square patch of
square area (1” square on a battlemat), blood roses can emit a spore burst, either
is treated as having a Toughness 5, and in a Medium Burst or Cone Template.
only cutting weapons or fire affect it. Anyone caught within it must make a
But the plant’s defense mechanisms are Vigor roll—at –2 if already Fatigued—or
what make it truly daunting. be afflicted with “blood fever.”
Anyone coming in direct contact with And that’s where things really start to
the plant must make an Agility roll or be go downhill.
pricked by some of its poisoned thorns.
A cowpoke who

D o omsower

Blood Fever • Spore Burst: When Incapacitated, the

Folks infected by blood rose spores are torso of a doomsower bursts outward,
identifiable by a persistent cough and covering an area around it equal to a
red, rheumy eyes. They must make a Medium Burst Template with blood
Vigor roll each day until they either make rose spores. Everyone within it must
three such rolls in a row—at which point make an immediate Vigor roll or be
they’re cured—or fail three rolls. Each afflicted with blood fever. Anyone
failure moves them closer to becoming a viewing the event must also make a
doomsower—a walking seedpod for the Guts roll (–1).
blood roses.
After the first failed roll, the victim Savage Tale:
gains the Mean Hindrance as the poor
sap moves closer to transforming into Seeds of Distrust
a tool of bloodshed. The second failed
Amity, Missouri, is home to veterans
Vigor roll bestows the Bloodthirsty
from both sides of the War who’ve tried
Hindrance. On the third failure,
to pound their swords into plowshares,
the afflicted sodbuster becomes a
and get back to just living their lives.
doomsower. Before the transformation
Sadly, although the two governments
is complete, the healing or greater healing
might have reached an uneasy peace,
power can cure the infection, but once
blood still boils hot in many folks.
the hombre becomes a doomsower,
Several months ago, a band of Northern-
there’s no coming back.
sympathizing border raiders clashed
Doomsowers appear and, for most with a group of Confederate-supporting
purposes, act like normal humans. nightriders on the outskirts of Amity.
Their overriding goal, though, is to spill
The townsfolk stayed out of the fight,
blood in violent conflict and be slain
but an unlucky few got caught in the
themselves. You see, upon their own
crossfire. If that wasn’t enough to put an
death, their chests burst in an explosion
edge on the town’s nerves, the bloodshed
of blood rose spores, seeding the
spawned several patches of blood roses
ground—and any cowpoke unfortunate
which have begun to bloom. A former
enough to get caught in the area!
Confederate officer, Jeb Braxton—whose
wife and child were killed by the border
Doomsower raiders—has contracted blood fever. He’s
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d4, Spirit not yet a doomsower himself, but he has
d6, Strength d8, Vigor d8 begun to raise his own army to purge
Skills: Fighting d8, Notice d6, Shooting the town of “damn Yankees.”
d6, Throwing d6 And wouldn’t you just know it—the
Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 6 posse arrives just in time to participate
Special Abilities: in the festivities!
• Fearless: Doomsowers are immune to
Fear and Intimidation. Signs of the Times
• Frenzy: A doomsower can make two As the posse nears the small town of
attacks per round with a –2 penalty to Amity, read the following:
each attack. You begin to observe evidence that
some fairly heavy fighting occurred in the

G rim P rai rie T rails
area. Burned buildings, shot-up fences Coughing frequently disrupts an
and trees, and even a broken-down, impassioned speaker, and there are more
spiked cannon dot the countryside. The pairs of red, watery eyes than you’d find
beautiful white and red blood roses that in a Shan Fan opium den. The loudest
bloom nearby only serve to highlight the proponents on either side of the debate all
stark scars of battle. appear to be suffering the effects of the
Most of the damage appears to have illness.
occurred several months ago, but as you The argument continues for a few
come into sight of the town proper, you moments before the marshal manages
pass the smoldering ruins of a small to disperse the crowd without any mobs
farm. From the wisps of smoke still forming or blood being shed.
rising, it’s likely the fire has only been
out for a couple of days. What’s All the Hubbub?
Not far from the burned house, a sign Any of the townsfolk or the town
proclaims, “Welcome to Amity, the marshal can bring the posse up to
friendliest town in the West!” speed on recent events. Early yesterday
morning, a band of local Confederate
Should they investigate the farm, the
supporters set fire to the Thornton
heroes find numerous bullet holes in the
brothers’ farm on the edge of town.
few walls still standing.
Although there were no witnesses,
Town Meeting most think it’s a pretty sure bet that Jeb
Amity is home to perhaps a few Braxton and his supporters were behind
hundred citizens. Contrary to the battle- the raid.
torn areas the posse passed through, Braxton, a former Confederate officer,
the buildings are well-maintained and settled in town years ago with his wife
brightly painted. Had the heroes not and child after mustering out. He, like
just seen clear indications that violence many of the other citizens of Amity who
recently visited the region, the town are veterans of one side or the other, put
would certainly appear to be as peaceful aside his past to live peacefully. Then
and friendly as its welcome sign claims. last year, two large bands of opposing
As the party arrives, a fair portion of border raiders clashed on the outskirts
the town is converging on the town’s of Amity, with the first confrontation
only saloon, the Watering Hole. taking place on Braxton’s farm.
Following the small crowd through the The former soldier was in town at the
saloon doors, you discover the topic that time purchasing seed; only Braxton’s
draws the townsfolk is none other than wife and child were at home when
the burned farm you passed earlier. The the fighting started. Neither survived.
local marshal stands on the bar trying to Braxton sank into a depression.
calm the crowd, but a number are calling Recently, he’s focused his anger on
for him to take action against someone the North and anyone with ties to it.
called Braxton. A nearly equal amount Surprisingly, he’s drawn a fair number
of folks are defending the accused man, of formerly amiable folks to him and
claiming the victims—the Thornton the band is becoming more aggressive
brothers—were Northern sympathizers. nearly every day.
Success on a Notice roll tells a hero The Thorntons were former Yankee
that a large number of folks seem to be soldiers and, unlike most of the town,
suffering mild colds or allergies. outspoken in their support for the

D o omsower
Union. There’s little doubt that Braxton Since any other townsfolk hightailed it
and his gang were behind the attack, but on his arrival, only the posse is at risk
the marshal has no hard evidence—and from the resulting spore burst.
worse, he and his two deputies are badly • Doomsower (1): See page 43. Armed
outnumbered by the vigilantes. To add to with an axe (Str+d6).
his troubles, violent outbreaks of all sorts
are becoming more and more common. The Root of the Problem
It’s as though old grudges have come to a
sudden boil after years of peace. After the encounter with the
doomsower, the investigators might
If the posse offers to help, the marshal
start putting together the strange illness
gladly accepts. For those demanding a
afflicting many of the townsfolk with
wage, he says he can pay each member
the sudden surge in aggressive behavior
$50 if he needs the heroes to back his play.
around Amity. If they ask around, they
He adds though, that while he welcomes
quickly discover that most of the folks
any extra guns, he’d prefer to see this
with the sniffles are pretty surly—about
matter handled peacefully. Should the
just about everything! However, a little
heroes find a way to defuse Braxton’s
perserverance reveals that most of the
gang without bloodshed, he’d be mighty
troubles around Amity did start about
grateful—and double the reward.
the same time as people started having
Axing the Questions “allergies.”
Whenever you’re ready, Marshal, A hero who further investigates
regardless of where the heroes are in the the topic of “allergies” can make a
town, read the following to your group: Streetwise roll. If successful, she learns
Out of nowhere, a man comes rushing some suspect it’s the blood roses that
toward you, brandishing an axe. It’s are responsible. The flowers are fairly
clear he’s not there to help you stock recent, having sprung up only this year.
up on firewood. He shouts, “You Rebel Most in town hold to the belief that the
scum! I’ll kill every last one o’ yas!” plants sprang up in mourning over the
bloodshed from the raid last year.
As is often the case in social situations
disrupted by axe-wielding maniacs, If the posse delves into the blood roses,
nearby townsfolk suddenly remember they find that the flowers are indeed only
pressing engagements elsewhere and blooming on sites of the battles between
disappear into surrounding shops, the raiders. Unfortunately, most of those
bushes, or closets. In short order, the battles took place in and around local
characters are left standing alone as farms. And, to confirm any suspicions
a man armed with a long-handled they may have at this point, the citizens
chopping implement charges at them. whose farms have sprouted blood roses
are almost to a man among those with
The axe wielder is a doomsower and
“allergies”—and short tempers.
he’s there to kill and be killed. Regardless
of any argument or evidence to the Pulling Weeds
contrary—even a bluebelly uniform Obliterating the blood roses themselves
won’t dissuade him—the madman closes isn’t particularly challenging. They’re
with the heroes, with his axe cocked hardy flowers, to be sure, but that’s
overhead! The only way to stop the man hardy compared to your garden-variety
is to put him down. daisies and sunflowers. A determined

G rim P rai rie T rails
posse makes short work of the plants, Braxton himself has a pretty hardy
but that’s not the real challenge. constitution. He’s shaken off blood fever
Some of the property owners, at least three times, but the flowers keep
particularly those already under the re-infecting him when he does.
effects of blood fever, are likely to give While under the effects of the fever,
the heroes an awful lot of trouble about he outright refuses to allow the posse
destroying the flowers. Hopefully, the to remove the plants—at swordpoint
characters are focused on reaching a if necessary. He believes the plants are
peaceful solution, though. If not, blood some sort of living memorial to his wife
fever helps escalate any conflict rapidly and child.
to fists or even guns, and most of the Jeb Braxton: Use Soldier (Officer)
town is populated by veteran soldiers stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s
who know how to use those guns. Handbook. Add Vigor d10 and
• Angry Farmer: Use Soldier stats in the Toughness 7.
Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook.

Down on the Farm Braxton’s Marauders

It’s possible that the heroes may visit The posse may ignore the blood
Braxton’s farm while looking into the roses or simply decide to deal with the
blood roses. If so, they discover the vigilantes first. On the other hand, even
man’s farm is so overrun by the flowers if your hombres are successful in dealing
that a casual observer might believe he with the blood roses, Braxton and his
was raising them on purpose. band are brewing up a whole mess of

D o omsower

Dowsing the Powder Keg allow a Notice roll for posse members to
A clever band of saddletramps might detect the group as it prepares its attack.
infiltrate Braxton’s band. The fever Braxton leads most of the men into town.
keeps them from thinking too clearly, While the doomsowers break ranks and
so a simple Persuasion roll is enough to close for melee to maximize their spore
convince them the heroes sympathize bursts on dying, most of the raiders hang
with their goals. If so, the raiders subject back, preferring to rely on their firearms.
heroes to long-winded rhetoric on the They set up their cannon on the edge of
evils of the Union and all who support it. town, centered in the street. The cannon
All the members of Braxton’s gang are is manned by four men and fires either
afflicted with blood fever. The characters shrapnel or cannister, depending on the
can thin the ranks using healing to cure available targets. You can find the rules
the fever. Better yet, doing so on Braxton for cannons in Savage Worlds.
himself takes a lot of the wind out of the The marshal and his deputy arrive
group. after three rounds, and the townsfolk
Unfortunately, it’s too late for the poor begin arriving at a rate of one per round
souls who’ve been turned completely thereafter. Allow the players to control
into doomsowers. They deliberately these reinforcements as Extras.
fight to the death if the heroes attempt to Jeb Braxton: Use Soldier (Officer)
restrain or capture them. stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s
As soon as it’s obvious that the big Handbook.
attack isn’t going to go forward, the • Vigilantes (20): Use Soldier stats in the
doomsowers go for the next best target— Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook.
our intrepid heroes, of course! • Doomsowers (1 per hero): See page
• Doomsowers (1 per hero): See page 43. Armed with Winchester ’73s
43. Armed with Winchester ’73s (Range 24/48/96, Damage 2d8, RoF 1,
(Range 24/48/96, Damage 2d8, RoF 1, Shots 15, AP 2) and bayonets (Str+d4,
Shots 15, AP 2) and bayonets (Str+d4, when fitted to rifle, Str+d6, Reach 1,
when fitted to rifle, Str+d6, Reach 1, Parry +1, requires two hands).
Parry +1, requires two hands). • Marshal and Deputies (3): Use
Gunman stats in the Deadlands
Braxton’s Raid Marshal’s Handbook.
Braxton is planning an all-out attack • Townsfolk (10): Use Soldier stats in
on Amity within a few days. Egged on the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook.
by the effects of blood fever, he’s adopted
the philosophy of “If you ain’t with me,
you’re agin me!” Worse, Braxton has
gotten his hands on a working cannon
left behind by the border raiders last
year. Unless the posse stops him, he and
his men turn the town of Amity into
a battleground—and further sow the
seeds of the blood roses!
If the posse fails to head off the attack,
the vigilantes approach the western
side of Amity just before dawn. You can

Most prospectors and mad scientists have had a brush or two with
ghost rock fever, but a few find the condition fatal. Usually in these
cases, the fever boils the brainpan of the poor soul suffering it.
Rarely, a victim spontaneously bursts into flame, and burns down to
ash, a few gold fillings, and a lump of ghost rock. Once in a blue
moon, though, a terminal case of the illness spawns a fever phantom.

Fever phantoms Otherwise, Deadwood, the Great

are created when Maze, and most of the Southwest would
a particularly now be populated solely by these
greedy individual abominations. Fever phantoms are a
is consumed physical manifestation of the former
completely by victim’s overwhelming greed.
ghost rock Fever phantoms appear to be vaguely
fever. Sadly, human-shaped, coal-black shadows at
in the first glance. Anyone brave—or foolish—
Weird enough to study them closer realizes that
West the phantoms aren’t shadows, but actual
this empty voids in reality itself, rather like a
isn’t as hole in the world leading to somewhere
rare an event as else.
you’d hope, given Although they are intangible to most
that lust for substances, they interact normally
material wealth with precious metals and ghost rock
is the primary and are driven to hoard the valuable
motivator for minerals. The phantoms are drawn by
a fair number their pervading greed to these materials,
of prospectors. often haunting mines and the like. Their
Fortunately, only avarice is also the source of their only
the most miserly weakness: Ironically, the same items
are likely to become they lust after so fiercely are capable of
a fever phantom. destroying them. Any weapon made of a
precious metal or ghost rock can damage
a fever phantom normally.

F ever P han tom
The most terrifying aspect of a
phantom’s attack is that often it pulls Savage Tale:
its victim into the void with it. In these Ghost of a Chance
cases, the victim rises within moments
as a phantom himself! Deborah Morton, a young lady from
Back East, contacts the heroes for help
Fever Phantom locating her uncle, a prospector named
Chance Farley. Chance was obsessed
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit with striking it rich mining in the Maze,
d4, Strength d6, Vigor d6 and Deborah had spent most of what
Skills: Fighting d6, Intimidation d8, little money she had bankrolling his
Notice d10, Stealth d12+4 effort. The last she heard, he claimed to
Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 5 have hit a substantial strike, which he’d
Special Abilities: named the “Last Chance Mine.”
• Claws: Str+d4. Deborah has not heard from her
• Ethereal: Fever phantoms are favorite uncle Chance for several months,
immaterial and can only be harmed and now she’s worried that catastrophe
by magical attacks or their weakness. has befallen him. She only knows that
Chance sent his telegrams and letters
• Fear: Make a Guts roll whenever an
from a small port town named Fortuity,
hombre spots a fever phantom.
located on the inner edge of the central
• Ghostly Touch: Attacks from fever Maze. Deborah offers the posse $100 to
phantoms ignore all non-magical convey a letter to her uncle or learn his
armor. Armor that includes ghost whereabouts.
rock or ghost rock shavings, such
Unfortunately, Chance succumbed
as a standard bulletproof vest,
to ghost rock fever some time ago,
also protects against their attacks
becoming a fever phantom. Due to
the remoteness of the strike, his shade
• Infection: Anyone slain by a fever remained undiscovered until recently,
phantom has a 50% chance to be when a band of Maze pirates stopped at
pulled into the same void that his camp. Initially picking the outlaws
spawned the original, arising as off one at a time, eventually the fever
another phantom under the Marshal’s phantom infected enough victims to be
control in 1d6 rounds. able to overwhelm the majority, leaving
• Reach +1: A fever phantom can only a few to escape…
stretch its shadowy appendages to
unnatural lengths. Fortuity
• Shadow: In lighting conditions of
Fear Level: 2
dim or darker, a fever phantom has a
50% chance to be invisible, as per the Fortuity is a small harbor town
power. positioned on the edge of the Great Maze.
It’s still on the mainland, so the posse
• Weakness (Fundaments): Fever
doesn’t need any special transportation
phantoms take normal damage from
to reach it. There’s even a tiny station in
weapons (or bullets) made of ghost
town for the Iron Dragon railroad.
rock, gold, silver, or other precious
metals. Unfortunately, that’s where the easy
part of the heroes’ search ends. Asking

G rim P rai rie T rails
around town, the characters learn that When the heroes reach the boat, a man
although lots of folks remembered on board takes one look at the posse and
Chance Farley, no one knows where tells them,
his strike was. Farley was apparently
“Shove off, pigeons!”
pretty paranoid about his mine, going
so far as to not even file the claim in the Any questions about Farley or the
local town office for fear someone would Maze runner are met with a barrage of
jump it. Instead, he traveled all the way derisive comments, usually involving
to Sacramento and filed the paperwork particularly inventive anatomical
at the county land office. descriptions. Should one of the cowpokes
rise to the bait, the insults quickly change
Furthermore, the man has a reputation
to snarls and weapon handling.
for being miserly. He haggled over the
price of everything from salt to ghost The posse can attempt to sway the
rock, always trying to squeeze an extra Maze pirates to a more cooperative
penny or two out of the deal. All this mood, either by winning an Intimidation
in spite of the fact that he seemed to be Test of Wills with a raise, or making a
pulling in a fair amount from his strike. Persuasion roll while offering a bribe of
at least $200. Each raise on the Persuasion
An investigator who succeeds at a
roll lowers the necessary bribe amount
Streetwise roll learns from one of the
by $50.
townsfolk that Farley owned a Maze
runner that he purchased in Shan Fan. Or your hombres can just beat the truth
The citizen also says, out of the pirates. If attacked—or suitably
enraged through taunts and catcalls—the
“Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I
waterborne bandits eagerly draw their
saw his boat chug into the harbor earlier
cutlasses or skin their smokewagons and
today. Haven’t seen the old skinflint
commence to fighting. Deborah’s Folly is
himself, though.”
armed with a single Gatling gun (see
With a raise on the roll, the hero also sidebar on opposite page) on a swivel
finds out the name of the craft: Deborah’s mount in the bow, and one of the crew
Folly. jumps on it at the beginning of combat.
Pirates of the Maze The pirates fight until more than half
Even without learning the name, a of their number are Incapacitated. At
moderately clever posse should be able that time, the rest surrender and offer up
to figure out which runner is Farley’s as the information contained in Fessin’ Up,
he named it after his niece. If not—and below. The pirates are all minor wanted
you’re feeling generous—you can have a criminals, each with a $25 bounty on his
dockhand point it out to them. head for any number of petty crimes.
An adventurer with an appropriate
Deborah’s Folly sits at the end of the
background (bounty hunter, law dog,
farthest dock in the small inlet. As the
Maze resident, etc.) can make a Common
adventurers near the moored craft, they
Knowledge roll to realize this.
can see the Maze runner is virtually
crawling with unsavory types, all armed • Maze Pirates (2 per hero): Use Maze
to the teeth. And, of course, none look Pirate stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s
likely to respond positively to polite Handbook.
requests to return Farley’s boat…

F ever P han tom

Fessin’ Up
Once the heroes convince the pirates
to talk—whether by verbal abuse, a soft
Deborah’s Folly
word and a fistful of dollars, or pistol- The Folly is a Maze runner,
whipping the lot—one of the crew, a specifically designed for use in the
Great Maze. It has independently
wag named Dawkins, spills the beans.
geared, side paddlewheels. These
If your posse was particularly heavy-
can rotate in opposite directions,
handed and left all the scurvy band allowing it to pivot in place.
Incapacitated, assume Dawkins is only It has an open rear deck with
“walking wounded” and capable of bench seats and a partially enclosed
carrying on a coherent parley with the driver’s cockpit. There’s also a small
group. The pirate explains, cargo hold belowdecks.
“We used to be part of Fenton the Acc/Top Speed: 10/30, Toughness:
Fancy’s crew. Ol’ Fenton got that 10 (2), Crew: 3+5, Cost: $15,000,
nickname for his extravagant wardrobe, Notes: Travels 30 miles per pound
and a fixation on all things silver. of ghost rock. Armed with a Gatling
gun (Range 24/48/96, Damage 2d8,
“Anyhow, we had a run-in with a
RoF 3, Shots 40, AP 2) on a swivel
pair of Union warships yesterday. We mount in the boat’s bow.
lost. No surprise, given the captain’s
habit of spending his money on clothes
rather than his ship. We managed to lose
our pursuers in the twisting canyons of
the Maze, but we were taking on water “Me and the others got spooked.
badly. We limped into a hidden cove at Someone, I don’t know who, said the
the base of a mesa. attackers must be ghosts. So when those
“The cove turned out to be a small black-garbed figures took notice of us, we
mining site, complete with a dock. We cast off in the Maze runner and lit out as
found the Deborah’s Folly moored there, fast as we could.”
but the mine looked to be abandoned.
With the ship sinking, Fenton set me and
No Chance at All
a few other men to transferring our gear
to the Maze runner. Capt. Fenton took Dawkins can give the heroes
the rest of the hands with him to look for directions to the Last Chance Mine’s
loot and set camp for the night. whereabouts—provided they agree to let
him go. Since the mine is located in the
“Night had set in before we finished
channels of the Maze, the posse needs
stripping the scow. By that time, Fenton
a watercraft to reach it. They can either
and the crew had a bonfire going. In
hire a local boat and crew for $20 a day or
the light of the fire, I saw what looked
use the Deborah’s Folly if they’re capable
like a group of men all dressed in black
of piloting it. Dawkins, though reluctant
approaching from the dark. They
to return, can be convinced to pilot the
attacked. The landing party tried to fight
Folly with a successful Intimidation or
back, but it seemed like their weapons
Persuasion roll, if either is backed by a
had no effect on their attackers—except
threat to turn the pirate over to local law
for one that Fenton shot. That one just...
melted away into the night.

G rim P rai rie T rails
The trip to the mine takes the better they reached Farley’s claim, it’s pretty
part of a day. If the adventurers hired clear they’re spending the night.
a captain or recruited Dawkins, either
recommends leaving as soon after The Last Chance Mine
sunrise as possible. The waters of the Fear Level: 3
Maze are dangerous enough without The Last Chance is situated in a little
trying to navigate them in the dark! cove at the base of a mesa. Steep cliff
Regardless of when your group walls surround a small box canyon only
decides to set out, Marshal, fate and a little over 100 feet wide at any given
the twisting canyons connive to delay point. A rickety dock thrusts out into the
their arrival until shortly before dark. water and the partially sunken remains
Maybe Dawson’s recall of the route is a of Fenton’s scow sit to one side of it.
little off and leads to a few dead ends. Or A single-room shack sits nearby, with
perhaps the tide traps the heroes’ craft the mine entrance on the back wall of
behind a sandbar. If you’re feeling a bit the cleft. The remains of a large bonfire
more bloodthirsty, the posse can always sit on the opposite side of the tiny gulch
run afoul of another band of pirates or from the cabin. There is no sign of any
even one of the many abominations that life as the heroes arrive.
haunt the Maze. Searching specific areas turns up the
Regardless, by the time the characters clues noted below.
arrive at the Last Chance Mine, the sun Bonfire: A Tracking roll reveals the
is slipping behind the mesas, slowly ashes to be about two days old. Around
shrouding the strike in shadow. However

Last Chance Mine

F ever P han tom
the fire, the investigators find more sight of dark figures darting just at the
than a few pirate bodies, all raked with edge of their vision.
horrible claw wounds. Inexplicably, they When possible, the phantoms try to
also find several sets of clothing laid out prey on stragglers or smaller groups.
on the sand near the ashes. A Notice roll But be careful not to overwhelm the
spots that all the bodies and clothing characters. Until the party figures out
have pistols and/or cutlasses nearby. A how to defeat them, the phantoms are
raise on the roll reveals to the cowpokes quite formidable. If need be, don’t be
that there are no other items of value afraid to toss an Extra—like Dawkins
on the bodies. Some of the corpses even or one of the boat crew—to the ghostly
appear to have had teeth removed! predators.
Mine: A track leads into the darkened Magic works normally on the
mine. There is only a single tunnel, phantoms and should any of your
never more than 10 feet wide. During hombres be toting silver bullets already
the daylight hours, the phantoms hide (hey, it is Deadlands!), that’s great.
inside. If the heroes delve too deeply Otherwise, Fenton’s pistol still has the
inside, go to Shadows in the Dark, five silver rounds in its cylinder. In a
below. pinch, the heroes can use chunks of
Pirate Scow: The scow is mostly ghost rock, either by throwing them or
underwater at this point. There is simply bashing with them. In either case,
nothing of interest left on board. What the rocks do Str damage if they hit.
Dawkins and his band didn’t off-load Give the group a chance to see that
has either been lost to the tide or stolen most normal attacks have little effect
by the phantoms. on the phantoms. Hopefully, one of the
Shack: This sparsely furnished hovel posse remembers Dawkins’ account of
served as Chance’s living quarters. A Fenton putting one of the haunts down.
single set of clothing lies on the floor. If not, you can have the abominations try
Unlike other outfits the heroes may have to reclaim their hoard to reinforce that,
found, there are significant burn marks while insubstantial, the phantoms do
on this one, left when Chance succumbed interact with precious metals and ghost
to ghost rock fever. Also in the shack is rock.
a small pile of various precious metals • Fever Phantoms (1, plus 1 per 2
and ghost rock pieces (total value $250)— heroes): See page 49.
including several gold and silver teeth
and Fenton’s silver-plated Colt Navy
revolver, complete with five silver bullets
remaining unfired. The six-shooter is
worth $50 on its own.

Shadows in the Dark

When darkness falls—or the posse
travels more than 75 feet into the
mine—the phantoms take notice.
Initially, the abominations rely on their
near-invisibility to, ahem, “shadow” the
heroes. Play up the suspense by having
the cowpokes make Notice rolls to catch

Ogres loom large in many myths over on the other side of the Pacific
Ocean. The Chinese in particular have numerous versions of these
monsters to haunt their nightmares, with the hulking creatures often
serving as minions to demons and sorcerers. Kang’s followers were
even thoughtful enough to bring a few of the more common variety of
ogre with them when they came to the Maze.

