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План-конспект урока

Класс:6 «В»
Дата: 12.10.2015
Тема: «My pet»
1. Практическая: повторить, систематизировать и закрепить лексико-грамматический материал по теме “My pet”;
2. Развивающая: развивать внимание, память, речь, мышление; активизировать речемыслительную деятельность учащихся, развивать
активное самостоятельное мышление ребенка;
3. Воспитательная: воспитывать интерес к изучению иностранного языка

Оборудование: проектор, раздаточный материал, доска, мел.

Литература: 1. Английский язык: Enterprise 1 Course book / Virginia Evans.

2. Английский язык: Enterprise 1 Workbook / Virginia Evans.
3. Английский язык: Enterprise 1 Grammar / Virginia Evans.
4. Pop the Puppy and his friends/ Щенок Прыг и его друзья/ Елена Лаптева

Ход урока:
№ Этап Задачи этапа Содержание Время Педагоги- Примечание
на ческая
каждый модель
1 Начало Введение Good morning! I’m glad to see you. Take your seats, please. Who 2 мин T-Cl
урока учащихся в is absent today? What has happened to him/her? What date is it
атмосферу today? What is the weather like today? Thank you.

2 Основной Совершенствова Let’s start our lesson with a tongue-twister. Look at the blackboard 3 мин T-Cl
этап: ние слухо- and repeat.
произносительны Three witches watch
х навыков, Three white watches
развитие Which witch watches
аудитивных Which white watch
умений, Try to read it as best as you can. And now I’ll take some words
введение новой away, and you try to remember the tongue twister and continue
лексики reading.

Our topic today is “My pet”. I know that you’ve got pets and your
Этап friends have got pets, and that you’ve done the projects about your 6 мин T-Cl
включения в animals. You also filled in the information about your friends’ pets
систему in special cards. And first of all we remember the projects and
знаний и stories of those who spoke last lesson. Look at your notes and
повторения answer my questions.

And now we’ll listen to the other students. Be very attentive and
fill in the information that you can hear. And don’t forget to ask 20 мин T-Cl
questions after that. S-Cl

It’s time to relax.

Stand up and look around. 1 мин T-Cl
Shake your head and turn around,
Stamp your feet upon the ground.
Clap your hands, and then sit down.
Stand up and look around.
Make a bow and turn around.
Stamp your feet upon the ground,
Clap your hands and then sit down.

Well done. Let’s continue our work. I know that you have riddles.
So one by one you will tell your riddles and other students will try
to guess. 3 мин S-Cl

And finally, it’s time to draw. Paint your mood. If you like the
lesson, show the sun, thumbs up, flowers, smiles. If you don’t like
it show clouds, thumbs up. Try to do it carefully. But remember 7 мин Individual
about the time. You have only 7 minutes. work

3 Завершение, Дать домашнее It’s time to write down your home task. Now I’ll hand out these 3 мин T-Cl
подведение задание, оценить sheets of paper with English proverbs and idioms about animals.
итогов работу Your task is to translate these idioms and to find Russian
занятия equivalents.
Today we have listened to your presentations and projects, and
once again revised the words describing animals.
Оценивание работы на уроке.
Thank you for the lesson.

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