But even Iron Dragon’s most ambitious piece or two of their own bodies when
wizards are usually wise enough to steer the larder was running low.
clear of gluttonous ogres, or t’ao t’ieh as A gluttonous ogre has a frighteningly
they’re called in their native tongue. fast metabolism which digests food
Like their more traditional cousins, as fast as the creature can consume it.
gluttonous ogres are huge, hulking While this is obviously the source of
humanoids whose features mix those the creature’s ravenous hunger, it also
of wolves, bulls, and tigers. Add to that has a horrifying side effect for anyone
a gaping mouth, a pair of horns, and unfortunate to have to face one of
protuberant eyes that ogle everything these fiends. The t’ao t’ieh can almost
like a starving dog does a fresh steak instantaneously heal itself of wounds by
and you’ve got a rough idea of what one gulping down a suitable amount of meat.
of these critters looks like. Strangely, while its own flesh can
T’ao t’ieh have a reputation for sustain its life and never cause it an
rapacious appetites; hence their more actual wound, a gluttonous ogre never
common name. These carnivorous heals the cosmetic damage caused by
giants eat constantly, devouring any self-cannibalism.
living thing that comes within their Needless to say, only the most
reach. If left without a steady source of powerful—or foolhardy—of Chinese
food, a gluttonous ogre’s hunger will sorcerers attempt to summon and
drive it to feast on its own flesh. Legends control these monsters. Unlike the more
speak of t’ao t’ieh that have eaten their common Chinese ogres, t’ao t’ieh don’t
entire bodies, reduced to nothing more employ weapons, relying instead on
than a head that gorges itself while its their terrible jaws in combat. As often as
meal drops uselessly to the ground not, the ogres greedily gobble the pieces
beneath it. Whether or not this is true or they bite off.
even possible, most t’ao t’ieh have lost a

G lu ttonous O gre

Gluttonous Ogre Savage Tale:

(T’ao T’ieh) Gang War
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d4, Spirit
d6, Strength d12+4, Vigor d12+2 Zhao Chen was a small-time hood
Skills: Fighting d8, Intimidation d8, working his way up through the Shan
Notice d6, Throwing d6 Fan Triad thanks to a slight edge over his
rivals. Unknown to any but his closest
Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 12
henchmen, Zhao dabbled in sorcery.
Special Abilities: Unfortunately, his ego far outstripped
• Bite: Str+d6. his ability. He used his dark magics to
• Coup (Glutton): A Harrowed gains summon a gluttonous ogre to serve him
the ability to Bite for Str+d4 damage. as an unholy combination of enforcer
But the deader also has to eat two and body-disposal service.
pounds of meat for every natural You’ve probably
healing roll they make. noticed we’re
• Devour: Each wound a gluttonous talking
ogre causes a victim with its bite about
regenerates a wound on its own body Zhao
(if it has any). in the
• Fear (–2): Gluttonous ogres are p a s t
terrifying creatures, causing Guts
checks (–2) in all who see them.
• Improved Frenzy: These
abominations may make two Fighting
attacks a round at no penalty.
• Size +3: T’ao t’ieh range from 8 to
12 feet tall and are heavily
muscled. Their bellies
are usually distended
from overeating.

G rim P rai rie T rails
tense. That’s because the monster broke Turf War
free a few days ago and made short work After the rascals depart, the merchant
of Zhao and his henchmen, turning their approaches the party. He introduces
hideout into a pretty good imitation of a himself as Wing Ho-Tin. If the heroes
Stinktown slaughterhouse. The creature stepped in to help out, he thanks them
has since begun to range farther afield as profusely for their assistance. If not, he
it tries to keep its belly from rumbling. does not judge them; after all, they are
And, although it’s near the largest outsiders and not expected to intervene
concentration of fresh meat in the Maze, in local affairs.
the ogre isn’t particular about where it Should they ask him about his attackers,
gets its meals from… Wing is surprisingly forthcoming for a
Shan Fan resident.
Shan Fan Showdown “They work for Fei Ya-Hung, an
While traveling through the Skids, the enforcer for Thin Noodles Ma. They
characters see a band of thugs tearing up were looking for Zhao Chen. This is his
a merchant’s shop. Read the following: territory. Zhao is very powerful—people
The merchant stands to one side, say he even commands demons to his
yelling in dismay, but the vandals ignore bidding! He would stop Fei, but no one
his protests. A young boy runs out of the has seen him for a week.”
store and begins tugging at one of the Wing says Fei’s men have become
men, who promptly picks the child up increasingly aggressive in their
and throws him into the street. Another questioning of the locals. If Zhao is not
thug emerges, pulling a woman by the found, he’s worried someone is going to
hair and making comments that—while be injured or even killed soon. He adds
in Chinese—are clearly lewd and that the marshal, Long-Haired Tony,
threatening. turns a blind eye because it looks like a
This should be enough to provoke your turf war between members of the Shan
heroes into intervening. If not, the boy or Fan Triad.
the shopkeeper begs passing hombres to Wing doesn’t expect the posse to go
help. The men, Triad “rascals,” gladly toe-to-toe with one of the Big Bosses
turn on any interlopers that get between of the Triad. As far as Wing and his
them and their intended victims. neighbors are concerned, they pay
They fight until half their number is protection money to Zhao and this is his
Incapacitated, at which time they attempt problem. However, he’s willing to offer
to flee, vowing revenge as they do. the heroes $250 on behalf of the local
Should the posse not step in, the merchants if they’ll find Zhao.
thugs continue vandalizing the shop
and roughing up the shopkeeper and Thin Noodles, Big Plans
his family. Eventually, they tire of What Wing doesn’t know is Thin
their sport, but promise to return. As Noodles Ma has heard rumors of Zhao’s
they leave, they sneer at any cowardly sorcery. As a rule, Big Ears Tam, leader
assemblage of sodbusters who stood by of the Shan Fan Triad, frowns on his
and watched their assault. members being involved with the dark
arts, and when Tam frowns, Shan Fan
• Thugs (2, plus 1 per hero): Use Martial
undertakers grin. However, Ma has
Artist stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s
been getting schooled in sorcery on the
sly by Kang himself and decided to pick

G lu ttonous O gre
up a little extra-credit by taking it out of on the southwest corner of the building
Zhao’s hide. leads to the former office, but it’s locked
If Thin Noodles Ma has already been and requires a Lockpicking roll to open.
sent to take a dirt nap in your campaign, Inside, the investigators find the
Marshal, that’s fine. He’s enough of a warehouse still contains many crates
scoundrel to be a prime piece of manitou and barrels. Stacked up to 10 feet high
real estate, so it’s safe to assume he’s in places, they turn the large room into
been Harrowed. If you don’t want to go a veritable maze. A suspended walkway
that route, Fei Ya-Hung might be looking hugs walls of the storeroom about 12 feet
to steal Zhao’s secrets for himself. above the floor.
Any cowpoke entering the room must
Canvassing the Neighborhood
make a Guts roll against nausea. Read
The cowpokes quickly find finding the following:
Zhao isn’t as simple as asking directions
The building resembles a charnel
at the local saloon. The neighborhood
house more than a warehouse—and a
residents are more than a little suspicious
badly kept one at that. The stink of rotten
of outsiders poking into their business
blood fills the room so thickly it‘s almost
even on a good day. Add in Fei’s thugs
tangible. Piles of viscera and body parts
and it takes a snakeoil salesman to even
lie haphazardly around the main floor.
get most to answer a door!
Examining the floor allows a hero
Communication is also a problem
to make a Tracking roll. On a success,
unless someone in the posse speaks a
she finds a number of large, clawed
dialect of Chinese. Any Streetwise roll
humanoid footprints. The tracks wander
to locate Zhao is automatically at –2 due
through the piles of gore, and there are
to the circumstances, even if the heroes
several sets leading in and out of the
speak Chinese. If no one speaks a Chinese
warehouse’s main doors.
dialect but they manage to scrounge up
an interpreter, the roll is at –4. (Wing can At the center of the main floor is a
help them find one if the heroes think to cleared area surrounded by strange
ask him.) If the sodbusters try to get by symbols (actually Chinese pictographs).
with hand gestures and speaking loudly, With a Knowledge (Occult) roll, a hero
give them a –6 penalty instead! who can read Chinese recognizes the
symbols as bindings for some sort of
A success on the Streetwise roll points
demon. With a raise, she realizes the
the group toward a warehouse on the
bindings are disastrously flawed.
edge of Stinktown that was rumored to
be Zhao’s base. Within the area bounded by the
symbols is a broken length of chain
attached to an eyebolt in the floor.
Belly o’ the Beast
The ogre made its lair in a cleared space
The warehouse holding Zhao’s in the northeast corner of the warehouse.
headquarters is a dark and apparently If the heroes head in that direction,
lifeless two-story building on the edge of Fei Ya-Hung and his henchmen enter
Stinktown. A pair of large sliding doors immediately. Otherwise, the Triad
provides access to the main floor. They rascals appear after the posse has had
are closed, but anyone checking finds time to take in the carnage and the
them unlocked. Numerous windows ominous implications of the mystical
ring the building, but they’ve been wards.
boarded from the inside. A smaller door

G rim P rai rie T rails

Zhao’s Warehouse

Party Crashers • Bodyguard: Use Martial Artist

The sorcerer is accompanied by a (Superior) stats in the Deadlands
large number of his thugs, all of whom Marshal’s Handbook. Yan is not a Wild
carry hatchets. Close by his side is a Card—unless you want to make this a
dour, shirtless man whose chest and face really tough fight, Marshal!
are heavily scarred. Clearly, Fei came
gunning for a fight. Fei Ya-Hung
Upon seeing the posse, the sorcerer Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d10,
says, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d8
“I did not think to see you interlopers Skills: Fighting d6, Guts d6,
so soon. My luck is indeed great today, Intimidation d8, Knowledge (Occult) d8,
for now I may kill two birds with but a Notice d6, Spellcasting d10, Taunt d6
single stone! I will learn Zhao’s secrets Charisma: 0; Grit: 3; Pace: 6; Parry: 5;
while exacting my revenge!” Toughness: 6
With that, he orders his men to attack. Hindrances: Greedy (Major), Mean,
The thugs gang up on heroes when Overconfident
possible, while Fei’s bodyguard stays
Edges: Arcane Background (Black
close to him. Fei first casts deflection on
Magic), Command, Power Points, Fervor
himself, then quickness on his bodyguard.
Powers: Bolt, deflection, entangle,
• Thugs (3, plus 2 per hero): Use Martial
quickness. Power Points: 15
Artist stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s
Handbook. These henchman are all Gear: Knife (Str+d4).
armed with axes (Str+d6).

G lu ttonous O gre

Feed Me! Triad chain. Zhao was meticulous in his

After three rounds of combat, the record-keeping, and surprisingly honest
gluttonous ogre charges out of the in his dealings with his bosses.
northeast corner of the warehouse. It is There is also a locked strongbox in the
also roused by anyone unlucky enough desk, requiring a Lockpicking roll (–2)
to enter its lair. The ogre is over 10 feet to open. In it is only $50 dollars—Zhao
tall and quite powerful, plowing straight had already made his weekly payment
through the walls of crates as often as it before his death. Had he triumphed
goes around them. over the posse, Fei would have been
The abomination’s body is missing disappointed: Zhao never actually
large chunks of flesh as Zhao’s supply possessed any arcane texts. He was
of food did not keep up with its hunger. working from the memory of one he’d
The creature took to eating bits of itself read years ago.
before it broke loose a few days ago. A Any caballero with a strong enough
large chunk is missing from its abdomen stomach can go poking through the
and, often as not, anything—or anyone— half-digested remains scattered around
it eats falls out shortly thereafter, which the warehouse and find a few odds and
explains the chunks of flesh the posse ends—cufflinks, a watch, a pair of gold
found around the warehouse. The heaps teeth, etc.—which can fetch another $50
of gore are all that remains of Zhao and in a pawnshop… once they’re cleaned up
his rascals. a little. The crates themselves are either
The ogre has been able to feed only a empty or packed with largely worthless
little from nearby slaughterhouses, so goods, like canvas tarps, substandard
it isn’t about to pass up home delivery building supplies, etc.
of fresh meat. The monster makes no Shortly after they leave Zhao’s
distinction between the Triad enforcers warehouse, the heroes are met by Long-
and the posse. If a victim proves too Haired Tony. The marshal says,
capable of defending itself, it moves to “Big Ears Tam, a local businessman
another, trying to kill as many as it can, and owner of the warehouse, thanks you
as quickly as it can. for your efforts.”
The ogre fights until slain, wholly Allow the players a Common
driven by its hellish appetite. Fortunately, Knowledge roll with the appropriate
Fei and his men aren’t quite as fanatical. modifiers to recognize that Tam is the
After more than two-thirds of his men head of the Shan Fan Triad.
fall, Fei seeks to beat a retreat. If Fei and Tony adds,
his bodyguard are Incapacitated, the “Tam would consider it a personal
remaining rascals flee. favor to him if you were to turn over any
Gluttonous Ogre: See page 55. documents you may have recovered from
his warehouse. Got any?”
Wrap the Rest to Go
If the heroes give the marshal any
When the t’ao t’ieh and the sorcerer are ledgers they may have taken, Big Ears
defeated, the posse is free to explore the Tam takes that into consideration in
rest of the warehouse. The office holds future dealings. On the other hand, if
dozens of ledgers, all in Chinese. These they don’t, let’s just say he takes that into
detail payments to Zhao from local consideration as well…
merchants, and his payments up the

According to legends, the hodag is formed by the spirits of mistreated
oxen and other similar beasts. While this monster is perhaps best
known among the lumberjacks of the northern Midwest forests, it’s
encountered anywhere one might find oxen, Longhorns, or even buffalo
and bison. Descriptions of it vary somewhat, but most agree it has a
pair of horns, clawed feet, fangs, and a disposition not much better
than that of a wet wolverine.

Those of us in the know—and that

now includes you, Marshal—realize it Hodag
isn’t really old Bessie’s ghost inhabiting a Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d4, Spirit
hodag, but rather a good, old-fashioned d4, Strength d10, Vigor d10
manitou. Now, as a rule manitou don’t Skills: Fighting d8, Intimidation d8,
usually cotton to reanimating normal Notice d8, Stealth d6, Tracking d10
critters. Hodags represent one of the rare Pace: 8; Parry: 6; Toughness: 12 (1)
exceptions to this, mainly because the
Special Abilities:
manitou takes a few liberties with the
body it brings back. • Armor (+1): The monster’s hide is
tough and leathery.
True to the legends, a hodag retains its
horns. Its hide cures into a hard, scaly • Bite/Hooves/Horns/Tail: Str+d6.
armor. Rigor mortis pulls the flesh from • Coup (Bull Strength): The deader’s
the creature’s teeth, making them look Strength die type increases one level.
larger and almost fanglike. The animal’s So does his stench. Notice rolls to
spine protrudes through its toughened detect the deader’s decaying odor
skin, giving it a spiked appearance. receive a +4 bonus, or +2 if alcohol is
Finally, the bones in its tail grow into used to mask the scent.
sharp barbs, turning its former flyswatter • Fear (–1): Anyone encountering a
into an implement of bloodletting. hodag must make a Guts roll (–1).
Hodags are quadropedal by nature • Fearless: Hodags are immune to Fear
and often choose to begin an attack by and Intimidation.
charging. However, they are capable • Gore: Hodags can charge to gore their
of rising onto their hind legs for opponents with their horns. If they
extended periods. This might lead a can move at least 6” before attacking,
more classically educated cowpoke to they add +4 to their damage total.
mistake them for another creature of • Improved Sweep: When using its
legend—the Minotaur. And just like that horns or spiked tail, the hodag can
mythical monster, hodags usually have a attack all adjacent targets with a
hankerin’ for human flesh. single Fighting attack. Resolve each

H odag
damage roll separately. The hodag
cannot use Improved Sweep during Savage Tale:
the same round in which it uses its The Minotaur
Gore ability.
• Miasma: Anyone within 25 feet of This Savage Tale begins at night as the
a hodag must make a Vigor roll (–2) heroes are camped or traveling through
or receive a –2 penalty to all Trait plains or similar terrain. Alternatively,
rolls as a result of the overpowering the posse may even be employed as
stench of decay that surrounds the cowboys for the Clanton family and
abomination. riding night watch on the herd.
• Size +2: Hodags are large creatures, Stampede!
weighing nearly half a ton. When A low rumbling gives mere moments
standing on their hind legs, these of warning before a wall of frightened
creatures are over eight feet tall. cattle rolls out of the dark right at the
• Undead: +2 Toughness; +2 to recover posse! Allow each hero a Notice roll
from being Shaken; Called shots deal to avoid being surprised. Those who
no additional damage; Immune to succeed have one round to find
disease and poison. cover or mount up. Those
who fail are caught by
surprise—and likely in
a bad way!
Any saddletramp
unlucky enough
to be caught on
foot in front of
the stampeding
beeves must
make an Agility
roll (–2). On a
failure, the poor
sod is kicked
and butted by a
few of the cattle
as they rush
past and suffers
2d6+2 damage. If
a character rolls a
1 on her Agility die,
regardless of her Wild
Die’s result, she’s knocked
down and trampled,
taking 4d6+4 damage.
A hero lucky enough
to be mounted before
the herd overtakes
him can substitute

G rim P rai rie T rails
a Riding roll (–2) instead. If he fails his If the heroes agree, Clanton gives
Riding roll, though, both he and his them rough directions back to where the
mount take 2d6+2 damage. As before, attack took place.
rolling a 1 on the Riding die, regardless “I figure the bushwhackers came out
of the Wild Die, means he and his horse o’ Buffalo Drop Canyon to the south.
are knocked down and take 4d6+4 from There’s only one way in, but once you’re
the trampling! in, them badlands get to be like a maze.
It requires two successful Agility or Still, they cut nearly 50 head, so it
Riding rolls in a row—or a raise on one— shouldn’t be too hard to track them even
for a pedestrian to make it to relative there. Also, my boy’s mare threw a shoe
safety. earlier today—that might help you track
Rustlers in the Night The Legend o’ Buffalo Drop
About 10 minutes after the stampede Should any of the characters ask about
roars through, a wounded rider gallops the name of the canyon, Jim explains:
up to the heroes. The man is in his late
“They say back before the white man
thirties and has obviously been shot
came, Injuns used to drive buffalo off
in the right shoulder. He’s barely able
cliffs into the canyon in mass hunts.
to stay on his horse, but draped across
Later, buffalo hunters from the railroads
the saddle in front of him is another,
would chase large groups of the animals
younger man. He says,
in there and shoot them from up on the
“Name’s Jim Clanton. Me and my boys canyon walls.
were bringing the herd in for the night
“So many of them critters died in there
when a whole slew of rustlers jumped us.
over the years, there are places where the
They shot me and Mark here—he’s my
bones lay thick as gravel on the canyon
oldest—then cut the herd and stampeded
floor. Folks hereabouts claim the canyon’s
the rest. My other boy, Davy…he took
haunted by ghosts of them dead buffalo,
off after ’em. He’s barely 13, but with
and most steer clear. Probably makes it
Mark shot up, I couldn’t stop him.”
a good hideout for a bunch of no-good
Jim’s wounded, but Mark’s in dire rustlers.”
straits. Unless he gets medical aid soon,
Or it would be if it weren’t home to
he’s not likely to make it. Jim’s taking
a hodag that has taken offense at the
him to a nearby town about another
outlaws encroaching on its territory…
hour away where there is a doctor. The
attack took place a little over an hour
ago, so short of greater healing, there’s no Into the Labyrinth
quick fix for the men’s wounds. Should the posse agree to Jim’s request,
“Listen, you folks don’t know me it’s easy for them to find their way to the
from Adam, but if you could find it in site of the original ambush. Even in the
your hearts to go after them rattlesnakes dark, it’s not too tough to follow the trail
and bring my boy back, I’d appreciate of a stampeding herd of cattle, and they
it. I ain’t got nothin’ to offer ’cept my have Jim’s directions to help.
gratitude and maybe a couple slices About 45 minutes after meeting the
of beefsteak when—if—I get my cattle rancher, the party arrives at the scene
back.” of the rustlers’ attack. Any cowpoke
making a Tracking roll (+2) determines

H odag
that over a dozen men were involved in Buffalo Drop Canyon
the attack and that they came up from Fear Level: 4
the south like Jim guessed. Afterwards,
Inside, Buffalo Drop opens up into
they headed back the same way with
a twisted collection of channels, side
nearly 50 beeves. A raise on the roll finds
canyons, and dead-ends, a sort of poor
the tracks of a horse missing one shoe,
man’s Badlands. Fortunately, the rustlers
also headed south.
and their purloined herd left a fairly
Rear Guard obvious trail. A simple Tracking roll
The trail leads to the entrance to a every 10 minutes keeps the posse on the
steep-walled, sandstone valley. The right trail. A raise on the roll also finds
mouth of the canyon is narrow, only the tracks of Davy’s horse in the mix,
about 25 feet across, and the walls rise apparently following a short distance
over 50 feet above the canyon floor. A behind the outlaws. With a failure, the
small stream flows out of the ravine, a heroes have to spend another 10 minutes
shadow of the river that must have once backtracking and searching for signs
flowed through it. before the group can attempt another
Tracking roll.
The rustlers sent a few of their number
back to dissuade anyone on their trail About 10 minutes into the canyon, the
from continuing the pursuit. Luckily, heroes come across what at first appears
Davy slipped through before the rustlers to be a stretch of white sand covering the
thought to watch their back trail, but by floor near the base of one of the taller
the time the posse arrives, the rustlers cliff walls. Closer examination reveals
are in place and waiting. The outlaws that chunks of bone, horn, and a few
are hidden in cover near the entrance to buffalo skulls are mixed in with the
the canyon, and open fire on the heroes “sand.” The white substance is actually
with their rifles once the posse closes to the powdered remains of hundreds—
within 24”. possibly even thousands—of buffalo that
have died here over the centuries.
If more than three-quarters of the
outlaws are Incapacitated, the rest try Culling the Herd
to flee, but won’t surrender under any Not long after they leave the bone
circumstances. Rustling is a hanging field, gunshots ring out ahead of the
offense by itself, and adding attempted party. Allow the characters a Notice
murder isn’t likely to sway a jury to roll, including modifiers for hearing.
leniency. The outlaws have their mounts Those who succeed hear what sounds
hobbled about 100 yards behind them in like a large animal moving at a gallop
the canyon, and make for them if things somewhere ahead but can’t pinpoint a
go badly. location due to the echoes. With a raise
• Rustlers (1 per hero): Use Outlaw on the roll, a sharp-eared sodbuster
stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s detects that something about the sound
Handbook. The rustlers are armed with isn’t quite right: There don’t seem to be
Winchester ’73 rifles (Range 24/48/96, enough hoofbeats for a steer or horse.
Damage 2d8, RoF 1, Shots 15, AP 2) and A few minutes later, the posse comes
20 spare rounds. across the bodies of a pair of recently
slain outlaws and their horses. The
men have apparently been gored
and trampled by cattle. A successful

G rim P rai rie T rails

Rustler’s Den

Knowledge (Medicine) or Healing roll

reveals several slashes on their bodies
Rustler’s Den
more consistent with a saber or bullwhip The cattle thieves have corralled the
than the horns of a steer. herd in a wide spot where several side
Any cowpoke making a Tracking roll canyons meet. The rustlers are more
learns little. The area is literally covered than a bit on edge. The fact locals avoided
in the tracks of both horses and cattle as Buffalo Drop Canyon made it seem like a
the rustlers passed through here not that perfect hideout—until the hodag started
long ago. picking off rustlers a little while ago. No
one’s seen it (and lived), but most are
Horns of a Dilemma sure there’s something in the canyon
After making three successful Tracking with them. They’re now jumping at any
rolls in a row, the posse manages to find sound that echoes through the maze.
its way through Buffalo Drop Canyon If the heroes try to sneak into the camp
to the rustler’s hideout. If the posse has or around it, treat the bandits as active
managed to identify the tracks of Davy’s guards. If the posse attempts to parlay
horse, they discover it breaks off from with them, the outlaws state their case
the herd and heads into a side canyon with bullets. Like the outlaws at the
a short distance before the trail leads to entrance, none of the rustlers have any
the outlaws’ camp. intention of surrendering.
It’s up to the posse whether they follow Only a rope corral holds the cattle in a
Davy or go straight for the rustlers. small box canyon nearby. Should gunfire
break out, the herd likely stampedes—
especially if anyone cuts the rope!

H odag
• Rustlers (2, plus 1 per hero): Use
Outlaw stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s
Handbook. Armed with Colt Army Adventure Link
revolvers (Range 12/24/48, Damage
If you want to tie this adventure
2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots 6, AP 1), 25 spare to the Savage Tale At the End of His
rounds. Rope (on page 79), you can let your
• Gang Leader: Use Gunman stats in the cowpokes find a Rolling S brand at
Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook. Armed the rustler’s camp.
with a Winchester ’76 (Range 24/48/96, After all, if a ruthless cattle baron
Damage 2d8, RoF 1, Shots 15, AP 2), a like Slade isn’t above murder, he’s
Colt Peacemaker (Range 12/24/48, certainly not above stealing a few
Damage 2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots 6, AP 1), cows!
and 20 spare rounds for each.

Following Davy’s horse leads the
party to a small cul-de-sac. His mare
is standing near the base of small
sandstone spire, but Davy is nowhere
to be seen. A Winchester rifle lies on
the ground not far from the mare. The
horse itself is covered in a sheen of
sweat and its mouth is frothing. Even a
tinhorn can see the animal is nervous
and on the verge of bolting. Round-Up
A young voice echoes down from the After the abomination is defeated,
top of the spire, Davy climbs down. He tells the party he
“Shoot it!” was trying to get the drop on the rustlers
by sneaking around a side canyon when
Just then, a sound like caged thunder
the monster trapped him. If they’ve not
erupts from the shadows on the far side
yet encountered the main rustler camp,
of the arroyo. Allow the heroes a Notice
Davy insists they go after the outlaws
roll. Those who fail are surprised as
and recover his family’s herd.
the hodag rushes out of the darkness,
charging at the nearest posse member. Of course, if the heroes haven’t already
Of course, those who succeed have to taken care of the rustlers, the bandits
make Guts checks—don’t forget the Fear have heard the sounds of the battle with
Level of 4 in the canyon! the hodag and might have a welcoming
committee waiting for them…
After its initial charge, the hodag tries
to stay as close to the largest clump of
characters as it can, relying on its stench
to help even the odds. When possible, it
employs its barbed tail or horns to attack
multiple victims at once. The monster
fights to the death, trying to take as
many of the heroes with it as it can.
Hodag: See page 60.

At first glance, a javeranha is a deceptively unimpressive critter.
It appears in many ways similar to its less dangerous cousin, the
javelina. At about three to four feet long and between 50 and 60
lbs., it’s about as big as a mid-sized dog. It does sport a nasty pair
of tusks, and it looks capable of inflicting a nasty cut or two, but
doesn’t appear to be a serious threat to a grown cowpoke.

The animal’s fur is coarse and a mix

of brown, black, and gray, except around
its snout which is usually stained a
distinctive deep red. The “red mask”
is one of the first warning signs an
hombre gets that he’s not facing
the more common javelina. The
red staining comes from the blood
of the creature’s prey. Unlike their
more docile cousins, javeranhas are
ferocious carnivores.
Two things make javeranhas one of
the most feared creatures prowling the
scablands and deserts of the southwest.
The first is you never encounter just one
of the little buggers. Javeranhas hunt
in packs often numbering 30 or more.
Anyone with a six-shooter is more than
a match for one—or possibly even half
a dozen—of these desert pig-rats, but
given that the larger packs are far more
common, a six-shooter probably won’t
Second, javeranhas are driven by a
bloodlust second only to sharks, rabid
dogs, and lawyers. Once they catch wind
of prey, the little critters go berserk,
swarming like angry bees—sporting
six-inch tusks. By the way, these furry
buzzsaws consider anything that walks,

J averanha
crawls, or slithers “prey,” and they’re in the Southwest, either riding shotgun or
always hungry. simply as passengers. Before departing,
Driven by instinct, javeranhas always they learn a number of coaches have
try to gang up on their victims. In failed to complete the next stage of the
combat, they ignore other attackers to route. The vehicles are found empty.
gain numerical superiority over a lone Even the horses are gone.
victim. A pack of a few dozen javeranhas Rumor has it that a gang of particularly
poses a dire threat to anything short of a bloodthirsty outlaws has set up along the
Mojave rattler. When possible, they focus stretch of trail ahead. In reality, a crazed
their attacks on wounded targets, not old coot named Rufus has become
due to any tactical advantage, but simply convinced he can communicate with
because the smell of fresh blood drives javeranhas. He ambushes folks passing
them mad. through the region and feeds his victims
Like other peccaries, javeranhas emit a to the vicious little critters.
strong, pig-like odor. Folks familiar with Ironically, an outlaw gang has moved
the voracious creatures have learned into the vicinity as well, drawn by the
to recognize the smell and make for remoteness of the locale. Unfortunately
shelter—or at least a tree—when they for them, they’re about to meet up with
catch wind of it. the top predators in the area…

Stick ’Em Up!

Around midday, the coach is trundling
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d4 (A), through a hot and dusty stretch of
Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d8 desert when a single, booming gunshot
Skills: Fighting d6, Guts d6, rings out. One of the horses on the team
Intimidation d6, Notice d8 squeals and falls dead, shot through the
Pace: 8; Parry: 5; Toughness: 5 neck. The rest of the team, now tangled
Special Abilities: in the harness, skids to a halt.
• Alertness: The animal has an acute The driver draws his pistol, warning
sense of smell and hearing, granting his passengers to do the same. With a
+2 to Notice rolls. successful Notice roll, a hero hears a
• Fleet-Footed: A javeranha rolls a d10 distant snort or grunt. This is Rufus
when running. calling nearby javeranhas. He also shot
the horse, trapping the coach and its
• Frenzy: Javeranhas make two attacks
each round at a –2 penalty.
Moments later, a group of men rides
• Size –1: An average specimen is about
up and orders everyone off the coach,
the size of a dog.
at gunpoint. If no one resists, they strip
• Tusks: Str+d4. everything of value from them and the
vehicle, including weapons, before riding
off. If the heroes resist, the gunmen fight
Savage Tale: back until at least half their number are
Open Ground Incapacitated or Shaken, at which point
they flee. The stage driver fights back
This Savage Tale begins with the posse only if the characters do.
on a stagecoach traveling through an
• Outlaws (1, plus 1 per hero): Use
uninhabited stretch of desert, preferably
Outlaw stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s

G rim P rai rie T rails
Handbook. The bandits are armed with half-hour before trotting off, leaving no
Colt Army revolvers (Range 12/24/48, trace of their victims, not even bones.
Damage 2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots 6, AP 1), 25 • Javeranhas (50): See page 67.
spare rounds, and a horse.
• Stagecoach Driver: Use Townsfolk Rock Hoppin’
stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s
The posse finds itself in the middle of
Handbook, but give him Shooting d6.
nowhere and likely without any mode
He is armed with a Colt Lightning
of transportation except the heel-toe
(Range 12/24/48, Damage 2d6, RoF 1,
express. Given the horde of javeranhas
Shots 6, AP 1) and 10 spare rounds.
somewhere out in the desert, walking
Varmint Swarm 10 miles to the next station might not
Shortly after the banditos depart— be particularly appealing. However,
whether with the posse’s valuables or it’s at least another two days before the
just a few bullets in their backsides—the next scheduled coach will pass, and the
first javeranhas reach the scene. Read vehicle has precious little water.
the following just before you deal Action If the posse tries to wait it out on the
Cards, Marshal: coach, remind them the temperature is
You hear a flurry of grunts and pig-like well above 90 degrees and there is no
squeals coming from a nearby arroyo. water in sight. Every four hours, any
characters still in the blistering heat face
Abruptly, a herd of four-legged
Vigor rolls (–1) to avoid gaining a level of
creatures, each the size of your average
Fatigue, per Savage Worlds.
pooch, bursts out of the dry wash about
20 yards away. They rush at you in a Worse, the javeranhas return about
wave of fur and clashing tusks, snorting every hour, called by Rufus. Each time,
and squealing like a frenzied swarm. the now-familiar distant snorts and
grunts are audible beforehand. Success
Luckily, the monsters focus on the
on a Notice roll discerns that these calls
easiest prey the first few rounds, so
have a human origin, not animal. Rufus’s
at first the characters only have to
feedings have amassed a huge number
outrun any nearby corpses. Heroes who
of the beasts. Their numbers replenish
scamper onto the coach are safe from
each time they return, while the heroes’
the hungry piglets—they’re ferocious,
ammunition doesn’t.
but high-jumping isn’t among their
skills! Any sodbuster still on the ground Should that not be enough to encourage
after a round or two draws the porcine the group to get a move on, make a
predators’ attention, though. Common Knowledge or Knowledge
(Science) roll for each character to realize
The beasts concentrate around any
it’s very probable the animals, like most
food source on the ground—including
desert creatures, are even more active
corpses and the remaining horses.
after dark, when it’s cooler.
Should any of your heroes have a
favored mount, Marshal, feel free to let The characters might already have an
the horse escape into the wilderness for idea that climbing isn’t exactly the strong
the duration of the adventure. suit of the little carnivores. Any hero
that takes a gander at the surrounding
Only when the passengers put down a
countryside can make a Survival roll (or
quarter of their number do the javeranhas
roll Smarts at –2) to figure out there are
retreat into the desert. Otherwise, they
numerous terrain features that could
scrounge around the area for nearly a

J averanha

Rufus’s Box Canyon

provide safe haven from a javeranha nearest terrain suitable for refuge is 1d6
attack—trees, boulders, and the like— x 10” away. The little monsters attack
spaced every few hundred yards or so. until the posse manages to reach safety
By moving from one to the other, the or Incapacitate at least half their number.
group might be able to keep ahead of the • Javeranhas (4d10): See page 67.
beasts until they reach safety.
The driver remains with his coach, Get Off o’ My Land
whatever the posse decides. If you feel your caballeros are
having too easy a time warding off the
Help Me into the Tree! cannibalistic cob-rollers, here’s a rotten
If the heroes try to hoof it, let them apple to chuck in their feed trough. As
get a mile or two from the coach before the group races the javeranhas to its next
harassing them with attacks from the safe harbor, pistol shots ring out, kicking
diminutive marauders. There are many up dust near the heroes’ feet.
nests of the creatures along this stretch The bandits that accosted the stage
of the trail and each time the heroes earlier have also run afoul of the
pass in noseshot of one, a small pack of bloodthirsty peccaries. The survivors
javeranha burst out to attack, rushing have taken shelter atop the same spot the
from under outcroppings, thickets of posse was eyeing and have no intention
brush, or dry creek beds. of sharing!
The javeranhas are within 1d4 x 10” The outlaws, trapped between the
of the group when they emerge from a heroes and the javeranhas, have no
nest. Each time the animals attack, the intention of surrendering. They force the

G rim P rai rie T rails
The smoke rises from a small box
canyon not far from the trail. The
Adventure Link canyon’s entrance is blocked by a stout
wood fence adorned with sharpened
If the posse searches Rufus’ cabin,
a Notice roll discovers a worn copy wooden spikes. A single, man-sized gate
of a family Bible. Inside, it lists its stands closed and barred in the middle of
owner as Rufus Squatpump. The the fence.
family tree is so convoluted that at Behind the barrier is a ramshackle
times it doubles back on itself. This cabin that looks like it was built out of
is a reference to the Squatpump whatever wood was closest at hand at the
gang (see page 101). time of construction.
The characters can attempt to scale
the fence with a Climbing roll or an
Agility roll (at –2). Any saddletramp that
fails takes 1d6 damage from the spikes,
but can try again if he’s a glutton for
On the other hand, calling out to the
cabin brings the owner to the structure’s
porch in a matter of moments.

Old Man Rufus

The owner of the shack is every bit
posse to fight a running battle with both as coarse-looking as his residence. His
them and the ravening desert piglets. age appears to be somewhere between
his mid–60s and three days dead. His
• Outlaws (1 per 2 heroes): Use Outlaw
white beard is patchy, although close
stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s
examination reveals the bare patches
Handbook, armed as before. The bandits
are actually just tobacco stains. He’s
no longer have their mounts.
missing several teeth and many of those
• Javeranhas (20): See page 67. remaining don’t look to be of any use
besides causing a toothache.
Any Creepy Cabin The old man rushes to the fence in a
in a Storm limping run to open the gate, ushering
After a few footraces with the them inside hurriedly. He quickly
javeranhas, allow the heroes to make introduces himself as “Ol’ Rufus” and
Notice rolls. Those who succeed spot says,
a faint smoke trail rising from a short “If you folks didn’t notice, there’s some
distance ahead of their current sanctuary. right nasty pigs hereabouts!”
If they decide to make for the smoke, it’s Rufus asks the heroes how they came
up to you to decide how many more run- to be in his neck of the woods. After
ins with the half-pint hogs you want to their tale, he explains the wild pigs
stage before they reach the source. have always been a problem, but they’ve
When they get there, read the gotten worse recently due to a large
following: and particularly aggressive pig he calls
“Lucifer.” He says he’s been hunting

J averanha
Lucifer for over a year now, but the beast hatred of Rufus. If the party opens the
is unnaturally cunning. door or otherwise exposes Rufus to the
He invites the party to bed down in javeranhas, the critters immediately
his canyon for the night. He has little to focus on him. The last the posse sees of
offer but some smoked meat and rotgut the madman is as he runs off screaming
whisky he makes himself, but adds that into the night, pursued by a mass of
the fence does keep the javeranhas at blood-maddened javeranhas.
bay. • Javeranhas (50): See page 67.
Mostly, Rufus is spinning a story to
lower the heroes’ guard, but Lucifer does Lucifer
exist. Rufus actually sees him as a rival
for control of the javeranhas. In return, Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6 (A),
Lucifer hates the old man with a passion Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d8
for pretty much the same reasons. Rufus Skills: Fighting d8, Guts d6,
would like nothing better than to be rid Intimidation d6, Notice d6
of the boar, but he’s afraid to take direct Pace: 8; Parry: 6; Toughness: 6
action against the beast for fear of raising Special Abilities:
the ire of the other peccaries. • Alertness: The animal has an acute
sense of smell and hearing.
Feeding Frenzy
If the posse takes Rufus up on his offer, • Fleet-Footed: Lucifer rolls a d10 when
he lets them camp inside his canyon that running.
night, but not inside his cabin. Some • Frenzy: This large javeranha makes
time after midnight, preferably after the two attacks each round at a –2
posse beds down, Rufus slips out and penalty.
unlatches the gate. If he’s observed, he • Tusks: Str+d4.
claims he’s either visiting the outhouse
or just checking the fence before bed.
Ol’ Rufus
If he’s successful in opening the gate,
when he gets back to the cabin’s porch, he Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit
calls the javeranhas with his trademark d8, Strength d8, Vigor d10
grunt, then steps inside and bars the Skills: Fighting d6, Guts d6,
door. The animals begin flooding into Intimidation d6, Notice d8, Shooting d8,
the canyon within two rounds. During Stealth d10, Taunt d6
that time, Rufus uses his Springfield rifle Charisma: –2/–4; Grit: +2; Pace: 6;
to pick off any sod who tries to secure Parry: 5; Toughness: 7
the gate. Hindrances: Bloodthirsty, Delusional
The hogs, led by Lucifer, go wild in (Believes he can speak to javeranhas),
a feeding frenzy once they enter the Ugly
canyon. Rufus laughs and capers inside Edges: Alertness, Combat Reflexes
his cabin—however, he did not shutter Gear: Springfield .58 rifle (Range
the windows prior to hiding inside, so 24/48/96, Damage 2d10, RoF 1, Shots 1,
the posse can easily break in. He takes AP 2, reload 2), Bowie knife (Str+d4+1),
potshots at anyone trying to enter the 10 spare rounds.
The posse can easily turn the tables on
the crazed coot, as Lucifer has an unholy

Contrary to what some may suspect, carnival owner Jebediah
Nightlinger has few nefarious motivations. He is first and foremost a
showman, looking to ride his carnival’s unique exhibits to fame. Season
that ambition with an unhealthy dose of curiosity and a mild salting
of greed and you find most of the motivation for his interest in the

The enigmatic air he projects is almost frequent cryptic references and veiled
entirely an act, although Nightlinger has hints. In truth, he knows only a little
seen more of the occult than all but the more than even a casual student of the
most experienced Agency operatives occult, but he is such a talented tale-
or Texas Rangers. However, unlike the spinner—and practiced liar—that it is
more dedicated monster hunters in the almost impossible to pin the man down
world, Nightlinger is far less interested on any statement. He is careful to avoid
in unraveling the secrets behind the making claims that an observer can
Reckoning than he is on spinning the dispute with fact. On the rare occasion
tale that draws the largest crowd to his this does happen, Nightlinger simply
tent. He goes out of his way to track implies that he has knowledge of factors
down creatures and artifacts of unusual that the challenger has either overlooked
natures, but he seldom spends much or ignored, often with as simple a retort
time researching them—beyond how as, “Ah, that would be the case normally,
much said purchase will lighten his wouldn’t it?”
wallet, that is.
The Carnival’s in Town
He dresses the part of the mysterious
stranger even when he’s not hosting Nightlinger’s Traveling Exhibition of
a show. Nightlinger favors long coats the Extraordinary can fulfill a variety
and top hats, all in dark fabric. He is of roles in your campaign. Nightlinger’s
always impeccably groomed, with a displays can serve as springboards for
neatly trimmed moustache and beard. further investigations on the part of
A skilled sleight-of-hand artist, he also the posse. On occasion, the ringleader
relies on simple parlor tricks and the like funds small expeditions if he believes
to enhance his carefully crafted persona. the potential reward tempting enough.
The carnival also draws a smorgasbord
In conversation, he further fosters the
of unusual customers, from scholars
impression that he is privy to secrets
“man was not meant to know” by

J ebediah N ightlinger
to cultists, and from Agents to fortune visit to Nightlinger’s a new experience
tellers—and everyone in between. for your posse, allowing you to reuse
Depending on how you present the carnival as a distraction, a hook for
him, your hombres may begin to view new adventures, or even a semi-nomadic
Nightlinger as an amusing sideshow base of operations if your heroes are so
entertainer, a client, a long-term patron, inclined.
or even something of an adversary, albeit One of the main reasons the
one who complicates their lives more Exhibition so frequently
than threatens them. changes its attractions lies with
Nightlinger himself. He has a
very short attention span and is
Jebediah Nightlinger drawn from one strange story
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d10, to the next, like a bee searching
Spirit d10, Strength d6, Vigor d8 flowers for nectar. All too often
Skills: Fighting d6, Guts d8, his newest exhibit turns out to
Intimidation d8, Knowledge be a bust, a fraud, or worse, it
(History) d8, Knowledge breaks loose and runs amok
(Occult) d6, Notice d8, on the midway. However,
Persuasion d10, Riding he’s nothing if not resilient
d6, Shooting d8, and quickly moves on to
Stealth d10 the next big thing.
Charisma: +2; Grit: That’s good news for
4; Pace: 6; Parry: 5; would-be adventurers,
Toughness: 6 of course. Jebediah
Hindrances: Nightlinger is more
Curious, Greedy (minor), than willing to buy
Overconfident those bizarre oddities
Edges: Charismatic, Great that clutter up many a
Luck, Hard to Kill, Rich, hero’s saddlebags—
Snakeoil Salesman, True Grit the dried
carcass of a
Gear: Deck of cards, fine
clothing, silver-headed cane,
a jackalope’s
Rupertus pepperbox (Range
foot, or a
5/10/20, Damage 2d6, RoF 1, Shots
vampire’s fang.
And if the trophy
case is a little empty,
A Night at the Fair on more than one
Nightlinger’s Traveling Exhibition occasion Nightlinger
of the Extraordinary is never the has dispatched a crew to
same show twice. Certainly there hunt down some bizarre
are attractions that appear more legend he heard of three
than once and a few that are rather towns back.
frequent repeat billings, but it’s rare Here’s a brief sample of
to see the same lineup of performers some of the exhibits and
and exhibits from one town to the performers your hombres
next. This potentially makes each

G rim P rai rie T rails
Aztec mummy: This dried-up husk
may be a bit of creative taxidermy or it
Relic: Wild Bill’s may be an extremely parched nosferatu

Deck that needs just a touch of blood to wake

up. There’s also the chance it’s the remains
Anytime a huckster uses this of a victim of some bizarre abomination.
deck as camouflage for a damage- If so, a piece of modern clothing is
causing hex, the deck grants +2 to likely to tip off observant viewers. This
the Spellcasting roll. But if one becomes especially awkward when one
of the five blood-spattered cards of the posse recognizes the clothing…
is drawn while “dealing with the
Dried blood rose: The dried flower
devil,” it’s an automatic Backfire (see
under glass is exactly what the plaque
the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook),
whether the cards are used in the claims, a blood rose (see Doomsower on
final hand or not. page 43). Unfortunately, Nightlinger
Soon, the deck’s owner starts is only familiar with the benign folklore
dreaming about the fateful day Wild behind the flower and has no idea of the
Bill played his last hand. Because of danger it poses if the plant is still capable
how Hickok was killed, the huckster of spreading its spores!
gains the Dementia (Paranoia) Empty display case: A small empty
Hindrance for as long as she’s in case occupies one of the shelves. If asked
possession of the deck. about it, Nightlinger briefly explains that
it once held a very intricate and lifelike
doll. Unfortunately, he adds, another
might encounter during a visit to customer must have found it irresistible
Nightlinger’s carnival: and spirited it away. Or maybe it’s
missing because it was actually a
minikin (see page 84).
The Medicine Wagon
Soul stone: Nightlinger claims this
The one permanent attraction at lump of blackened ash is the last remains
Nightlinger’s Exhibition is a garishly of a miner who succumbed to ghost rock
painted, wood-walled tinker’s wagon fever. Most likely, it’s just a big piece of
he calls the Medicine Wagon. Inside, he charcoal.
displays all manner of outlandish items,
Wild Bill’s deck: This exhibit consists
each of which he alleges to be unique
of a deck of cards fanned out inside a
and exotic in origin. Nightlinger hosts
glass-topped case. Drops of dried blood
visitors to the wagon personally and
are visible on the Eight of Clubs, Eight of
spins elaborate tales around each of the
Spades, the Ace of Clubs, Ace of Spades,
and the Jack of Diamonds. A tiny brass
The snakeoil salesman regularly placard on the case claims these are the
rotates the displays and isn’t above very cards Wild Bill Hickok was using
relabeling a previous piece as something when he was killed in Deadwood.
entirely different. Below are several
These may be nothing more than a
examples—and whether the items are
deck of cards Nightlinger doctored up
simply not-so-clever fakes or something
with some red paint. If you decide they
more sinister is entirely up to you,
are Wild Bill’s cards, Marshal, see the
sidebar above!

J ebediah N ightlinger
Charisma: –1; Grit: 1; Pace: 6; Parry: 8;
Leopold, the Strongman Toughness: 9
Leopold is a regular attraction Hindrances: Habit (Minor, Braggart),
at Nightlinger’s carnival. True to Overconfident
stereotype, he’s a hulking bald man
Edges: Block, Brawny
with a handlebar moustache, who favors
tight-fitting clothing that highlights his Gear: Sledgehammer (Str+d8, AP 2 vs.
physique. He serves as both entertainer rigid armor, Parry –1, 2 hands).
and literal muscle for Nightlinger,
whether used to erect temporary tents The Mirror Maze
or to knock the heads of overly rowdy A less frequent attraction at
customers. Nightlinger’s carnival is the Mirror
His act begins with a compilation Maze. Its interior is constructed with
of fairly standard feats of strength. glass and mirrored glass set in wooden
Nightlinger takes care to enhance them frames, while the outside is draped in
with some simple stage effects, such as colorful canvas tarps. It takes several
trick weights that are held to the stage by wagons to transport it from stop to stop,
hidden latches, making them impossible so the Maze doesn’t usually make too
for a bystander to lift—but easily hefted many appearances in backwater towns.
by Leopold. Although it is a relatively small and
All of the theatrics are designed with simple labyrinth, the seemingly endless
one goal in mind: to make Leopold reflections confound perceptions and
appear inhumanly strong. When the give the impression it is five or six times
crowd is suitably impressed by Leopold’s its actual size. The mirrors are placed at
physical prowess, the strong man offers angles to enhance the disorientation felt
to take on all comers in bare-knuckle by folks wandering through its corridors.
brawling (Nonlethal damage), with side Oil lamps are strategically placed to
bets encouraged. Given his strength and enhance the illusion of size. Nightlinger
skill, he is a formidable opponent, and often uses dry ice (he’s one of the very
more often than not, he ends a night’s first to do so for this purpose), to provide
performance undefeated. a misty cover to the flooring, further
However, Leopold and Nightlinger confounding perceptions.
occasionally let the betting pool get In and of itself, the Mirror Maze is
lopsided in favor of the strong man, then little more than an amusing way to
throw the final match, but not before pass a few minutes. Given ample time,
they’ve bet on the challenger—through all but the densest of customers can
a proxy, of course. It turns out gamblers eventually stumble from the entrance
get a mite touchy when they think to the exit. Characters inside the web
they’ve been snookered by the house. of mirrors move at half their Pace. At
each intersection, a hero not taking
Leopold, the Strongman precautions, such as keeping a hand
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit on a wall, must make a Notice roll to
d8, Strength d12, Vigor d12 even realize there is an intersection!
If the clueless sap fails the check, roll
Skills: Fighting d10, Guts d8,
randomly to determine which passage
Intimidation d10, Notice d6, Shooting
the befuddled wanderer chooses.
d6, Throwing d8

G rim P rai rie T rails

Mirror Maze

Bullets and Mirrors Savage Tale:

The minor inconvenience becomes
a life-threatening complication should The Lady and
your cowpokes find themselves in an the Panther
actual fight in the Maze. Due to the
angles, reflections can travel down This attraction is housed in a relatively
corridors and around corners or turn new tent placed near the Medicine
a single gunman into a gang. Add in Wagon. The outside of the tent is
the few panes of non-mirrored glass adorned by colorful paintings of a black
positioned throughout the Maze and jungle cat, crouched on the branch of a
gunslingers are going to find a shootout tree. Underneath the illustrations are
an even more deadly game of cat and various encouragements to “See the
reflected mouse! Black Death!” or “Cringe before the Cat
If a fight breaks out in the Maze, make a Woman!” For reasons which will soon
Notice roll for each character each round. become clear, this is not a recurring
On a failure, a hero incorrectly identifies exhibit in Nightlinger’s carnival!
a reflection as a threat. With a success, Admission costs $1, making it
they aren’t confused by reflections, but one of the most expensive of any of
they don’t pick out a real target either. Nightlinger’s displays. The barker at the
On a raise, they manage to sort out the door promises—in flowery hyperbole—
false images and spot a live (or dead, or that customers get to see an example
even undead) target. of the great predators that prowl the
jungles in southern Mexico, “a creature
both woman and panther.”
Apparently, few are interested in
seeing the creature. Should any of the
heroes gain entry, they find they are the

J ebediah N ightlinger
only visitors present. A large, circular rather rare item on the American frontier,
cage sits in the center of the tent. Inside, Nightlinger also has a sacrificial Aztec
a young woman sits cowering. Upon dagger (Str+d4), four obsidian-tipped
seeing the characters, she begs them in arrows, and a macuahuitl, a wooden blade
broken English to help her. She manages imbedded with obsidian pieces (Str+d6).
to convey that she was captured and sold He purchased these items from the same
into slavery and that Nightlinger tries to source as the werejaguar and they’re on
force her to pretend to be some strange display in the Medicine Wagon. At some
creature for his customers. point in the battle, particularly if the
Should the posse believe her story, posse is having a hard time and doesn’t
they find the lock on the cage relatively suggest it themselves, Nightlinger
easy to open. A simple Lockpicking roll suggests using the Aztec weapons.
springs it, and the door swings open. • Carnival attendees: Use Townsfolk
If the posse instead confronts stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s
Nightlinger, he insists that she is a Handbook. Include as many as you’d
shapechanger capable of becoming a like. None are armed—the better to
giant black cat. However, the young serve as helpless victims!
woman seems genuinely afraid of
the carnival owner, and despite his Werejaguar
commands, never once turns into a
feline monster. She becomes ever more Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d6,
frightened as his tone turns angry, and Spirit d6, Strength d10, Vigor d8
eventually collapses in tears. Regardless, Skills: Climbing d10, Fighting d8,
the carnival owner refuses demands to Guts d8, Intimidation d10, Notice d12,
release her, short of an actual threat on Swimming d10, Stealth d12+2, Tracking
his life. d8
If the heroes believe Nightlinger’s Pace: 8; Parry: 6; Toughness: 6
claims and leave her caged, they may Special Abilities:
find themselves wondering if they left • Bite or Claw: Str+d6.
an innocent victim behind… • Coup (Catlike Grace): The deader’s
Agility die type increases by one
Terror on the Midway level.
If the posse succeeds in freeing the • Fear: Any character seeing a were-
woman, they discover Nightlinger was jaguar in its monstrous form must
being honest, albeit possibly for the first make a Guts roll.
time since they’ve met him! As soon as • Invulnerability: Werejaguars are
she’s free of the tent, the woman reverts only Shaken by most attacks. Only
to her ravenous natural form—a large their Weakness can wound them.
black panther with hideously prehensile • Low Light Vision: Werejaguars
forepaws—and goes on a rampage ignore penalties for Dim and Dark
through the carnival. She attacks other lighting.
attendees, slaughtering as many as
• Weakness (Obsidian): Werejaguars
possible. (Marshal, this is a really good
suffer normal damage from obsidian
time to use the Mirror Maze as well.)
The only way to stop the creature is to
put it down. Although her weakness is a

Mob justice is sometimes a part of life in the West. Not every
cluster of buildings at a crossroads or watering hole is lucky enough
to have a presiding judge, or even a marshal. Not surprisingly, some
independent-minded (or just impatient) folks feel justified taking the
law into their own hands.

Convicting and sidewalk, the abomination invokes only

executing a fellow one sentence—death.
while a bunch of gun- A lyncher’s head hangs unnaturally
toting hotheads egg to one side from its broken neck.
things on sometimes Its bloated and blue tongue often
ends up with the protrudes from a slack mouth as
wrong man swinging. well. The noose used in its hanging
Sometimes those still dangles from its neck, with
wrongly accused the rope dragging behind it.
come back. And when The abomination attacks by
they do, it’s with a animating the rope, lashing
serious case of their and possibly strangling its
own angry. These intended victims.
revenants are
called lynchers.
While it
Attributes: Agility d8,
Smarts d6, Spirit d6,
s e e k s
Strength d10, Vigor d10
on its Skills: Fighting d8, Notice d8, Stealth
murderers, a d8, Tracking d10
lyncher doles out its own Pace: 8; Parry: 6; Toughness: 9
perverse justice to any Special Abilities:
lawbreaker it encounters • Constrict: If a lyncher gets a raise on
as it hunts down those its Fighting roll to hit with its Rope
responsible for its death. Lash attack, the rope wraps around
Regardless of whether the the victim’s throat and begins to
crime was horse-thieving, choke her. That round and each round
drunk in public, thereafter, the rope causes Str+d6
or spitting on the damage. The victim can break free on
her action with a raise on an opposed

L yncher
Strength roll. Severing the rope also trails, Slade took umbrage. Cutler held a
frees the victim. legal deed to the land, but Slade wanted
• Fear (–1): Anyone spotting a lyncher it, so he figured he had a right to it. And
must make a Guts roll (–1). once he caught sight of Cutler’s wife,
• Fearless: Lynchers are immune to Emily, Slade coveted more than just his
Fear and Intimidation. neighbor’s land.
• Invulnerability: A lyncher can only Pulling an old trick out of the corrupt
be be destroyed by its Weakness. It cattleman’s bag, Slade framed Cutler for
can be Shaken by other attacks, but rustling his cows. The nearby settlement
never wounded. of Weeping Creek was too small to have
a marshal, and the county sheriff was
• Rope Lash: Str+d4, Reach 4. The
more than a day’s ride away, so there
lyncher’s rope strikes like a whip.
was no one to stand in the way when
Due to its supernatural nature, it can
Slade’s gunnysackers strung Cutler up
continue to lash at targets even while
in a tree outside his small farm. The
constricting another victim.
cattleman abducted Emily Cutler and is
• Undead: +2 Toughness. +2 to recover holding her at an old shack several miles
from Shaken. No additional damage from town.
from called shots. Immune to poison
What Slade didn’t figure on was Cutler
and disease.
coming back…
• Weakness (Justice): If those who
performed the lynching are brought
to justice before the lyncher kills
Hangin’ Around Town
them, the thing is destroyed. After Weeping Creek is a modest settlement
the lyncher kills all its murderers, the at best, with a total of three buildings
only way to permanently defeat it is comprising its entirety: an unnamed
by destroying its noose. saloon, a livery, and a small dry goods
• Weakness (Noose): Severing the store. As the posse enters the town, a
noose around the abomination’s neck rider barrels past them and dismounts at
puts it down for good. This requires the saloon. He rushes into the building,
a called shot (–6). Treat the rope as an and the heroes hear him blurt out,
inanimate object with Toughness 8 “Another of the Rolling S crew’s been
and can only be severed by cutting or killed!”
piercing attacks. Cutting the rope at Following the man into the saloon,
any place but the neck has no adverse they discover as much of a commotion
affect on a lyncher. as Weeping Creek’s few folks are capable
of mustering. A quick question by any
of the characters as to what’s going on
Savage Tale: leads Sebastian Meyers, the barkeep, to
At the End explain:
“We’ve had a flurry of hangings
of His Rope round these parts lately. It all started
Ogden Slade is a cattle baron—pretty about a month ago when Ogden Slade
much the cattle baron in Dawson County. and his boys strung up Stephen Cutler
He’s accustomed to getting what he for rustling. Not many folks around here
wants. So when Stephen Cutler started figured he was the thievin’ type, but his
a homestead along one of his herding

G rim P rai rie T rails
wife ran off that same night, so maybe Cutler’s Farm
he was. The now-abandoned farm is a relatively
“Anyway, since then there’s been more modest affair, with a small, two-room
folks found hung than you can count on house and a barn a short distance away.
your fingers. Strange thing is, no one Make Notice rolls for heroes who
ever finds the rope that their last necktie poke around the property. With a
is tied with…” success, near the small barn they find
the branding iron Cutler was accused
Untangling the Truth of using to change Slade’s brands.
Should the heroes look into the story However, a Smarts roll lets a cowpoke
behind Cutler’s lynching, there are a few realize there’s no sign of a fire pit or
avenues they can pursue, even in a town other nearby source with which to heat
as small as Weeping Creek. the iron. Also, it’s unlikely Cutler could
have crafted the iron on his farm; there’s
Ears to the Ground no forge, anvil, or other smithing tools to
The easiest place for would-be be found.
investigators to begin is simply asking Finally, a single grave stands not far
around town. It’s largely a farming from the tree, with a simple wooden
community with the Rolling S being the marker bearing Cutler’s name. The grave
only cattle ranch in the area. However, itself has clearly been disturbed, with a
four of the seven hangings—including two-foot-wide circle of churned dirt near
Cutler’s—have involved cowboys from its center. A Tracking roll tells the posse
the ranch. The other two were a known that the dirt seems to have been pushed
horse thief and the town drunk. up from below rather than dug up!
Some of the small farmers in the area
are convinced that Cutler was innocent Livery
of rustling. The majority believe that There’s only one place in Weeping
Slade simply wanted Cutler’s land Creek to get any specialized smithing
and framed him to get him out of the done—like, say, a custom branding
picture. With her husband brutally iron—and that’s the small livery stable
killed, likely in front of her, Emily Cutler not far from the saloon. Tom Calhoun
understandably then lit out for parts serves as the blacksmith not just for
elsewhere. Weeping Creek, but also a fair number
A Streetwise roll uncovers an of folks living in the wilderness nearby.
interesting complication to that theory. The next nearest smith is the better part
One of the townsfolk comments that of two days away in the county seat.
Slade seemed to have taken a fancy If asked, Calhoun remembers shoeing
to Cutler’s wife back when the couple a horse for Cutler about two months
first moved into the area. He made an ago, but never crafted him anything
inappropriate advance when she came resembling a branding iron. The last
into town to fetch supplies and Emily iron he forged was one for the Rolling
Cutler soundly rebuked him. The S Ranch. Ogden Slade told him he was
rancher was quite embarrassed by the thinking of changing his brand to make
incident and told her, “You and your it more unique. Calhoun remembers the
sodbuster husband will come to regret design quite well—it was pretty much
that, you hussy!” the opposite of Slade’s current brand.

L yncher
If shown the branding iron found on different things. The rancher has no
Cutler’s farm, Calhoun immediately intention of surrendering to any band of
identifies it as the one he crafted for do-gooders intent on turning him over to
Slade. the sheriff, nor does he intend to release
the widow Cutler. He remains oddly
Rolling S Ranch convinced that killing her husband and
Not surprisingly, the posse receives kidnapping her will eventually win her
little help if they visit the Rolling S. The heart—if for no other reason than that’s
cowboys are all quite nervous about what he wants, and Slade always gets
newcomers given the recent spate of what he wants.
deaths and don’t allow the heroes near To back his play, he’s got a small gang
the main house. If the group asks about of his most loyal hands with him. The
Ogden Slade, they’re told simply that gunmen know there’s been a batch of
he’s “away” from the ranch. killings around Weeping Creek and no
A truly aggressive bunch of hombres small number were Rolling S cowboys,
may well start a fight with the ranch’s so they’re already on edge. If the posse
hired help. If so, the cowboys fight until rides in looking for trouble, Slade’s men
half their number are Incapacitated and are more than happy to trade lead with
then either flee or surrender. However, them.
engaging in a gunfight fails to gather A successful Persuasion roll allows the
any new information and succeeds in heroes a chance to meet with Slade face-
getting the posse in hot water with the to-face, but no amount of fast talking
county sheriff! convinces the cattleman to surrender
• Cowboys (2 per hero): See page 136. himself. However, during the parley, any
hombre who makes a Notice roll catches
Hideout on the Range a glimpse of Emily Cutler in the shack’s
If the posse decides to try to round tiny back room. A raise on that roll tells
up Slade—and rescue Emily Cutler in the sharp-eyed character that her hands
the process—they’ve got to first find the are bound and she’s been gagged.
cattle baron. The location of the shed If negotiations break down or the posse
isn’t exactly secret, so if the heroes ask just loses patience, Slade and his men
about Slade’s holdings or even possible slap leather and commence shooting.
hideouts, allow them a Streetwise The Rolling S crew is fiercely loyal and
roll. On a success, someone in town fights to the last man or until their boss
remembers Slade’s cowboys built a shack surrenders. Slade, on the other hand, has
out on the range for warming up when grown fond of living and gives up if he
riding herd in the winter. suffers two wounds or when the last of
That information is enough to get the his gunmen are Incapacitated.
party into the general area, but it takes a • Rolling S Cowboys (2, plus 1 per
successful Tracking roll to find the shack hero): Use Cowboy stats on page 136.
itself. Failing that, a raise on a Notice roll Armed with a Colt Army revolver
lets a cowpoke spot a plume of smoke (Range 12/24/48, Damage 2d6+1, RoF
that leads them to Slade’s location. 1, Shots 6, AP 1), Winchester ’73 rifle
(Range 24/48/96, Damage 2d8, ROF 1,
Not Without a Fight! Shots 15, AP 2), and 40 spare rounds
The posse quickly discovers finding (.44–40).
Slade and taking him captive are two

G rim P rai rie T rails
the lyncher retreat from the initial
Ogden Slade conflict—maybe facing a determined
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit group for the first time, or simply the
d8, Strength d6, Vigor d8 approach of dawn, gives it pause. A
Skills: Fighting d8, Intimidation d8, posse that tries bullheadedly to put
Notice d6, Riding d6, Shooting d8, Taunt the undead vigilante down by simply
d6 shooting more bullets may end up in
Charisma: –2; Grit: 1; Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Boot Hill themselves!
Toughness: 6 • Lyncher: See page 78.
Hindrances: Overconfident, Mean, Aftermath
If the posse succeeds in capturing
Edges: Command, Rich, Strong Willed Slade, they can bring the matter to the
Gear: Colt Army (Range 12/24/48, county sheriff. The altered branding
Damage 2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots 6, AP 1), iron goes a long way toward calling into
Bowie knife (Str+d4+1, AP 1), and 40 question the accusations against Cutler,
spare rounds (.44–40). and if they managed to free Emily Cutler,
it becomes an open-and-shut case. Even
Confronting the Lyncher without those, there are plenty of folks
It’s also possible the posse decides to in the Weeping Creek area who will
simply battle the lyncher themselves. testify that Slade was responsible for the
The straightforward option certainly farmer’s hanging. Once the rancher is
requires less leg- or brain-work on the turned over to the sheriff, the lyncher is
heroes’ part. put to rest.
The lyncher prowls the town and Emily is eternally grateful to the party
surrounding countryside each night after for rescuing her. Although the cattleman
sundown, looking for a likely victim. never progressed past kidnapping in
Given its broad interpretation of the his crimes against her, he did kill her
law, virtually anyone is a suitable target, husband and abduct her. Although she
although if any of the posse members are has no money or belongings to offer, the
wanted, feel free to have the abomination characters can always find a warm meal
come after them! The heroes may choose and a roof over their heads when they
to try to bait the creature or simply pass through Weeping Creek.
patrol the surrounding area. Either idea Should they have opted to instead
is eventually going to bring them into simply put the lyncher back in the ground
contact with the lyncher and it’s entirely themselves, the heroes have solved the
up to you as to how long it takes before supernatural problem in Weeping Creek.
they encounter it. However, Slade remains free and returns
Although they’re unlikely to know the to his ranch after it’s obvious things are
abomination’s specific weakness when back to normal. Worse, he may still hold
they first encounter it, it’s not unlikely Emily Cutler captive!
that a clever group of cowpokes can
make the link between the creature’s
noose and its unnatural existence. You
might want to go easy on them in the
first encounter if they don’t seem to be
catching on, Marshal. Consider having

The first minikins were the creation of an obscure New Orleans
toymaker fascinated by clockwork mechanisms. His goal was to
create finely crafted dolls capable of complex, independent actions.
You can probably already guess how this story ends.

The toymaker was successful... is that they appear to exist solely to

and disappeared under mysterious torment and kill.
circumstances shortly thereafter. Although they appear to be
At cursory glance, minikins skillfully molded figurines or perhaps
appear like normal porcelain ventriloquist dummies, once the
dolls, although somewhat demonic contraptions are
heavier than one might revealed, there is no mistaking
expect. They stand between the evil intent they hold. Their
eight inches and one foot formerly lifelike eyes turn coal
in height and weigh about black, their mouths open to
3 to 5 lbs. The dolls come in reveal teeth of razors or broken
all manners of designs glass, and their tiny hands hold
and styles, from infants weapons cannibalized from
to debutantes in knives, knitting
fancy dress to needles, and
Con federate the like. The
soldiers. constructs
In reality, m o v e
minikins hideously
a r e fast for their
miniature size and are
killing fiendishly clever
machines. about laying
Whether ambushes and
this results setting booby
from a flaw traps for their
in their original prey.
design, the influence Once they
of gremlins, or even come into the
direct intervention possession of
by manitous is a new owner,
unclear. The end result minikins wait
quietly in their

G rim P rai rie T rails
new homes until opportunity presents • Fleet-Footed: Minikins roll a d8 when
itself. The monstrous marionettes then running instead of a d6.
move against their hapless masters, • Size –2: Minikins are the size of a
preferring cat-and-mouse hunts that small cat.
allow them to savor their victims’ terror. • Small: Attacks against a minikin
Against quarry that appears capable of receive a –2 penalty due to its small
putting up a fight, minikins may resort size.
to more roundabout methods, such as
poisoning food or water, or setting fatal
traps. Savage Tale:
Their most terrifying ability is using Play Time
household items to create other pint-
sized engines of murder. Minikins are After traveling through the wilderness
capable of transforming other dolls, for a few days, the posse rides into
stuffed animals, and the like into lesser the small town of Parker late in the
copies of themselves with nothing afternoon. Parker looks to be home to
more than common components found perhaps a few dozen citizens, but it
around a house—and of course, knives, quickly becomes apparent the town is
razors, and needles. devoid of life. No one is on the streets
and there is an almost eerie silence over
Minikin the small settlement, disrupted only by
an occasional door or shutter banging in
Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d6, the wind.
Spirit d4, Strength d4, Vigor d6
Skills: Fighting d8, Intimidation d6, Deadly Delivery
Notice d6, Stealth d10 One of the oldest residents of Parker,
Pace: 8; Parry: 6; Toughness: 3 the widow Margaret Ratliff, devoted
Special Abilities: her twilight years to amassing the finest
collection of dolls and figurines in the
• Bite/Improvised Weapons: Str+d4.
state. A few weeks ago, she caught sight
• Construct: +2 to recover from being of a unique creation in a passing carnival
Shaken. No additional damage from sideshow and convinced the owner to
called shots. Does not suffer wound sell it to her. Unknown to the widow,
modifiers. Immune to disease and the doll was a minikin...and she had just
poison. brought Hell to Parker.
• Conversion: Minikins can convert Within mere days of her purchase, the
normal dolls into animated killing abomination had slain Margaret Ratliff.
machines like themselves. This The evil contraption quickly set to
process takes 1d4 hours. The resulting converting the widow’s collection into a
creation becomes a minikin, identical horde of horrors. The devices then crept
in all ways except that it is only an out into the small town, killing when the
Extra and does not gain this ability. chance arose and gathering supplies to
• Fear: Once one of these contraptions create even more of their kind.
is revealed as “alive,” any character Although the initial deaths were
viewing it must make a Guts check. assumed to be accidents or suicides,
• Fearless: Minikins are immune to many of the townsfolk became convinced
Fear and Intimidation. that deviltry was afoot and pulled up

M ini kin
stakes. The few that remained soon fell encounter anytime you think it might
prey to the minikin and its converts. intensify the players’ tension.)
Now Parker sits empty, a ghost town,
Taking a Gander
but not uninhabited…
Allow your hombres to poke around
town for a while. By and large, there’s
Parker little of interest to find. Most of the
Fear Level: 4 buildings are vacant, stripped of their
Parker is a small frontier town, furnishings by their owners before they
formerly home to less than a hundred fled. A few, however, stand locked in
souls. It has been empty of life for a little time at the moment the minikins struck:
more than a week, so at first glance, it’s rotting food on plates in a dining room,
not obviously abandoned. Perhaps an sheets thrown back from a bed, candles
unlatched door slams back and forth burned down to their bases.
against its frame somewhere in town or The last living resident, the town
a torn curtain blows out through an open marshal, did a fair job keeping the bodies
window, but little else initially provides picked up—well, except for his own (see
a clue to the town’s emptiness—beyond below), but a few did slip past. As they
the utter lack of people, of course. explore, the heroes may stumble across
What is almost immediately obvious is a victim in bed with a slashed throat or
the palpable air of dread that has settled one at the bottom of a staircase, lying
over Parker. The minikins succeeded with a broken neck.
in generating a fair amount of terror Although only the most sharp-eyed
and the effects still linger. The shadows cowpoke is likely to spot them right away,
seem a little longer, movement flickers there are a couple of things the heroes
at the corners of the heroes’ eyes, and may begin to notice if they explore more
floorboards creak mysteriously while than a few houses. After they’ve visited
the posse explores the empty town. several homes or businesses in the town,
From time to time, the characters may you can allow the characters a Notice roll
even hear a faint pitter-patter, like the (–2) to realize there’s been a doll in every
footsteps of a child, running somewhere location they’ve visited thus far. The
just out of sight. dolls were all different—for example,
one was even a monkey—but as soon as
I See You…
the party makes note of this, they see no
Shortly after the cowpokes arrive in more of the toys. Even the ones they saw
town, allow them a Notice roll with any earlier have vanished!
applicable modifiers for hearing. The
The other point of interest is the
hero who rolls highest hears a rapidly
absence of any complex mechanical
repeated, tinny, clanging sound coming
devices or sharp objects (knives, razors,
from somewhere in town. The sound is
and so forth). However, the posse is
not unlike that of spurs clicking, only
unlikely to take note of this unless they
very rapidly and rhythmically.
are actively searching for such items
This is the original minikin, a toy while they wander the town.
monkey, clapping tiny cymbals to
announce the posse’s location to the rest Marshal’s Office
of the brood. (Feel free to repeat this At some point, the heroes are likely
to visit the marshal’s office. Inside, the

G rim P rai rie T rails

Ratliff Manor

posse finds the lawman’s blood-soaked

body in a locked cell, his back to the
wall. The keys to the cells hang from his Atop a small hill overlooking the
belt. An empty six-shooter dangles from town is the former home of Margaret
his dead fingers and bullet holes pock Ratliff. It’s hard to detect at first, being
mark the walls and floor in front of him, somewhat hidden by trees, but once the
both inside and outside the cell. heroes have been in town for a while,
He’s been stabbed dozens of times. A allow them Notice rolls any time they’re
Healing or Knowledge (Medicine) roll outside to catch sight of the building
tells a sawbones that none of the wounds poking up from behind the vegetation.
are particularly deep, and the man The Ratliff house is an ornately
appears to have bled to death from the styled farmhouse with distinct Gothic
sheer volume of cuts. overtones. Its sweeping gables, pinnacled
In a shack behind the marshal’s roof, and peaked windows shaded by
office, the heroes discover the remains lace curtains attest to the wealth of the
of other victims stacked like cordwood owner. Although it is well-maintained
after the undertaker left and the death and obviously lived in—at least until
toll surpassed the marshal’s ability to recently—the house feels menacing, as
keep up with it. Any investigator who if it watches the characters approach
stumbles across that horror must make with a sense of malice. The lacy curtains
a Guts roll against nausea, as the corpses effectively block any attempt to sneak a
have been sweltering in the heat for peek inside the mansion.
nearly two weeks! Fortunately, the front door to the house
is unlocked...

M ini kin

Wandering the Halls

Inside the house, there is a musty
smell, almost like mothballs. However, a
Adventure Link
Notice or Tracking roll tells the party it After the heroes read the Widow
appears to have been abandoned for no Ratliff’s unfinished letter, they may
longer than the rest of the town. There is be intrigued by the carnival owner,
not enough dust accumulated to search Nightlinger, whose “curiosities”
for tracks or signs of other visitors. seem to be responsible for the demise
of most of Parker’s residents. If the
The house is as finely appointed as its heroes go looking for the traveling
exterior would lead an observer to expect. carnival, see Jebediah Nightlinger
Exceptionally well-crafted furniture fills (page 72).
every room and decorative rugs cover
the floors. The owner appears to have
spared no expense on the mansion’s
fixtures, so its apparent abandonment
seems even more inexplicable.
The only thing that feels out of the
ordinary is the presence of an unusual
amount of dolls. Every room contains another, more terrifying reason, but the
at least a few exquisitely manufactured posse won’t know that just yet!
porcelain dolls. Some of the rooms If the heroes search the room, they find
even contain cabinets dedicated to an unfinished letter on a desk opposite
displaying the toys. Any character with the bed. It reads as follows:
an appropriate background can make a Dear Cousin Bess,
Common Knowledge roll to recognize I hope this letter finds you and the
the dolls are likely worth a considerable Ratliffs of Kansas in good health. I have
amount of money. found what may be the perfect addition
The heroes get the distinct impression to my collection in the strangest of places.
the tiny figures are watching them as A passing carnival was displaying it
they travel through the house. Whenever amongst their sundry curiosities. Oh,
a cowpoke looks away from the dolls, Bess—never had I seen its like!
some seem to be staring directly at him But the carnival owner, an unsavory
when he looks back. No matter how gentleman named Nightlinger, would not
patient or tricky your hombres are, sell it to me at any price. I must confess,
though, they can never catch the eyes I had such a strong desire for the item
actually moving. that I secreted it in my clothing and stole
it. And try as I might, I cannot feel any
Rest in Pieces guilt for my crime. I found its cymbals
In an upstairs bedroom, the most delightful, so much so that
investigators find the body of Margaret
Once they’ve read the letter—or
Ratliff. She is laid out on the bed in a
should the heroes become too interested
peaceful repose, her hands crossed over
in examining the widow’s corpse at
her stomach as if prepared for burial.
this point—allow them to make Notice
She is obviously dead, and her joints
rolls. With a success, they hear the faint
are locked in place, as though rigor
clanging sound again—this time from
mortis has set in. Actually, this is due to
within the house!

G rim P rai rie T rails

Ambush! (This is the perfect time for a Guts check,

As the heroes move back through the Marshal.) If the heroes don’t enter the
upstairs, make a Notice roll for each. room or manage to destroy the monkey
Those who succeed feel something is before it can reach the bedroom, the
amiss, although they’re not sure exactly Widow moves into the hallway to attack.
what. When the hombres reach the Over time, the monkey has managed to
top of the stairs, allow the first person turn the Widow into a life-sized minikin,
descending to make another Notice roll hollowing her out and replacing her
(–4). If she succeeds, she catches sight of insides with gears and wires. She moves
a nearly invisible wire stretched across in a jerky fashion, far more like a puppet
the first step. If she fails, the tripwire than a living being (or even a walkin’
sends her tumbling down the staircase. dead).
She may make an Agility roll (–2) to roll The monkey minikin tries to use the
with the fall; if she fails, she suffers 2d6 Widow’s entrance as cover for its escape,
damage from the battering. fighting only if cornered.
Once the trap is sprung or spotted, the
minikins pour out of hiding to attack. The Widow
Not surprisingly, the appearance of a
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit
mob of demon dolls requires a Guts
d4, Strength d8, Vigor d6
check from any posse members who see
them! Skills: Fighting d8, Intimidation d6,
Notice d6, Stealth d10
The dolls attack by leaping off shelves
and scuttling from underneath furniture Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 5
to slice at legs. When possible, they try Special Abilities:
to use their speed to make hit-and-run • Bite: Str+d4. Her teeth have been
attacks, darting in to slash at a character, replaced with broken razor blades.
then fleeing to cover. If one of the heroes • Construct: +2 to recover from being
falls down the staircase, several rush her Shaken. No additional damage from
while she’s still on the ground, using the called shots. Does not suffer wound
Gang Up bonus to their best advantage. modifiers. Immune to disease and
The monkey minikin eggs the battle on poison.
by chattering and clanging its cymbals • Fear –2: Once the true nature of
from atop a nearby display cabinet. If the Widow creature is evident, any
attacked, it tries to flee into the master character viewing her must make a
bedroom. Guts roll (–2).
Cymbal-Clashing Monkey (1): Use • Fearless: The Widow minikin is
Minikin stats on page 84. immune to Fear and Intimidation.
• Converted Dolls (4, plus 2 per hero):
Use Minikin stats on page 84. These
are only Extras, though.

Widow’s Walk
Should a hero follow the monkey
minikin into the master bedroom, he
finds the widow’s “corpse” standing
bolt upright in the middle of the room.

Raven Mocker
Originally a creature of Cherokee myth, a raven mocker is a hellish
combination of vampire and banshee. Contrary to what some believe,
this nightmare-spawned monster has no connection to a certain infamous
Indian shaman, and they’re sometimes referred to as “mockers” to
avoid confusion. These creatures are drawn to the sick, aged, or
dying, from whom they drain the last of their victims’ dying essence.
For each day, week, or year they steal from some poor soul, their
own existence is lengthened by the same amount.

Although the abomination

is most often invisible and
intangible, when revealed a
raven mocker is a horrifying
sight. They appear as aged
Indians with unnaturally pale,
withered skin and dead white
eyes. Their hands are gnarled
into talons and their knees
bend the wrong way, giving
them an unmistakably birdlike
Mockers are active only after
sundown, soaring through
the night sky as they seek new
prey. Their approach is often
heralded by a terrifying shriek
said to chill the heart of the
bravest of warriors. One of these
creatures can only be killed by
an arrow through its head. Even
that is easier said than done, as
would-be slayers must first force
the raven mocker into material
form, most often by exposing it
to tobacco smoke.

G rim P rai rie T rails
• Weakness (Tobacco Smoke):
Raven Mocker Exposure to tobacco smoke removes a
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit mocker’s etherealness, turning it solid
d12, Strength d6, Vigor d6 and visible as long as the smoke is in
Skills: Fighting d8, Guts d6, Notice d8, contact with it, and for 1d6 rounds
Stealth d10 following.
Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 5
Special Abilities:
Savage Tale:
• Claws: Str+d6. Mockers only use their
claws in physical form. Bad Medicine
• Ethereal: Raven mockers are
A band of Ravenites recently moved
normally ethereal, able to pass
against an Old Ways shaman, Wolf Runs
through any non-solid surface. While
on Three Legs, forcing him out of his
ethereal, they are also invisible,
tribe. Left without traditional remedies,
causing all attacks against them to
members of the tribe have begun to
suffer a –6 penalty. A mocker can
seek medical treatment from a nearby
switch between ethereal and physical
doctor. Elias Prescott, a well-meaning
forms as a standard action.
physician from Back East, has set up
• Fear (–2): Any cowpoke unfortunate a small hospital where he provides
enough to see a non-invisible mocker medical services to members of a local
must make a Guts roll (–2). Indian tribe. Although he knows much
• Flight: Pace 12”. Raven mockers have about modern medicine, he is woefully
a Climb of 6”. uneducated about the horrors of the
• Invulnerability: A mocker can only Weird West. He does not believe in the
be killed by its Weakness. They may supernatural, and his disbelief costs
be Shaken by other attacks, but never some of his patients their lives.
wounded. A raven mocker, sensing the easy prey
• Life Drain: Ethereal mockers at Prescott’s clinic, has begun feeding on
can drain the life of helpless or the sick and infirm there. It found the
Incapacitated victims by rolling their doctor is completely incapable of even
Spirit against their target’s. If it wins, acknowledging its existence, let alone
the victim suffers a Fatigue level for defeating it. To further complicate the
each success and raise the mocker doctor’s dilemma, the Ravenites are now
scores. These Fatigue levels are only blaming him for the deaths of the tribe
recovered if the mocker is slain. members!
• Mocker’s Cry: As a standard action, Luckily for him, the posse’s about to
the creature can shriek with a cross his trail…
horrifying voice, causing all who hear
it to make a Guts roll. Encircle the Wagon!
• Weakness (Arrow Through the This adventure can take place
Head): A mocker hit with a called virtually anywhere in the Weird West,
shot to the head (–4) by an arrow must with the exception of the Sioux Nations
make a Vigor roll versus a Target or Coyote Confederation. As the posse
Number equal to the total damage. If travels along a trail, they hear the sound
successful, it takes damage normally; of gunfire ahead. Riding to investigate,
if it fails, it disintegrates into dust. they discover a single wagon surrounded

R aven M o cker
by a number of braves, all of whom are look at the heroes and clambers out of
carrying—and using—rifles. the wagon, introducing himself as Dr.
Every so often, a hand pokes over the Elias Prescott. He profusely thanks the
side of the wagon and fires a six-shooter characters for their assistance.
blindly at the attackers. Although none The doctor goes on to explain,
of the Indians have been so much as “I was returning with some basic
grazed, the wild shots temporarily keep medical supplies to the small hospital
them from rushing the wagon. But it’s I’ve recently set up. I’ve been providing
only a matter of time before the wagon’s treatment to the members of a local
defender gets a leaden introduction to Indian tribe, you see, and was returning
the Grim Reaper. from a trip to replenish my stocks in
If the heroes intervene, the braves— town. Those Indians that attacked me
actually Ravenites—gladly turn the were part of a group that is violently
business ends of their rifles on the party. opposed to any contact with white men.
Not surprisingly, they’re not particularly “I must ask, would you kindly
receptive to talking out their problems; accompany me to my hospital? I fear the
attempts to parley are answered with a braves may return if they believe me to
hail of bullets. The Ravenites even attack be unprotected.
characters who are content to stand by “I can’t offer you much in the way
and watch the massacre. They’re just of recompense, but I can make certain
plain unsociable folk. you get a hot meal, a cot, and a tent for
The braves fight until more than half the night, for your kind and generous
their number are Incapacitated. At that efforts.”
point, they head for the hills—or other
suitable terrain feature for wherever the Medical Emergency
encounter takes place, Marshal.
Prescott’s hospital is a few hours’
Dr. Elias Prescott: Use Townsfolk travel farther along the trail. En route, he
stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s explains that he did his studying Back
Handbook. Add Healing d10, East and served briefly as a battlefield
Knowledge (Medicine) d8, and the surgeon before heading West. Upon
Doubting Thomas Hindrance. Armed arriving, he was moved by the lack
with a Colt Army revolver (Range of advanced medical treatment most
12/24/48, Damage 2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots Indian tribes received and how many
6, AP 1). relied on quaint—and often dangerous—
• Ravenite Braves (2, plus 1 per hero): “superstitions” to treat everything from
Use Indian Brave stats in the Deadlands broken bones to infectious diseases. His
Marshal’s Handbook. Substitute Mean tone makes it clear that he places no
for the Old Ways Oath. Armed with stock in the supernatural whatsoever.
Winchester ’73 rifles (Range 24/48/96, Reaching the hospital, the heroes find
Damage 2d8, RoF 1, Shots 15, AP 2), it’s little more than a collection of tents at
tomahawks (Str+d6), and horses. the moment. Construction has begun on
Doctor Prescott, I Presume? a more permanent log structure nearby,
but at present, the doctor does his work
When the posse drives the Ravenites
under a canvas roof. There are a number
off, the poor sod hunkered down in the
of Indians at the site, mainly patients,
bed of the wagon pokes his head up. A
well-dressed, middle-aged man takes a

G rim P rai rie T rails

although a few seem to be serving as Should the heroes express any interest
assistants and laborers. in his plight, the doctor welcomes their
The doctor shows the posse to an help—especially if any of the group
unoccupied tent where they can bed has medical or scientific experience.
down. Along the way, Prescott shares a He introduces them to Sunrise Dove, a
concern with them: young Indian woman who works for
“To be honest, I feel I’m a bit over my Prescott as both interpreter and nurse.
head here. There seems to be a strange • Sunrise Dove: Use Indian Brave stats
malady afflicting these people that I’ve in the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook.
yet to identify. They come to me with Add Knowledge (English) d8 and
seemingly minor complaints, yet expire Healing d8.
overnight. It’s almost enough to make
Impromtu Autopsies
me believe the savages who attacked me
earlier may have a point…” Prescott offers to allow any of the
adventurers with an appropriate
If questioned further, Prescott explains
background to examine the bodies of the
it doesn’t seem to make a difference
recently deceased. There are two being
whether the patient has a serious illness,
held in a nearby tent in preparation
a common cold, or even a broken bone.
for burial. One is an elderly man with
They seem in reasonable health the night
no signs of injury and the other is a
before, but when he makes his morning
young woman with her arm splinted.
rounds, he finds a corpse. Worse, it’s
A successful Healing or Knowledge
beginning to become an almost daily
(Medicine) roll determines there is no
discernable cause of death.

R aven M o cker

Triage Wolf at Bay

After viewing the bodies, the doctor Following Dove’s directions, the
returns to his rounds and asks Sunrise posse travels through the wilderness
Dove to show them around the hospital. for almost half a day before arriving at
Dove is very fluent and fairly familiar the base of a sandstone bluff. A crude
with most common medical practices set of handholds is carved into the wall,
from her time helping Prescott. If leading up 60 feet to a dark opening in
questioned about the strange deaths, the side of the cliff. However, before the
she becomes somewhat hesitant. With heroes get a chance to consider tackling
further prompting she reveals, the climb, they discover they are not
“I suspect the spirits are at work here— alone…
evil spirits. You see, a gang of Ravenites
chased away my tribe’s old shaman, Hunting Party
Wolf Runs on Three Legs. After that, my Not content to let Wolf Runs on Three
people had no one to care for their needs. Legs pass into self-imposed exile, the
Neither their bodies nor their spirits. I Ravenites followed him to the base of the
fear it’s a manitou that now plagues my cliff. Even though the shaman is an old
tribe.” man, his position in the cave has allowed
Should they express interest in talking him to keep the Ravenites at bay—for
to the shaman, Dove tells the heroes he now. Unfortunately, his food and water
retreated to a cave in the nearby hills. supply is dwindling and the Indians
She also provides accurate directions for know it’s just a matter of time until he
how to reach it. must either face them or starve.
The posse’s arrival throws a hitch
Death in the Night in their plans, though. As soon as the
A proactive posse may decide to heroes arrive at the base of the bluff,
set watch on the patients over night. the Ravenites attack. The braves fight
Because the mocker is both ethereal until more than half their number are
and invisible, it’s virtually impossible Incapacitated and then attempt to retreat.
to detect. You might allow an hombre • Ravenite Braves (2 per hero): Use
who scores a raise on his Notice roll to Indian Brave stats in the Deadlands
get a sense something is amiss—maybe a Marshal’s Handbook. Substitute Mean
candle flickers or there’s a sudden chill in for Old Ways Oath. Armed with
the air—but short of some extraordinary Winchester ’73 rifles (Range 24/48/96,
ability, it’s highly unlikely the heroes Damage 2d8, RoF 1, Shots 15, AP 2),
actually catch sight of the creature. tomahawks (Str+d6), and horses.
Regardless, any group of cowpokes
that stays the night at Prescott’s hospital Wolf’s Call
awakes the next day to find another Once the party has dispatched the
patient has passed away. The victim had Ravenites, they hear a voice call from
only presented a fever the night before. above,
As in previous cases, examining the “The spirits told me you would come.
body does not reveal any obvious cause Climb up, so we may talk.”
of death. Clambering up is a daunting task,
even with the carved handholds. A
cowpoke attempting the wall must make

G rim P rai rie T rails
two Climbing rolls to reach the top. Once Should the investigators set watch on
there, the hero finds herself in a small the hospital, allow a Notice roll for any
cave whose ceiling has been blackened on guard from time to time. Those who
by decades of smoke from a firepit near succeed take note of a patient tossing and
the center. turning, breathing hard, or twitching.
Wolf sits propped against a rock Most of these are just the effect of either
near the firepit. The shaman appears to a sedative given by the doctor or normal
be in poor health. He motions for any dreams. A quick puff of tobacco smoke
characters to take a seat, and says, reveals nothing.
“My time is short. I am not the young Once you’re ready to spring it on them,
man I was once. Although I escaped the Marshal, the mocker makes its move.
traitors, the fight took a great toll on me, The abomination is fairly confident and
else I would go to my tribe’s defense this doesn’t see the heroes as a threat until
one last time. they blow tobacco smoke on it. As soon
“You must be my spear in this. A great as the smoke wafts across it, the creature
evil plagues them, a spirit my people call is exposed—and the characters must
a mocker. It feeds on death to make itself make a Guts roll (–2)!
stronger and the white medicine man is Fortunately for the group, the
helpless—for he will not see it.” abomination is nearly as surprised as
He hands one of the heroes a bundle they are and takes no action the first
wrapped in cloth. Inside is a carved pipe round of combat. After that, all bets are
and a packet of tobacco. off and the creature attacks with a terrible
ferocity. It fights until Incapacitated.
“The smoke from tobacco makes the
spirit show its form. Without it, you can After the mocker is defeated, the
neither see nor touch it. Once you have mysterious deaths at the hospital come
forced it into our world, you can fight to an abrupt end. How the doctor
it. However, only an arrow into its head responds to the mocker is entirely up to
will banish the creature.” you, Marshal…but it involves one heck
of a Guts check for the dear Dr. Prescott!
Wolf can provide a simple bow (Range
12/24/48, Damage 2d6, RoF 1) if no one • Raven Mocker (1): See page 90.
in the party has one, and six arrows to
go along with it. Also, he tells them that
any tobacco smoke works to reveal a
mocker’s presence.

Mocking Death
The trip back to the hospital is
uneventful—at least once any heroes that
climbed up the cliff make it back down.
By the time they reach Prescott’s camp,
night is beginning to fall. The doctor
scoffs at the posse if they try to talk to
him about what the shaman had to say,
but he doesn’t prevent them from sitting
up with the patients if they ask.

Redcap Morris
Back around the middle of the century, the Apache and Comanche
were raising Hell down in Mexico. Their raiding parties proved too
much for the Mexican government to handle, so a few of the border
states down that way began offering bounties for Indian scalps. With
Santa Anna’s designs on the Maze tying up most of the Mexican Army,
the practice is gaining popularity once again.

Employment Morris it’s that eventually

of that sort they get put down. A rival
only attracts scalp hunter relieved
two kinds of Redcap of a recent haul
scum: those willing to of scalps, his life,
do anything for money, and then his
and those who just own hair. But
like getting their this being the
hands bloody. Weird West, a
Luke Morris piece of scum like
was both. Redcap is prime manitou real
A bounty hunter estate. His cadaver was barely
by trade, Morris cooling off when it lurched back
specialized in the dead to its feet.
part of “dead or alive.” Now Redcap’s back to
Getting paid to give hunting bounties—and
extra-close haircuts was scalps—but with an added
right up his alley. He advantage. He’s discovered he
took such a shine to it that can slap a fresh scalp on his
folks just started calling him bare skull and have it settle
“Redcap”—presumably after in like his own hair. Not
the state he left his victims in. only does it hide his rather
Worse, he quickly figured out horrible death wound,
that it was next to impossible but it also sustains him
to tell the original owner of beyond even the unnatural
a scalp and set out cutting resilience of a Harrowed.
a swath across northern Redcap is as unscrupulous a
Mexico—then charging the man as ever clawed his way
Mexican government for it. out of the ground. A
If there’s one good thing you bushwhacking rattlesnake,
can say about a mad dog like he plays both sides of the

G rim P rai rie T rails
law according to which pays the most
at the time. Nonetheless, he’s canny Savage Tale:
enough to keep his face off the wanted A-Bounty Hunting
posters—usually by making sure no We Will Go
victims survive!
Apache raiders have taken a toll on
Redcap Morris Bayou Vermilion’s operations in Arizona
and New Mexico. Never one to let
Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d8,
something as petty as inhuman torture
Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d8
sway them from profit, the railroad
Skills: Fighting d10, Gambling d4, reintroduced the practice of paying
Guts d6, Intimidation d6, Notice d8, bounties for Indian scalps. The reward
Persuasion d10, Riding d6, Shooting d8, money is more than good enough to
Survival d4, Stealth d10, Throwing d6, whet Redcap’s appetite—and knife—so
Tracking d8 he’s been prowling the Southwestern
Charisma: –5; Grit: 4; Pace: 6; Parry: 8; deserts for a few months now.
Toughness: 6 True to form, Redcap has also been
Hindrances: Bloodthirsty, Habit lining his pockets from both sides
(Scalping victims), Ugly when the opportunity presents itself.
Edges: Block, Implacable, Nerves of Currently, he’s riding with a gang of
Steel, No Mercy, Spook, Stitchin’, True outlaws and Comancheros—folks who
Grit also turn a profit trading firearms and
Gear: Sharp’s Big 50 (Range 24/48/96, the like with hostile Indians—plaguing
Damage 2d10, RoF 1, Shots 1, AP 2), Colt the very region he’s supposed to be
Peacemaker (Range 12/24/48, Damage working to protect. Of course, Redcap
2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots 6, AP 1, double sees spreading murder and pillage as a
action), Bowie knife (Str+d4+1, AP 1), 20 simple matter of ensuring job security.
rounds for each firearm, assorted scalps. Just so long as no one figures out
Special Abilities: he’s the one doing the murdering and
• Disguise: As long as he’s wearing pillaging…
another scalp, it takes a Notice roll
opposed by Redcap’s Stealth to Last Stop on the Left
recognize him. The posse comes across a small
• Hair Pieces: As long as Redcap is stagecoach waystation about three miles
wearing a scalp he has personally cut from the middle of nowhere. The outpost
from a victim, he can be Incapacitated consists of a one-room cabin, a small
but not actually killed. In order to corral, and a storage shack. The stage
permanently put him down, the scalp route is seldom used and the stop would
must be removed. Only then can he look deserted except a faint plume of
be killed by a Called Shot to his head smoke wafts out of a stovepipe on the
like other Harrowed. roof. Otherwise, there is no other sign of
• Harrowed: +1 Grit. Needs only 1d6 life as they arrive.
hours of sleep per night. Only a The door to the cabin bangs in the
head shot can kill; “death” only puts wind as the heroes ride or walk up.
Redcap down for 1d6 days. Any character entering the building
immediately discovers that the

R ed cap M or ris
waystation isn’t exactly deserted. Inside amount necessary to convince him to
are three dead men, all scalped. The men turn on them. However, he knows Pike’s
died from gunshot or arrow wounds, gang is too much for him to handle on
but the amount of blood from the head his own. Telling his soon-to-be former
wounds indicates that at least a couple partners in crime he was going to lead
of them were still alive when their the posse into an ambush, Redcap circled
murderers scalped them. back to the station.
With a successful Tracking, Healing, After the heroes have time to look
or Knowledge (Medicine) roll, an over the clues, Redcap rides up to the
adventurer can tell the bodies have only waystation. Read the following:
been dead for less than an hour—some of A stranger trots up on horseback, his
the blood hasn’t dried yet. The bandits, Sharps resting across the saddle in front
led by Angus Pike, formerly of the of him. His clothing is filthy and stained
Laughing Men Gang, caught sight of the with various unidentified substances—at
posse and lit out before they could be least some of them are blood—and a long
caught, literally red-handed. mane of matted, black hair hangs out
The waystation has been stripped from beneath a weathered plainsman
of any and everything of value, right hat. A small collection of scalps hangs
down to a couple of teeth taken out from his saddle horn, at least a few of
of one victim’s mouth—no doubt with which seem relatively fresh.
gold fillings. A pair of cots has been The stranger hails you with a raised
overturned, the drawers pulled from the hand and a gruff, “Howdy.”
single desk in the cabin, and the dead It’s pretty likely the characters are going
men’s pockets turned inside out. to look at Redcap with more than a little
The only other things of interest are suspicion. He’s an unsavory character
the wanted posters hanging on the wall at best, and riding up to the scene of a
outside, mostly naming members of a recent multiple murder carrying fresh
local outlaw gang led by Pike, as well as scalps isn’t a strong testimony to one’s
one touting Bayou Vermilion’s bounty virtue. It doesn’t help that Redcap was
on Apache scalps. The bounty on Pike is riding with the Comancheros when
$500, while the railroad is offering only they attacked, but he has no intention of
$20 for each gruesome trophy presented. admitting it.
Any cowpoke who makes a Tracking If challenged, the bounty hunter
roll while examining the trail leading feigns innocence. Redcap explains he
in can tell it’s been days since the last is a bounty hunter, and when the job
coach came through. However, a large requires, a scalp hunter. He denies
band of horses rode in recently at a fairly having a hand in the murders and says
brisk pace. With a raise, the sharp-eyed the scalps are from a group of Apaches
tracker estimates over a dozen riders he crossed paths with earlier in the day.
were involved in the attack. Redcap’s a skilled liar and is telling the
A Pale, Filthy Rider… truth in the strictest sense, so attempts to
detect lying don’t reveal any deception.
While the gang was pillaging the
(He did not kill anyone at the waystation;
waystation, Redcap caught a glimpse of
he was momentarily distracted by the
the wanted posters. It just so happens
wanted posters, so by the time he entered
that the value on the scum he was riding
the building the men were already dead.
with recently went up to exactly the

G rim P rai rie T rails

Deadman’s Eye Canyon

The fresh scalps are indeed from a He doesn’t immediately offer any split
group of Apaches—a handful of women of the reward. All told, Pike and his gang
he ambushed while they were washing are worth $1,000—dead or alive, just the
their clothes in a stream.) way Redcap likes it. If the heroes haggle,
he puts up a brief argument, but agrees
…and Unlikely Ally to a fifty-fifty split between him and the
He takes a look around the waystation rest of the characters. Besides, he plans
briefly before proclaiming, to thin the party’s numbers a bit.
“I know who did this—a rattlesnake by
the name of Angus Pike.” Bad Water
If none of the adventurers has already Pike and his men are familiar with
done so, Redcap pulls the wanted poster the local area; they know most of the
with Pike’s name on it from the wall. hazards and terrain quite well. Pike has
Redcap has either decided to enlist the instructed Redcap to lead the group to a
posse in rounding up the gang, or sell watering hole guarded by a particularly
them out to the bandits like he told Pike. foul-tempered local: a desert thing. Just
He’s not decided yet. The bounty hunter in case the abomination isn’t enough to
then says, handle the heroes, Pike’s left a few of his
“I’ve been trailin’ that murderin’ gang to pick off the survivors.
skunk for weeks now. Looks like I’m just Redcap follows the raiders’ trail
a few hours behind him, and I got a good through the desert, pausing occasionally
idea where he’s headin’. Any o’ you man to check the signs. Any cowpoke making
enough to ride with me to bring that a Tracking roll can tell the bounty hunter
bastard to justice?”

R ed cap M or ris
is indeed sticking to the gang’s tracks.
While he is tracking them, Redcap has
Deadman’s Eye
an edge in that he knows exactly where After the run-in with Pike’s gunmen
the bandits are heading. at the watering hole, Redcap decides to
After a few hours, the trail leads lead the posse to the gang’s hideout. If
near a small spring. Redcap suggests the heroes acquitted themselves well,
the posse water their horses and refill he figures they’re his best chance at
their canteens. He, on the other hand, claiming the reward on Pike and the rest
stays slightly behind, claiming he’s of the gang. On the other hand, if they
noticed one of the gang’s horses has an performed like a bunch of greenhorns
odd gait—possibly indicating it’s going on a snipe hunt, the bounty hunter
lame. Actually, he’s just making sure he figures he can score some points with
doesn’t wander too close to where the the outlaws by handing the lot over on a
desert thing is known to prowl. silver platter.
The subterranean monstrosity attacks Redcap tells the characters that Pike is
any hero who heads to the waterhole. likely holed up in a canyon not far from
Don’t forget the abomination can attack their current location. The area is known
up to eight characters at a time with its as Deadman’s Eye because the only way
tentacles! Two rounds after the creature into it is through a narrow crack carved
reveals itself, Pike’s outlaws—hiding by a stream. Behind the crack the canyon
behind rocks and shrubs surrounding widens considerably, but the crack itself
the waterhole—open fire. is only a little over 10 feet wide, which
makes it very easy to defend—and
Redcap uses this encounter to assess
popular with folks on the wrong side of
the posse’s competence. He shoots to kill
the law.
against the desert thing, but deliberately
misses any shots he takes against the Into the Eye o’ the Dead
bandits. After all, should any of the thugs The bounty hunter leads the party to
escape, he doesn’t want them carrying a short distance from the Eye itself. He
word back to Pike about his betrayal. cautions them that it is very likely that
The gunmen fight until more than half Pike has set at least one lookout at the
their number are Incapacitated, at which crack. Beyond that, Redcap makes no
time the survivors cut bait and run. suggestions, but answers any questions
After the battle, Redcap takes a moment the heroes may have about the layout.
to hack the scalps from any bandits that He’s been there several times himself, so
get sent to Boot Hill. If confronted, he he’s quite familiar with it, but he claims
says he plans to sell them to the railroad. it’s been years since he was last in the
He points out that it’s pretty hard to tell hideout.
where a scalp came from as long it’s got The lookout is positioned on the
dark hair on it… outside of the crack. If he spots anyone
• Desert Thing: See the Deadlands approaching, his immediately calls out
Marshal’s Handbook. an alarm, then takes cover and opens
• Bandits (1 per hero): Use Outlaw stats fire. A cowpoke can creep up on him
in the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook. using Stealth, but the guard is treated as
Armed with Colt Peacemakers (Range active and the rocks and scrub provide
12/24/48, Damage 2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots only light cover. If the guard at the
6, AP 1), and 20 spare rounds. entrance catches sight of the posse, the

G rim P rai rie T rails
outlaws are ready when the characters party may not recognize him the next
come through the Eye. Treat them as time until it’s too late!
being On Hold the first round. Angus Pike: Use Gunman (Veteran)
The canyon walls are about 40 feet tall stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s
and can be scaled with a Climbing roll Handbook. He is armed with a Colt
(–2). Once atop the cliffs, the cowpokes Peacemaker (Range 12/24/48, Damage
can bypass the chokepoint of the Eye 2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots 6, AP 1), a
and get the advantage of higher ground Winchester ’73 (Range 24/48/96,
on the bandits. However, if attacked, Damage 2d8, RoF 1, Shots 15, AP 2),
the outlaws seek cover under a large and 25 spare rounds for each.
overhang on the south side of the • Comancheros (1 per hero): Use
hideout that completely conceals them Rail Warrior stats in the Deadlands
from anyone on the cliffs. Marshal’s Handbook, replacing Enemy
with Wanted. Armed with Springfield
rifles (Range 24/48/96, Damage 2d10,
Pike and his gang have a fairly
RoF 1, Shots 1, AP 2, Reload 2), knives
defensible spot, but they’re also cornered.
(Str+d4), and 20 spare rounds.
There is no way out except over the dead
bodies of the characters, so the gang • Bandits (2, plus 1 per hero): Use
fights to the death. Likewise, the outlaws Outlaw stats in the Deadlands
don’t waste any effort trying to take Marshal’s Handbook. Armed with
prisoners themselves. Colt Peacemakers (Range 12/24/48,
Damage 2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots 6, AP 1),
As before, Redcap makes sure his shots
and 20 spare rounds.
go wide, at least at the beginning. Only
when the heroes have established the
upper hand does he start picking off his
former compatriots. Initially, the gang
figures the bounty hunter is still playing
the part and doesn’t fire on him. Only
once he shows his hand does he become
a target for the bandits.
Of course, if things start going badly
for the characters, Redcap doesn’t
hesitate to jump ship and side with Pike.
When the smoke clears, Redcap tallies
up the bounties and takes scalps unless
the heroes stop him. To claim their share,
they have to accompany Redcap to the
nearest town—and although he happily
promises to wire the money, only a fool
would trust him!
If he turned on them and the posse
still managed to survive, it’s likely
Redcap is down, although maybe only
temporarily. If that’s the case, he comes
back carrying a bit of a grudge—and
given his ever-changing hairstyle, the

The Squatpump

The Squatpump gang is composed entirely of brothers, sisters, cousins,

aunts, and uncles from the Squatpump family. And before we go any
further, we should point out that in many cases, one member of the
family fills several of those roles simultaneously. The Squatpump family
tree, while quite large, is more of a family ground-crawling ivy, if you
know what we mean...

By and large, the Squatpump

gang is a living morality tale on
the hazards of
inbreeding. One
look at most
of the members of the clan is
enough to convince an hombre
that this branch of the family has
diligently invested generations
into selectively breeding for the traits
of laziness, low intelligence, and
physical unattractiveness. A less
polite cowpoke might also point
out an apparent allergy to any
kind of personal hygiene, but in all
honesty, that’s just snatching the
low-hanging fruit on the insult tree.
The sole redeeming trait the
average Squatpump brings to any
gathering is that they make other
folks look better by comparison.
Unfortunately, since the only
gatherings a Squatpump regularly
attends are family reunions, this
effect usually degenerates into
an Ouroboros-like nightmare of
dimwitted ugly.

G rim P rai rie T rails
Given their, ahem, strong familial ties
and lack of ambition with regard to Savage Tale:
honest work, it’s really little surprise Down on the Farm
that many members of the Squatpump
clan have been drawn toward pursuits This Savage Tale is a showcase for the
that often wind up with one’s picture Squatpump Gang, as unappetizing a
on a wanted poster. Robbing, stealing, thought as that might be. You can run the
and killing seem to come as naturally to two encounters in this adventure back to
these folks as courting a cousin. That’s back or spread them out over the course
not to say they’re particularly good at of several other adventures to help make
any of those pursuits, but when you’ve the Squatpumps a recurring burr in the
got a pool of recruits as large as the posse’s saddle.
Squatpumps do, you can afford a bit of
trial and error. Breaking the Bank
This makes the Squatpumps an As the posse is riding into a town, they
excellent recurring enemy for your hear gunfire coming from the vicinity of
posse, Marshal. They’re not particularly the local bank. If they hurry toward the
skilled, but what they lack in raw talent, sound, they see the following:
they make up for in sheer numbers A group of ragtag gunmen mills about
and a preternatural ability to hold a the front of the bank, firing guns into the
murderous grudge. Kill one Squatpump, air, hooting and hollering, and generally
and the next time you’ll probably find raising Hell. The door to the bank stands
yourself facing half a dozen. open, and cracks of gunfire issue from
The profile below is for the run-of-the- within the building as well. While you
mill Squatpump gang member. Most watch, a few customers run out, ducking
groups of more than five or 10 are led by at the sight of the reckless bandits out
one of the more capable family members front.
who has lived through numerous hold- Should your cowpokes pause, a
ups, shootouts, and trips to the outhouse. passerby exclaims,
As you’d expect, these naturally selected
“The Squatpumps are robbing the
survivors are almost always Wild Cards.
The loud-mouthed citizen then looks
Squatpump Cousin expectantly at the posse, obviously
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d4, Spirit expecting the group to intervene.
d4, Strength d8, Vigor d8 If the heroes try to stop the
Skills: Fighting d6, Guts d6, Notice Squatpumps, the outlaws gleefully
d4, Riding d6, Shooting d6, Taunt d6, engage in a firefight. On the other hand,
Throwing d6, Tracking d4 should the characters choose to stand
Charisma: –2; Pace: 6; Parry: 5; aside and not get involved, the robbers
Toughness: 6 emerge carrying several bulging sacks.
Hindrances: Clueless, Ugly, Vengeful As the gang attempts to ride out of town,
(Major), however, one of the Squatpumps loses
Edges: – control of his horse and careens into
the middle of the posse. His cousins
Gear: Squatpumps carry any sort of
mistakenly perceive this as somehow
weapons they can lay hand to.

T he S quatpump G ang
the heroes’ fault and a gunfight ensues “The Squatpumps live on a pig
as above. farm about a day’s ride north of here.
The gang fights until more than half Personally, I just ignore ’em, but I reckon
their number are Incapacitated, at which you folks will keep litterin’ up my streets
time they flee like scalded dogs in all with empty shell casings and dead
directions. Squatpumps if you don’t put a stop to
This is not intended to be a challenging this here feud.”
fight for your saddletramps, Marshal. In He won’t send any help with the
fact, if your hombres leave the gunfight characters, stating it’s outside his
unscathed, so much the better! jurisdiction. Actually, he doesn’t want
• Squatpump Cousins (2 per hero): See to attract any more attention from the
page 102. Armed with Colt Army family. However, he encourages the
revolvers (Range 12/24/48, Damage heroes to ride out—sweetening the pot
2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots 6, AP 1). by telling them about a $500 bounty
on Bucephalus Squatpump, the clan
Now You’ve Done It! patriarch, and a general $25-per-head
Shortly after the posse sends the bounty on the rest of the gang—dead or
Squatpumps packing, the town marshal alive, of course!
arrives on the scene. Far from offering
the heroes the heartfelt thanks they’re Rootin’ Out the Gang
expecting, he instead bears a warning. The marshal’s directions lead the
With a disappointed sigh, he exclaims, heroes to the Squatpump farm. All
“Aww… now ya gone and done it! the buildings appear to have been
“The Squatpumps ride in here every constructed with whatever castoff
few months or so and ‘rob’ the bank. It’s materials the residents could find that
so regular, the manager keeps a few sacks weren’t nailed down—or could be pried
of newspaper clippin’s he gives ’em just loose. A large barn and adjacent pig pen
to hustle them out the door before anyone are the only things that even vaguely link
gets hurt. They ain’t the sharpest tools it to agriculture or animal husbandry.
in the shed, so by the time they figure Other than a flock of sparsely feathered
out they’ve been hornswaggled, most chickens and a few overly large hogs near
of ‘em done forgot what they came into the barn, only a thin plume of smoke
town for. rising from the dilapidated shed behind
“But you gone and riled ’em up. Now the main house provides any sign of life.
we’ll have a whole herd of them yahoos’ In this case, looks are very deceiving.
cousins ridin’ into town from here ’til There are plenty of Squatpumps holed
the end o’ time lookin’ to settle up with up here. As soon as they are aware of the
you lot.” posse’s presence, they dig in deeper than
The marshal explains the town ticks on a hound…and look to draw as
discovered the hard way that, while the much blood as possible.
gang wasn’t particularly good at the
outlaw profession, there always seemed Barn
to be more family members ready to Inside the barn a few Squatpumps are
avenge any perceived slight. Now, he lounging about. If the heroes enter the
adds, the posse’s likely made an enemy— barn, most grab farming implements
or more accurately, a lot of enemies! and attack, while one opens the gate to
the pig pen and calls the hogs from there

G rim P rai rie T rails

Squatpump Farmhouse

with a loud “Sou-eee!” This brings the doesn’t suffer nausea, but instead rolls
beasts running (see Pig Pen, below, for on the Fear Effects Table!
Pig Pen
If a ruckus breaks out elsewhere, they
grab shotguns and fire on the characters The Squatpumps raise hogs...badly.
from the cover of the barn after flushing They’ve crossbred their already
the hogs out onto the grounds. oversized pigs with wild boars and even
a javeranha (see page 67) they got from
• Squatpumps (1 per hero): See page
a distant uncle in the Southwest. The
102. Armed with farming implements
family uses the animals for everything
(Str+d6) or double-barrel shotguns
from breakfast meats to garbage
(Range 12/24/48, Damage 1–3d6, RoF
disposal to getting rid of the occasional
1–2, Shots 2, +2 Shooting) and 10 extra
corpse. Unsurprisingly, the critters eat
everything they can run down.
• Aggressive Hogs (3): Use Wild Boar
Although there are a large number of
stats on page 138.
piglets in the pen, luckily for the heroes
Outhouse there are only three adult hogs at this
The outhouse is empty when the posse time.
arrives, but any hombre foolish enough • Aggressive Hogs (3): Use Wild Boar
to enter this rickety shack must make stats on page 138.
a Guts roll. We’re not going to go into
detail, but let’s just say the horrors in
the Squatpump facilities are so revolting The plume of smoke the cowpokes saw
that any hero who fails her Guts roll coming from this shed originates from a

T he S quatpump G ang
fire under the one legitimate enterprise roll Agility or bring the ceiling down on
outside of pig-farming the Squatpumps his head, suffering 2d6 damage!
pursue—brewing rotgut whiskey. There The Squatpumps are very familiar
are two cousins in here working the next with their home’s layout, and always
batch through the still. have at least Light Cover against ranged
The Squatumps lob impromptu attacks while inside.
firebombs at any pistolero that gets close Dining Room: The Squatpumps keep
enough, made out of Mason jars filled a few tables here for when they feel
with whiskey. They effectively have an high-falutin’ enough to eat sitting down.
unlimited supply of the firebombs. For To make sure they aren’t putting on airs,
those who wisely stay out of range, they they also use this room to kennel a pair
fall back on their rifles. of foul-tempered mongrel dogs. And
Unfortunately for them, the still is they aren’t house-trained. The hounds
unstable and fills the shed with volatile attack any non-Squatpump that enters
fumes. Any gunfire into the shed that the room.
misses the outlaws has a 1 in 6 chance • Dogs (2): Use Dog/Wolf stats in Savage
of causing the still to explode for 5d6 Worlds.
damage in a Large Burst Template! Kitchen: This room is where Etta May
• Squatpump Cousins (2): See page Squatpump prepares the gang’s meals.
102. Armed with Springfield rifles She’s limited by the ingredients the
(Range 24/48/96, Damage 2d10, RoF family provides—usually whatever
1, Shots 1, AP 2, Reload 2), 20 extra animal is slow enough to catch or stupid
rounds, and firebombs (Range 2/4/8, enough to get lured into arms’ reach.
Damage 2d6, RoF 1, SBT, may ignite (This usually boils down to watching for
victim). buzzards and stealing a carcass.) Only
a pathological liar would refer to the
The Farmhouse resulting concoctions as “food.”
The Squatpumps built the farmhouse She’s just as feisty as the rest of her clan,
without any sense of architecture or though, and attacks any interlopers with
common sense. As a result, there are a rusty and dangerously stained cleaver
rooms with no doors or doors that simply with which she is quite proficient.
can’t be opened, windows between The staircase in the corner leads up to
interior rooms, and a stairway that ends the ceiling as the Squatpumps forgot to
at the ceiling (it’s a one story building). put on the second floor. The stovepipe
The interior is cluttered with everything stops about a foot short of the ceiling,
from broken furniture to wagon wheels causing the room to fill with smoke
to farm implements to animal skins (or anytime Etta May prepares dinner.
just dead animals). During mealtimes, all Shooting and
Just walking through a room is an Throwing rolls suffer a –1 penalty and
exercise in both balance and courage— any non-Squatpumps must make a
and that’s without a whole passel of Vigor roll or suffer a level of Fatigue due
inbred outlaws trying to kill you! In to smoke inhalation (See Fire in Savage
several places, the ceiling is supported by Worlds).
hastily erected beams, most of which are • Etta May Squatpump: Use Squatpump
not nailed down. Any character coming Cousin stats on page 102, but increase
in contact with one must immediately

G rim P rai rie T rails
Fighting to d10. Armed with a cleaver • Squatpump Cousins (2, plus 1
(Str+d4). per hero): See page 102. Armed
Storage Room: The only way into with single barrel shotguns (Range
this room is through a broken outside 12/24/48, Damage 1–3d6, RoF 1, Shots
window. The room is filled with all 1, +2 Shooting).
manner of junk and debris. Hidden
amidst the trash is a spring-loaded bear Bucephalus Squatpump
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit
Make a Notice roll (–4) for any
d6, Strength d8, Vigor d10
character digging or walking through
the junk to spot the trap. On a failure Skills: Fighting d8, Guts d6,
it’s triggered, and the victim suffers 2d6 Intimidation d8, Notice d6, Riding d6,
damage and is held by the trap until she Shooting d8
makes a Strength roll (–2). If the damage Charisma: –4; Pace: 6; Parry: 6;
causes one or more wounds to a leg, she Toughness: 8
suffers an additional Pace –1 until they Hindrances: Mean, Ugly, Vengeful
are healed. (Major)
Living Room: This is the family room Edges: Brawny, Improved Nerves of
and sleeping quarters for Squatpumps Steel
who aren’t passed out or lollygagging Gear: Scattergun (Range 6/12/24,
elsewhere on the farm. Several straw Damage 1–3d6, RoF 1–2, Shots 2, +2
mattresses and piles of filthy and Shooting), hatchet (Str+d6), 10 extra
odd-smelling sheets lie about. The shells.
immense, bearded, and repulsive
Bucephalus—father of the majority of Aftermath
the local Squatpumps (as well as cousin,
If the posse eradicates the local
uncle, and possibly brother to few)—is
Squatpumps, they can claim the rewards
usually found here. There are also a few
on Bucephalus and his kin. However, this
Squatpumps itching for a fight…and
was just one small branch of the family
from body lice.
and there are plenty more out there…

Squatpump Farm

Swarm Man
Swarm men are one of the less pleasant creations of the Reckoning.
Colonies of voracious, beetle-like critters with a disturbing amount of
smarts and an unnatural ability for camouflage, these swarms are
capable of forming into a human shape and altering their appearance
so as to look human. Their hive-mind intelligence enables them to
function as a single organism instead of a mass of squirming creepy-

Although a swarm man’s camouflage caught inside it (Medium Burst

isn’t nearly fine-tuned enough to Template). It hits automatically each
impersonate a particular individual, the round and causes 2d6 damage.
bugs are capable as appearing more than This damage is applied to the least
human enough to pass close inspection. armored location on a victim.
These strange swarms roam the land • Fear –2: Make a Guts roll (–2) for any
like plagues of locusts without quite as hombre who witnesses one of these
discerning a palate. These critters don’t critters change to swarm form.
limit themselves to just crops either. • Human Shield: A swarm man cannot
They are more than happy to devour be wounded while in human form.
anything they can get their mandibles Instead, if it takes enough damage
on—cows, horses, cowboys, anything to cause one or more wounds, it
organic in nature that they can pull immediately disintegrates into its
apart and consume. swarm form.
When attacked, the swarm maintains • Mimicry: A swarm man is capable
its façade of humanity until it takes of mimicking a general human
enough damage to cause a single wound. appearance, although it cannot copy
At that point it collapses into a swarm of specific individuals. At a casual
chittering—and very angry—insects. glance, only a Notice roll (–4) spots
anything amiss with a swarm man
Swarm Man when camouflaged. However, a
Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d6, cowpoke who’s specifically looking
Spirit d12, Strength d8, Vigor d10 for a mass of arthropods disguising
themselves as a sodbuster (for
Skills: Fighting d6, Notice d10,
whatever reason) can roll Notice with
Persuasion d10, Shooting d4, Stealth d6
no modifiers. Shifting to swarm form
Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 7 is a free action, but reforming into a
Special Abilities: human shape takes a full round.
• Bite: A swarm man in swarm form • Split: A swarm man can split into
inflicts hundreds of bites on anyone two smaller swarms (Small Burst

G rim P rai rie T rails
Templates) to deal with multiple foes
if necessary. The Toughness of these Savage Tale:
smaller swarms is reduced by 2 (to 5). Hunger Pangs
• Swarm: Parry +2. In swarm form,
cutting and piercing weapons do no Around midday, the posse is traveling
real damage. Area-effect weapons along a trail through a relatively
work normally and the abomination’s uninhabited stretch of wilderness
attacks can be foiled—at least when it comes across a small log cabin.
temporarily—by jumping in water. A The door to the cabin stands ajar and a
cowpoke can make a Fighting attack fair-sized pack of wolves prowls around
by stomping each round. If successful, outside. As the heroes watch, one darts
the stomp inflicts his Strength in into the open door and emerges moments
damage. While in swarm form, the later carrying something in its mouth. A
swarm man cannot use Notice roll identifies the object as a bone.
weapons. The wolves soon note the party’s
arrival and turn their attention to the
group. The animals quickly spread out
and advance toward the characters,
attempting to circle them as they do. The
animals growl menacingly and visibly
begin to drool as they move in.
Any hero with the appropriate
background (trapper, hunter, wilderness
scout, etc.) can make a Common
Knowledge roll to realize this is not
normal behavior for wolves. Likewise,
any book-learnin’ types can make an
appropriate Knowledge roll to figure out
the animals are starving or otherwise
crazed to attack a group of healthy
The wolves are nearly starving
and mad with hunger. They fight
until more than two-thirds of
their number are Incapacitated,
at which point they try to flee
into the surrounding wasteland.
However, a few make a last attempt to
snatch a bone as they depart.
• Wolves (2 per hero): Use Dog/Wolf
stats in Savage Worlds.

Cabin in the Woods

Investigating the one-room cabin
reveals what the heroes have probably
already guessed: A pair of human
skeletons—or at least the parts the

S wa rm M an
wolves didn’t steal—lie inside. Most of Behind the Scenes
the bones remain inside clothing that A small, uh... group of swarm men
indicates one was a man and the other recently moved into this area. The
a woman. abominations have managed to gobble
Anyone examining the skeletons can up most of the prey animals, which has
make a Notice roll. With a success, she led to the wolves’ starving state. They
realizes the bones are completely bare of recently fell upon the homesteaders,
any soft tissue; meat, bone, cartilage—it’s devouring both hapless souls and all the
all gone. The clothes are covered in dried food they had on hand.
bloodstains, but there is no obvious Shortly after the monsters slew the
cause of death. The clothes are largely couple, a wagon carrying another
intact and no evidence of any wounds family passed through the area. One
remains. of the swarm men, disguised as a
A double barrel shotgun and a human, managed to secure a ride with
Springfield rifle lie on the floor not far the unwitting pioneers. The remainder
from the skeletons, and both have spent tailed the family from the forest.
shells inside. An hombre looking for
bullet holes may make a Notice roll. If
Dining Take-Out
successful, the hero spots a bullet hole
(rifle) about four feet up the wall near the Continuing on along the trail, the
door and marks from a shotgun blast in posse comes upon a covered wagon
the floor near the skeletons. There is no just before nightfall. It is stopped in the
blood at either spot. middle of the trail and surrounded by a
war party of angry braves. The Indians
A search of the cabin takes very
are well-armed and tearing goods off
little time. It appears to have been a
the wagon. There is no immediate sign
simple homestead, with the single room
of the occupants and even the draft
serving as kitchen, dining room, and
animals are gone.
bedroom. Other than the two firearms,
there is little of value outside typical After a moment, two things happen.
frontier household goods. If a character First, the war party notes the heroes’
specifically looks for foodstuffs though, arrival. The Indians turn menacingly
she finds a few containers for dry foods toward the group, obviously ready to
(beans, corn, flour, etc.). The lids are off fight. Second, allow each character to
all the bins, and other than a few crumbs, make a Notice roll. The one who rolls
they are completely empty. the highest spots what appears to be
the remains of at least one settler lying
Checking outside for tracks allows
beside the front of the wagon.
a hero to make a Tracking roll. With
a success, she finds the expected wolf The Indians are aware of the swarm
tracks, but also signs that a wagon men in the area. They’re actually trying
passed through within the last day, to find and destroy the abominations
heading the same direction as the party. and arrived on the scene after the things
On a raise, she also spots a pair of booted had already attacked. The war party isn’t
footprints, most likely a man’s, leaving looking for a fight with the posse. They
the cabin and joining the wagon. If the don’t attack unless one of the heroes
posse thinks to ask, there are no boots to makes an overtly hostile act—but they
be found in the cabin—including on the are tense and more than a little paranoid.

G rim P rai rie T rails
Even drawing a weapon is enough to Scene of the Crime
touch off the powder keg. After either defeating the braves or
If the posse attacks—or provokes the convincing them to depart, the posse
braves into battle—the Indians fight is free to examine the wagon. There
until more than half their number are are two skeletons lying on the ground
Incapacitated. At that point, the survivors nearby, still clothed and stripped of all
attempt to retreat into the surrounding soft tissue just like those at the cabin.
country. Under no circumstances do One appears to be a man and the other a
they surrender. woman. Although there is a Winchester
The war party has no interest in parley ’73 rifle near the man’s remains, it does
with the group. They’re not overflowing not appear to have been fired.
with trust to begin with, and are also More disturbingly, the heroes quickly
pretty keenly aware how bad the current discover the draft animals were not run
situation looks from the outside. The off or stolen. The mostly-eaten corpses of
best even the most silver-tongued talker four mules lie at the front of the wagon,
can accomplish here is to convince the still attached to their harnesses. Unlike
braves to retreat from the wagon without the human victims, there are still some
a fight. scattered pieces of meat and tendon on
• Indian Braves (1, plus 2 per hero): their bones.
Use Indian Brave stats in the Deadlands A scholarly minded cowpoke can
Marshal’s Handbook. examine all the remains for clues by
making an appropriate Knowledge roll

S wa rm M an
or a Tracking roll at –4. With a success, a short time. The war party chased the
he can discern no teeth marks or signs of other members of its group away during
weapons or tools on the bones. Whatever the attack and it wants to stay close to
took the meat from the bones did so very the party until they can return to help
skillfully, without so much as nicking it. If the heroes seem reluctant, it is not
the bone underneath! above playing up its “helpless waif”
From the looks of it, the war party role to pluck at the heart strings of any
had already torn through the interior sentimental saps in the posse.
of the wagon pretty thoroughly by the The abomination is careful to keep its
time the posse arrived. At first glance, true nature as protected as possible. It has
there is only a disorganized pile of clothed itself in a full-length and long-
largely unexciting homesteading goods: sleeved dress taken from the pioneers’
clothing, basic tools, kitchenware, belongings and also wears a bonnet and
etc. However, moments after the first scarf. It takes care to keep any of the
character pokes her head into the wagon, posse members from examining it too
one of the larger piles begins to move— closely and stays largely at arm’s length
seemingly of its own accord! at least until nightfall, when darkness
A young woman, apparently in her can help conceal it better.
late teens, scrabbles out from under the • Swarm Man: See page 107.
piles of upended belongings and looks
nervously at her rescuers. A Plague Descends
Sole Survivor The next town (or trading post,
It soon becomes obvious the girl is settlement, or whatever) is less than
mute and able to communicate only a day’s travel from where the posse
through a crude pantomime. The “girl” encounters the wagon and swarm
is actually the swarm man in disguise. man. If at all possible, the swarm man
This is what the Indians were tearing manipulates the heroes to take it along
through the wagon trying to find, but with them. At least until the rest of its
it had dispersed into swarm form and companions catch up…
filtered through the settler’s belongings If the characters agree to take the
to hide. It now sees a chance at getting “young woman” with them, it largely
a little more food on the hoof—or boot. keeps to itself as much as possible—
Through hand signals and mime, the perhaps pretending to be traumatized
abomination attempts to convince the by the recent events. Given that it claims
posse that it was part of the settlers’ to have watched a band of cannibalistic
family. Furthermore, it claims the Indians Indians attack its family, this probably
were actually the ones who killed and isn’t too hard of a sell.
ate everything at the wagon and that On the other hand, if your posse’s
she escaped by hiding in the wagon. The composed of a bunch of uncaring
swarm man even feigns thanks to the hombres with hearts of coal, the
heroes for rescuing it from the attack abomination instead settles for tailing
and conveys that it would like to travel them as they travel, waiting for a
with them to the next settlement. convenient time to ambush the group.
Although it can’t speak, the monstrosity Since it can revert into an insect swarm,
is fairly clever and experienced at remaining hidden isn’t really a problem
deceiving its intended prey for at least in this case.

G rim P rai rie T rails

Night Falls the abominations, but a combination of

The posse has to spend one night on darkness and the fact they don’t have to
the trail before they reach the relative pass close inspection allows them a little
comforts of civilization. After they leeway here.
settle in and bed down for the evening, Roll for surprise normally if the heroes
the swarm men make their move. The did not detect the creatures’ approach.
abominations that have been stalking If a disguised swarm man is traveling
the heroes move stealthily up on the with the party, it attacks too after a
camp, crawling across the ground in round of combat has passed. Otherwise,
their swarm form. Allow any cowpokes simply add it in with the bushwhackers
on guard to make a Notice roll at –2, numbers from the start.
opposed by the swarm men’s Stealth, The abominations fight to the death.
to detect only a faint chittering sound If the fight goes badly for the posse,
as the creatures close in on them. Any you can have some of the braves from
modifiers for hearing apply here as the war party arrive to help the heroes,
normal. should you be feeling a little soft-hearted
Once they’re within 12” of the heroes, yourself, Marshal!
the abominations assume human form, • Swarm Men (1, plus 1 per hero): See
appearing as if from thin air in the night. page 107. This number includes the
They take the shapes of Indians and “survivor” from the wagon attack.
settlers alike. Their mimicry allows them
to even appear clothed appropriately—
normally, that level of detail is beyond

Mother Nature is plenty dangerous. Anyone who’s experienced an
earthquake, prairie fire, flash flood, or tornado is well aware of
that fact. Now, imagine a thunderstorm or tidal wave with a personal
desire to see you dead. That’s a pretty good idea of what a
terrormental is like.

Although similar to elementals of requires a human host to be molded

myth and legend, these creatures are into a living vessel of elemental horror.
born and bred of the Reckoning. As An ancient, blood-soaked ritual allows
such, they want nothing more than to a petitioner to transform herself into
spread death, destruction, and above all a terrormental. One little hitch to the
else, terror. event is that the host is more accurately
Each type of terrormental represents a sacrifice—the “vessel” is consumed in
one of the four elements: air, earth, fire, the act. As you’d expect, most cult leaders
or water. As you’d expect, each has its keep this little tidbit to themselves. Using
own method of attack. Fire burns with an even lesser-known spell, some truly
hellish flame, air draws the very breath powerful practitioners of black magic
from your lungs, and earth just smashes can control the summoned creatures.
things real good.
Just as they have their own powers, each Air Terrormental
has a unique weakness. Even magical
This horror alternates between a dust
attacks don’t hurt a terrormental just by
devil and a vaguely man-shaped figure,
virtue of being magic. Only those tied to
rendered visible by dust caught up in its
its Weakness can cause any lasting harm.
turbulence and lightning rippling along
A jet of water, magically conjured or not,
its outlines.
can hurt a fire terrormental. But your
huckster’s old standby soul blast won’t do Attributes: Agility d12, Smarts d6,
more than tickle the terrormental a little. Spirit d10, Strength d8, Vigor d6
These abominations are tough. If you Skills: Fighting d8, Notice d8, Shooting
plan on using them, Marshal, realize d6
they’re not fancy walkin’ dead or some Pace: –; Parry: 6; Toughness: 8
other critter your posse can put down Special Abilities:
by slinging enough lead in the right • Coup (Light as a Feather): The
direction. Battling a terorrmental is Harrowed gains an additional die
more often a mental exercise than a type in Agility. But she also suffers a
knock-down, drag-out fight. –1 penalty on all rolls to resist air-
Fortunately, the things don’t just based effects and attacks.
spontaneously appear. A terrormental

G rim P rai rie T rails
• Elemental: No additional damage maintaining this ability is a standard
from called shots. Immune to Fear action.
and Intimidation. Does not suffer • Wind Blast: Air terrormentals
wound modifiers. Immune to disease can send directed blasts of air at
and poison. foes using the Cone Template and
• Ethereal: These abominations can a Shooting roll, for 2d6 nonlethal
maneuver through any non-solid damage. Make an opposed Agility
surface. They seep through cracks, roll for victims to avoid the blast.
bubble through liquid, and rush • Whirlwind: As long as it does not
through porous materials. move, the terrormental may make an
• Fear (–2): Encountering a terrormental opposed Strength check to pick up a
provokes a Guts roll at –2. victim as a standard action. If it wins,
• Flight: Air terrormentals have a the target is pulled into the swirling
Flying Pace of 24”, with a climb rate of maelstrom of its body. While trapped,
6”. They may not “run.” the target is –2 to attack, damage, and
• Invulnerability: A terrormental can Strength rolls to free himself. The
only be harmed by its Weakness. It terrormental cannot move as long as it
can be Shaken by other attacks but wants to keep a victim trapped, but it
never wounded. can take other non-movement actions
on subsequent rounds.
• Size +3: The whirlwind is
nearly 10 feet tall. • Weakness (Air-Based Attacks): Air
is possibly the most difficult of the
• Suffocate: An air
terrormentals to defeat. The
terrormental kills by
surest way to destroy one is to
drawing the air out
expose it to a vacuum,
of its victims’ lungs,
but short of an
suffocating them. When
especially eccentric
the terrormental uses
mad scientist, a
this ability, every living being
posse is likely
within 8” of the abomination
hard-pressed to
must make an opposed Vigor
generate an airless
roll against the monster’s
environment on
Spirit. Victims that
demand. The
fail suffer a Fatigue
power windstorm
level. Anyone
buffets the
Incapacitated in
terrormental for 2d6 damage
this manner dies in
per round. At your discretion,
a number of rounds
Marshal, other attacks that
equal to half his
suitably displace large
Vigor die. Once
amounts of air at once may
he is out of the
also affect it,
area of effect,
such as powers
he recovers
with air-based
one Fatigue
Trappings or
level every
even a large
five minutes.
dynamite blast.
Activating and

T er rormen tal
way to suspend one using powers or
Earth Terrormental just finessing a few lassos. Also, any
This beast is a lumbering, bipedal hero that engages one with a Fighting
form made of graveyard dirt and broken attack while she’s under the effects
tombstones. of the burrow power can deal normal
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit damage to it.
d10, Strength d12+3, Vigor d10
Skills: Fighting d8, Notice d6
Pace: 4; Parry: 6; Toughness: 14 (4)
Special Abilities:
• Armor +4: Rocky hide.
• Bash: Str+d6.
• Burrow: Pace 10”. Earth
terrormentals can meld into
and out of the ground.
• Coup (Tombstone Skin):
The deader gains an
additional die type in
Vigor. But he also suffers
a –1 penalty on all rolls
to resist earth-based
effects and attacks.
• Elemental: No
additional damage from
called shots. Immune to
Fear and Intimidation.
Does not suffer wound
modifiers. Immune to
disease and poison.
• Fear (–2): Encountering
a terrormental provokes a
Guts roll at –2.
• Invulnerability: A terrormental can
only be harmed by its Weakness. It
can be Shaken by other attacks but
never wounded.
• Size +3: A walking mound of rock
and dirt about 10 feet tall.
• Weakness (Earthbound): An earth
terrormental is Invulnerable as long
as it is in contact with natural earth.
If the posse can lure it onto a bridge,
a boat, or even a man-made floor, it
becomes vulnerable to normal attacks.
An inventive posse might even find a

G rim P rai rie T rails
• Size +3: A 10-foot-tall inferno.
Fire Terrormental • Wall Walker: A fire terrormental
This abomination is a walking wildfire can move up any flammable vertical
stoked with the fires of Hell. surface at its normal Pace.
Attributes: Agility d12+1, Smarts d8, • Weakness (Vacuum): A fire
Spirit d8, Strength d4, Vigor d6 terrormental is immediately
Skills: Climbing d8, Fighting d10, destroyed if somehow sealed within a
Notice d6, Shooting d8 vacuum.
Pace: 6; Parry: 7; Toughness: 8 • Weakness (Water): Fire terrormentals
Special Abilities: take normal damage from water-
• Coup (Fiery Mien): The deader gains based magical attacks. Additionally,
an additional die type in Spirit. But dousing it with a gallon of
she also suffers a –1 penalty on all water causes
rolls to resist fire-based effects and 1d6 damage,
attacks. +2 per each
• Elemental: No additional damage
from called shots. Immune to Fear
and Intimidation. Does not suffer
wound modifiers. Immune to disease
and poison.
• Fear (–2): A terrormental provokes
a Guts roll at –2.
• Fiery Touch: Str+d6, with a
chance of catching fire (See Fire in
Savage Worlds).
• Flame
Strike: Fire
can project a
searing blast
of flames
using the Cone
Template. Heroes
within the cone
must beat the spirit’s
Shooting roll with Agility
or suffer 2d10 damage—plus
the chance of catching
• Invulnerability: A
terrormental can only be
harmed by its Weakness.
It can be Shaken by
other attacks but never

T er rormen tal

Water Terrormental
Composed of murky salt water,
this abomination most often appears
as a cresting wave or waterspout.
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6,
Spirit d10, Strength d10, Vigor d10
Skills: Fighting d8, Notice d8,
Shooting d8, Swimming d12+2
Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 10
Special Abilities:
• Aquatic: Pace 12”.
• Coup (Cold Fish): The
Harrowed gains two additional
die types in Swimming. But she
also suffers a –1 penalty on all rolls to
resist water-based effects and attacks.
• Dehydrate: As a standard action,
a water terrormental can attempt
to draw the water out of a victim’s
body. The terrormental makes
an opposed Spirit roll against
a target up to 8” away. Each
success and raise inflicts a
Fatigue level on the victim.
Anyone who survives such an
attack can recover a Fatigue
level per hour by consuming
at least a quart of water each
• Elemental: No additional
damage from called shots.
Immune to Fear and Intimidation.
Does not suffer wound modifiers.
Immune to disease and poison. • Size +3: Like their brethren, water
• Fear (–2): Anyone who encounters a terrormentals crest at nearly 10 feet.
terrormental must make a Guts roll • Waterspout: A water terrormental
at –2. can project a torrent of water using
• Invulnerability: A terrormental can the Cone Template. Victims within
only be harmed by its Weakness. It the area may make an Agility roll
can be Shaken by other attacks but opposed by the spirit’s Shooting to
never wounded. avoid the blast or suffer 2d8 nonlethal
• Seep: Water terrormentals can damage. This also quenches any
squeeze through a gap or crack of any normal fires in the area.
size, no matter how small. • Weakness (Fire): Fire-based magical
attacks damage them. Additionally,

G rim P rai rie T rails
non-magical fire can also boil away Resembling a huge mass of molten
the abomination, doing normal anthropomorphic mud whose each step
damage (see Fire in Savage Worlds). is accompanied by a peal of thunder, a
greater terrormental uses the special
attacks of each of its components. It is
Greater Terrormental well within its ability, for example, to
If the basic, run o’ the mill terrormental pound the stuffing out of some poor,
isn’t enough of a challenge for your dehydrated, suffocating hombre with its
hombres, Marshal, a few truly dedicated enormous flaming fists.
cultists have found a way to bind all Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d8,
four into one great, big steaming hunk Spirit d10, Strength d12+3, Vigor d10
of horror.
Skills: Fighting d10, Notice d8, Shooting
d8, Swimming d12+2
Pace: —; Parry: 7; Toughness: 13
Special Abilities:
• Aquatic: Pace 12”.
• Bash: Str+d6, plus a chance to catch
fire (see Fire in Savage Worlds).
• Coup (Magic Proof): A deader gains
the Arcane Resistance Edge (or the
Improved version, if she already
has it). But the Edge doesn’t provide
protection from air-, earth-, fire- or
water-based effects, and the deader
also suffers a –1 penalty on rolls to
resist these attacks and effects.
• Dehydrate: As a
standard action, a greater
terrormental can attempt
to draw the water out of a
victim’s body. The terrormental
makes an opposed Spirit roll
against a target up to 8” away.
Each success and raise inflicts
a Fatigue level on the victim.
Anyone who survives such an
attack can recover a Fatigue level
per hour by consuming at least a
quart of water each hour.
• Elemental: No
additional damage from called
shots. Immune to Fear and
Intimidation. Does not suffer
wound modifiers. Immune
to disease and poison.

T er rormen tal
• Fear (–4): Anyone unfortunate enough
to encounter a greater terrormental Savage Tale:
must make a Guts roll at –4. Sacrificial Lamb
• Flame Strike: Greater terrormentals
can project a searing blast of flames In her search for an eternal vessel,
using the Cone Template. Heroes Agatha Leeds (see page 17) discovered
within the cone must beat the spirit’s the secret of summoning a terrormental.
Shooting roll with Agility or suffer Deciding that an incarnation of elemental
2d10 damage—plus the chance of force might well do the trick, she’s
catching fire (see Fire in Savage raised herself a cult of fanatical—and,
Worlds). more important—utterly expendable
followers. Needing a little time to
• Invulnerability: A greater
prepare the ritual, she’s led them to a
terrormental can only be harmed by
small ghost town on a now-abandoned
its Weakness. It can be Shaken by
rail spur.
other attacks but never wounded.
Not wanting to attract any unnecessary
• Large: Attackers add +2 to attack rolls
attention from meddling passers-by
when attacking a greater terrormental
before she undertakes her latest attempt
due to its large size.
at immortality, Leeds instructed her
• Seep: Greater terrormentals can take followers to play the roles of simple
on the consistency of wet mud and townsfolk. She also hired a few men
squeeze through any non-watertight of, shall we say, questionable character
barrier. to handle any particularly troublesome
• Size +6: One of these abominations busybodies who might happen along.
tops out at nearly 20 feet tall. Like your posse, for instance, Marshal…
• Suffocate: A greater terrormental
may kill by drawing the air out of Leadtown
its victims’ lungs, suffocating them.
Fear Level: 3
When the terrormental is using this
ability, every (living) being within The citizens of Leadtown once believed
8” of the abomination must make they were laying the foundations of
an opposed roll of his Vigor against the next Dodge City. Then the railroad
the monster’s Spirit. If the victim abandoned the spur that ran through
fails, he suffers a Fatigue level. If the town and its prospects dried up as
Incapacitated, the unlucky sod dies in quickly as a sponge in Death Valley.
a number of rounds equal to half his Slowly even the most diehard hopefuls
Vigor die. Once he is out of the area left for parts unknown, leaving only
of effect, he recovers one Fatigue level empty buildings and ghosts of dreams.
every five minutes. Activating and Leadtown can be placed virtually
maintaining this ability is a standard anywhere in the Weird West, but the
action. more remote, the better. And what
• Weakness (Magic): A greater leads the posse to Leadtown isn’t really
terrormental can only be wounded by important either. In fact, one of the best
magical attacks and effects. ways is to simply have them stumble
onto it while passing through a largely
uninhabited wilderness area.

G rim P rai rie T rails
Leadtown might best be described not much remarkable here: A handful of
as a ghost town, but a zombie town, briefly overturned pews and a pulpit are the
brought back from the grave for an only furnishings. Success on a Notice
unholy task. When it’s over, Leadtown roll while walking through the small
will once again be consigned to death. graveyard out back means a saddletramp
The cult has done just enough work to observes that the most recent grave is
make the town function as temporary over two years old.
housing. They’re not expecting more Once the cult starts its ritual, the
than a cursory examination before their church becomes the center of activity
work is done. So imagine their surprise in Leadtown (see Hot Time in the Old
when the posse rides in! Town, on page 122).
All the buildings are badly worn.
Dry rot has set in on several, and most Larson’s Boarding House
have only a few flakes of paint left on The boarding house is one of the few
their sides. Virtually every building has buildings Leeds’s followers have spent
broken panes of glass and it’s rare to any time renovating. Although a few
find one that’s not missing more than have taken up residence in houses near
a handful of shingles. The dry goods the town, most of the group has settled
store is bare of everything, including into Larson’s.
shelves, and the vault in the town’s tiny Don’t get us wrong, the outside of the
bank stand open and long empty. The building is still in pretty sorry shape
only thing remaining in the offices of with more bare wood than painted, but
the Leadtown Gazette are a few crumpled any broken windows are repaired, or at
pages of misprinted papers, all indicating least boarded over. The roof has been
nearly two years have passed since its repaired as well—by pulling shingles
last operation. from other structures in most cases.
An observant group of heroes is Inside, there’s a even a smattering of
probably going to have a few questions furniture, including a few simple chairs
for the inhabitants after they get a look and mattresses.
at the skeletal remains of the town. Most The cultists do their best to keep any
of the cultists don’t outright shun the visitors out of Larson’s. When possible,
posse, but they are mighty stingy with they simply lock the door; otherwise,
their words. However, the group gets an they rely on fast talking to prevent entry.
edited version that’s pretty close to the They don’t escalate the situation with
truth: The railroad pulled up stakes and any pushy folks, though. If a cowpoke
most businesses dried up. The cultists wants to bull her way in, they let her.
claim they’re the last of the residents
and/or farmers who were too stubborn Leadtown Saloon
to leave. The creatively named Leadtown
Saloon is the one building in town
Church that the posse has no trouble entering.
There’s no longer even a sign Fortunately for the cult, the former
identifying what type of church used owner left town with a carpet bag and
to serve Leadtown, but the cross atop little else, so all the furnishings are still
this building’s steeple makes it pretty in place. The upright piano is missing
clear what the basic function was. Before a few strings and is badly out of tune,
the night of the cult’s ritual, there’s not but—other than a bit of dust in the

T er rormen tal


corners and a broken window or two— badges they found in a desk drawer. Of
the saloon appears fairly run-of-the-mill. course, any gunslinger worth his salt is
There are even a few beds in the rooms sure to take notice Leadtown has a fairly
upstairs that the “bartender” (another high ratio of law enforcement officers
cultist) rents out for whatever sum he can before long.
finagle out of the adventurers. He’s not • “Deputies” (2, plus 1 per hero): Use
got much experience at running a hotel, Outlaw stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s
but he has the advantage of a monopoly. Handbook. Armed with Colt Army
There’s nowhere else in town the posse revolvers (Range 12/24/48, Damage
can shack up for the night! 2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots 6, AP 1).
There is a shortage of drinks, at least of
Train Station
the alcoholic kind. The cult isn’t exactly
a band of teetotalers, but whiskey wasn’t The small train station, once the center
high on the packing list. The hired guns of Leadtown’s hopes, is as empty as most
are toting a few bottles of their own, of the other buildings in town. The prairie
which the cultists gather up if the heroes has begun to reclaim the abandoned
act overly suspicious over the lack of tracks; grass grows thick between the
spirits. rails. A board near the barren ticket
office lists the last scheduled train as
Marshal’s Office departing over two years ago.
The marshal’s office is open. Leeds’s Outside the station is a watering tower.
hired guns have taken to using it as their Although rusted and rickety from age
own, displaying a fine sense of irony. and lack of maintenance, the holding
A couple of the desperados even sport tank is still intact, although it’s filled

G rim P rai rie T rails
with several hundred gallons of stagnant saloon. Leeds gives orders that if there
rainwater now. While the heroes aren’t are any false moves by the hostages, the
likely to take much note of this fact now, outlaws are to shoot first and not bother
it won’t be too long before they’re going to ask questions. She doesn’t want to risk
to pay it a lot of attention! any disruptions to her ritual!
In this case, the outlaws split their
Bait and Switch numbers to make sure they have at least
Late the first night the posse is in as many gunhands in each locale as
Leadtown, they’re awakened by shouts there are party members.
and pounding at their doors. One of the
“deputies” rouses them, saying there’s Hot Time in the Old Town
been a raid by outlaws or Indians—take Whether they’re waylaid out of town
your pick—and the town’s schoolteacher or in the saloon, by the time the heroes
has been kidnapped. He’s been sent by finish with the hired guns and make
the marshal to raise a posse to rescue the their way onto Leadtown’s only street
woman. Leeds and her followers have their ritual
If the heroes bite, he and another of his well underway. Read the following:
gang lead them on a wild and winding The only light shining in town is a
ride to an abandoned ranch a few miles hellish red glow seeping out through the
outside of town. There, the rest of the windows of the old church. An ominous
hired guns emerge from hiding with chanting emanates from the same edifice,
guns drawn. They tell the characters making it clear as creek water that
they aren’t looking for a fight, but they’re whatever’s rotten in Leadtown, the stink
under orders to not let the group return is coming from the church.
to town until after sunrise. None of the Leeds has been at this whole evil cult
bandits knows why or what the cult has thing for a fair piece, so she’s learned that
planned, though. hired thugs often fail to stop the white
If your hombres go for their guns, the hats from busting in at inconvenient
outlaws fight back. Unless the posse times. To add a little more time for her
comes up with a clever plan to distract and her followers to complete their spell,
the black hats, treat the desperados as if she’s raised a couple of corpses from the
they all are On Hold at the beginning of nearby Boot Hill to give warning of any
combat. Nosy Nellies riding in at the last minute.
• “Deputies” (2, plus 1 per hero): Use The deaders are positioned outside the
Outlaw stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s church, although discovering their less-
Handbook. Armed with Colt Army than-living status won’t be clear until
revolvers (Range 12/24/48, Damage your cowpokes get close enough to see
2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots 6, AP 1), and 12 the dead white of their eyes…
extra rounds. • Walkin’ Dead (1 per hero): See the
Minding the Store Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook. The
zombies aren’t carrying any weapons
If any or all the adventurers decline
other than their claws.
to join the fake posse, the hired guns
take steps to corral the layabouts in the Uninvited Guests
saloon. They wait until the would-be Once the heroes make it past the
rescuers ride out of town, then attempt undead welcoming party, they burst
to hold any characters still in town in the

T er rormen tal
into the church to see all the townsfolk her flesh is consumed by fire and she
inside. The cultists all wear stereotypical transforms into living hellfire—a fire
black robes and chant in some strange terrormental. Unfortunately for her,
language. Laid out on a crude wooden the demonic elemental completely
altar at the front of the church is one of overwhelms her spirit. On the other
the women from town. She is bound hand hand, it shares the same goals as she did,
and foot and appears to be struggling at least in the short term: Destroy the
against a man holding a ritual dagger. posse!
Actually, the woman is one of Agatha The heroes should quickly figure out
Leeds’ spawn (see page 18). Although their weapons—magical and mundane—
she looks like a younger version of are of little use against the abomination.
her matron, she’s every bit as evil and Barring an unusually well-prepared
ambitious. She’s trying to rush the band of saddletramps, the posse’s best
sacrifice along before the heroes have chance lies in the old water tower.
time to stop it. The man, a skilled black The tower holds over 500 gallons, and
magician himself, is her assistant, but there are all sorts of ways a creative
the posse’s untimely arrival has him group might get the water from
confused and distracted. He drops the holding tank onto the
the ritual dagger, pulls a pistol and terrormental. The tank walls
immediately turns his attention to the are Toughness 8 (cutting or
interlopers—along with the rest of the piercing) against attacks
cultists! to puncture it, whereas
Agatha herself does not actively a leg has Toughness
engage the posse—she has other plans 12 (cutting, fire,
(see below). explosions, etc.) for
Agatha Leeds: See page 18. bringing the whole
kit and caboodle
Cult Leader: Use Cult Leader stats in
tumbling down.
the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook.
Armed with a Colt Army revolver Fire Terrormental:
(Range 12/24/48, Damage 2d6+1, RoF See page 116.
1, Shots 6, AP 1).
• Cultists (2 per hero): Use Cultist stats
in the Deadlands Marshal’s Handbook.
Armed with daggers (Str+d4).

Not So Fast!
The cultists all fight to the death.
Agatha, however, has other plans.
The round before the heroes can
“rescue” her, she snatches up the
dagger her assistant dropped and
plunges it into her heart!
Eldritch, reddish flame erupts
from the wound, winding over
her body like a riled-up nest of
burning rattlers. Within moments,

The Lakota Sioux tell stories about Iktomi, a trickster and spider-
like god who sometimes controls others with strings. It’s unknown
whether the Reckoners’ servants drew on legends of Iktomi when
they spawned the weavers. However, given the similarities, and the
fact that the manitous seldom let a disturbing idea go to waste, it
seems likely.

Weavers are large, web-building line easily, instantly freeing the victim
spiders nearly the size of horses. The from the creature’s thrall. Clever heroes
creatures have decidedly arachnid might use the web to lead them to the
features, with multi-faceted eyes, eight weaver’s lair—provided they keep track
spindly legs, and a bulbous abdomen. of it. Dropping it on the ground is an
Their chitinous carapaces vary in almost guaranteed way to lose it!
color from black to mottled gray, and Although few weavers manage to
most have a distinctive mark on their ensnare more than a dozen or so this
abdomens—such as a skull-shaped way before they’re discovered, there
white splotch, or the red hourglass of a is apparently no limit to the number
black widow. of puppets a weaver can control at any
The abomination can insert a piece of time. It’s not unusual for a weaver to have
nearly invisible webbing into the base of complex plans for its puppets, but some
a victim’s skull, rendering them a puppet just use them to stock their larders…
to the weaver’s will. The webbing is
surprisingly resilient and can stretch for
nearly half a mile or more. Weaver
Through the link, the weaver Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d10,
completely controls every action of Spirit d8, Strength d10, Vigor d8
the puppet. Although the monster Skills: Fighting d8, Guts d6,
cannot read minds through the string, Intimidation d6, Notice d8, Shooting d8,
its command is so strong that it can Stealth d6
compel the victim to speak and act in an Pace: 8; Parry: 6; Toughness: 8
otherwise normal fashion, rendering its Special Abilities:
control nearly impossible to detect.
• Bite: Str+d4.
Spotting the thin filament requires
• Coup (Spider): A deader gains
a Notice roll (–6), but the web is easily
the Wall Walker ability (see Savage
detected by touch by rubbing the back
Worlds). Unfortunately, his hands and
of a victim’s head. Although it resists
feet are always tacky with a thin layer
attempts to break it by hand, any sharp
of adhesive goop.
item or cutting weapon can sever the

W eaver
• Fear (–2): Confronting one of these Controlling puppets is a free action
horrors necessitates a Guts roll (–2). for the weaver.
• Poison (–4): The bite of a weaver • Size +2: Weavers are eight feet long,
causes instant paralysis to anyone with legs the same length.
who fails a Vigor roll. The paralysis • Wall Walker: A weaver can scuttle
lasts 2d6 minutes, during which time across vertical and even inverted
the abomination usually makes the surfaces at its normal pace.
victim a puppet. • Webbing: Range 3/6/12. With a
• Puppet: A weaver can control any Shooting roll, a weaver casts a Small
human’s actions by attaching her to Burst Template-sized blob of webbing.
one of its strings. The process requires Misses deviate by 1d6”. If the weaver
the victim to be helpless, whether wins an opposed roll of its Shooting
in a web cocoon or paralyzed by the result versus the target’s Agility, the
monster’s poison. It takes a full round victim is entangled and suffers a –2
to attach the string, during which penalty to Pace and all skills linked
the monster can take no other action. to Agility and Strength. With a raise,
While attached, the weaver has full the victim is completely restrained,
control over the victim’s actions, unable to move or use any skills
although Wild Cards can attempt to linked to Agility or
resist each round by winning an Strength. Each
opposed Spirit roll. The string round, a
can be severed easily with webbed
any cutting weapon, but cowpoke
spotting one takes may
a Notice roll (–6). try to

G rim P rai rie T rails
break free by making a Strength roll, sitting as far from the entrance as
at –4 if the weaver won with a raise. possible. None of them have their back
to the door. They stare at you for a few
uncomfortable moments.
Savage Tale: The For his part, the bartender polishing
Web It Weaves glasses barely acknowledges you.
The barkeep’s not a talkative sort,
The posse arrives in the small village limiting his interaction with the
of La Viuda (Fear Level 3). The town is characters to “yep,” “nope,” a grunt of
a one-street affair, with likely less than barely feigned interest, or pouring shots
100 total citizens. La Viuda is a mix of of whiskey for them. The men at the
older adobe and new wooden buildings, table, however, hardly take their eyes
with a large two-story hacienda on the off the posse from the time they pass the
north side of town the most noteworthy doorway.
Allow any hombre who returns the
Unknown to the posse, a weaver has band’s attention to make a Common
taken up residence in the town and Knowledge roll, at +2 if the character
subjugated the residents to its will. The is a bounty hunter or lawman of some
townsfolk view any travelers passing sort (including Texas Rangers). With a
through as meals for their eight-limbed success, the sharp-eyed hero recognizes
master. the men as El Tejon’s Gang, a group of
minor outlaws wanted in the area for
Blood o’ the Devil
everything from robbery to murder to
The Sangre del Diablo is the only
bad hygiene. The leader of the gang is a
place in town to get a drink—or food
particularly unsavory bandit who goes
or a bed, for that matter. The wooden
by the name El Tejon—the Badger—
structure is the only other two-story
thanks to a distinctive white patch in his
building in town besides the hacienda,
and although it’s seen better days it’s far
from dilapidated. There’s no mistaking El Tejon himself carries a $250 bounty
the intent of the sign on the front of the and the rest of his gang combines for
building: It depicts a red-horned devil another $200—all payable dead or
holding a bottle of whiskey. A few horses alive. Should your pistoleros choose to
are tied to a hitching post outside, and confront the outlaws, the men are more
all look dusty and hard-ridden. than happy to skin their six-shooters
and start blasting. On the other hand,
Read the following when your heroes
if the posse either fails to recognize the
go inside:
bandits or chooses discretion, the gang
The saloon occupies much of the becomes increasingly intoxicated and
building’s lower floor, although most of provocative, eventually progressing to
the tables are empty. In fact, a fine layer outright insulting the saddletramps.
of dust coats the surface of many, a clear
If the characters prove to have too
indication that La Viuda not only doesn’t
thick of skins to make the first move,
attract a great deal of visitors, but also
eventually El Tejon and his men start a
that the locals aren’t heavy drinkers.
fight, claiming some imagined insult. The
Besides the bartender, the only other bandits are ridiculously overconfident,
people in the saloon when you enter are egged on by a combination of a few
a small band of rough-looking customers

W eaver
recent successful robberies and alcohol— At this point, the bartender pours a
they fight to the death. free round of drinks and introduces
• Bandits (1, plus 1 per hero): Use himself:
Outlaw stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s “Name’s Emmet Perry, the barman
Handbook. Armed with Colt Army around these parts. I knew it was only
revolvers (Range 12/24/48, Damage a matter o’ time before them outlaws
2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots 6, AP 1), 25 rounds, began making trouble. Without your
$5. intervenion, El Tejon and his gang might
well have run roughshod over La Viuda.
By way of thanks, why don’t I set you up
El Tejon with a couple o’ rooms for the night, free
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit of charge?”
d6, Strength d8, Vigor d8
Skills: Fighting d8, Guts d8, Ulterior Motives
Intimidation d8, Notice d6, Shooting d8, Perry, like everyone else in town, is a
Taunt d6 puppet of the weaver. The “free drinks”
Charisma: –2; Grit: 1; Pace: 6; Parry: 6; are intended to ensure any would-be
Toughness: 6 victims sleep a little more deeply once
they bed down. After a round or two,
Hindrances: Mean, Overconfident,
more townsfolk begin to filter into the
Wanted (Major)
Sangre, all more than happy to buy a
Edges: Ambidextrous, Two-Fisted round for the “heroes of La Viuda.”
Gear: Colt Frontiers x2 (Range 12/24/48, At the same time, other puppets carry
Damage 2d6, RoF 1, Shots 6, AP 1), 25 the bodies of El Tejon and his men into
rounds for each, Bowie knife (Str+d4+1, the large hacienda to feed to the weaver.
AP 1), $25. Should any of the posse decide to check
on their bounties, they find the livery
Clean-Up Crew empty. Perry, if asked, gives them the
Shortly after the lead stops flying, a run-around, sending them back and
couple of men enter the Sangre. The forth to the livery and nearly everywhere
bartender tells them to cart off the else (except the weaver’s lair) in La Viuda
outlaws, explaining there is no local law looking for the outlaws’ bodies.
in town. A county sheriff is responsible If the posse takes Perry up on his offer
for any major crimes in the area, but of rooms, the weaver waits a few hours
mostly the town just handles affairs after the heroes head up to catch some
itself since very little happens in La shut-eye. Any cowpoke who tipped the
Viuda—present shootout excluded. bottle a little too heavily who’s trying to
If the heroes mention holding onto stand guard or stay awake must make a
the bodies for a possible reward, the Vigor roll (–2) to avoid drifting off due
bartender tells the men to move the to the effects of the extra alcohol. Once
bodies to the nearby livery until the the weaver believes they’ve had enough
posse takes them away, provided the time to drift off to sleep, the abomination
characters don’t plan on leaving them sends its puppets to capture or kill the
there more than a day. Corpses and sleeping sodbusters.
hot temperatures don’t make good

G rim P rai rie T rails

Late Night Visit severs the filament on any of the

When the townsfolk enter their townsfolk, that poor sod immediately
rooms, heroes can attempt to wake up stops fighting and surrenders.
by making a Notice roll, at –2 if they • Townsfolk (2, plus 2 per hero): Use
imbibed overmuch. Those who fail Townsfolk stats in the Deadlands
are treated as surprised and lose their Marshal’s Handbook. Half are armed
actions on the first round of combat. with Colt Army revolvers (Range
The townsfolk try to take the posse 12/24/48, Damage 2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots
captive, tying them up while they’re still 6, AP 1) and the other half with double
out. This requires three uninterrupted barrel shotguns (Range 12/24/48,
rounds to accomplish. If they succeed, Damage 1–3d6, RoF 1–2, Shots 2, +2
the caballeros don’t awaken until they’re Shooting).
webbed and in the weaver’s lair (see Step Into My Parlor
below). However, if the group puts up a
When the posse defeats the weaver’s
fight, the weaver is more than willing to
minions, if they freed any of the
have its minions kill the posse. After all,
townsfolk from its control, the former
it can drain the blood from a corpse just
victims volunteer everything they
as easily as a living victim. It’s just not as
learned during their time as puppets.
much fun…
They direct the party to their erstwhile
The puppets fight to the death: They master’s lair in the hacienda.
have no choice. If a character somehow

W eaver
Allow a Notice roll (–2) for any and its bite, attempting to Incapacitate as
cowpoke who checks the bodies of many characters as possible.
the fallen townsfolk to discover the One round after combat begins, more
nearly invisible webbing attached to it. townsfolk arrive to aid the spider. As
Although it takes a roundabout route before, the puppets have no will of their
through town and even a building or own, so they fight to the death unless
two, the filament eventually leads back the party takes action to free them by
to the weaver in the hacienda. destroying the filaments. Townsfolk
The hacienda is two stories tall and released from the monster’s control
primarily built from adobe. Its previous immediately flee in terror.
owners were the weaver’s first meals in Setting fire to the webs causes an
La Viuda and the monster has laired here immediate 2d6 damage to everyone (and
since then. The house was richly adorned everything) in the room. Flammable
and the recent lack of maintenance is just objects have a chance to catch fire
beginning to show with the odd broken as detailed in Savage Worlds. More
window or unclapped shutter. important, the fire destroys the filaments
The abomination filled most of the controlling the creature’s puppets,
house with sticky webbing. The webs releasing them all immediately.
are quite flammable and fire might seem When the weaver is slain, the
like a quick solution, but the webbing is remaining populace of La Viuda is freed
quickly consumed by a blaze and does from the abomination’s control. All have
little lasting damage to the hacienda. complete memories of the weaver and its
Worse, cocoons holding other travelers, control, and most are badly shaken as
both alive and dead, are suspended a result. Unless the heroes tell a tale of
throughout the hacienda in the webs. victory to keep the Fear Level steady, it
Even a quick fire causes terrible injuries almost assuredly rises to 4.
to those who’ve so far survived the Unfortunately, La Viuda has little in
monster’s horrors—and might even raise the way of reward to offer the heroes
the Fear level to 4! beyond its residents’ thanks—which
may be somewhat cool if the posse was
Confronting the Weaver overly bloodthirsty when dealing with
The weaver made its nest in an upstairs the weaver’s puppets!
bedroom farthest from the front door. Weaver: See page 124.
Through its puppets, it’s kept track of • Young Weaver Swarm: Use Swarm
the heroes’ movement through town and stats in Savage Worlds.
is ready when they arrive. The monster
• Townsfolk (2, plus 2 per hero): Use
recently spawned young and has no
Townsfolk stats in the Deadlands
intention of retreating.
Marshal’s Handbook. Half are armed
Treat the weaver as On Hold when the with Colt Army revolvers (Range
posse enters. It begins combat by spitting 12/24/48, Damage 2d6+1, RoF 1, Shots
a web at the largest concentration of 6, AP 1) and the other half with double
hombres. A horde of tiny young weavers barrel shotguns (Range 12/24/48,
swarms out of the webbing and attacks 1–Damage 3d6, RoF 1–2, Shots 2, +2
at the same time. The adult abomination Shooting).
alternates its attacks between webbing

Wilton’s Head
Diogenes Wilton came from a wealthy Back East family, one that’s
filled to the beaker’s brim with extraordinarily talented scientists and
inventors. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of those, “scientist” only
describes them halfway. The other half is “mad.” By and large, the
Wiltons are a mass of well-educated lemmings rushing toward the
brink of the cliffs of insanity.

Backed by copious amounts of family operating a variety of steam-powered

wealth, Diogenes Wilton pursued studies surrogate limbs.
in every aspect of scientific Not surprisingly, Wilton’s
endeavor in some of the finest studies wandered into
institutions in the world. He patchwork science in
proved a prodigy in nearly an effort to recreate a
every sense of the word. suitable body. Further
Unfortunately, his intellect experimentat ion
was outstripped by his ego. resulted in his
Time and again, Wilton invention of an
attempted ill-advised implanted receiver that
experiments only to have allows him to control a
them go awry, and reanimated body as if it
these failures often were his own. Initially,
resulted in horrific he used the creatures as
injuries to himself. simple lab drones, but
His skill in invention as time progressed, he
and his knowledge began sending them to
of both biology and perform “field work”—
engineering allowed which is seldom legal,
him to compensate graverobbing laws
for a good while by being what they are.
fabricating an array Wilton’s signal
of ghost-rock fueled works at any distance,
prosthetics. But in as it actually
time, Wilton found travels through the
himself reduced to Hunting Grounds.
a little more than a Although he can
head in a jar, remotely only actively control a
single such puppet at a
time, Wilton retains his mental

W ilton ' s H ead
abilities and skills, as well as access to any distance. The abomination must
his arcane powers. have one of Wilton’s transmitters
Wilton makes a good recurring villain. attached to its skull (or whatever
As long as his head remains alive, he can passes for one). Wilton can see, hear,
return to plague heroes again and again. and access all the monstrosity’s other
He seldom conducts experiments near senses while doing so. Although he
his actual location. His wealth provides can have any number of puppets
access to considerable mundane prepared, Wilton can only actively
resources, allowing him to work behind control one such creation at a time.
the scenes as well as through his
patchwork puppets.
Savage Tale:
Diogenes Wilton Gathering
Attributes: Agility –, Smarts d12, Spirit Specimens
d10, Strength –, Vigor d4
Diogenes Wilton has wanted to get
Skills: Fighting d6, Guts d10, his hands on one of Hellstromme’s
Intimidation d8, Knowledge (Science) automatons for some time. Although
d12, Notice d10, Repair d10, Shooting he’s unaware of the secret of the devices,
d6, Weird Science d12 he believes that a working model might
Charisma: –2; Grit: 3; Pace: –; Parry: 2; well make the perfect home for his
Toughness: 4 orphaned brain.
Hindrances: Bloodthirsty, Delusional Word reached the scientist about a
(Major, too numerous to count!), Ugly bloody clash between Wasatch forces
(Severed head) and those of Union Blue (or Empire
Edges: Arcane Background (Weird Rails, depending when your campaign is
Science), Eureka!, Filthy Rich, set, Marshal) just a few days ago. Rumor
Gadgeteer, Mr. Fix It has it that an automaton seized up on the
Powers: Bolt (lightning gun), greater battlefield and didn’t self-destruct as the
healing (potions and surgery), stun (static contraptions are normally prone to do.
discharge), zombie (spinal activator). He Wilton dispatched one of his surrogates
can—and does—employ gizmos and the to the town nearest the scene of the
like through his surrogates. fight—which just happens to be the one
Power Points: 25 the posse currently occupies.
Special Abilities: Now all he needs is a few hired hands
to help with the heavy lifting.
• Coup (Mad Insight): The Harrowed
gains an additional die type in
Smarts, along with the Minor version New in Town
of the Delusional Hindrance. The heroes are in a small railroad
• Jar Head: Wilton is only a head in town called Danville (Fear Level 2) when
a jar. As such, he cannot move or they’re approached by Diogenes Wilton
interact with the outside world except in the guise of one of his patchwork
through one of his creations (see puppets. He’s well-dressed, if perhaps
below). overly so for the West. He favors high-
• Puppet Master: Wilton can control necked collars and long sleeves to hide
one patchwork creation from virtually the scars of his patchwork surgeries, but

G rim P rai rie T rails
since he comes off as a tinhorn scholar, it Body Snatching
doesn’t seem out of place. Either shortly before or immediately
If the heroes have never encountered after the heroes are approached by
the mad scientist before, he uses his real Wilton, they hear that Danville recently
name. Otherwise he provides an alias, as has been plagued by a rash of grave
his physical appearance is certain to be robbings. Whispers of ghouls and
different from any previous encounters walkin’ dead circulate in the saloons,
the cowpokes have had with him. but no one is talking too loud about the
After introducing himself, Wilton cuts subject as of yet. Digging up the dead
quickly to a business proposition: and making off with their remains isn’t
“As your band seems to be somewhat exactly considered polite conversation in
out of place here, I am assuming you are most circles. By and large, the townsfolk
not part of the local riffraff. I am in need are dealing with it by the tried-and-true
of a group capable of handling itself in tactic of ignoring the whole mess.
the face of possible adversities, and I am Regardless, their suspicions are a bit
willing to reimburse you well for your off the mark: The actual corpse is none
services. other than Wilton. He had to piece a
“Recently, there was an armed conflict puppet together hastily for the journey,
nearby involving hirelings of the Wasatch but was able to prepare fully only a
and Union Blue railroads. Rumor has it head for a long-term surrogate. The rest
that an item of technological interest was he assembled upon reaching Danville.
abandoned by Wasatch employees. I am It was in this newly recycled body that
interested in obtaining that item before it Wilton approached the heroes with his
is recovered by other parties. It is possible job offer.
there may be some…resistance to my Wilton disposed of his former
efforts. I would engage your services puppet and the leftovers from his other
toward that end.” “acquisitions” in a mass grave some
Wilton offers $100 per person up front, distance from town, to be certain no one
with an additional $10 a day salary. If would find the evidence until long after
he is successful in getting his hands on he’d departed.
the device in question, he promises an Even if the posse takes notice of
additional $50 per person. A successful the body-snatching incidents, they’re
Persuasion roll results in him upping unlikely to connect it to Wilton’s new
those amounts by 10 percent for each surrogate. A Streetwise roll reveals that
success and raise. a stranger appeared in town shortly
The scientist is hesitant to discuss before the graves were violated and that
what it is he hopes to find, citing a need he has since disappeared, seemingly
for secrecy while near “prying ears.” He without a trace. No one knows much
willingly agrees to tell the heroes once about the fellow except that he came in
they’re out of town. on a westbound train.
Diogenes Wilton: Use Patchwork Should any of the characters check on
Man stats in the Deadlands Marshal’s Wilton’s possible involvement, another
Handbook. Add Wilton’s skills and Streetwise roll tells her that Wilton
powers. He also carries a repair kit. A definitely arrived in town after the
successful Notice roll (–6) spots the robberies. A raise on the roll discloses
transmitter attached to his head. that no one recalls his actual arrival,

W ilton ' s H ead
though. All folks recall is that he was not of the battle. Battlefields in the Weird
present at the time of the vandalism. West aren’t safe places, even long after
the fighting’s finished. The wreckage
Into the Breach from the battle, possible unexploded
munitions, and the like make attempting
Wilton’s ready to head out
to pick through the remains in the dark
immediately. He has a wagon ready to
a hazardous occupation, to say the least.
transport his “acquisition,” and only
needs to hitch up the team of mules, but If they ignore his suggestion, the
he is easily persuaded to wait until the intrepid nightstalkers are unable to
next morning. However, the battlefield locate the automaton in the dark.
lies the better part of a day outside
of Danville, and even the impatient The Tin Man
scientist is willing to admit the wisdom The next day, the heroes can more
in delaying to avoid traveling at night. easily survey the scene of the rail gangs’
He also concedes to waiting a day if the clash. The fight was spread out over an
heroes have any preparations to make area nearly two miles square, composed
before departing—or merely claim to of rolling hills intercut with gullies and
have them, to look further into the recent draws. Picking through it takes some
grave desecrations! time. However, shortly before midday
At first, the trip out of Danville the adventurers hit paydirt. Read the
proves uneventful. The scientist allows following:
unmounted posse members to ride in The automaton stands at the bottom
the wagon with the caveat that they of a dry wash. When you reach
may have to walk on the way back if the the scene, the mechanical man is
automaton is indeed still intact. Anyone motionless. A pair of vultures rest on its
who accepts his offer to ride in the shoulders, taking wing as you approach.
wagon quickly learns the man is not an A pile of bullet-riddled corpses lies not
experienced teamster. He seems to have far away, testament to the fact the unholy
a knack for hitting every rut and ditch device functioned at least long enough to
and hole along the way. kill off a passel of Union Blue enforcers.
It’s not long before Wilton’s subpar
driving skills begin to take their toll on It’s Raining Men!
the wagon. Several times he manages Wilton is delighted, but before he has
to get the vehicle stuck, requiring a a chance to examine the automaton,
fair amount of time and sweat from the scientist is interrupted by a rapidly
the heroes to get it rolling again. Only approaching, loud roar. Soaring down
after he comes within a hair’s breadth into the gully are a number of well-
of breaking an axle—and putting an armed men wearing rocket packs. The
abrupt end to his mission to acquire newcomers—a Wasatch X-squad—land
the automaton—does he allow another in a circle around the posse.
character to take the reins. The Wasatch enforcers are tasked
By now, the expedition’s timetable has with securing the automaton until a
been so delayed that the heroes do not steam wagon can arrive the next day
arrive at the battlefield until nightfall. to transport it back to Denver. Failing
Wilton suggests the group set camp a that, they have orders to blow up the
short distance from the actual scene war machine using its own failsafe
device or good, old-fashioned dynamite.

G rim P rai rie T rails
They’re dead set against letting one of Marshal’s Handbook. Add Piloting d8
Hellstromme’s most prized toys fall into and Throwing d6. Each is armed with
anyone’s hands but theirs—and make a rocket pack, Gatling pistol (Range
that point clear immediately by opening 12/24/48, Damage 2d6+1, RoF 2, Shots
fire with their Gatling pistols upon 12, AP 1), a bundle of two sticks of
landing! dynamite (Range 4/8/16, Damage 3d6,
The rail warriors also use their SBT), and 50 spare rounds of .45 ammo.
dynamite bundles as impromptu
Party of One
grenades (see the Deadlands Player’s Guide
for rules on using dynamite as a weapon) Two rounds after the X-squad arrives,
if the heroes clump together. The the “pile of bodies” shudders and reveals
automaton is very unstable. Any damage itself to actually be a ‘glom! Deal it an
causes it to self-destruct on a roll of 1 on Action Card at the beginning of the
a d6 (Damage 3d6, LBT). This includes third round.
stray rounds (see Innocent Bystanders in Since they are probably fairly
Savage Worlds) and explosions! distracted by the formerly flying men
The trip to the battlefield exhausted shooting at them with automatic pistols,
the ghost rock supply for the X-Squad’s allow each hero a Notice roll to spot the
rocket packs. With no resupply until ‘glom before its first action. Don’t forget
the arrival of the steam wagon, they’re Guts rolls (–2) for everyone who gets a
left without any effective retreat. The look at it.
X-squadders fight to the death. On its turn, the ‘glom opens fire on the
• X-Squad (2 per hero): Use Rail Warrior nearest combatants, targeting a different
(Wasatch) stats in the Deadlands opponent with each of its weapons. It

Anderson Farm

W ilton ' s H ead
has a rifle for each of its component Wilton can also use his gizmos, but only
bodies and doesn’t discern between one in any given round.
X-squadders or posse members. Once ’Glom: See the Deadlands Marshal’s
the abomination starts firing, no Notice Handbook. It’s composed of three
rolls are necessary to realize there’s a corpses, plus an additional corpse per
new threat on the field. posse member. Each component
The Wasatch enforcers alternate their corpse is armed with a Winchester ’73
attacks between the monster and the rifle (Range 24/48/96, Damage 2d8,
heroes, depending on which poses the RoF 1, Shots 15, AP 2).
greatest threat to them personally at the
time. Aftermath
As soon as he sees the ‘glom, Wilton Should the heroes defeat the X-squad
exclaims, and the ‘glom, they can try to salvage
“Absolutely fascinating! I never the automaton themselves—assuming it
imagined such a creature existed!” survived the fight. Loading the volatile
He pauses for the next round to study gizmo onto the wagon is a hazardous
the monster. After taking a moment to task and triggers two d6 rolls to see if
assess the situation, the scientist rushes it detonates, as above. The trip back to
at the ‘glom. His action is so unexpected, Danville is no easier, as the constant
neither the remaining X-squad members jostling and bouncing amounts to one
nor the ‘glom take any action to stop him. roll every hour of travel. That’s eight in
Upon reaching the abomination, total!
Wilton literally dives into the monster’s If they’re lucky enough to make it back
arms. The creature’s next round is spent to town with the automaton, they can
absorbing Wilton’s body into it. It shivers certainly try to sell it to one of the rail
for a moment after adding the scientist’s barons or even back to Wasatch. That is
body to its own, then stands stock still. likely to be an adventure (or three!) in
Suddenly, all of its heads laugh as one. In itself, and how much the enterprising
a single voice, the creature says, heroes can garner for their find is up
“This is amazing! Such power—the to you, Marshal. Regardless, the device
implications are astounding. I wonder doesn’t survive any attempts to reverse
how many others I can add to the engineer it, exploding as soon as its
mass…” casing is cracked.
Wilton then begins his new Examining Wilton’s puppet after the
“experiment”—attempting to kill and ‘glom is defeated, the sodbusters find
then absorb as many new corpses as transmitters attached to its skull, as
possible. He makes no distinction well as patchwork scars telling them
between his former employees and something rotten was afoot from the
Wasatch enforcers. start. Where that leads is entirely in your
Initially, the abomination is composed hands as well!
of two corpses, plus an additional corpse
for each posse member. Once Wilton
is absorbed, increase its size and stats
appropriately, and Wilton’s noggin
becomes the primary head. In addition
to the ’glom’s normal multiple attacks,

Whether range-riding cowboys, amoral gamblers, or devoted and
stubborn lawmen, the Weird West is full of all kinds of folks who are
just that—folks.

The profiles below give you a few more entries to round out those
found in the Deadlands Marshal’s Guide.

Cowboy Gambler
Weird or not, the American West’s This isn’t your average card player
most vibrant symbol is the cowboy. at a dusty saloon table. This is the
These saddletramps ride the range or professional card shark who makes
the cattle trail. Most settlements west a good living fleecing others of their
of the Mississippi have their fair share hard-earned grubstakes. These high
of cowboys, and any cowtown is full of rollers are usually found on riverboats
them blowing off steam. or in fancy casinos in rowdy—but rich—
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit boomtowns.
d6, Strength d6, Vigor d8 Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit
Skills: Fighting d8, Gambling d4, Guts d6, Strength d6, Vigor d6
d6, Intimidation d6, Knowledge (Lassos) Skills: Fighting d4, Gambling d10, Guts
d8, Notice d6, Riding d10, Shooting d6, d8, Intimidation d6, Notice d6, Shooting
Survival d4, Taunt d6, Throwing d6, d6, Streetwise d6, Taunt d6
Tracking d4 Charisma: +2; Pace: 6; Parry: 4;
Charisma: 0; Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 4
Toughness: 6 Hindrances: Greedy (Minor), Habit
Hindrances: Poverty, Quirk (Minor)
Edges: Steady Hands Edges: Card Sharp, Charisma, Strong
Gear: Cowboys are armed with a Willed
variety of rifles and/or pistols, horse, Gear: Derringer (Range 5/10/20,
chaps, saddle. A lariat (Parry –1, Reach Damage 2d6, RoF 1, Shots 2, AP 1), deck
+2, Can be used to perform an Agility of cards, dice.
Trick using the wielder’s Fighting skill.
Success means the opponent suffers –2 Lawman
Parry until his next action. With a raise
Not every riot gets a Ranger. In fact,
the opponent falls prone, suffers –2
most get handled by the town marshal
Parry, and is Shaken) is a standard piece
or deputies. This represents the run-of-
of equipment as well.
the-mill lawman whose duties range

H umans
from corralling drunken cowboys all Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d8,
the way to leading the occasional Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d8
posse. Skills: Fighting d8, Guts
Attributes: Agility d8, Intimidation d10,
d8, Smarts d6, Spirit Knowledge (Law) d6, Notice
d8, Strength d6, d8, Riding d6, Shooting d10,
Vigor d8 Streetwise d6, Taunt d6
Skills: Fighting Charisma: 0; Grit: 3; Pace: 6;
d6, Guts d8, Parry: 6; Toughness: 6
Intimidation d6, Hindrances: Loyal, Vow
Knowledge (Uphold the law)
(Law) d4, Edges: Dodge,
Notice d6, Marksman, Quick
Riding d6, Draw, Speed
Shooting Load, True Grit
Gear: Lawmen
use a wide range
of firearms, but favor
Charisma: 0; pistols and shotguns,
Pace: 6; Parry: particularly in town
5; Toughness: 6 limits.
Hindrances: Vow
(Uphold the law)
Edges: Speed Load
Gear: Lawmen use a
wide range of firearms,
but favor pistols and
shotguns, particularly in
town limits.

Anyone who wears a tin
star for a long while and is
still numbered among the
living is one tough hombre.
These folks are near-
legendary in their skills
and the stuff outlaws have
nightmares about, such as
a U.S. Marshal with years
of experience or a savvy
marshal who earned his
spurs riding herd on a
raucous boomtown.

From volatile bears to famished boars, from lowing longhorns to cougars
on the prowl, the Weird West is home to a bizarre variety of fauna.
That’s a fancy word for “critters,
” greenhorn!

These varmints give you a few more threats to sic on your posse,
beyond those provided in the Deadlands Marshal’s Guide.

Bear, Medium Boar, Wild

Black bears are far more commonly A large, ill-tempered, feral hog. Not
encountered than grizzlies, and range originally native to North America, these
from coast to coast and from Texas animals are the descendants of domestic
to Montana. Although they’re not as pigs that were released or escaped into
fearsome as their larger cousins, an the wild.
angry black bear is more than a match Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d4 (A),
for an unprepared sodbuster. Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d10
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6 (A), Skills: Fighting d6, Guts d8, Notice d6
Spirit d8, Strength d12, Vigor d10 Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 7
Skills: Fighting d6, Guts d8, Notice d8 Special Abilities:
Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 8 • Berserk: When a hog is Shaken it goes
Special Abilities: berserk, gaining +2 to all Fighting
• Bear Hug: A bear doesn’t actually and Strength rolls and Toughness, but
“hug” its victims, instead it attempts reducing its Parry by 2.
to use its weight to pin an opponent, • Hardy: A second Shaken does not
exposing it to the bear’s teeth and cause a wound to a wild boar.
claws. A bear that hits an opponent • Tusks: Str+d4.
with a raise has pinned its foe. The
victim may only attempt to escape the
“hug” on his action, which requires a
raise on an opposed Strength roll Although we’re calling it specifically
• Bite/Claws: Str+d6. a “Longhorn,” this can also represent
the average cow or steer in any herd of
• Size +1: Black bears average around
cattle. Though it’s less aggressive than a
300 pounds, but larger specimens
bull, it may be dangerous if angered—or
may reach upwards of 500 pounds or
in a large, stampeding herd.
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d4 (A),
Spirit d4, Strength d10, Vigor d10

C ritters
Skills: Fighting d6, Notice d6, Survival mountain lion is usually a tawny color,
d4 although jet black versions have been
Pace: 8; Parry: 5; Toughness: 9 reported.
Special Abilities: Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6 (A),
• Gore: Cattle use the charge maneuver Spirit d8, Strength d10, Vigor d8
to gore their opponents with their Skills: Climbing d8, Fighting d6,
horns. If they can move at least 6” Intimidation d6, Notice d6, Stealth d8,
before attacking, they add +4 to their Tracking d6
damage total. Pace: 8; Parry: 5; Toughness: 6
• Horns: Str+d6 Special Abilities:
• Size +2: Longhorns are large • Bite/Claws: Str+d6.
creatures, weighing well over half a • Improved Frenzy: A cougar may
ton. make two attacks each round with no
Mountain Lion • Low Light Vision: Halve the
Also called a cougar or puma. The penalties for Dim and Dark lighting
largest big cat in the Weird West, a conditions.
• Pounce: Mountain lions prefer
to pounce on their prey to bring
their mass and teeth to bear more
effectively. A mountain lion can
leap up to 6” to gain +4 to its
attack and damage. Its
Parry is reduced by
–2 until its next
action when
performing a


A Desert Thing 99
Doomsower 42, 43
Agatha Leeds 17, 18, 119, 123
Agatha Leeds’ spawn. See Agatha Leeds E
Amity (town) 43
El Tejon 126, 127
B Empire Rails 131
Explorer’s Society 15
Bayou Vermilion 96
Bear, medium 138 F
Big Ears Tam 56, 59
Big Thicket 20 Farley, Chance 49
Bilson, Nick 32 Farnsworth, Reginald 31, 32
Bloat 24 Fei Ya-Hung 56, 58
Blood Fever 43 Fenton the Fancy 51
Blood rose 42 Fever Phantom 48, 49
Boar, wild 138 Fortuity (town) 49
Braxton, Jeb 44, 46, 47
Braxton’s Marauders 46
Gambler 136
C ’Glom 135
Caldwell Devil 23 Gluttonous Ogre 54, 55, 59
Caldwell (town) 18 Great Maze 49
Calhoun, Tom 80
Clanton, Jim 62
Clockwork Demoler 30, 31 Hellstromme agents 35
Connolly, Professor Kevin 1, 3, 16 Hodag 60
Constance (town) 25 Hurley, Milton 33, 35
Corbitt, Silas 37
Cowboy 136 I
Curwen cabin 22
Iktomi 124
Cutler, Stephen 79
Iron Dragon 49
Danville (town) 131
Javeranha 66, 67
Dawkins 51
Jebediah Nightlinger 72, 73
Deadman’s Eye Canyon 99
Nightlinger’s Medicine Wagon 74
Death Cloud 36
Jenkins, Floyd 20, 21
Deborah’s Folly 51

I ndex
K Maze runner 51
Medicine Wagon, The 74
Kang 54 Meyers, Sebastian 79
Minikin 83, 84
L Mirror Maze 75
Last Chance Mine 49, 52 Morris, Luke. See Redcap Morris
Laughing Men Gang 97 Morris, Redcap. See Redcap Morris
La Viuda (town) 126 Morton, Deborah 49
Lawman 136 Mountain Lion 139
Lawman, Veteran 137
Leadtown 119 N
Leeds, Agatha. See Agatha Leeds Nelson, Clarence 27, 29
Leopold, the Strongman 75 Nightlinger, Jebediah. See Jebediah
Lonesome Heart Strike 25 Nightlinger
Long-Haired Tony 56, 59
Longhorn 138 O
Lucifer 71
Lyncher 78 Ol’ Rufus 71

Marshal Blake 26, 29 Parker (town) 84, 85
Marshal Dan 32 Perry, Emmet 127
Maze Pirates 50 Pike, Angus 97, 100
Prescott, Dr. Elias 90, 91

G rim P rai rie T rails
Werejaguar 77
Whateley cousins 19
Ratliff Manor 86 Whateleys 17
Ratliff, Margaret 84 Whateley, Shadrach 20
Rattler Young ’Un 35 Widow, The 88
Raven Mocker 89, 90 Wild Bill’s Deck (relic) 74
Redcap Morris 95, 96 Wilton’s Head 130, 131, 132
Rolling S Ranch 79 Wing Ho-Tin 56
Wolf Runs on Three Legs 90
Sangre del Diablo saloon 126
Sinclair, Oliver 26 Zhao Chen 55, 56
Slade, Ogden 65, 79, 82
Spring Valley (town) 31
Squatpump, Bucephalus 103, 106 Maps
Squatpump Cousin 102
Anderson Farm 134
Squatpump, Etta May 105
Deadman’s Eye Canyon 98
Squatpump Gang 101
Last Chance Mine 52
Squatpump, Rufus. See Ol’ Rufus
Leadtown 121
Sunrise Dove 92
Mirror Maze 76
Swarm Man 107
Ratliff Manor 86
Sweetrock Gunmen 26, 27, 28
Rufus’s Box Canyon 69
Sweetrock Mining Co. 25, 26, 27, 28
Rustler’s Den 64
T Squatpump Farm 106
Squatpump Farmhouse 104
Terrormental 113 Zhao’s Warehouse 58
Air 113
Earth 115
Fire 116
Greater 118
Water 117
Thin Noodles Ma 56
Thomas, Andy 32
Thornton brothers 44
Twilight Legion 16

Union Blue 131

Walkin’ dead 122
Ward, Virgil 25, 26, 29
Wasatch X-Squad 134
Watering Hole saloon 44
Weaver 124
Weeping Creek (town) 79


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